Appendices [RS]

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I have scenes and moments from my previous stories that I have abandoned and didn’t include in my main stories because they felt like filler chapters that did not directly affect and develop the story in any way possible. This is like the Interlude I included in Resila and the Unofficial Chapter in Set Me Free. It seemed like a waste if I didn't write them. I also felt bad when I was in a hurry to finish my stories because I was running out of time and modified the plots to end them right away. Also, I did this before classes starts so I could finally depart with my characters and detach myself from these AUs. I'm supposed to use the vacant time to recall my engineering subjects but I guess, I'm doing this first and then goodbye once again. But the real one now.

In short, Appendices [RedSparrow] is a collection of additional chapters, in which some are considered unofficial chapters from the main stories. Chapters within Appendices [RedSparrow] consist of: (1) scenes that happened within the timeline that the main stories happened, and (2) continuation of the main stories but are too short to be considered as a sequel.

Note: To avoid confusion, please refer to the chapter title initials so you will know which AU the chapter belongs to.

(1) SFSet Me Free (PoV will be indicated)
EHEndura: The Enduring Heart (Yongsun’s PoV)
IPI'mprism (PoV will be indicated)
OTOn the Twenty Seventh (Yongsun’s PoV)
RMResilia: The Resilient Mind (Wheein’s PoV)
FEFor Every Twenty Seventh (Wheein’s PoV)
WL When We Lie (Wheein’s PoV)
AEAsymptotes & Ellipses (PoV will be indicated)

There’s no need to read the above mentioned stories prior to reading the chapters in this one. You can read them independently but if you want to know the history of the characters, you can click on the title of the stories above. I’ve linked them to the main stories.


Hi! I just dropped by with something different this time but it’s still WheeSun. Please be good to me! Before starting the story, I wanted you to know a few things first:

1 English is not my first language. I apologize in advance for the errors in grammar and spelling. 

2 I'm familiar with Korea's honorifics but I'm still not confident in using them. I'm using the common formalities (like miss or mister, etc).

3 There will be more chapters for the stories On the Twenty Seventh, For Every Twenty Seventh, and When We Lie because these stories are still not yet finished. Appendices [RedSparrow] will be focused on these stories. I won’t be writing the same scenes in two kinds of POVs for Twenty Seventh. Instead, I’ll be mixing OTTS and FETS since they are just the same story but in different POVs.

4 I’d be writing more chapters in I’mprism as well, specifically those scenes in between the timelines of Prologue and Chapter One in the main story. I just wanted fluff for WheeSun in this AU because there was nothing but angst in there for them.

5 Any names, places, and stories similar to this or to the things mentioned in the fic are purely COINCIDENTAL. Everything is just the product of my imagination and is purely a work of FICTION.

Hopefully you'll stilll enjoy this! Thank you!

Take care and stay safe always everyone!

- RedSparrow
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