Appendix XXXVI [AE]

Appendices [RS]
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A/N: I took a break and did this. It's a short one tho. And btw, this is connected to Appendix XXX [AE]. I hope you have fun reading this!


Wheein’s POV


The loud and irritated groaning early in the morning from the person lying beside me was expected. I mean, how could she not when she chugged half of the bottle of wine last night? And now she’s whining in my arms.

“Whee…” She buried her face deeper on my chest and pulled me closer to her. “Whee…” she whined again.

I hugged her tighter and pressed soft kisses on top of her head. I gently brushed my fingers on her head, letting my nails lightly scratch her head hoping it’ll ease her headache.

“Stay here, okay? It’ll be better once you get some water and medicine”

She shook her head while her arms held me tighter, making me smile wider.


“Just stay in bed, Yongsun. It’s the wine you insisted to drink last night”

“But it’s your birthday. You should stay in bed”

“I’d love to, if my wife wasn’t suffering a hangover” I said, laughing at hearing her groan some more. I kissed her head again, letting her know I was just joking. “Stay here, okay?”

I was about to get up but she didn’t want to let go.

“Just give me a few minutes then I’ll get up. Yongjae will be awake anytime soon. Stay in bed”

“Okay” I relented. If we argue, it’ll worsen her headache. I don’t think we both like that.

We stayed in bed just as she wanted. She still has her face resting on my chest. I continued to gently massaged her head and dropped kisses from time to time.

When we heard the signs of Yongjae waking up from the baby monitor, Yongsun sighed heavily and pulled away from my chest. She grabbed my cheeks and gave me a kiss.

“Good morning. Happy birthday, love” she whispered, still looking tired from her insistence on waiting for my birthday last night.

“Thank you” I whispered back, smiling as I caressed her cheek.

She closed her eyes to sigh heavily and push her face closer to my hand.


“That’s our son calling. Are you sure you want me to stay in bed?”

“Yup.” She pushed herself up, obviously having a hard time.

I sat up as well and made sure that she wasn’t feeling dizzy. I placed a hand on her back as a precaution while she held a hand on her head. She doesn’t look worse than the implications of her groaning earlier, which is good. I just don’t want her to push herself too hard and insist that I won’t do anything today because it’s my birthday.

“Ki! Ki! Mommy, Mommy Whee, where, Ki?”

We heard Yongjae and Yongkeey from the baby monitor sitting on the bedside table, urging Yongsun to move out of the bed.

I reached over when she stopped and got a little out of balance but she regained almost immediately. I helped her into her shirt before I stared at her with worry.

“Are you sure you’re fine, Yongsun? I can just get Yongjae—”

The subtle glare made me shut my mouth.

“I can handle this, love”


I gulped hard and watched her walk out of the bedroom, staggering a little bit.

“Stubborn…” I whispered to myself, chuckling softly.

I arranged my pillow before I rested my back on it and on the headboard. I raised the sheets up so it would cover my . Then I reached for my phone and read all the birthday messages I got from my friends and family. But when I heard a pitter patter on the floor coming towards the bedroom, I placed my phone down and smiled in anticipation.

Yongkeey got in first and launched herself on the bed. She greeted me with her kisses, making me laugh.

“Thank you. I appreciate all the , Yongkeey”

She lied on the space Yongsun vacated and rested her head on my lap.

Yongjae came in next. His arms were up and a huge smile was already on his face.

“Happy day, Mommy Whee!” he screamed as he ran towards the bed.

“It is indeed a happy day, little guy”

I lifted him from the floor and let him sit on my lap. Little arms then went around my neck and a wet kiss was placed on my cheek.

“Thank you, Yongjae”

I snuggled my face on his hair and inhaled his very addictive baby scent. I love my morning already. Actually, I always love my mornings when it’s as lazy as this. When I didn’t have to hurry to go to work.

“Where’s your Mommy?”

Just as I asked, Yongsun appeared on the doorframe, leaning most of her body on it.

“Are you alright?”

She nodded before slowly making her way to the bed. She sat beside me with a huff and a heavy sigh.

“Happy birthday” she suddenly said.

“Happy bi… day” Yongjae repeated, making us both laugh.

“Thank you. I love you both”


I kissed Yongjae’s cheek while Yongsun said, “He’s better at pronouncing his Ls now”

I nodded in agreement as I leaned forward to kiss Yongsun’s cheek.

“I’ll cook us a simple breakfast then let’s have a feast at lunch”

“It’s just the three of us. No need for a feast, Yongsun. And besides, you still have a hangover”

“Hangwover…” Yongjae repeated while playing with Yongkeey beside us.

“While I prepare lunch…” Yongsun continued as if I didn’t say anything. “Can you go out with Yongjae to buy groceries?”

“Sure but I’ll only go out once you have showered and eaten, and the medicine. If your headache won’t subside, then I’ll stay to take care of you”

“But it’s your birthday…” she whined again, pouting stubbornly.

“And you have a hangover. I’m not leaving your here all by yourself”

“I’ll be with Yongkeey”

“Which is great but she can’t lift you or grab water for you”

She glanced at Yongkeey and said, “We should train her to do that”

“That’s not the point.” I brought her gaze back to mine. “I’ll take care of you”

“But we need the groceries,” she argued, leaning forward and resting her head on my shoulder. “And we need to celebrate your birthday”

“Which is why I laid those conditions and…” I brought my hand up to her head, holding her and Yongjae in place. “We’ll get those groceries fast”


I glanced at my watch as I waited for the garage doors to open. I promised Yongsun that we’ll be back fast but it’s already lunchtime and we just arrived. I sighed heavily as I parked the car before I glanced at the bouncy man right beside me.

He’s bouncing on his seat because he’s been treated with banana milk. If not for that, he’d be crying so hard and throwing tantrums just because of a pack of gummy bears. A rare Haribo gummy bears.

Why do we even need that? Is Yongsun nearing her period? She usually craves something when she’s on her period but this is the first time that she craved something that’s hard to find. Usually it’s just the mint chocolate at the café or the apple-flavored products she craved when she was pregnant.

But gummy bears?

As much as I wanted to tick off everything on the list Yongsun gave me, we were already running late for lunch. Yongjae was already not in a good mood. I barely dodged his tantrums earlier.

“Alright, we’re back home already, little guy”

Yongjae nodded, the straw still stuck in between his lips.

I climbed out of the car first and unstrapped Yongjae before grabbing the groceries from the trunk. “I hope Mommy won’t get mad at us” I said to Yongjae as we headed to the door connected to the dining area.

He shook his head as he said, “Mommy mad no!”

“That’s right. So we have to say sorry to Mommy we couldn’t buy everything on the list. You don’t eat gummies right, baby?”

He shook his head again. “Gummies no! Choco Jae like!”


“It must be for Mommy. Mommy craves anything when she’s on her period”

“Period?” Yongjae asked, bottom lip jutting out from curiosity.

I smiled at how cute he looke

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