Lock Me Up

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“You either want her or not. You either commit to her or not. You either have her with you or not. There’s no in-betweens because a person’s emotions and future are at stake. You’ll either have her or lose her. You either love her or hurt her.”


She loved her for a long time.
She fell in love for the first time.
But she has loved someone else already.
And she didn't love her the way she loved her.
But when one finds someone who’ll complement her,
A vagabond finally locks herself in the arms of her home.


Hi! I’m back with another fic but a HwaByul fic this time. Please be good to me! Before starting the story, I wanted you to know a few things first:

1. English is not my first language. I apologize in advance for the errors in grammar and spelling. 

2. I'm familiar with Korea's honorifics but I'm still not confident in using them. I'm using the common formalities (like miss or mister, etc).

3. This is a sequel to my other story titled, Set Me Free, my very first fic ever. This story was long overdue and I've been planning to write this for a long time already. I wanted to write this since I finished Set Me Free but other plans came along so I had to postpone writing this until now. Despite this being a sequel, this can be read independently.

4. I have to warn though. I love writing with long chapters and my stories are always multi-chapters. The shortest chapter has almost 7k words and the longest one has 13k words. Most of the chapters are around 9k to 10k words. I don't know... just a heads up since I'm not sure if a lot of readers prefer lengthy chapters.

5. This is my first time venturing uncharted territory. I’ve been writing nothing but Wheesun fics but I’ve been meaning to write this story since the very beginning too. I am very hesitant writing a fic for HwaByul because: (1) I wanted to give justice to the characters; (2) since I always write in first POV, I don’t want my characters to sound like Wheesun and so I needed my main characters to sound significantly different from Wheesun; and (3) what I’m doing right now is a huge leap of faith and like walking on thin ice. It felt like writing for the first time because I’m not writing for Wheesun. That’s how difficult it is to shift from writing Wheesun to Hwabyul so please… please be good to me.

6. Any names, places, and stories similar to this or to the things mentioned in the fic are purely COINCIDENTAL. Everything is just the product of my imagination and is purely a work of FICTION.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the story! Thank you!


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Twenty-four chapters, an Interlude and an Epilogue!

- RedSparrow
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