One Snowy Night
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The constant trip Joohyun makes to the toilet today makes her wish they hadn’t moved back into this big house since she needs to take more than ten steps to the toilet now.

Joohyun is in her seventh week of pregnancy now, hand rubbing her belly as she sat down on the couch. Files and some papers scatter on the coffee table. She has been working on reviewing some places to open her flower shop.

Seulgi, being a little bit selfish, asks her to open near the Bae entertainment building. It does sound convincing to Joohyun since she's also wanted to be close to her lover, but thinking about her flower business, maybe it is a big no. She wants some peace and quiet away from those crazy idol fans that always camp in front of Bae Entertainment's main entrance.

Her shop might be filled with fans buying flowers for their favourite, which is good for business, but no, Joohyun shakes her head at the thought of that.

It's going to be hell once those fans find out she is married to the CEO of their favourite artist label. If unfortunate things happen to their favourite things, it might be dangerous since most of the time fans lash their anger towards the company, the CEO of the company, and the person she is married to, no not yet. Joohyun grumbled, that word slipped for the second time. She is just a divorcee and now a girlfriend to the CEO.

That sounds so weird.

Joohyun huffed, feeling a little disappointed with Seulgi taking too long to decide on that matter. She understands her girlfriend wants to take things slow, such as going out on a date, surprise proposal, engagement, and the wedding but –

But she is already pregnant, so what was the point???

Joohyun looked down at her still flat stomach. ‘Your mommy is so slow’ she muttered to her belly. ‘I know you already have her taste buds, but please don’t take after her in all aspects, okay dream?’ Joohyun is rubbing her belly affectionately.

Dream, she and Seulgi haven’t come up with any specific nickname to call their baby yet. But Joohyun's ear pick up Seulgi has already called it a dream a few times.

Seulgi is incredibly intelligent in practically everything related to business but a bit dense to matter like this, though she occasionally says unexpectedly meaningful but strange things that make sense sometimes.

Perhaps things won't be too horrible if dream fully follow Seulgi.

Just the thought of mini Seulgi makes Joohyun's heart feel giddy. and those sharp monolid eyes. Joohyun noticed Seulgi’s brother also had those features, so maybe the Kang gene is so powerful, just like how the clan is in South Korea.

‘Dream, are you gonna be like your mommy?’ Joohyun smiles as she continues to talk while rubbing her belly.

This week, she and Seulgi have been talking to their unborn child a lot because the lips, eyes, nose, and ears of the baby begin to take shape in the seventh week of pregnancy.




Seulgi is welcomed by the sight of her girlfriend curled up like a foetus itself, sleeping soundly on the couch. Her eyes softened when she saw Joohyun hugging her hoodie tightly. It seemed like Joohyun fell asleep while waiting for her.

Seulgi is aware that she promised she would never stay in the office past her working hours, but she has no choice but to take care of this essential matter by today since they need to release the statement to the public first thing tomorrow morning or today.

Seulgi glanced at her watch to check the time, yes, it was past midnight already.

Seulgi cleared up the coffee table mess before sitting down and giving her girlfriend a tender look. Knowing that Joohyun is getting such good sleep these days, the sights calm her down.

She was aware that her girlfriend had been experiencing discomfort, morning sickness and frequent trips to the bathroom.

Seulgi feels bad for coming home this late today.

‘Baby...’ Seulgi caress Joohyun's cheek softly, she doesn’t want to disturb the sleeping beauty, but it's better for Joohyun to sleep in bed.

A cute protest whine from Joohyun as she expresses her annoyance at Seulgi interfering with her slumber.

‘Baby, let's sleep in bed.’

This time, Joohyun yawns like a baby while whimpering in her sleep and massaging her tired eyes. Seulgi thinks Joohyun is so adorable that she might consider having three children with her, like Joohyun wishes.

‘jagiya’ Joohyun whined, ‘You’re late’ she sobbed. Joohyun didn’t want herself to cry but it just upset her to think about how late Seulgi came home today because she had been waiting for Seulgi to come home for hours.

‘I know,’ she said, sitting at the edge of the couch and leaning forward to kiss Joohyun. ‘And I'm sorry’ she says, giving Joohyun her best apologetic smile.

‘Nooo’ Joohyun shoved Seulgi aside. The younger one giggles at her girlfriend's cuteness as Joohyun turns her head sideways to evade Seulgi's kiss.

‘Baby, have you eaten?’ placing her hand on the duvet where Joohyun's stomach is, 'Dream, are you behaving today?’ Seulgi talks in a baby voice, but she makes it sound stern that she has finally gained attention from her girlfriend.

Bae Joohyun's laughter echoed in the living room. ‘Don’t scold dream like that’ she softly slaps Seulgi's arm, then extends her hand to cup the CEO's face.

Now Joohyun feels bad for pushing her girlfriend away as she finally takes a close look at Seulgi's face. How those monolid eyes are struggling to stay awake.

‘You didn’t even take off your tie?’ Joohyun loosens up the tie, then takes it off and pops open two buttons on the Seulgi shirt so the CEO can breathe and relax her muscles.

Their eyes stare lovingly into one another while Joohyun massages Seulgi's biceps.

‘You work hard today jagiya’ Pushing herself up, Joohyun felt Seulgi's arms support her to stay seated right away.

Seulgi’s hoodie, which she had been clutching as if her life depended on it while she slept, has now been abandoned because there is no need for her to grasp it anymore because the owner of the hoodie is already in front of her.

Joohyun runs her fingers through Seulgi's hair as she combs it to the back. ‘You must be tired…’ Joohyun returned Seulgi kiss that she avoided a moment ago.

As soon as their lips met, warmth shot through her whole body in an instant. Joohyun adores it when they share a kiss because it makes her feel so loved. being aware that Seulgi kissed her back not solely because of lust.

Every time she met eyes with the younger one, she could see that Seulgi was falling more and more in love with her, treating her as though she were the only person in the world who mattered.

When Seulgi kissed her because she actually meant the world to her girlfriend, not because of something else. She can feel it, how sincere Seulgi's heart is.

‘Have you eaten?' Seulgi repeated her question, which Joohyun answered by nodding her head.

Fixing Seulgi collar, ‘what about you, hmm CEO?’ Joohyun asked as she subtlety teased the CEO, ‘You are the one who always skipped a meal.’ Joohyun poked Seulgi's nose in an attempt to make the CEO laugh at her ridiculous behaviour.

Though all Seulgi did was catch her wrist and force out her laugh. Joohyun noted that Seulgi needs sleep the most right now.

‘Let’s go to bed.’

Seulgi hummed, she didn’t get up right away instead, she nuzzled into Joohyun's neck as she breathed in Joohyun's scent.

Joohyun's heart melted at Seulgi being clingy, her heart still hasn’t gotten used to this side of Seulgi, no matter how often the younger one clings to her. ‘Well done for today’ she massaged at the back of Seulgi's head, hugging the younger one while doing it. ‘I'm proud of you, jagiya,’ Joohyun pampered Seulgi with a compliment when Seulgi let out a heavy sighed against her neck.

She knew Seulgi rarely got praised by her family. Joohyun hoped that by doing it, Seulgi's childhood wound would heal and leave no scar on the younger one's heart.

Joohyun is aware of Seulgi's weak heart; although Seulgi may appear stronger on the outside, she is still struggling with herself on the inside.

‘ackk jagi!’ Joohyun continuously taps Seulgi's shoulder because the younger one lifts her up, ‘put me down! You're all worn out already.’

She laughed at her girlfriend's description of her looking tired as worn out. ‘I'm fine’ Seulgi defended herself and proceeded to walk up the stairs and head to their bedroom, with Joohyun clinging to her like a koala.


‘Sleep first’ Seulgi gently placed Joohyun on the bed. ‘I’ll take a quick shower’

Joohyun clutches Seulgi's shirt ‘Can I have your shirt?’ her fingers already on cue to the shirt as she waits for Seulgi's approval. ‘Just until you're done with the shower, please…’ Joohyun pleaded since she knew Seulgi was going to argue about hygiene.

‘Okay,’ Seulgi gave in and chuckled at Joohyun's enthusiasm as her girlfriend ed her shirt. Taking off her shirt with the help of her girlfriend, she handed it over to Joohyun, and her girlfriend proceeded to inhale the fabric, probably her scent soothed the pregnant lady.

Seulgi's torso is bare now and she only has her sport bra on as she drags her feet towards the bathroom.

Joohyun's heart felt a little sombre as she saw Seulgi's back sight; it was uhmm... a gorgeous , she would not argue that, but putting her raging hormones aside, Seulgi seemed to be carrying a heavy load on her back.

Letting go of the younger one's shirt, Joohyun followed the trace of Seulgi's step as she surprised the younger one with a back hug, making Seulgi halt her step and turn her head sideways to have a proper look at Joohyun.

Slipping her hands between Seulgi's waist and arm, Joohyun interlaces her fingers on Seulgi's abs.

‘Let’s shower together’

That phrase sends Seulgi into a panic state a little, so Joohyun clarifies her statement, ‘Just shower Seulgi, my appointment is next week.’ She gave Seulgi a meaningful look, kissing softly on Seulgi's shoulder while guiding the younger one to the bathroom.



‘Aigoo’ Joohyun sighed at the sight of Seulgi falling asleep while she drying Seulgi hair. With one hand supporting Seulgi's head from falling to the left side, Joohyun used her other hand to hold the hairdryer.

The sight hurts

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