One Snowy Night
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Joohyun leaned to gently blow air on Seulgi's freshly cut knuckle, dabbing the cotton pad in the hopes that the pain would subside.

Joohyun finds it absurd that Seulgi appears to be smiling at the moment because a moment before, the younger one broke down hysterically.

‘You enjoying this’ She gave Seulgi a side eye.

Seulgi presses her lips, trying to stifle her laugh. ‘I don’t have anyone treating my wound before.’

‘Really?’ Joohyun eyebrow rose up, ‘but Seungwan is a doctor?’ The question slipped out of her lips before she could stop it. She was about to fix her slipping words, but Seulgi answered faster than her.

‘I didn’t run to her if I got into something like this,’ Seulgi answered casually, which surprised Joohyun. It seems like Seungwan name doesn’t bother the younger one at all. Seulgi's ex-girlfriend's name is passing through like a wind now.

Joohyun's heart flipped at that, it was proof Seulgi had completely moved on from her past.

Seeing Seulgi's indifferent reaction at the mention of Seungwan's name makes Joohyun feel brave and at ease enough to ask more. ‘Why you didn’t go to her?’

‘I don’t feel comfortable sharing this with her,’ Seulgi paused, ‘not just her but everyone. About who am I, Kang heirs. having these issues.’ Seulgi puffed her cheeks, exhaling as she let go of the weight she had carried this whole time.

It was sad, a thought that Seulgi really didn’t have anyone before this, but Joohyun is happy and proud of her now girlfriend for opening up to her.

Wrapping up Seulgi's left hand with a bandage, Joohyun smiles at Seulgi as she asks, ‘you okay sharing all of this with me?’

This time Seulgi didn’t answer right away, she took her sweet time by tucking Joohyun's stranded hair behind her ears. ‘You look great with a bang.’ She then rested her palm against Joohyun's left side of the head.

Joohyun feels a warmth spread throughout her entire body because of Seulgi's comment and movement.

‘I don’t want to hide anything from you anymore.’ Finally, Seulgi answered Joohyun's question, ‘I want to be transparent with you.’

Joohyun tried her best to hide her smile, but the corner of her lips ended up curling upward a little, making it look like she was giving a fake smile, but the colour of her cheeks betrayed her, it flushed.

Knowing Joohyun is shy, Seulgi simply leans against the couch as she changes the topic to ‘How’s Yerim? I need to apologise to her for stealing you.’

‘No need for that.’ Joohyun's face grimaced. ‘She is okay and probably seeing her high school friend now.’

‘Let’s have dinner altogether tomorrow?’ Seulgi suggested, a little bit eager with her tone as she spoke since it’s been awhile for all of them to sit at one table and converse. The last time they did that was when Yerim had a fractured arm. It was a very long time ago.

Maybe they can be a family again, a whole family.

Joohyun nodded. ‘I let her know later, and speaking about her,’ Seulgi witnessed how Joohyun's eyebrows were knitted and that short arm swung towards her.

‘Ouch! Joohyun!’ rubbing her upper arm, hoping it will make the pain go away. Her face was all confused, and her brain started to track anything related to Yerim, did she do something wrong or whatever it was when it came to her sister in la – no, Yerim is no longer her sister-in-law. Still, she cannot figure it out! What did she do to deserve a hard slap on her -

‘Why are you still giving allowance to her?!’

Oh, Seulgi lowers her gaze immediately and turns her face away from Joohyun. Scratching her non-itchy neck, ‘I – I just – she still a student so –

‘She already makes her own money, Seulgi,’ Joohyun argued. ‘I don’t want her to be dependant, I want her to carry her own life.’

There is sadness lying behind Joohyun's eyes as she said that. She knows Seulgi means good now and things won't repeat, but she just wants to be careful, she doesn’t want Yerim to be like her, who doesn’t know how to survive in this world alone.

Seulgi is trying to help, but maybe she can let Yerim figure it out alone and just help when it is necessary.

Joohyun remembers how scared she was when she moved to France alone, she doesn’t want Yerim to be like that. She took care of her visa alone. She doesn’t even know what to do or where to start at that time. Luckily, a South Korean who travelled to France helped her.

Mr. Lee is a man who has tried to approach her at the event before. The man means no harm to her time, so she just lets him help her. 

Joohyun can tell he genuinely wants to help her, he even sat down hours in front of Joohyun, teaching her what to do and helping Joohyun find a trustworthy real estate agent in France since there are a lot of scammers out there.

She definitely owed it to Mr. Lee.

The whole process of her moving to France, opening a flower shop, and buying a small property there. She always feels grateful for that man.

Joohyun shifted her eyes to Seulgi, wondering how Seulgi was going to take the news about Mr. Lee helping her before.

Maybe she should just leave it there. It's not like she's still in contact with that man anymore.

‘I just cover Yerim rent, that’s all.’ Seulgi pouted, feeling slightly unfair that Joohyun got upset at her for giving allowance to Yerim.

Joohyun sighed, taking Seulgi's hand into hers and covering their joint hand with her other hand. ‘Promise me not more than that?’ In the hopes that Seulgi wouldn't try to argue back, she put on her most adorable expression. Large eyes fixed on those monolids, accompanied by a slight pout that made Seulgi's cheeks flush.

Joohyun definitely knows what Seulgi's weakness is right now. She has Seulgi wrapped up around her finger so fast this time.

Seulgi nodded her head, eyes fixed on Joohyun's lips. Tapping her own lips with her forefinger, Seulgi closes their gap a little while whispering, ‘Kiss first.’ She pointed at her slightly puckering lips, completely ready to meet Joohyun's lips.

Joohyun rolled her eyes yet still complied with Seulgi.

Pressing her lips on the younger one for a few seconds, she was about to pull away when Seulgi started to nibble her lips. Slowly.

Soon, their heads are tilting for a better angle, and her hand finds its way towards Seulgi nape, lazily massaging the younger one nape while her other hand tightly clutches on Seulgi blazer.  

They kissed a lot before, this is not their first, so Joohyun thought she was okay doing this with Seulgi, but now … those fluttering feelings inside her stomach start to make her feel more, make her feel suffocating, as if no action is taken further by Seulgi, she might lose her self-control. It was too much for her to handle this right now, so

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