At The Mercy Of Cruel Fate (Winrina Version)
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June 2021


When her secretary told her a friend was waiting for her at the receptionist area, Jimin expected it to be Ryujin since that woman knew her workplace.

However, standing by the receptionist desk, writing something on paper, is Kim Minjeong, wearing a leather jacket and black bootcut jeans.

Jimin overlooked the fact that Minjeong was also aware of the location of her office, which is ten minutes away by car from Minjeong's art studio.

Why is Minjeong being so persistent this time?

Jimin sighed as she walked towards the round eye woman.

‘Oh Jimin,’ Minjeong greeted the woman with a bright smile, then turned to the receptionist. ‘Here, thank you for your support’ Minjeong said it with a warm smile.

Its Minjeong sign with a message on the A4 paper. So, this receptionist is a Minjeong fan?

Jimin side glanced at the receptionist for a second.

‘What are you doing here?’ Jimin asked.

‘To pick you up.’ She grabbed the woman's wrist without a warning: ‘Let’s go, my car is –

Minjeong paused since she could feel Jimin being resistant. The petite woman stiffened her whole body so Minjeong couldn’t drag her.

‘My stuff still in the office’ Jimin stated, ‘Also, I wanna take a cab like usual’ she added.

'It's just a hassle; just let me take you home; we live at the same place anyway.’

It’s an order, not a statement or a question.

Jimin accepted since she knew that arguing with Minjeong would be useless.


Minjeong helped Jimin get into the passenger seat; she was about to help with the seatbelt too, but Jimin slapped her hand away.

‘I know how to wear a seatbelt, thank you.’ she said, her tone dripping with venom.

Where is the warm and bubbly Jimin that Minjeong knew?


Minjeong felt excited when she sat in the driver seat; having Jimin sit in the passenger seat was such a new found feeling for Kim Minjeong.

They never had this kind of date in the past, where she took Jimin for a drive. She didn’t have a car yet at that time.

It was always the bus or the subway for them back then, or sometimes Minjeong walked to their rendezvous place since she couldn’t afford to pay for transport.

She always covered in sweat; the back of her clothes dampened. She felt ashamed to walk by Jimin's side, even though it was not like people knew they were lovers then.

They are just friends in society's eyes, but Minjeong is still ashamed to walk by someone so beautiful like Jimin.

She received a lot of disapproval looks from passersby, making her wonder what those strangers will think if they know she, who is so shabby, is a Jimin lover.

Same- relationships are already sins; it would be worse if one came from a wealthy family while her partner couldn’t even afford to pay for a meal… Society would curse and spit on her face.

Blaming her for spreading her stained mind to this beautiful young lady.


‘I never had a chance like this before; you know, picking you up and driving you home’ Minjeong voiced out excitedly as she drove off into the road.

‘I'm too poor to even afford a place to stay back then’

Jimin turned to look at the scene outside through a window, her heart aching so bad when Minjeong mentioned the past.

She knew Minjeong had had a really hard time in the past. And Minjeong went through all of that alone while she was in college.

She tried her best to be there, but Jimin knew it was never enough… Her effort could hardly be seen because if Minjeong saw it.

They wouldn’t have broken up.

‘I couldn’t take you out on a simple date; all I could afford was to cook ramen for you’ Minjeong chuckled bitterly, then she let out a sigh… preparing herself to say things she had been reciting the whole night.

An idea for them to give another chance, since she is more stable now.

She can pay for their date, the meal, the movie tickets with popcorn, and she can even take Jimin on a trip to Europe.

She opens to say, but Jimin beat her

‘You know I never want anything from you… I never asked for expensive gifts. All I want is to be with you back then…’

‘I know…’ Minjeong responded, her voice getting smaller. ‘You’re my sources of strength’ She glances at Jimin for a second. Studied the woman deepened sombre expression… Jimin still resent her, a lot.

There is a tightness around Jimin’s mouth; she's holding herself back.

Minjeong can tell Jimin is determined to put a wall between them after the woman got her closure back in that chalet.

‘I missed the old us...’ Minjeong said.

Jimin wasn’t sure if that was a confession or just a mere statement to not let silence succumb to them.

‘Where we always laughed when we were together...’ Minjeong continued, trying to make Jimin remember the good old days.

That she is capable of giving Jimin a glimpse of paradise, even when she was so unstable back then.

However, hearing about all of these just served to sharpen Jimin's memory of the evening they got into a fight.

When it comes to their past… their fight and countless arguments are all what remained in Jimin's mind, because it is still too traumatic for her.

‘I used to wait for you –

‘Stop it, Minjeong’ Jimin gripped the seatbelt, using the safety equipment as a source to hold herself together.

She doesn’t want to burst out crying in front of Minjeong anymore.

‘It’s over.’ Jimin stated, sternly wanting this talk to be done,

Yet, after a few minutes of silence, a sniffling can be heard.

‘I'm sorry’ Minjeong muttered, forcing a laugh while she apologised. ‘I didn’t mean to cry’

Jimin let out a sigh, going through her purse looking for a tissue.

‘Why are you crying?’ She handed the round eye woman a tissue.

‘Minjeong… If this is how you're going to be, then why did you break up with me?’

Her voice and action are so warm, yet everything felt so cold, like a winter wind cutting right through Minjeong's soul.

Jimin's question only made the round eye woman's tears pour even more, forcing her to pull over by the side of the road.

‘You begged me to let you go; you asked me why is it hard for me to let you go when things are over already?’ Jimin said back what Minjeong said to her years ago. word by word.

‘You should have lived a happy life if you wanted to break up with me that bad Minjeong. You ended us by accusing me of something I didn’t commit! Why are you…’ Jimin paused, her tears now pooling in her eyes.

She choked up in tears.

She tried so hard to be strong, yet Minjeong managed to break her shield once again.

‘Suddenly you want to start over? After you hurt me that bad?’ she cried.

‘Will you keep bringing up my mistake, Jimin…? I'm trying to work things out here… Can you just,’ pressing her lips, Minjeong swallowed the lump. ‘Can you just let that go? Hmm? I begged you, Jimin...’

‘If you were me, would you be able to let it go?’ Jimin replied, still feeling hurt from the fight they had years ago.

call her immature for bringing up this issue over and over, but to be called a at the age of twenty-one by the person that matters to her the most is too cruel.



November 2013


Jimin flinched when Minjeong slammed the front door; it echoed through the basement like the sound of a gunshot in the deep forest.

This is not the first time they have had a fight in five years of a secret relationship, but this is the first time they have had a fight about a third person.

Jimin braced herself to face Minjeong's wrath; she knew this was her fault for hiding things from her girlfriend.

She thought it was the best for them, but it turned out to be the cause that made their relationship crack even more.

Jimin swallowed when Minjeong faced her. The round eye woman's fine features were adorned with a wild, angry expression in her eyes.

‘Baby I –

‘Don’t!’ Minjeong hissed, ‘Don’t you ing call me that after you went out with a man!’

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