At The Mercy Of Cruel Fate (Winrina Version)
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June 2007


Standing in front of ginkgo tree are Jimin and Minjeong.

‘It’s beautiful, isn’t it?’ Jimin was in awe, staring at the 100-year-old ginkgo tree with vibrant green leaves that unfolded like tiny origami.

This is not her first time standing in front of this tree, yet it never fails to leave her speechless with the beauty of nature.

Minjeong didn’t expect much when Jimin told her about this tree; she thought the tree was about to die, all dried up and ready to be chopped off.

But standing tall in front of her, branches spread out widely, shielding them from the bright sun.

‘It is’ she agreed, lips slightly apart because Minjeong felt like she was just walking into a movie. It's so serene out here, with a spring breeze filling the air with a strong nature fragrance that awakens Minjeong’s olfactory sense.

Minjeong's world, which had always felt small and restrictive, has suddenly expanded, causing her lungs to expand as she breathes contentedly.

The tree is so big. It is magnificent for fifteen-year-old Kim Minjeong.

‘People said if we make a wish in front of the tree, it will come true.’

Minjeong places her palm on the tree trunk, feeling the rough texture underneath her palm. Touching the tree calmed her somehow, giving her hope that tomorrow will be better than today.

She flinched when Jimin copied her action. However, instead of feeling the trunk texture, Jimin placed her hand on top of Kim Minjeong's.

Grabbing Minjeong's hand, ‘Let’s make a wish, hmm?’

Jimin let go of Minjeong's hand and closed her eyes as she clasped her own hands in front of her face.

Jimin whispered her wish in her heart, genuinely hoping it would come true in the future.

Minjeong's eyes were fixated on Yoo Jimin, who was earnestly making a wish.

Seeing how pure Jimin action is, Minjeong placed her hands together, clasping them, and closed her eyes.

Minjeong heart whispers wholeheartedly, whatever it takes please make Yoo Jimin's wish come true.

When she's done and opens her eyes, she turns to look at Jimin, who is already smiling at her. probably feeling delighted to see Minjeong make a wish too.

Jimin wasn't expecting Minjeong to do it, the round eye girl is not easily convinced by such spiritual gestures.

Minjeong's eyes wonder to the tree trunk, ‘wh-what’s your wish?’

'Yah, you can’t ask that; it needs to be a secret, only then it will come true’ Jimin tsked, feeling disappointed with the latter insensible question.

Scratching at the back of her right ears, Minjeong feels embarrassed for being dimwitted; ‘then mine is a secret too.’

Once again, Minjeong places her palm on the tree trunk. She let out her honest thought, ‘I really want my wish to come true’




'You're really good in sports, Minjeong’ Ryujin complimented once they were done with PE class and were now heading to the locker room.

‘Yeah, teacher Kim has her eyes on you every time you get the ball’ Jimin agreed with Ryujin.

‘She might recruit you into our school basketball team soon’ Ryujin said, she still feels jealous of Jimin being close to Minjeong.

However, as she gets to know Minjeong, those feelings kind of get pushed to the back. Still, in Jimin's eyes, she is the number one best friend.

Not Minjeong.

‘I don’t – re – really want to be in a team’ Minjeong stated while opening her locker, taking her towel, and walking to the shower cubicle.

‘Why?’ Jimin asked. The sound of water pouring down can be heard now because more students are coming in to freshen up.

Minjeong sighed as the water hit her bare skin, soothing her muscles that tensed up all the time while she was with the other two.

It’s been months, and she still feels awkward.

‘It can boost your credit, you know, for college applications.' Ryujin chirped in.

‘College…’ Minjeong muttered while letting the water fall directly on her head, trailing down on her skin.

‘Yeah Minjeong, you should join the team’

‘I – I don’t like sport’ she lied, once again.


‘yah Shin Ryujin! I'll leave you if you’re not done in ten minutes!’ Jimin warned her best friend. She doesn’t understand why Ryujin takes a super long shower after PE.

It not like they sweated like pigs during the class.

Minjeong wrapped herself in a towel and quietly walked out of the shower stall and headed to her locker, which is right beside Jimin.

‘Wait’ she said, stopping Minjeong from wearing her school uniform and leaving the girl wrapped in a towel.

Taking Minjeong's school uniform, ‘I want to fix this’ She points it at Minjeong's uniform cuff, where the button is missing.

‘uh – its okay Jimin –

Ignoring Minjeong's protest, Jimin sits on the bench with her mini sewing kit. ‘You can wear a skirt and others first. I’ll be quick’ she starts to sew the cuff button.

Minjeong feels ashamed when Jimin does that to her. Everyone else has worn a short-sleeve school uniform since its June already, but she's wearing a long-sleeve; she only has two long-sleeve uniforms.


‘See, all good now’ Jimin said proudly while helping Minjeong roll her sleeves up to the elbow.

‘y-you don’t have to…’ Her voice almost disappeared when she said that, still feeling ashamed.

‘I want to, it’s my dream to be good at things like this’ Jimin pointed at her sewing kits.

‘y-you love sewing?’

‘no’ Jimin chuckled. ‘I want to be a good mother in future, so’ she's done with rolling sleeve shirt of Minjeong. ‘I want to practice things like this with my friend.’

‘o-ooh…’ It’s a great dream; not everyone wants to be a mother. Minjeong doesn’t know much about mother role; she doesn’t have a mother figure in her life.

It is just her and her father, all alone.

‘I think... you’ll be a great mother in future’

Jimin smiled, her heart tickled because this is the first time Minjeong complimented her verbally. ‘Next time, ask me if you lost another button.’

Jimin's hand reaches out to adjust Minjeong's collar and tie, making sure everything looks nice.

Now out of nowhere, Minjeong doesn’t feel ashamed anymore. Because the girl next to her knows how to show kindness without burdening or overly bothering the person who is receiving it.

Jimin is that person who knows exactly what to say at the exact moment so the person she talks to doesn’t feel awkward or offended.

She is the kind of person that people love to be friends with, and maybe Minjeong can trust Jimin and be friends with her.

It’s been months, and Jimin is still here, openly treating her like a friend even though Minjeong has been acting hot and cold.

‘You s-said you li-like to practice it with your friend?’


Cheeks heating up, Minjeong lowered her head and let her hair fall like a curtain, hiding her flushed face from Jimin's sight.

‘am I y-your frie – friend?’

‘Of course you are!’ Jimin side elbow the round eye girl. She feels so offended by that question, she has already treated Minjeong as her friend since the very first day they shared lunch!

If it’s not because of her athletic instinct, Minjeong will kiss the cold tiles because of the impact of that elbow hit from Jimin.

‘Gosh! I even take you to that tree!’

At that time, Jimin didn’t realise that Ryujin's shower had stopped, and the girl had been listening to Jimin and Minjeong's entire conversation with heartache.

She doesn’t know Jimin took Minjeong to their favourite place. Ryujin thought that place is a special place for the two of them.

Ryujin feels like Jimin betrayed their friendship by taking Minjeong to their spot. Jimin ought to have asked her or brought her there as well.

Fist clenched by her side as Ryujin eyes welled up in tears.

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