Appendix I [SF]

Appendices [RS]
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Wheein’s POV


I parked my car right by the main entrance of Yong’s company. Since she got pregnant, she doesn’t want to go to the basement parking lot of her company anymore. She said that it suffocates her and since I wanted to please my wife and didn’t want her to be mad at me, for her health and our baby’s, I always parked my car in front of her building every time I picked her up from work.

I turned the engine off before I pulled out my keys and unfastened my seatbelt. I climbed out of the car and jogged towards the passenger seat as I pocketed my keys. I opened the passenger seat door before I carefully lifted the huge bouquet of sunflowers. I hugged it close to me, holding my breath as I turned around and kicked the door closed. I adjusted the bouquet in my arms, mindful not to press them as I heave a huge sigh.

Once the flowers were secured in my arms, I headed towards the entrance of the building, my attention divided between the sunflowers and to where I was heading.

“Need help, Mrs. Kim?” one of the guards asked, already reaching both of his hands to me.

I shook my head and dipped my head low in a small bow. “I’m good, sir. Thanks for the offer”

“Are you sure, mam?”

“Yup.” I flashed him a huge grin as I passed by him, reassuring him that I’m fine.

I actually don’t want anyone else to touch the flowers. Preggy Yong is a scary Yong and I have received an earful of scolding from her already when I forgot to replace the sunflowers in her office. She got even more mad at me when the flowers got delayed. I don’t want to be scolded by her if I ruined the flowers.

When I got inside the elevator, I struggled to press the button for Yong’s floor using my elbow. Then I walked to the very back corner of the elevator and faced the wall, the flowers still right in front of me so the employees with me in the elevator wouldn’t accidentally squish them. I heavily sighed in relief when the flowers were still perfect in my arms the moment I reached the very top floor.

“Present for the wife?”

I peeked behind the flowers and smiled when I saw Hyejin behind her desk. “Present for the wife” I confirmed as I nodded at her.

“Isn’t it a little too late though?”

“But she might still get mad at me for not replacing the flowers in her office” I whined, softly pouting at her while she only shrugged at me. “Is she with someone inside? Can I just get in now?”

“She’s just finishing up with something. I’m just waiting for you to pick her up so we could all go home now. She looked so tired already as well”

I nodded at Hyejin before I carefully moved towards Yong’s double doors. Hyejin stood up and knocked on the door for me since my hands were all occupied with carrying the flowers. When we heard Yong’s go signal, Hyejin opened the door for me while I slowly stepped inside, my eyes bouncing between the flowers in my arms and the floor.

“Thank you” I muttered to Hyejin as she closed the door.

I peeked behind the flowers and saw Yong eyeing me and the flowers in my arms. I smiled at her as I said, “Hi… I’ll just replace the flowers in your vases with this. I won’t disturb you. I promise”

“Isn’t it a little too late for that already?” she asked while I slightly pouted at her.

I walked towards the coffee table and laid down the sunflowers on the table. “I’m sorry… The delivery for these got delayed and I couldn’t find somewhere else to buy sunflowers. The ones that you preferred. I don’t know where else to place them anymore since I have already replaced the ones we have at home a few days ago”


I briefly glanced at her and saw her facing her computer again. I smiled and sighed from relief that she’s not mad at me before I went back to the sunflowers. I gathered all three vases she had in her office and hugged them all to my chest so I could carry them all at once out of her office. Then I headed to the restroom to replace the water in the vase and throw the already wilted sunflowers.

I beamed at Hyejin when I passed by her and proudly whispered, “I think she wasn’t mad at me”

She chuckled at me and gave me a thumbs up.

Not having a pregnant Yong mad at me is something I considered a huge achievement. Aside from carrying our baby in her womb, she’s still running and supervising their company. Their business empire to be specific. Her work is already really difficult. I could never imagine how she was able to run her company and be functional on a daily basis while feeling the discomfort, the pain, the mood swings, and everything that comes with being pregnant. If I could make this experience less painful and bearable for my wife, then I’ll do whatever I can to make it possible, and that includes not making her mad all the time; be it a spur-of-the-moment anger or an anger that’s totally unnecessary.

When I was done replacing the water and throwing the wilted sunflowers, I carried all three vases and slowly walked back to Yong’s office. I asked Hyejin’s assistance again to open the door for me. I slowly approached the coffee table once again. I briefly glanced at Yong and smiled at her when I saw that she was already looking at me.

I placed my attention back to the vases in my arms and carefully placed them down on the coffee table. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I didn’t spill water and the vases were still all in one piece. Then I proceeded with arranging all the sunflowers in their vases while softly singing the theme song of the game I just discovered.

I placed one of the vases on the coffee table before I lifted the other two vases. I walked around Yong’s table and headed to the columns she had behind her to place the vases there. “You have to protect my wife and my baby from the zombies, little sunflowers” I whispered to the flowers as I placed the first vase from its column. I headed to the next column as I whispered, “We don’t want zombies around Mommy and baby, right?”

“What are you talking about?”

I stopped on my tracks when I heard Yong talking to me. I held my breath as I slowly turned around and faced her. “What?” I asked and slowly relaxed when a smirk slowly formed on her lips.

“Why are you talking about zombies to the sunflowers?”

“Oh!” I chuckled at her as I placed the last vase on its column. ”I found this game for kids that has plants fighting against the zombies. There’s a sunflower… Well, technically the sunflower can’t fight against the zombies…”

“And so are the plants”

“I know but they have powers or abilities or something. Anyways, they can fight off the zombies and stuff. I was learning about games and hopefully I could teach our baby about them. I also have other—” I paused and turned around when I heard Yong laughing at me. “What?” I asked as I pouted at her.

“Nothing” she whispered between her giggles as she shook her head at me. She leaned back on her seat and rested both of her hands on her baby bump while still giggling at me.

“What?” I asked again, almost whining at her already.

“Nothing. I just find it funny”

“What’s funny about it?” I walked towards her and grabbed my handkerchief from my pocket. I leaned forward and wiped the sheen of sweat building on her forehead. “Your office is not that warm. Why are you sweating so much?”

“Do you really think the sunflowers could protect me and our baby from the zombies?”

“Well if they can’t, I’ll protect both of you with the help of my easel, brushes and spatulas. They’ll have to go through me before they’ll reach you, baby.” I bent down and placed a soft kiss on her growing baby bump.

She grabbed the handkerchief from me and held my hand. She kissed my palm before she tugged my arm, urging me to move forward. She started wiping the sweat on my forehead while she whispered, “I’m sorry…”

“What for?” I asked while my eyebrows rose up from surprise.

She sighed heavily as she dropped her hand and looked into my eyes intently. “For being mean to you this week. For scolding you about the sunflowers when it wasn’t your fault that they got delayed”

“It’s okay…” I kissed her forehead before I said, “Your sweating is making me worry. Are you okay? Do you feel uncomfortable? What do you want?”

She groaned and pouted at me as she slouched on her chair. “I don’t want to be fat anymore, baby. I mean, look at me! Everything about me is so swollen. I’m so ugly already” she whined while I tried my best not to laugh at her. She was indeed bigger than before but she’s not fat and ugly at all.

Moments like this when she whines about her physical changes are always the toughest. She’s so adorable and cute when she pouts and whines at me. One of the best sights that would make me smile, but she would always, always, interpret it wrongly. My wife thinks I’m mocking her when I’m not. I’d never mock her. I might but not when she’s pregnant and her hormones are all over the place.

Well… unless when she’s whiny and pouty about something else.

I frowned at her while my eyebrows furrowed, but I’m still struggling to hold back my smile when she’s still pouting right in front of me. “Who said that? Who said my wife is ugly?! Do you want me to grab my brush and spatula then come back here to confront whoever said that? I can run to my studio real quick, Yong”

“I’m the one who said that though. Are you going to fight me now?”

I pouted at her as I shook my head. “Of course not!” I cupped her cheeks and pressed a kiss on her forehead before I showered with peck kisses on her lips until I could feel her smiling on my lips. “You’re not fat. You’re not ugly. I don’t know why you think that” I whispered to her before I placed a long kiss on the top of her head. Then I caressed my hand on her baby bump while a small smile was dancing on my lips. “A woman who’s carrying a life in her will never be fat and ugly” I whispered softly before I directed my smile to her.

I smiled even wider when I saw her watching me closely. I could practically hear her saying I love you to me just by looking at her eyes.

“I love you” she whispered softly.

There it is.

“I love you too.” I leaned forward and kissed her before I asked, “Are you done already? Should we go home now?”

“Let me just finish something. Then we’ll go home”

“Take your time.” I kissed her forehead before I walked towards the couches in front of her table. “But please don’t tire yourself or push yourself too hard”

“I won’t take long”


I sat on the couch and scanned my eyes around Yong’s office. It’s been more than a year but every time I’m inside her office, I couldn’t help but smile proudly at myself while my chest warms up because of Yong. She still has my paintings here and that gesture speaks a lot about how proud she is of me and my works. Yong’s office is also like a mini gallery of my paintings.

I instantly sat up and looked at Yong when I heard grunting from her. I pushed myself up and hurriedly walked towards her when I saw her standing up. I held her hand and wrapped an arm around her waist to help her stand up. Then I grabbed her bag and carried it for her as we headed out of her office. My arm was still around her waist while Yong’s hands were resting on her baby bump and holding onto her back.

“You’re not coming here anymore, right? We agreed that when you enter trimester you’ll be working at home, right?” I glanced at her when she wasn’t responding to me and smiled when I saw her pouting. “Baby… You promised”

“I know. I know… ”

I opened the door for her and let her out first. We bid goodbye to Hyejin before we headed to the elevator. She was already breathing heavily when we entered the elevator. I grabbed my handkerchief again and wiped the sweat off her face.

“Lean on me.” I pulled her closer to me and she rested her head on my shoulder. I kissed her forehead before I whispered, “You know, I won’t stop you from working, right?”

She sighed heavily as she nodded on my shoulder.

“I just want you and our baby to be healthy. I can’t afford to lose both of you if something wrong happens while you’re carrying our baby”

She suddenly cupped my cheek and brought my face to her before she kissed me. “I know… I’m just a little, just a tiny bit frustrated that I can’t work as much as before. Please stop worrying as well. I’m not coming here starting tomorrow.” She playfully narrowed her eyes at me as she said, “So you better take care of me at home”

I chuckled at her and pulled her closer before I snuggled my nose on the side of her face. “I like taking care of you. That’s easy, baby.” I smiled when I heard her soft giggles before I kissed her cheek.

Yong’s employees greeted us on our way out of her building from the elevator. We were walking slowly because of the weight of Yong’s baby bump. Hyejin even caught us the moment we exited the building. She helped me with Yong into the passenger seat before she said goodbye once again. Then I drove my wife with our precious baby in her womb back home.

“Let me prepare your warm bath” I said to Yong the moment we got back home.

“Okay. Thank you”

I kissed her cheek before I walked ahead of her and headed straight to our bedroom. I placed her bag on the vanity table first then went inside the bathroom. I pushed up the sleeves of my hoodie before I crouched down and started filling up the tub with hot water.

When the tub was half filled with

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