Appendix XLIX [GA]

Appendices [RS]
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Waking up seems a bit different for Wheein now that she’s always covered in the warmth of her unnie. The sweet floral and minty scent of her unnie has become familiar to her already and helps it sleep at night. That’s now something constant to her every night. But every morning, she wishes that those things would remain as well. All that remains is the mark of crumpled sheets as evidence that someone was there beside her.

Wheein searches for her glasses and wears them as she slips out of the bed. She prefers waking up with Yongsun but she understands why Yongsun has to leave the bed early. And it’s the overwhelming smell that covers the whole apartment that doesn’t make her feel lonely every morning.

She can see Yongsun’s face covered in a sheen of sweat with her hair already up in a bun. The sight of Yongsun cooking, her face in full concentration, and the firm nod she gave from being satisfied is something that Wheein loves so much. It makes her smile despite still being so sleepy.

With light steps, she makes her way to Yongsun and hugs her from behind. She giggles at the surprised gasp Yongsun releases.

“Good morning, unnie,” Wheein whispers so sweetly. “What’s for breakfast?”

Yongsun ignores her question and faces Wheein with a spoonful of soup. Yongsun gently blows on the spoon first before offering it to Wheein. “Taste this for me, please.”

Wheein does as told and smiles at her unnie. “Yum! Can I have more?”

“Maybe after you take a shower.” Yongsun smiles at the pout on Wheein’s face. She caresses Wheein’s cheek to remove her girlfriend’s grumpiness. “I’ll set up the table. Yonghee-unnie will be out by now too.”

Grumbling, Wheein goes back to their room to do as she’s told. She showers obediently and dresses up for school. When she is out of her room, Yongsun is joined by Yonghee in their kitchen. Wheein shyly greets Yonghee and then goes to sit beside Yongsun to hide herself from Yongsun’s older sister.

Yonghee smiles at Wheein’s shyness while Yongsun softly giggles beside her.

“Good morning too, Wheein.”

Wheein just bows at her before helping Yongsun. She knows Yonghee is very approachable but her natural shyness just keeps on overpowering her desire to get to know Yongsun’s older sister better.

“I told Byulyi that we’re eating out with your friends. She wants to come only if that’s okay with you and your friends” Yongsun says.

“Of course!” Wheein answers before glancing at Yonghee. “We can even invite Yonghee-unnie tonight,” she shyly adds.

“Are you inviting me, Wheein?” Yonghee asks her.

“Yes. But you don’t have to if you’re busy”

“Well, if it’s you then I’d love to go.”


Yonghee laughs, causing Wheein to blush. “I have to thank you.”

“You can just text me where you’ll have dinner. I’ll go there right after my classes” Yongsun says.

Wheein smiles at Yongsun. “Okay, unnie.”

Wheein and Yonghee cleans up while Yongsun prepares for school. It’s the only time Wheein gets to spend time with Yongsun’s older sister since both of them are taking up a highly-demanding program.

“Is this the first time Yongsun will be meeting your friends?” Yonghee asks her as they are washing the dishes.

“She knows Irene-unnie and Wendy-unnie but yes, it’ll be the first time she’ll meet the rest of them.”

“Don't trust them with you?” Yonghee asks with an incredulous laugh.

Wheein nods. “Probably because of how I got bullied in high school. But it’s different in uni now and Wendy-unnie and Irene-unnie are always there to help me. I think she’s still worried and I don’t want to trouble her. I’m hoping this will make her less worried.”

“She also told me to watch over you.”

“She did?”

Yonghee smiles at Wheein’s surprised face. She was right in thinking that her sister’s ideal type are the cute and adorable ones. Wheein is the epitome of those.

“She did.”

Wheein pouts and gets a little embarrassed. “I’m sorry, unnie.”

“It’s fine. Yongsun is a lot more open and expressive now because of you so you really don’t have to apologize. In fact, I should be the one thanking you. Please look after her for me also.”

Wheein passes the last plate to Yonghee as she eagerly nods at being relied on. “I will, unnie.”

Yonghee wipes her hand dry before patting Wheein on her head. “I know you will. Tell Yongsun to wait for me for a second, okay?”

Blushing, Wheein is left standing in their apartment’s kitchen trying to control her nervous heart from pounding. Yongsun and Yonghee’s pats are both affectionate for Wheein. Yongsun’s just in an endearing manner while Yonghee comes from an older sister. Wheein never had siblings and having met Yonghee, a part of her wants to be on Yonghee’s good side to foster their relationship, maybe just like siblings. Like how she also likes Byulyi’s affections.

“Where’s unnie?” Yongsun asks as she steps out of their bedroom.

“She went to her room. She’ll be out in a second.”

While waiting, Yongsun walks over to Wheein and tucks her hair behind her ears. Wheein stands there with a happy smile on her face as she gazes at her unnie. Yongsun glides her thumb on Wheein’s cheek before bringing Wheein in a loose hug, which Wheein gladly returns tenfolds.

“You like this, unnie?” Wheein asks.

Yongsun nods with a warm smile for Wheein.

Since living in the apartment together, Wheein didn’t have to ask Yongsun anymore to show her physical affection for Wheein. It naturally develops along with their relationship, especially that Wheein has never been shy in showing her own affection for Yongsun.

Yongsun tightens her hug over Wheein and places a soft peck on Wheein’s forehead.

Wheein beams at Yongsun and snuggle her face on her shoulders.

“You’re such a baby,” Yongsun teases.

Wheein is unaffected by this. “As long as I’m the only one for you, I don’t mind.”

“You really need to stop hanging out with Byulyi. She’s rubbing onto you.”

“Admit it, unnie, it made you blush.”


The short response makes Wheein glance at Yongsun and confirms after seeing Yongsun’s rosy cheeks.

“Yes, it did.”

The way Yongsun looks at Wheein would’ve made Wheein cower away but not anymore. Not this time. She knows that this is just Yongsun trying to remain calm and stoic but deep down, it’s all chaos.

Wheein cups Yongsun’s cheeks and pressed them together, making Yongsun’s lips pout. “You’re cute, unnie. I love you” she says in a singsong voice that had Yongsun blush harder.

To make things worse for Yongsun, Wheein also kisses her lips. Wheein heard how Yongsun held her breath when their lips were so close before they connected.

“I love you too” Yongsun whispers in return.

At Yonghee’s entrance, the three of them head for the parking lot to Yongsun’s car. Yonghee leads the three of them while Yongsun and Wheein walk hand in hand together.

“Remember not to tease Wendy-unnie anymore about ghosts. You were so mean to her before.”

“No, I wasn’t.”

“Yes, you are, unnie. Promise me.”

Yongsun rolls her eyes but still crosses her pinky finger with Wheein. “Yeah, I promise.”

“And don’t be mean to them. Don’t glare at them. You always glare at anyone who’s just trying to be friendly.”

“I’m not mean. I just can’t trust them.”

“That’s the point of having to meet them later, unnie. You have to behave for your first meeting with them. Try to be friendly because they are.”

Yonghee is having a hard time trying not to laugh at the two. She has witnessed this almost everyday since Yongsun and Wheein joined her in the apartment but its charm still never fades away. She realizes that her strong and stubborn younger sister will always be soft over Wheein’s puppy energy and cuteness. And yet, it seems that it’s always Yongsun who gets to obey Wheein like a puppy is to her master.

“As long as they won’t bother you, I’ll be friendly.”

“Yah! Unnie, that’s not a promise.” Wheein raises her pinky finger again. “Promise me.”

Yonghee watches how her sister huffs a heavy breath out before reluctantly raising her pinky finger for Wheein.

“I promise” Yongsun responds.

Yonghee isn’t able to hold her laughter anymore and laughs at her sister. She gets a very scary glare from Yongsun but she just winks at her little sister. She knows Yongsun is all talk and no bite around Wheein.

Wheein jumps at Yongsun to give her a hug and a kiss on her cheek. “Thank you, unnie! I can’t wait for you to meet them. They’ll like you so long as you won’t be mean to them.”

And with just that, Yongsun’s entire demeanor softens as she smiles at Wheein.

Yonghee then concludes that Yongsun is stupidly in love with Wheein.

Yongsun is all over Wheein, making sure she has her seatbelt on. She often scolds Wheein for reading her books while they’re on their way to uni. Tells her that it’s going to make her eyesight worse. Then she holds Wheein’s hand to make it difficult for Wheein to read. In the end, Wheein gives up and Yonghee can see Yongsun’s triumphant smile in the backseat.

Yonghee knows everything is pure between the two.

Yonghee says goodbye to the two the moment they reach SNU. She has enough of their lovey-dovey this morning. She doesn’t want more.

“My unnie,” says Wheein as she cups Yongsun’s cheeks, “Drive carefully. You have enough time to get to FCA so don’t be in a rush.”

Wheein kisses her, making Yongsun smile.

“I won’t.”

Wheein then hugs Yongsun tightly as if they won’t meet again later in the evening.

“I love you, unnie. Be careful.”

Yongsun kisses Wheein on her crown. “I love you too. Call me if anything happens.”

“Text me when you reach your school.”


Wheein climbs out of Yongsun’s car but rushes to get to the driver’s side to wave at Yongsun. “Babye, unnie. I’ll see you later.”

“See you later, Whee.”

Yongsun waves at Wheein one last time and receives Wheein’s flying kiss before she drives off with a huge smile on her face.


Together with her friends, Wheein heads to the restaurant with her friends. She has already left a message to Yongsun, Byulyi, and Yonghee on where to meet them. Yonghee texted back that she might be late since she still has classes. Byulyi is already on his way, as well as Yongsun.

“Wheein’s girlfriend is about our age, right?” Changsub asks.

“Yongsun-unnie? She’s about your age. She’s a year older than me but since I attended school earlier, we graduated together.”

“I only ask about her age, Wendy. You talk too much.”


Their table was filled with laughter as the two bantered.

Since attending SNU, Wheein has become friends with Wendy and Irene. Changsub invited Wheein to study together with Chorong once. Naturally, the five of them became friends. Wendy and Changsub can take each other’s energy while Irene and Chorong both are calm together. Wheein somehow ties all four of them together with her sudden burst of energy and shyness.

“Yongsun’s overprotective of her” Irene says, stopping Changsub and Wendy’s banter. “She’s indifferent towards everyone except for her best friend and girlfriend.”

“Is she scary?” Chorong asks, already worried.

Wheein vehemently shakes her head. “No, unnie. Yong-unnie just worries about me because I got bullied before in high school. That's why she’s overprotective.”

“Does she get jealous easily?” Changsub asks.

Wheein doesn’t feel right with the look Changsub is giving. His not hiding his devious plans at all with the way he is smirking and his eyebrows are dancing.

Wheein pouts at Changsub. “What are you planning, oppa?”


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