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Appendices [RS]
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As our car turned to a familiar route, I turned to my wife and saw her in full concentration. It's a route she will never forget and I have forgotten but recently remembered. Her knuckles have turned white with how hard she's holding onto the steering wheel. Even her jaw was set tightly, I'm afraid to disturb her. Though I'm worried if she's still breathing or not from her tensed position.

I glanced at the kids in the backseat and smiled at their excitement, most especially our five-year-old boy. But as much as I enjoy it, I need them to calm down for their Mama.

“Nabi… Tae…” I called, “can you please be quiet even just for a short while? Your Mama needs to focus, okay?”

Nabi raised her finger to her lips. “Shh… Tae, Mama has to drive”

Taeyang followed his sister but with both of his index finger to his lips. “Shh…” she followed her sister.

They carried on but only talked in hush voices to help their Mama. I thanked my baby butterfly and sunshine and then faced my wife once again.

“Thank you, love" she whispered, eyes never leaving the road and hands never letting go of the wheel.

I reached over to give her knee a gentle squeeze, letting her know that I’m with her. We all are with her. And that we fully trust her and love her so much.

The ride to the top was agonizingly quiet, sensing their Mama’s determination. And so, when we reached our destination, it was such a huge relief. Nabi and Taeyang cheered for their Mama while I gave my wife a kiss as she released a huge breath out.

“Will you give your Ma kisses for driving us here?” I asked the kids in the back.


I smiled at their sweetness and hurriedly went down to release them from their seatbelts. Wheein was still taking her time to breathe the tension out. I opened the door for the kids and they climbed on their Mama’s lap to reward her with kisses, most especially our Taeyang since he requested to come here. Imagine how surprised Wheein was at the kids swarming over her. It was such a sweet moment that I will cherish forever.

“Alright… Tae, you can help Mama set up the telescope. Nabi and I will set the blanket and our food. Is that okay?”

“Mama, I can build the telescope so you can rest”

Wheein’s eyes widened and I knew a protest was on the way but she smiled through it. Nabi and I could see her struggle and snickered at her Mama.

“Mama is already well rested, baby. I got lots of energy from your kisses” Wheein said, putting on a huge smile to convince our son.

“Then, come on, Mama. Let’s build the telescope”

“Mama can’t say no,” our eleven-year-old daughter whispered beside me.

I placed my arm over her shoulders and started walking us to the trunk of the car. “No one can say no to your brother.”

In pairs, we prepared for stargazing. It was actually still early. We came here with the sun still out since Wheein wanted to drive us. Later tonight, I’ll be the one driving us back home. Nabi and I set up the blankets and the containers of food while Wheein and Taeyang were busy around the telescope. We obviously finished early so Nabi went over to watch them closely while I stayed on our blanket.

The two were stressing their Mama so much. Nabi knows her Mama loves her telescope so much and that Wheein doesn’t like anyone touching them. But she loves Taeyang more so she allowed her to play with them, still conscious about the parts. Nabi would tell Taeyang to do something that would cause panic in her Mama.

I watched them while taking pictures with my phone, laughing from time to time.

When they were done, the three of them made their way to the blanket to rest while we waited. Taeyang ran towards me and threw himself, hugging me tight, while I grunted on his weight.

“Mama and I build the telescope, Mommy! Nabi helped too!”

I kissed his cheek. “Good job, baby.” I opened my arms once more when I saw our daughter approaching while letting Taeyang sit on my lap. “And you too, of course. Come here, Nabi-ah. Give Mommy some hugs”

Nabi was less excited than her brother but she had a huge smile on when I called her name. I was engulfed with their arms and I closed my eyes to enjoy their affection.

I would never get sick of their affection. They always make me warm with their hugs. And my wife never wanted to lose against our kids. She also joined our small hugs.

The light from Wheein’s truck allowed us to see through the darkness without much trouble. While waiting for the sun to set, we had our dinner together. We’re not just stargazing tonight. This is also a picnic, which was the reason why the kids were also excited.

The meals in the Jung family are always loud. There’s Taeyang talking animatedly and naturally asked to be listened to. Nabi loves her brother so much and reacts to all his stories. And Taeyang is the kind of storyteller that always wants us to be involved when he’s sharing a story. So when one laughs, the rest of us would.

The cutest thing is that, when one of us requests our little sunshine to do something, usually copying her Grandpa or Grandma, he would immediately follow it and make it comical. This would erupt loud laughters from the three of us. He enjoys great reactions so he loves doing it.

After dinner, Wheein helped the kids look at the stars with her telescope. But after a while, she gave up being there and just let the kids enjoy it. She knew she couldn’t stop them at all. I was cleaning things on our blanket and brought out the pillows and fluffy blankets to warm us as the night came. Wheein joined me on the blanket later when she was helping the kids.

She pulled me in a hug, allowing me to lean my body on hers. She pressed a kiss on my head, to where I know my scar is. Naturally, my hand was rubbing on her left arm, feeling her scars that I love so much.

“Any headaches, Yong?” she asked, noticing the drop of temperature.

I shook my head as I curled up on her side, looking up to see her face. “You did well tonight” I said, smiling proudly at her because I can still see her worries.

“I hope I’ll also do well later”

“We agreed that I’ll drive us back down later”

“But it’s cold and dark. I don’t want you hurting your head”

“Then just make me warm”

She raised a questioning eyebrow, looking unsure at me. Then she tightened her arms around me, pulling me even closer. “Like this”

I shook my head, smiling mischievously. “No. Like this.” I held her cheek to pull her face close and kissed her deeply.

She chuckled on my lips, letting me feel the vibrations of her laugh. “Clever way to ask for a kiss”

“I wasn’t asking,” I said. I rested my head on her shoulder as we watched over our kids.

“Are you sure it’s fine for you to drive us back home?” she asked, still worried.

“Yes. Don’t worry”

We stayed in that position, soft smiles gracing our lips as we looked at our two loving babies. Wheein would drop kisses on my head from time to time while I caressed my hand on her left arm to feel her stars, keeping each other warm.

“Nabi, look! Look!” Taeyang shrieked at one point, making us nervous but we relaxed when we saw the excitement on his face. He lets his sister peek on the eyepiece while jumping on his heels. “Did you see it? The shooting star? Did you see it!? I saw a shooting star!”

“Really? Oh yeah!” Nabi said while still looking over at the eyepiece.

Taeyang waved at us, jumping now. “Mommy! Mama! I saw a shooting star!”

Wheein sat up, getting excited as our son. “Take a picture!”

“Nabi, take a picture,” he said to his sister.

They used Wheein’s phone to capture the shooting star that they saw. And although Nabi didn’t enjoy this as much as Taeyang, I can see that she’s delighted at catching an unexpected shooting star.

“Did you get it?” Wheein asked.

I sat up and patted her back because I knew she wanted to check out the kids’ discovery.

At my signal, she left the blanket to go to our children. She crouched down to be with children’s height with Nabi and Taeyang on either side of her. They were talking animatedly about the shooting star that Taeyang saw. Mostly just Taeyang and Wheein since both have the same interests but Nabi was happily listening and joining in the conversation.

While they’re at it, I started packing things up back to the car’s trunk. As much as we wanted to stay, as much as Taeyang wanted to stay, it’s already late. I don’t want Wheein to worry.

Wheein suddenly appeared on my side and grabbed the basket and blanket from my arms. “I can handle this, Yong. I’ll deal with the telescope too. Go get the kids in the car”

“I’m not fragile anymore, Whee” I reasoned, though I always find her adorable  when she’s like this.

She only shook her head to disagree. She walked past me to dump the things in her trunk and didn’t offer any room for me to protest.

I mean, she calls me stubborn most of the time but she is also as stubborn as I am. I couldn’t help but smile at her direction before tending to the kids.

They showed me the picture of the shooting star they took earlier. I have to admit, our Taeyang has a good eye. Wheein already felt so defeated but at the same time, excited at Taeyang’s love, not just interest, but love for astronomy.

I congratulated the two before we all went inside their Mama’s truck. I checked on their seatbelts and then headed to the driver seat. Wheein was already beside me when I got in. I was so busy getting the engine started that I didn’t notice her watching me anxiously.

I gave her a soft smile and reached for her hand. “I’m going to be fine. I have practiced so many times already. How about a kiss for good luck?” I asked, puckering my lips to ease her nerves.

She rolled her eyes but I was successful in making her smile. “Alright” she relented. But instead of kissing me, she turned to the kids in the backseat and asked, “Who wants to give Mommy good luck kisses?”

“Can I draw the shooting star?” Tae asked instead.

“Do you want to draw it? Here, let me help you” Nabi responded, always attentive to her brother.

She was already helping her brother set up the table on his carseat. Taeyang’s backpack was up and his sketchbook and set of crayons were out.

“I guess no one wants to kiss me” I mumbled while my wife just laughed.

“Awe… don’t be sulky, honey. Here…” She leaned forward and kissed my cheek, squeezing my hand on the gear shift for assurance. “Just go slowly. We’re not in a hurry”

I nodded, smiling gratefully while she released a heavy breath out. She looks more nervous than I am. But on the inside, I’m dying from how fast my heart was beating. And it’s hard to breathe because of it.

Wheein told me that our accident happened when we’re going downhill. So driving up to the mountain wasn’t as pressuring as driving downwards. And all the good memories in the mountain back when we were still dating were destroyed by our accident. However, with Taeyang and Nabi with us, we’re slowly building great memories on this mountain.

After all, this is where I first said I love Wheein, where we first kissed, and when I agreed to be her Mrs. Jung. My memories might not be the sharpest but I will cherish these moments forever.

The car was quiet but it’s not silent. Wheein was softly humming a song to calm me while driving. Nabi and Taeyang were busy drawing the shooting star. They were talking quietly amongst each other and from their voices, I can sense that they’re having fun.

“We can show Mommy and Mama your drawing once we get down,” Nabi said, and that got my attention.

I quickly glanced at them in the rearview mirror and saw the two smiling and nodding at each other while inspecting their drawing. I can’t wait to see it but patience… We’ll go slowly on this trail for safety.

I never thought I was holding my breath in on our way down. Only when we reached the foot of the mountain and stopped at a red light did I release all of the tension I felt.

“Can we show the drawing now?”

Even in whispers, we could still hear Taeyang’s voice. And from my peripheral, I could see Wheein smiling but decided to stay quiet.

“Yes. Go ahead, Tae” his sister encouraged.

“Mommy, Mama, I finished my shooting star drawing already,” Taeyang said.

“Really?” Wheein acted as if she just knew this information. “Let me see, Tae”

“Here, Mama”

On my side, I saw his sketchbook being passed to his Mama.

“Oh my god! Wow! This is good, Tae”

“Let me see,” I said, getting a bit distracted now. I parked the car first on the side and pressed the hazard lights on so I wouldn't endanger all our lives. “Mama, let me see too”

Wheein fi

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