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One Snowy Night
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They haven’t moved, they still sit on the floor side by side. Seulgi scooted away and kept her distance from Joohyun.

Both staring into the space, the small apartment just like a graveyard, with how silenced it is right now.

Joohyun wants to break the silence. There are millions of things she wants to ask, and there are also lots of things she wants to explain. Yet all she could do is bring her knees close to her chest and hug it tight while letting out a long breath through her lips while many question running inside her mind.

A mysterious bouquet of flowers she received in France, the sender is anonymous. Joohyun wants to ask if it was Seulgi who sent that because the quote written on the card reminds her of Seulgi right away.

Joohyun wonders if Seulgi went to look after her. She wanted to ask, she needed to know, but seeing how Seulgi is right now, maybe it would be better if that thing was left unspoken for now.

She needs to put aside her personal concerns for a moment because Seulgi needs her help.

There is a lot to unfold here, like why Seulgi lives here. What happened to their old house, and where is Seulgi family at a time like this… and what happens between Seulgi and Seungwan….


‘You should go,’ Seulgi said, breaking the silence, 'it's getting late.’ She pointed it.

Joohyun take her time to respond at that, part of her didn’t expect Seulgi to ask her to leave. She just got up without saying anything and extended her hand to Seulgi. The taller one hesitated to take her hand, but Joohyun didn’t back away.

She helped Seulgi stand before proceeding to clean up the apartment. She caused the mess, so Joohyun wanted to clean it by herself.

‘I will book a hotel for you, so –

‘I’ll sleep here, Seulgi.’ She cut off the taller one. Hands picking up the empty soju bottle, her pain was mixed with anger as she counted the amount of Seulgi drink. She isn’t sure when her ex-wife drank, but it was probably before the accident.

The sound of the glass bottle being picked up make Seulgi clenched her jaw, trying not to let Joohyun see her lips trembling, her whole body fighting to not let her fall in front of Joohyun.

She doesn’t want to crumble, not when she is so sure Joohyun won’t be happy with her here. Joohyun can’t see that side of her and her ex-wife need to leave her alone.

With a trembling voice, she said ‘There is a hotel –

Shutting her eyes shut, Joohyun whispered ‘I don’t want to go.’

Seulgi sighed as she heard the stubbornness in Joohyun soft voice. Joohyun is indeed a stubborn woman, just like the late Mrs. Bae told her. She standing still while Joohyun moving freely in her apartment.

She can’t get used to this, having another person other than Yerim inside her apartment.

‘I will sleep on the couch’ Joohyun opened her luggage once she cleaned up the living room area and said, 'You can sleep on bed.’

Seulgi is still standing while Joohyun organises her luggage, fidgeting. She is just like a child, worry if she makes a move, her mother will scold her.

Seulgi isn’t sure what to do, but she knows Joohyun just arrived and it was a long flight, so she offered her bed to Joohyun.

‘You take the bed, I’ll sleep on couch.’ She held her breath, waiting for Joohyun's reply.

‘You have a fractured arm, so you will sleep in bed.’ Joohyun countered.

A sigh of relief escaped Seulgi's lips when Joohyun didn’t get upset or stay silent.

Joohyun saw how Seulgi was still fidgeting through her peripheral view, but she decided not to make a comment about it. She walks into the kitchen area, three steps away from the living room.

‘Joohyun, don’t.’ Seulgi warned.

She halted her step and turned around to face Seulgi. She waits for Seulgi to say something more, but all she sees is how Seulgi keeps fiddling with her sleeves and chewing her bottom lips.

This is more serious than she thought, Seulgi completely lost herself. This is not Seulgi that she used to know. The old Seulgi always stood tall and confident with her words.

Joohyun's heart sank at the sight of her ex-wife. Seulgi might have made some foul choices and made a few mistakes in the past that hurt her, but that doesn’t mean she wants Seulgi to suffer.

‘Your kitchen needs some cleaning up, Seulgi ah…’ She approaches her ex-wife carefully. ‘Do you want to help me?'

Seulgi shook her head and said ‘it – its okay, I’ll do it tomorrow.’

Smiling at the taller one, Joohyun nodded her head. ‘Okay, we’ll do it tomorrow.’ She needs to bring back Seulgi's confidence. Maybe following Seulgi's simple request like this will help.

She moved to take her toiletries out of her luggage, a towel, and clothes to change.

Seulgi is still standing in the middle of the apartment.

Joohyun carefully patted Seulgi's shoulder and pointed her finger towards the bathroom. ‘Can I use your bathroom?’


Joohyun was done freshening up, and her heart sank even more when Seulgi was still in the middle of the living room. Her shoulder dropped.

‘Se- Seulgi ah?’ she called.

Seulgi flinched at the sudden sound, she just lost in her own head while Joohyun went to shower.

Joohyun is on the edge of asking all the questions that keep popping inside her head. What exactly happened this past year.

But Joohyun ended up with a simple sentence, ‘You should go to bed’ she doesn’t want to push Seulgi tonight.

Seulgi pressed her lips tight. ‘I – I think you should take the bed.’

Joohyun doesn’t dismiss Seulgi's words right away, instead she smiles warmly at her ex-wife. ‘Can I know why?’ she asks softly.

‘You just arrived, flight seat is uncomfortable, so you should take the bed.’

‘hm…’ Joohyun pursed her lips, her eyes on Seulgi, who was staring at the floor. ‘Do you have futon then?’ She asked, figuring Seulgi was not going to let her sleep on the couch. The taller one has been standing in the middle of the apartment because of that.

‘I don’t.’

Joohyun glanced at the bed, it was a twin-size bed. ‘Are you okay with me sleeping next to you?’

This time, Seulgi lifted her head to look at Joohyun. Those eyebrows knitted forming a line in the middle

'We've been talking about who should take the bed for awhile now.’ Joohyun forced a laugh, trying to push away the awkwardness.


She stacked up with a thick duvet on Seulgi's right side for safety. If Seulgi falls out of bed, it's going to hurt like hell.

There is barely a space between them since it is a twin bed. Joohyun lies down on Seulgi's left side. Their eyes were glued to the ceiling.

It reminds them of the first night they slept together. At that time, it was Yerim who had a fractured arm, and now it is Seulgi.

‘You can sleep in the dark now?’

Joohyun turned to l

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