I Dont Hate You

One Snowy Night
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EDITED : 31 OCT 2023



They live under the same roof, different bedrooms. Upstairs on the left is Seulgi's bedroom, and on the right, it belongs to Joohyun.

Seulgi doesn’t have a chance to clear up the topic Joohyun brought up during her mother-in-law's funeral. Seulgi didn’t really try hard enough to ask Joohyun. Perhaps part of her is afraid to confront Joohyun regarding the topic. Seulgi wants a divorce, her feelings towards Seungwan don’t change at all.

She does feel pity for Joohyun. She will not deny Joohyun's life is full of misery, but that was it. She doesn’t feel more than some sympathy when it comes to her wife.

She wants Seungwan and Seungwan only. So, a divorce is a must for her and Joohyun to be happy in the future. Seulgi is so certain she will not be able to give her wife happiness.


This whole situation where they are minding their own business is perfect for Seulgi. She has the whole time to herself. Right after she is done with her office work, Seulgi will speed up her car to Seungwan place. Most of the time, whenever Seungwan is free, they meet up there.

She was being careful, making sure she wasn’t being followed. News about the Kang and Bae family joint course spread like wildfire in the business world since Kang managed to score Bae Entertainment Company through a marriage.

Seulgi got it, she owns 12% of Bae Company, making her the owner and CEO of the company right away. The media wasn’t being nice about it, not to mention the other entertainment company. They are being vocal about how a young kid who knows nothing about the entertainment industry is going to lead a major company. Some are asking about the status of Bae's elder daughter, who is her wife.

Seulgi scowled, feeling irritated at the headline of the news, saying how she would ruin the company. There are lots of conspiracies circling around, some of the artists under the Bae label want to end the contract. It was bull.

She really hates the media now more than ever.

Media is one issue, and there is Bae Joohyun or Kang Joohyun now that they are married. Seulgi wonders why her wife rarely visits the office. Most of the time, Joohyun works at their home office. It's already bad enough that almost half of the staff and board members of Bae Company don’t fully trust her. If those employees don’t see them walking together or something, it will lead to another rumour.

The company's stock will plummet more than it already has.

She let out an exasperating sigh. The business, her family, her wife, and Seungwan

Seungwan is her top priority, other than that can wait because she already parked her black Porsche Cayenne beside Seungwan's car. She cannot wait to be in Seungwan's arms tonight.

The soon to be cardiac surgeon still doesn’t know about Seulgi's status.

Of course, Seulgi feels guilty about it, but she keeps reminding herself that she will divorce soon, so it won’t be an issue to hide it from Seungwan.

She will come clear to Seungwan once everything is over.

Seulgi is so confident. At that time, she doesn’t know that even a year in marriage is a long period, and anything can happen during those years she is married to Joohyun.




‘You are Mrs. Kang now.’ Smiling brightly, she greets her patient, who just sat across from her. Looking a bit distant.

Joohyun just nodded timidly at the young doctor. She is not happily married, but …. indeed … she is someone’s wife now. There is no point denying it when the pain remains fresh in her heart.

Joohyun stares at her new doctor, who always looks bubbly and has an optimistic personality. A great trait as a cardiac surgeon. It’s been six months since they changed her doctor because the old one got promoted to another hospital.

Joohyun is doing her monthly checkup. A bunch of wire has been placed around her chest area. After a full blood test, Joohyun went through everything.



Button up her blouse once she is done with everything.


'You were never interested in heart transplants before.' The doctor starts a light conversation, she needs to know why her patient has a change of heart.

‘I think it’s for the best... for my future.’ Joohyun stalls, searching for the proper answer, she can’t really tell the truth. ‘It won’t hurt to do what my doctor suggests.’ Joohyun forced a thin smile.

Joohyun cannot tell that she has now agreed to a heart transplant because her marriage is in the worst state. Joohyun shivered at the thought of her leaving the world, leaving Yerim behind in this cruel world alone.

She is convinced her wife will not look after Yerim.

She cannot let that happen. Joohyun doesn’t want Yerim to go down the familiar path.

Joohyun needs to live for Yerim.

‘Your heart is all good –

‘For now’ Joohyun cut the doctor's words, surprised at her sudden fact.

‘Mrs. Kang –

‘Don’t worry, doc,’ Joohyun said, forcing a smile towards the doctor who was trying to comfort her. ‘I know my condition, so it’s okay.’


Since birth, Joohyun has been diagnosed with a weak heart.

That alone makes Joohyun's childhood different from any other kids. She was homeschooled and even completed her degree online, graduating a little later than others.

Her entire life, Joohyun spent it inside a four-square wall, either reading a book or spending time with her laptop.

At some point in her life, she thought she wouldn’t make it.

It was depressing, but Yerim made it better. Yerim makes her world bright, so Joohyun wants to live for her sister.

And her Soojung. Always there for her. Soojung took care of her during her mother's funeral while Seulgi stood still like a tree.

Joohyun wants to be greedy and begs Soojung to take her away from this never ending misery. She almost told her first love everything, but … the thought of her being a burden to Soojung made Joohyun choose this miserable life.

Maybe one day, if God permits, she will be free from this illness and marriage life. Just maybe she can be with Soojung then.




Three months as CEO at Bae Corporation were tough ones for Seulgi. She is a newbie, basically trying to prove to her family and people that she is capable of carrying this heavy weight.

It was not easy, this is the first time she called the shots on almost everything. Management, finance, administration, the public image … everything!

Whatever she does, when she decides on something, there will always be people who think her decision is young and risky.

Pointing out her lack of experience and the fact that she gained the CEO title through a marriage with Bae's eldest daughter. She has never been in any department before.

It's a ed-up life for Seulgi.

But that is the start. She learned why the board members are so bitter towards her. Always avoid giving tons of reasons whenever Seulgi talks about company finance.

She might be young and doesn’t have much experience, but Seulgi graduated from a top university. She is a smart student. She is crazy when it comes to numbers.

It doesn’t take long for her to catch the leak.

Someone inside the company has been using Bae money for personal matters. Two weeks of staring and studying about Bae financial matters were worth it.

If she catches this one, her public image will recover.


files scattered all over her glass desk. Her sharp, monolid eyes scan the document she just discovered over and over.

All these times, her late mother-in-law handled the company. The accountant had hidden all of this from the late Mrs. Bae.

It cost hundreds of millions, for ing sake.

Seulgi let out a heavy sigh, this must be another reason why her father made her the CEO. There are a lot of corrupt people at this company.

Her father wants Seulgi to clear up the mess.

Landing her on the chair, Seulgi leans against the backrest, relaxing her stiff back muscles. She wonders if this is a test for her. Does she need to prove herself even more?

Her phone screen was flashing, and she reached out to take the device.

Its Joohyun. Along with a sigh, she picked up the call.

Seulgi didn’t even have a chance to speak when Joohyun's hysteric voice reached her.


Seulgi ran for her life that night, and she doesn’t even realise it. All that was left in her head was Joohyun crying, begging for her help.

Yerim got into an accident while hiking, and Joohyun is shaking enough to even think properly.

Please, Seulgi, Yerim is all I have left.

Seulgi drives as fast as she can, her fingers tightly gripping the steering wheel. Usually, it takes her about 45 minutes to reach their place, but tonight it took her 15 minutes.


The first sight on the driveway of her house is Joohyun crouching on the sidewalk. She can tell her wife is crying. Seulgi notices Joohyun trying to stand up but cannot. The woman's body is still in shock.

‘Joohyun!’ Seulgi got out of the car and ran towards her wife.

‘Seulgi please.’ With Seulgi's help, Joohyun managed to stand up, but she almost fell again as she attempted to run towards the car. Joohyun wants to see Yerim as soon as possible.

‘Joo –

Joohyun swatted Seulgi's hand away.

‘Joohyun!’ Seulgi grabbed her wife's shoulder and held it in place, trying to calm her. ‘They found her!’ Joohyun finally looks at Seulgi.

‘its okay…’ Seulgi t

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