Final Preparation

One Snowy Night
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A black velvet box is in Seulgi's right hand, she has been staring at it and rotating it as her mind wonders. She opened and closed the box countless times.

A pair of rings has been kept hidden since Joohyun entered the second trimester, and now her girlfriend is in the third trimester, yet Seulgi still hasn’t found the courage to propose.

Open, then close, open it, and she stares at the couple ring, then back closes the lid, and then she back opens, then closes the box lid.

Joohyun doesn’t really like a proposal in a crowded area, her girlfriend always wants special occasions to happen in private places, so it should be easy for Seulgi to prepare it, yet here she is, still wondering how she will propose to Joohyun.


Seulgi felt this blood drain out of her face, her heart picking up the pace with the idea she was about to get caught by Joohyun. She scrambles to hide the box in the bottom drawer of her desk.

In her work room in their house, the door swung open, and Joohyun walked in staring at her.

‘Uh, baby, how are you?’ She asked, her voice trembling, but she covered it with a fake cough. A fake cough leads to a series of coughs because, apparently, she got chocked up on her own saliva.

Seulgi wonders why in the goddamn world, she is so nervous about proposing. It is known to her that Joohyun will say yes, her girlfriend has already dropped a hint. No, Joohyun didn’t drop a hint, the woman directly asked her or more like told her to register their marriage before Joohyun goes into labour.

She got more nervous after hearing that, which made her a bit sad because Joohyun doesn’t seem to expect a proposal from her. It was her fault too for letting Joohyun think like that because she dismissed the idea of it every single time the topic was brought up.

Her family, all of them, scolds her for taking her time way too long. Especially her father, he doesn’t like the idea of Joohyun going into labour as her girlfriend. Her father is a bit strict when it comes to that, moreover, since Lee has been bothering Kang about how there is no solid thing that unites Bae with Kang.

So that is why they have the right to threaten Bae or Joohyun about the trial regarding the Dongmin case.

What do they mean by no solid thing?? Joohyun is carrying babies in her womb that have Kang blood in their veins.

‘I feel lethargic, and my feet hurt.’

Joohyun's voice pulled Seulgi out of her own trance. She got up and approached Joohyun, who plopped down on the couch.

‘Your feet hurt?’ Seulgi's tone of asking was full of concern. She sat on the floor and started to gently massage Joohyun's calf down to her foot sole, as well as Joohyun's cute toes.

‘I don’t know I just feel aches all over my body. It's normal, but…’ Joohyun pouted, she doesn’t want to complain since she feels so blessed to carry a child in her womb, but still… Her body changes and the aching is a bother for her.

Seulgi finds a whining Joohyun is so cute, she knew her girlfriend would act like this because part of it was influenced by the pregnancy hormone. Joohyun is not really a whiner person, it was her that whined all the damn time in the past.

However, things switch when Joohyun is pregnant. She places her palm with her finger spread across Joohyun's 37 week of baby bump.

Joohyun's belly is very round and big compared to before… now everyone can tell she is pregnant, and her stomach is super big probably because she is carrying a twin.

‘Uh, finally they're all calm now.’ Joohyun closes her eyes and rests her back comfortably against the couch. 'They've been kicking, and I dunno probably do a somersault in there while I'm asleep.’

Seulgi knitted her eyebrows and threw a stern gaze towards the baby bump. ‘Babies’ she called, using the tone of a parent that she had been practicing in the past day. 'What does mommy say about don’t give mama a hard time, hmm?’

Joohyun chuckled, her hand ruffling Seulgi's hair. ‘Are you gonna be a strict parent? That doesn’t seem like you at all.’

‘I will if I have to.' Seulgi is still massaging Joohyun's feet. ‘I don’t want them to take advantage of anything.’

Joohyun's eyes softened, her hand still on Seulgi's head, it gently. The effort Seulgi has been making to be a perfect parent makes her heart swell with pride. Her girlfriend has been reading a parenting book and taking note of every single word in the book.

How to handle if a baby bursts out crying nonstop, how to handle a tantrum, how to compliment a kid, and how to discipline them while still letting them explore.

Joohyun knows Seulgi is scared of parenting, and so is she. It’s their first time being parents here, so it is normal to be scared, right?

But on the other side of that feeling, it was totally opposite from it. Both of them are so excited about being parents and seeing their babies … Who will their babies take after. Who will their babies call first? What is their babies first word? When is the first walk, which one will be a rebellious one, or will the twin rebel at the same time?

Seulgi already installed the entire house with a baby proof tool, even though there is no need for that yet.

The third trimester phase is a very fascinating phase for them, they can feel the kick, it was so palpable, and sometimes the tiny footprint can be seen on Joohyun's belly. Sometimes there are two footprints at one time, and sometimes there are three footprints.

The babies are so active almost all the time that Joohyun can feel it more often than before. It also amuses her that every time Seulgi puts her palm on her belly, the babies stop moving and are all calm in there. It seems like they recognise their mommy touch and even hear Seulgi's voice from a distance… the babies start to calm down and stop kicking.

It’s so bizarre, the fact that babies didn’t even know a thing yet but were able to recognise who their parents are such a magical experience for them.

They both shed tears every time they discover or experience something new. Joohyun even cried her heart out during the baby shower occasion because Seulgi surprised her with two pairs of knitted baby shoes. Seulgi made it herself for almost a month, and Joohyun was so touched by that.

That gift left a huge impression on her, maybe it was that day that she finally realised she and Seulgi would become parents.

Who would have thought Kang Seulgi would do knitting?!

Their family and close friends attended the baby shower ceremony. Seungwan and Sooyoung were there too, since those two will be one of the important people to their babies. She and Seulgi also attended the Seungwan and Sooyoung baby shower ceremonies.

Seungwan already gave birth to a very cute and healthy baby girl two weeks ago, and Joohyun visited her, asking a lot of questions because she will experience that journey too.

‘Everything is packed, right?’ Joohyun asked, just to be sure because tomorrow she will be admitted to the hospital. She is expecting to deliver next week, and she is scared. She is being honest with herself, and most of the time Seulgi will find her mumbling it will be alright.

‘yeah I already put everything in the car’ Seulgi glances at Joohyun's face, checking her girlfriend's mood. ‘It will be alright, okay? I’ll be right next to you’ she reassured her, since Joohyun looks nervous right now.

The truth is, Seulgi is scared too, but she must be strong and act like she is not shaking in fear on the inside. There is a lot of possibility nonetheless, Seulgi just wants to think of a good and positive thing in her mind.

‘Oh my god! baby’ Seulgi got up as she gasped, and so did Joohyun.

‘urghh.. it happened every five hours now’ Joohyun pressed her palm against her . Her milk has been leaking out every five to six hours because she is already lactating, and at this stage, she needs to pump it out.

It was an embarrassing situation for her, sometimes she didn’t realise it was dripping until she felt the dampness of her shirt sticking against her skin.

At first, she refused to get help from Seulgi when it came to this kind

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