At The Mercy Of Cruel Fate (Winrina Version)
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Hello, chapter two here

sorry if there a mistake in my writing




April 2007


‘Why you skipped lunch?’

‘Why are you always rushing home?’

‘Where did you go during lunch? I didn’t see you at cafeteria’

‘Did you know there is 100 years old tree at this school?’

‘Me and Ryujin gonna do some study at the library this weekend, do you want to join?’

Minjeong is about to pass out from the hyper Jimin, who keeps bothering her with new things every day.

School was already hell for Minjeong, but now with Jimin, it's worse than hell.

She wants to avoid Jimin like a plague, but Jimin is her classmate. She can’t run anywhere, Jimin's desk is two desks away from her, and she always turns to smile at Minjeong every chance she gets.


It’s the ten minute break between lessons, and Jimin is already dragging her chair to sit beside Minjeong.

Jimin didn’t realise Ryujin's eyes were on her; her friend feels empty with this sudden change in Jimin.

What did Jimin see in Minjeong? was a question that popped into Ryujin's mind.


‘Are you going to draw?’ She asked softly.

There is a small gap between them because Minjeong is not a fan of physical touch. It made Jimin have the urge to squeeze Minjeong into a tight hug, but she held herself.

She's a playful friend; she is at that age.

‘uh – y-yes.’ She sweated. Pupils are shaking as she stares at the blank page of her sketchbook.

There is no way Minjeong gonna make eye contact with Jimin.

‘How do you start your drawing? Did you sketch first? Do you always carry this sketchbook with you? Do you have a specific pencil for it?’

By the time Jimin reached her final question, Minjeong had already forgotten what the first one was.

‘Um – I just… I don’t know’

Jimin pouted.

Minjeong knows her passive response hurt her classmate because Jimin stayed silent and she felt bad, but what else can she do… She hates herself for being socially awkward too.

She wants to answer Jimin's question thoroughly too, but she was born to be awkward.

She cannot change that; she is already fifteen years old. It’s too late to change; she's gonna live like this for the rest of her life.

At that time, Minjeong didn’t know what the world was going to offer her in the future to make her a renowned artist.

‘You need to stop pestering that kid’ Ryujin is also getting tired of Jimin trying to make Minjeong join their study group.

‘I just want to be friends with her and also’ She raised her forefinger, ‘she is not a kid, same age as us –

‘I knew that’ Ryujin rolled her eyes. Sometimes her best friend can be dumb. ‘But you need to respect her. She is clearly uncomfortable.’

Jimin disagrees with that. Shaking her head. 'She's just a shy type. We need to break that shell of her.’

Ryujin scans her best friend's face, trying to find any clue why Jimin is so determined to be friends with Minjeong.

Part of her feels a bit hurt; isn’t she Jimin's best friend? Shouldn’t that be enough?

Why does Jimin need to add another person to their friendship? Three people will make one person feel left out, and Ryujin is not ready to face that.

She cares so much for her best friend and hopes Jimin will only be friends with her.

Ryujin wants to be the first person to know everything about Jimin.

She knows all of Jimin's secrets, but what if things change once Minjeong becomes Jimin's friend too?

What if Minjeong takes her place?

‘She already said no to your offer about friend tho, let her be?’ Ryujin tries to convince Jimin; she really hates the idea of Jimin being close to someone else other than her.

She feels jealous.

‘She doesn’t, like I said’ Jimin smiled at Ryujin. ‘she's shy, she will come around.’




May 2007


‘Do you want to eat lunch with me?’ Jimin managed to stop Minjeong from leaving the classroom this time.

For two months, she missed her chance because Minjeong was like the flash; she took out her lunchbox, and Minjeong is poof!


Vanish into thin air.

However, this time she achieved her goal, standing just in front of the girl with the round eyes and gazing into Minjeong's beautiful eyes.

The colour of it, it is dark brown… so dark to the extent that it almost looks black, making it more attractive.


So here Minjeong is on the high school rooftop with Jimin because she cannot say no.

It feels like no word does not exist in her life dictionary.

Rooftop is a place where she has hid for the past two months. No one comes here since the weather is getting warmer now.

This was supposed to be her hidden spot, behind a water tank, but now there are Jimin and Ryujin here.

Minjeong has a feeling Ryujin doesn’t like the place; it's quite hot up here.

Or maybe Ryujin doesn’t like her… no one really likes her.


‘Where is your lunchbox?’

‘Uh – uh I – woke up late today’ It’s a lie; there is nothing she can cook at home. They only have two packs of ramen left.

Now Jimin is giving her that look—a look that Minjeong hates the most.

It makes her feel so pitiful.

She is ready to take out her sketchbook and draw, but –

‘You can have mine’ Jimin pushed her lunchbox towards Minjeong, and she scooted closer to the round eye girl. ‘We can share’ she smiled, that toothy smile of hers.

Picking up the eggroll with her chopstick, Jimin excitedly brought that to Minjeong's lips. ‘Try this! I cook this.’

Minjeong observed the girl beside her, her eyes sparked like how star shine at night.

That eye is brighter than any star Minjeong has ever seen. Minjeong can feel her soul getting into it.

This classmate of her, why does she keep doing this even when Minjeong has pushed her away so many times already?

Why is she different from everyone else? Why doesn't Jimin avoid her like everybody else does?

She wears a used school uniform that she bought from a senior.

Her school bag is not branded and is all dirty because she has been using it since junior year in middle school, since she was thirteen- years -old.

‘aaaa’ Jimin opened slightly, gestured for Minjeong to follow suit and eat.


'Really, you made that?’ Ryujin quipped in; she feels like she is the transfer student here.

Jimin nodded while keeping her gaze fixed on Minjeong's face

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It will be difficult, especially with ahn miyeon appear, i think she will knew what happen between minjeong and jimin, and the last about ryujin, ryujin has hatred to minjeong, if she knew about minjeong and jimin relationship, i think it will more dangerous for them..
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