At The Mercy Of Cruel Fate (Winrina Version)
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May 2021


‘I even went down on my knees, begging for forgiveness that day.’ Minjeong pushed the fact that she apologised for her mistake years ago.

‘Am I wrong, Jimin? I did apologise, right?’ Minjeong ego roars like a lion, a proud lion full of pride, as she keeps pestering Jimin over the same thing.

She has no plan to back down from this war of pride.

She wants Jimin to concede that she has been right and that Jimin's problem was part of their past breakup too.

Minjeong waits for Jimin to admit to the fact, yet all she sees from Jimin is how that woman's eyes turn colder than before.

Jimin's tears are still falling on her cheeks, but she stops sniffling.

She clenched her jaw as she said, ‘Yet you ended us a week after that’ Jimin's eyes are full of resentment as she looks at Minjeong, who wipes her own tears.

Jimin will never forget the pain she went through after that.

Wondering why Minjeong cried this hard when it’s her that ended them.

‘You end us even when I begged you not to. You end us on your own and leave me hanging for months Minjeong!’ she spat.

Minjeong swallowed the lump in , but this time, knowing better than to speak, she kept shut. She has zero justification for this one.

She ended their relationship one sided.

‘I waited for you. I called you, trying to reach out to you, but you blocked me everywhere. You even went as far as moving away Minjeong. I remained faithful to you for years Minjeong…’

‘No,’ Jimin said, shaking her head. ‘I remain loyal to you until today.’ She revised her argument. This is the truth: Jimin has guarded her heart for years for a person named Kim Minjeong.

He put herself in a prison that Minjeong built for her years ago.

Now, now she wants to break free from it.

She wants to have a life without having a thought about Minjeong day and night.

She just wants her day to be hers after today.

‘So, say those words again, Minjeong’ Her forefinger pierced into Kim Minjeong's chest as Jimin jabbed into it.

'Jimin, don’t do this’ Now Minjeong wants this argument to end. Jimin brought up her past mistake that she got no excuse over it.

She knew what she did or said back then was so vile. Minjeong has regrets for saying those words too, but it was Jimin's actions that forced her to make that harsh accusation.

As a matter of fact, Minjeong also doesn’t think she can forgive herself for saying that to Jimin, so she understands if Jimin cannot forgive her…

But it was a mistake, and Jimin too was part of it, so can they just… put everything behind them, or can Jimin just admit she has a fault too?

‘Jimin don’t,’ she exhaled defeatedly, ‘don’t do this, please?’

Jimin's heart has a hole too big caused by Minjeong; therefore, her pleas are no longer heard.

Jimin felt like she was being choked by the pain it caused.

She inhaled deeply, her hands coiling into a fist, face dark with anger. ‘Say those words again so we can end us together this time.’

Minjeong reached out to hold both Jimin's wrists and said, ‘Jimin don’t, just don’t… I don’t want to say that again Jimin… I know I'm the sinner here, Jimin… please… let’s not fight over that anymore…’

Minjeong didn’t apologise; all she did was bow her head and cry like a child.

She cries so hard that her body shakes and her breath becomes hard, leaving Jimin with no choice but to calm the round eye girl.



‘I used to hate it when men approached you, and I hate it when they touch me like today’ Jimin muttered.

Now both of them were calm and sat on the bed in the hotel, their backs against the headboard.

A can of beer in hand, taking a sip of that bitter alcohol from time to time.

So much for having a fight like a mad woman a few moments ago, with Jimin wanting to end things and Minjeong keep saying it's not her fault alone.

‘I hate it even more’ Minjeong grumbled.

Jimin tsked, ‘yet you let that man lay his hand on my waist today.’ She stated it sarcastically.

‘What you want me to do? Walk up there and cause trouble at our friend's wedding?’ Minjeong argued, feeling wrongly accused with Jimin statement.

Jimin sighed, ‘Sorry, I'm being silly again.’

Now Minjeong feels guilty; she should have known Jimin didn’t mean any harm when she stated that.

They have known each other for years yet still have a piece that they haven’t discovered about one another.

‘You’re not being silly, Jimin’

‘I am, coming here starting a fight’ she chuckled wryly, feeling absurd with herself. ‘Asking you to end something that ended a long time ago. I'm being that whiny brat again.’

Jimin's last sentence makes Minjeong feel like she got slap by cold water. It was she who called Jimin that, the night they argued years ago. She called Jimin with many foul names and harsh words that night…

'You're not a whiny brat, Jimin; maybe a whiny but not a brat.’

‘Yah!’ Jimin shoves Minjeong away, and the round eye girl laughs at the sight of irritating Jimin.

how she missed this banter between them. She missed Jimin feeling annoyed every time she was a dork.

She missed them… the old and happy them… Will they be able to have that moment again?

‘I seriously hate it though... his arm around your waist.’ Minjeong finally confessed her inner thought, ‘It's been awhile since I felt this jealous. I'm sorry for not doing anything…’

‘yah.. don’t apologise, I know there is nothing you can do. I was being whiny and throwing tantrums.’

Just a moment ago, they were pointing fingers and raising their voices towards one another.

However now, both have admitted that they are being childish.

Realising how silly they are right now, Minjeong giggles, followed by Jimin, and soon Jimin's staccato laughs fill the room.

‘Ahh, we’re so stupid…’

‘yeah…’ Jimin admitted it, 'I guess the bottle-up feeling for eight years exploded when I saw you again.’

‘You have the right to; I was a bad partner back then… calling you name and stuff.’

Jimin's expression hardened because Minjeong's words reminded her once again of that night. She let out a sigh and chose to move on from that subject. ‘Why did you come here? You know, to Hana's wedding. You never show up before.’

Minjeong fiddles with her fingers, an old habit whenever she is nervous, and Jimin notices that.

‘I want to see you again…’

Jimin searched Minjeong's eyes then, waiting for those round eye eyes to meet hers and when they did.

The woman softly asked, 'You want to see me again?’

Minjeong nodded, ‘I'm thinking about, maybe we can have a talk or catch up since I couldn’t speak a single word that night at Taeyeon unnie birthday party.’

‘Why can’t you say a single word? You seemed to have stated enough and avoided seeming like you knew me that evening.’

‘I was nervous; I never thought there would be a day where I could see you again’

‘You never considered looking for me?’

Minjeong's right hand coils into a fist. ‘How can I after what I did to you? You deserve someone better than me, Jimin…’

Jimin hates that statement. She knows she can be with anyone who approaches her, but until today, her heart has always wanted Minjeong.

Its Jimin dream to call hers... Nevertheless, nothing got solved tonight. They just decided to calm down and talk about something else.

Jimin knows if she stirs conversation back to their past, another fight will erupt…

‘What made you change your mine and show up today?’ So Jimin decided to not talk about their past for now.

‘I thought... maybe I can fix things... I was so jealous of him today, you know. Back then, I didn’t even know this feeling was called jealousy.’

Eyes forlornly staring at Minjeong, 'it's such a foreign feeling to us then.’ Jimin decides to ignore a word where Minjeong wants to fix things… she is not ready for that yet.

Not as long as their biggest dispute remains unresolved. Jimin wonders if they will meet again to talk properly about that matter.

Because tonight, they still fight like immature young adults.

‘Do you remember the day we both felt it?’

‘Of course I am,’ Jimin answered without missing a beat. There is no way she is going to forget that day. a day where she awakes the whole night, questing for the new feeling over and over.

It feels like it was just yesterday when it happened; everything is so

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It will be difficult, especially with ahn miyeon appear, i think she will knew what happen between minjeong and jimin, and the last about ryujin, ryujin has hatred to minjeong, if she knew about minjeong and jimin relationship, i think it will more dangerous for them..
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