Thread of Fate (WR Version)

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Thread of fate, where an invisible red string connected two souls, making them soulmates. Time will only bring them together if their souls wish to do so.

To activate it, two souls must share a kiss; a simple peck will do as long as their lips touch.

But the red string can be cut too, but only if two souls agree.

Two souls must have in order for it to be eternal. Just then, the red string of fate cannot be cut.

It is an old tale, a myth that people have been talking about until today, and Minjeong feels like she wants to throw up whenever she hears that.

She couldn’t believe her ears when she heard people talking about that myth on the first day she moved into her university dormitory.

It's already 2024, and people are still babbling about that because that famous shaman brought it up on famous variety shows.

Now people are losing their minds.

There is no evidence to prove that tale; it is a myth. Minjeong is convinced by the fact that Shaman said that because she is desperate for money.

People will swarm to her now to ask the located of their soulmates.

'Soulmates, my ’ Minjeong cursed under her breath when her friend was talking about it too.

Soon, her hearing no longer pays attention to her surroundings because her black eyes now land on a person she swore to hate for the rest of her life.

Yoo Jimin.

Minjeong cannot wait to destroy that woman's world; she has been preparing herself for years already.

In Minjeong's life, she doesn’t care about anything other than revenge for her late parents.

To avenge her parents' murders, she must destroy Yoo Jimin.



Author's Note:

This is the prompt that I wrote last week—an impromptu decision to publish it. Even went as far as to illustrate the cover of fanfic this time just to procrastinate on my thesis.

A soulmate au. I'm not confident about publishing it yet, but I decided to do it anyway. I might take it down if things go wrong. Hopefully nothing will go wrong with my writing.



This fic wont focus on angst like all of my other fic


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