Appendix XXXV [WL]

Appendices [RS]
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A/N: These are just some random snippets of When We Lie Wheesun. The third one was an indirect request(?) but I can't do it exactly as you wanted so I just made alterations. I'm releasing this without proofreading it so please bare with me. Thanks!


The director was busy shouting instructions to the cameraman and lighting technicians. With the scene change, everything had to adjust as well. From the simplicity of the warehouse setting, the scene had to jump to a clean house interior with a carpet, a couch, and a table topped with a vase.

While they were adjusting with the change of setting, my makeup artist was also retouching my makeup. I was unbelievably nervous dancing to my own song that we had to do several retakes. It didn’t help that my backup dancers were so unserious that it was such a challenge to maintain my facial expression. And so, I was sweating so badly. I had to apologize to my makeup artist.

Yoonyoung, a friend of mine and also the choreographer of the song, walked towards me just as my makeup artist stepped back. My makeup artist inspected my makeup first before retreating with her heavy makeup bag.

Yoonyoung came towards me with a smile while I returned it with a pout.

“I was so tired practicing all night and yet I still made a lot of mistakes,” I said with a sigh.

She patted my back while laughing at my predicament.

“I can’t get that one part. Why is it so fast?”

“Don’t ask me. It’s your song, Wheein. I only did what you asked me to do”

“Sseuregira hagetji” I sang it with an awful and fake cry while dancing with zero effort.

Yoonyoung laughed louder seeing my predicament. Such no mercy when she created a difficult choreography.

“You got it when we practiced,” she argued.

I sighed heavily and frowned at her. “I have wasted all my luck that day”

“You’ll be fine” she said with a pat on my back.

I returned her encouragement with a deep frown.

I saw Taegoon with the other male dancers reading near the set. I called Taegoon’s attention and asked if we could practice together. On the second verse of the song, there’s a few seconds that he and I will be dancing together. Only the two of us. Then there’s also the last scene along with the other dancers. And with our height difference, I had difficulties not hitting him during our practices.

I don’t want several retakes. I wanted to go home soon. To Yong. To my wife.

“I’ll try not to hit you this time,” I said to him while we both chuckled.

“I’ll try not to be affected if you actually do”

“Ohh… professional” I .

“Hit him harder then, Wheein” Kyungwoo added.

I laughed with the dancers. Even Taegoon joined in, seemingly unaffected. Though when we positioned to start shooting, I wasn’t as nervous as I was before when I saw the worry in Taegoon’s eyes.

“Yah… I’m not going to hit you” I said even though I, myself, wasn’t so sure about it.

Taegoon chuckled and said, “I wasn’t nervous about that. I’m just nervous dancing beside you”

I playfully slapped his arm and said, “Yah…”

He suddenly bowed, a deep bow, before he mumbled, “It’s an honor to dance beside you, Wheein”

I was caught off guard at the sudden confession that I don’t know what to say except force him to stand up straight again and my nervous rambles. “What are you talking about? We’ve been dancing beside each other since we practiced”

“I’m a huge fan. And to Miss Kim also. Huge fan”

He couldn’t stop bowing so I playfully smacked his arm again. The only thing that stopped him from bowing was the director’s signal.

And thankfully I got the hardest part of this right or else I’d strain my legs. I don’t want this shoot to last for hours just because I couldn’t get a routine. We only did three takes on this scene just so the director has a lot of shots.

The setting changes once again for the last part of the song. For the first scene, I was only accompanied by female dancers and then the male dancers in the second scene. This time, it was a mix of male and female dancers. I was still paired with Taegoon. The last scene wasn’t as difficult as the first and second so everything went on smoothly.

I was so engrossed with the shooting that I did not realize we were nearing the end until we heard the director yell cut.

I smiled so wide and clapped my hands so loudly as I bowed towards the director and the dancers. “Thank you so much! You’ve worked hard everyone! Thank you!”

As I stood up straight, a black figure suddenly walked past through my right side. It was so fast that I didn’t know what it was. I know it was real because of the light wind I felt when it passed me.

“Kim Yongsun. And you are?”

My head snapped to the voice behind me. I saw Yong stretching her hand towards Taegoon while Taegoon looked so confused, eyes snapping from Yong’s face to Yong’s hand.

Were they here the whole time? Were they watching?

A hand on my shoulder grabbed my attention and I saw Hyejin standing beside me.

I ran my tongue on my lips while taking huge breaths to catch my breath. I only realized then that my mouth was agape at Yong’s sudden appearance.

“You better stop her”


Hyejin only tipped her chin towards Yong and Taegoon.

I saw Taegoon flinching a little when he held Yong’s hand for a firm handshake. He hid it right away and smiled at Yong as he introduced himself.

“Taegoon, Miss Kim. Pleasure to meet you”

Yong only gave him a nod before releasing his hand.

Taejoon flexed and stretched his hand, the one that Yong shook, and tried to mask as if it didn’t hurt him. He smiled again at Miss Kim before giving her a small nod.

“What’s your address and your social security number?”

“Yong!” I gasped, surprised at my wife while I could hear Hyejin laughing beside me.

“Told you”

There’s only one reason why she wanted Taegoon’s address and social security number. She’s mad. She wants to threaten him. She probably wants to destroy him.

She’s jealous.

Taegoon was so surprised. He couldn’t answer Yong.

My wife, on the other hand, was just staring intently at Taegoon. If looks are deadly, Taegoon must’ve probably been obliterated right now. No one bothered to make a sound and was just watching the scene unfold. Only I had the guts to move forward. I have to save Taegoon.

I laughed nervously, sounding fake than ever, as I stepped in between my wife and Taegoon. “She doesn’t mean it. My wife is just pla—”

“I meant it”

I saw the way Taegoon gulped hard after hearing what Yong said. I faked another laugh before I faced my wife and frowned at her. She was still looking at Taegoon, ready to burn him to ashes.

There’s no use talking to her right now. I have to drag her away from—

“Stop staring at my wife”

“What? Okay… No”

I grabbed Yong’s hand and offered an apologetic smile at Taegoon. “She doesn’t really mean it” I whispered to him, laughing again to lighten the mood but it gave away how nervous I was. “Sorry” I whispered and then dragged Yong away from the set.

“We need to talk, Yong” I whispered, glaring at a giggling Hyejin when we passed by her.

“I am still not done with him” she argued, still speaking in her low and scary voice.

I’m just glad that she’s not pulling away from my hold and letting me drag her away.

I shook my head and said, “No… No, we’re not doing anything to Taegoon”

“He was ogling at you”

I shook my head again. “No… No, he was not”

I pushed the door open to my dressing room and let my wife in before I followed her and closed the door behind me. I also locked the door just to be safe. Good thing my staff was out to watch the shooting or else I had to drag them away so I can cater to my jealous wife.

Yong crossed her arms in front of her. Her formidable expression dropped into a frown, quietly watching me at the end of the room.

I marched towards her and held her waist while her arms went around my shoulders. I gave her a soft kiss on her lips, making sure that I won’t ruin my makeup since I’ll still be taking pictures later.

“Stop being so jealous”

“I wasn’t”

A small smile appeared on my lips when her gentle voice graced my ears. She started rubbing her hand on my back while her other hand went to my waist underneath my shirt. Her thumb formed circles on my skin, releasing goosebumps there on my waist.

I leaned my face closer to her and playfully rubbed my nose on hers. “You are…”

“I don’t like the way he’s looking at you”

“It was part of the choreography. And besides… I danced in front of you last night.” I pressed featherlight kisses right below her ears next. “The song’s for you too”

“Hmm…” she hummed while I smiled as I felt her arms tightening around me. “I still want to get his social security number”

I pressed another kiss on her lips before meeting her eyes. “No…” I whispered, softly giggling. I cupped her cheek, thumb caressing her warm skin. “If I knew you planned to visit, I would’ve looked at you more than the camera”

One of her eyebrows rose while a smirk was playing on her lips. “Noted. I was planning on surprising you but I’ll give you a heads up next time”

There was a knock on the door that disturbed us. Although it was meant to grab our attention, we only leaned closer to each other in a tight hug.

“Miss Kim, Wheein still has to do a photoshoot,” Hyejin shouted over the door. “They didn’t want to disturb you but they also want to wrap things up”

“Weren’t you done yet?” Yong whispered as she snuggled her face to my hair.

“Only the photoshoot then I can go home”

“Go home with me?”

“Of course”

“Come home to me?”

I giggled as I nodded on her shoulder. “Always”

There was a deep chuckle from her before I felt her leaving a kiss on the side of my head. “I won’t hold you much longer then”

We smiled at each before walking out of my dressing room with my hand being held by my wife as she walked behind me. The set was still a little tense when we came back. It only relaxed down a little when I was giving away wide smiles for assurances towards them. I glanced behind me and saw that Yong was also smiling but her eyes were all for me.

My makeup artist gave me such a judgemental gaze when she examined my makeup. The first thing she looked at was my lipstick and I knew what she was thinking already, which made me frown. There was a look of incredulity before she dabbed powder near my temples.

“We didn’t” I answered the question running in her head.

“I didn’t say anything” she responded, earning a scoff from me.

“I can hear your thoughts”

“Well… Thank you. I guess” she whispered teasingly.

I rolled my eyes at her as she laughed at me.

“Hey… Yeseul.” Yong suddenly appeared beside me before I could move while grabbing my makeup artist’s attention. “Will it be okay to add something on Wheein’s makeup?”

Yeseul’s eyes bounced between me and Yong, confused. Her eyes settled with mine because no one dared to stare at the Kim Yongsun.

If only they knew how soft my wife is.

I don’t have answers and could only offer her a shrug.

Yeseul cleared before she said so unsurely, “I guess so…”


“What do you want me to do, Miss Kim?”

Yong shook her head while holding my shoulders before turning me to face her. “Oh, you have nothing to do, Yeseul. I can handle this”

My eyebrows furrowed as Yong cupped my cheek while her other hand held my shoulder. “What do you want to do?”

Instead of answering my question, she kissed my cheek and pressed her lips harder.

I was about to protest because she’d leave a kiss mark but then realized that that was her intention. I could only giggle while she still had her lips pressed on my cheek.

“That’s enough, Yong” I whispered as I gently patted her arm, quietly asking her to move.

She finally pulled back but was still holding me to inspect the kiss mark. She turned to Yeseul and pointed at the kiss mark. “Is that okay?”

Yeseul nodded at Yong. “Yes. That’s fine, Miss Kim”

Yong smiled so wide as she stared at the kiss mark, satisfied with herself.

I could only shake my head in both disbelief and admiration.

“You really didn’t have to mark me” I whispered so only the two of us could hear it.

She ignored what I said by placing a kiss on my head and gently pushing to, urging me to walk towards the set. “Go take photos, baby. I’ll wait here so we can go home together”

“Such a tease…” I whispered under my breath as I headed back to the set.

At least the mood in the set wasn’t as down as earlier.




With my cap and mask on, only my eyes could be seen and my eyes were trained on Yong sitting in front of the vanity mirror. Her team, composed of stylists, hair and makeup artists, and Hyejin, along with the editors, writers, and photographer of Neighbor, were crowding around her. They were doing her hair and makeup, giving her accessories to wear, showing her the clothes she’ll put on later, and giving her instructions for the shoot.

They were all busy and even when I wanted to get closer to my wife, I know that now is the time I should step back to make her work easier. I’ll just go to her if she needs me.

It’s also a relief that she’s shooting by herself. No partner who’d lift her or put their arm around her. No one would be looking at her weirdly or touch her wherever they please.

I really have a love and hate relationship with her Men’s Health magazine.

She worked hard for the cover despite running KGC. I was there when she had to break down because she wanted to quit but she’d always wake up the next day with renewed energy. Her body was at its best during that time. It was a joy to let my hands freely roam on her body every time we go to sleep.

And then this old guy really had to stand beside my wife and take pictures with her.

Because of that incident, I planned to save pictures of Yong myself. I don’t have to ask for B-cuts from the photographer. I’ll take them myself.

Byulyi gifted me cameras before. A film camera and a mirrorless camera. I brought the film camera this time because I am enjoying it so far.

I came prepared.

I stood up when I saw Yong standing up as well. She was directed to the site already and only had the time to throw a wink towards my direction. I smiled at her, forgetting the mask I was wearing.

I think she knew I was smiling because of t

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