Appendix XXV [SF]

Appendices [RS]
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Yongsun's POV


I smiled when our little Mikey showed his tiny dimple on his right cheek to me. Just like his Mom. I squished our noses together, making him giggle in my arms, which also made me laugh. Then I showered his dimple with loud kisses as he squirmed in my arms when it tickled him.

"Mommy..." he mumbled as he shook his head, trying to get away from me.

I stopped tickling him and smiled really wide while he still giggled in my arms. "Who's Mommy, love? Who's Mikey's Mommy?" I whispered, unable to resist rubbing our noses together.

He pointed at me before he wrapped his tiny arms around my neck and squeezed our cheeks together. "Mommy..."

Ahh… the joy and pride of a mother being recognized by her son is unexplainable. I'm beyond overjoyed.

It felt like it's been such a long time already since I've given birth to our son. It felt like a long time already when all he could do was mumble and whine and then cry because his two mothers could not understand him if he's hungry or sleepy or just wanted our attention.

It's easier now because he could utter the words no, yes, yum, sleep, and even mom and mommy, as well as other words he could catch. Wheein and I never planned on what to call ourselves for Mikey but our baby boy figured it out for us. He even knows his name and would turn his head if he hears his name. Now, he'll be turning two soon and I already missed our mumbling baby boy. Wheein would often tease me about it because she'd see me crying and hear me complaining that he's already big. Little did she know that I'd catch her subtly crying when she puts Mikey to sleep. I just don't about it.

We were rubbing our cheeks together as I headed to our bedroom's closet. Mikey's still whispering Mommy, which plastered a permanent smile on my face as I listened to him. I stood by the doorframe and watched Wheein busying herself packing clothes.

I turned to my son and whispered, "Where's your Mom, Mikey? Where's Mom?"

He pulled back to look at me and raised his eyebrows, looking so adorable in my arms, especially with his chubby cheeks. "Mom?" he whispered, lips pouting innocently.

"Yes… Where's Mom?"

He looked around and instantly saw Wheein inside the closet. He pointed at her before he looked at me again and whispered, "Mom"

I smiled and nodded at him, my chest swelling with joy and pride every time he responded correctly. It makes mine and Wheein's efforts during our pregnancy and the labor so much worth it.

"That's right. Good job, Mikey. Mommy's proud of you." I kissed his pouting lips before I showered his dimple again with kisses.

"Should I just cancel my flight?"

I stopped kissing Mikey and turned my attention to Wheein. I saw her legs spread in front of her and a huge pout on her lips with her suitcase lying open beside her, already filled with clothes.

I hugged Mikey tighter in my arms as I smirked at her and said, "Shoo. I'm already excited about having this young man all to myself"

Wheein frowned at that while I giggled at her. When Mikey heard me, he smiled so wide and started mumbling like he's talking to me. I mumbled with him as well and mumbled some more, seeing how he seems to interact with me like we're actually having a conversation.

I heard a scoff from Wheein but I didn't stop giving my attention to Mikey.

"You were so adamant of me not leaving you before now you're just… shooing me away?" she said with so much frustration before I heard a thud in the closet.

I found her lying inside the closet with her arms and legs spread open. I silently laughed at the sight of her before I bent down and let Mikey stand up. I kissed his cheek before I whispered, "Go to your Mom. She needs kisses and hugs from you"

"Mom?" he asked, probably the only word he caught from what I said to him.

I nodded at him and urged him to walk to Wheein. I slowly let go of his hand while he made his way to his whining Mom. He walks slowly and a little bit unstable but he looks determined. My arms were just right close to him in case he'd fall down.

When he was near Wheein, Wheein instantly sat up and offered her hand for Mikey to hold while she smiled at him. It encouraged Mikey to walk faster and stomped his way to his Mom. When Wheein softly laughed at him, he shrieked and waved his arms around as he ran to her. Wheein leaned forward and caught Mikey in her arms before he could fall down on his unstable legs. Just like me, she attacked Mikey's dimple with kisses as she swayed him in her arms, resulting in even more loud giggles from Mikey.

While they're at it, I walked to Wheein's suitcase and checked her things before zipping it close. "Your passport and wallet are in a separate bag, right?" I asked, rolling her suitcase to the side of the room before I turned around when I never got a response from her. I smiled at Wheein and Mikey playing around with each other before I said, "Baby?"

Mikey and Wheein both turned to me with huge grins on their faces, making me smile wider.

"Your passport and wallet? You only have clothes in this suitcase" I asked again as I patted her suitcase.

"It's in a different bag." She grunted as she pushed herself up with Mikey in her arms. "I'm all set. Thank you for checking." She walked towards me and placed a quick kiss on my cheek, a light blush tinting my cheeks from her kiss.

Mikey started rubbing his tiny fists on his eyes while he yawned in his Mom's arms. We both leaned forward and kissed either side of his cheeks before we headed to the nursery to put him to sleep. Wheein was humming him to sleep on our way to his bedroom while I walked ahead and opened the door for her. She continued to sing Mikey to sleep while I set his bed and his monitor. Wheein then slowly laid him down on his bed before we whispered good night to our baby boy and went back to our bedroom.

Wheein wrapped her arms around my waist and leaned her chin on my shoulder as we made our way to our bedroom. I softly chuckled at her while placing my arm over hers. I tilted my head to the side and kissed the side of her head, seeing the pout again from the corner of my eye.

"Are you really shooing me away?" Wheein whined once again. "Aren't you even going to miss me?"


She immediately removed her arms around me, hearing her scoff right close to my ear. She walked ahead and went to bed first, dropping her body on it before she curled up and closed her eyes, her back to my side of the bed. She pouted even harder with her arms crossed in front of her, making me laugh at this big baby.

I get to now.

I placed Mikey's baby monitor on the bedside table and turned off the lights first before heading to bed. I laid down beside my wife and looped my arms around her waist while she's still sulking in front of me. I pulled her to me before kissing the back of her head.

"I was just teasing you" I whispered softly before burying my face on the crook of my neck. I continued to place kisses on her neck, feeling her slowly relaxing in my arms. I smiled and laid my head on the pillow when she turned around to look at me. I kissed her pouting lips before I smiled so wide at her while she frowned at me. "I was just kidding, really"

She rolled her eyes but nonetheless wrapped me in her arms. "Not a good joke at all"

We shifted in bed to lie in a comfortable position. Wheein's my hair to lull me to sleep while I lazily rubbed my hand on her back. Neither of us could still fall asleep any minute now. Both of us are worried for the upcoming week and I'm just masking it by teasing her while she pouts at me.

"You know… I could just cancel my flight tomorrow..." she started to say. "I could just stay here and…" She sighed heavily, both of our hands had stopped moving already. "Yong?" She pulled back to see if I was already sleeping. She cupped my cheek and whispered, "Are you sure about this?"

I gave her a small smile and nodded at her, unable to speak because I knew my voice would shake if I did.

She was unconvinced by it and immediately turned to reach her phone as she said, "I'll cancel my flight. It's not like they needed me in London"

I breathed deeply and reached for her phone before placing it back on the bedside table. I had to be confident and stop worrying because Wheein would never stop worrying unless I'd sound very certain about this. I am certain though. I'm just nervous without her beside me.

I laid my head on her shoulder while she placed her arms around me again. "We'll be fine. Our baby's a good boy. He won't make things hard for his Mommy." I tilted my head up to look at her while she resumed my hair. "It's been so long since you went abroad for exhibits you were invited for." I reached up to cup her cheek and pulled her face down so she'd look at me. "Didn't you miss it?"

"I do but I'll miss the two of you more if I'm away"

I smiled at that and pushed myself up to reach her lips, giving her a kiss. "We'll miss you too. You've been watching over him since I went back to working. You barely finished your paintings as well. Let me watch over him this time"

"But he'll definitely make it difficult for you. He's a curious little guy and will always demand all of your attention. How would you be able to work then?"

"I can manage. I promise" I said sincerely, looking straight into her eyes so she'll know that I'm serious. I caressed my thumb on her cheek when the pout appeared once again. "Hyejin is there and your father too. And besides, you haven't gotten back to work since Mikey came. I know you missed it so much so let me do the sacrificing this time. I'm sure your Mom will be there if I'll ask her to come. My parents will definitely fly without any hesitation at all if I'll ask for their help. We'll be fine so stop worrying and enjoy London. Drop by Taeyeon and say hi to her from me and Mikey"

She could only sigh deeply because of how persistent I was, making me smile at her. "Promise to call me if something happens. Send your private plane right away if there's an emergency, okay?"

I leaned forward and kissed her before I whispered, "I promise"

"I already missed you two even when I hadn't left yet" she whined while I silently laughed at what she said.

Ever since Mikey was born, Wheein and I promised that we'll be hands-on parents to our son. Our work will always make us busy but we won't be able to bring back the time once Mikey grows older. Despite the difficulties, we agreed on taking care of him ourselves. We asked help from our parents and friends but for the majority of the time, it's always been me and Wheein who watched over Mikey. Between us both, Wheein is always there because of how time-demanding my work is. I would sometimes take a day off so I could watch over Mikey if Wheein was busy. Also, being Mikey's parents and bonding with him, all those sleepless nights we had, brought up the time we lost for each other when I was very sensitive and moody during pregnancy.

"We're going to miss you too." I moved closer to her and leaned my face to the crook of her neck, her scent invading my nose. "But don't forget to have fun while you're there"

"I'll try." She pressed a long kiss on top of my head. "Don't have too much fun while I'm away. I don't want to miss all of it"

I laughed as I shook my head, feeling her chest moving when she laughed as well. "That, I couldn't promise"

She laughed louder at that before she tightened her hold on me. "Send me pictures of him all the time. I'll call everyday while I'm away as well"

"I will." I closed my eyes and breathed deeply before I whispered, "Good night, baby"

"Good night, babe" she whispered back before she started humming me to sleep.


I combed Mikey's hair while I held him steady on my lap. I smiled at him through the mirror in front of us but he didn't notice it because he was busy ruining his Mommy's lipstick. He's using it like one of his Mom's paintbrushes. It hurts watching him press it so hard on the paper in front of him but sacrifices must be done to be able to handle his curious mind. In the span of just three days that it's just me and him while Wheein is away for work, he has ruined a total of four lipsticks, three eyeliners, squeezed out three tubes of concealer and broke every single foundation stick I owned. That's just the list of makeup I owned. There's a separate list of things he broke from the ones Wheein owned. I told Wheein about this and she just laughed it off and said that it's better that way than the tools in her mini studio inside our house. She has no sympathy on the makeups I lost and was only concerned about her painting tools.

I put the comb down and gently pried off the lipstick from Mikey's hand. "Face Mommy, love. I want to see how handsome my young man is." I turned him around and smiled at him while he kept looking for the lipstick I stole from his hand. I showered kisses on his face and left a kiss mark on his dimpled cheek before I said, "Mikey so handsome. My baby boy so handsome"

"Some..." he whispered softly, making me laugh at him.

I lifted him up in my arms and stood up, walking away from the vanity mirror before he could even do more damage there. I picked up his bumblebee toy car and passed it to him so he'd be distracted. Then I lifted my bag and Mikey's baby bag before I headed out of the house. Wheein and I owned a stroller and we sometimes used it but I find it fast to move around if I just lift Mikey in my arms. Hyejin will also be meeting me once I reach the company to help me with the bags.

I bounced Mikey in my arms as we headed to the basement parking lot. "Are you excited for today's work, Mikey?" I asked him as we waited for the elevator to reach the basement. "Mikey? Are you excited to go to work, my love?"

He raised his bumblebee and faced me as he said, "Bee, Mommy. Mike bee"

I booped his little nose and said, "That's right. That's Mikey's bumblebee"

"Mom bee!" he shrieked excitedly while I laughed and nodded at him.

"You remember Mom's bee, yeah?"

He went back to playing with his toy while he nodded his head, his small body swaying from the action. "Bee… bee..." he mumbled to himself while I pressed a kiss right on the kiss mark on his cheek.

Once we reached the basement, I shifted Mikey in my arms again before raising the bags on my shoulder to make myself comfortable. I headed out of the elevator and went straight to my car. I struggled to grab the keys from my pocket before unlocking the doors of my car. I unceremoniously dropped the bags in the passenger seat before I headed to the backseat to carefully strap Mikey in his carseat.

I fixed his hair and his cute little bow tie before pressing a kiss on top of his head. "Mommy will be in front, okay? Watch over Mommy" I whispered to him but I think he never heard it because he's busy talking to his bumblebee. I pressed a kiss on his head again before I closed the door and hurriedly walked to the driver seat.

I started the car's engine, my eyes never leaving the rearview mirror to check on my son. Before moving the car, I grabbed my phone first and took a picture of him chewing the head of his toy. I sent it to Wheein, almost forgetting about it, then I moved out of the basement parking lot and headed to the company. I would constantly glance at Mikey to check on him while driving on our way to the company.

One thing that makes mine and Wheein's life easier is that Mikey is not a huge crier. When he learns how to verbalize his wants and needs, he just screams or mumbles at us. It's up to us to understand what he meant. He doesn't cry often, only when he's ultimately uncomfortable or hungry. He's a smart boy too. Even when he could barely communicate to us now, he'd use his fingers and point at something that's making him uncomfortable or something that he wanted to eat or play with. Like if he just pooped, he'd call either me or Wheein and scrunched up his nose while pointing at his diaper.

I caught a sight of Hyejin standing by the entrance of the company and glancing at her wristwatch to check the time. I glanced at the rearview mirror to look at Mikey and said, "Auntie Jinnie is waiting for us Mikey"

"Jinnie?" he whispered absentmindedly while still playing with his bumblebee, flying it around like it's Superman.

"Yeah. Say hello to Auntie Jinnie, okay?"

I'm positive he heard me but I'm also sure he didn't pay attention to it. He just played with his bumblebee and made various noises that made his lips pucker adorably while his spit constantly launched out of his mouth. I could only sigh but smiled nonetheless.

I parked the car by the entrance and saw that Hyejin was already walking towards us. She reached the backseat door just as I unfastened my seatbelt. I turned around in time for Hyejin to open the backseat door, a huge smile right on her face.

"Mikey!" she shrieked excitedly, startling Mikey for a second that made her laugh. "Hello!" She reached forward and unstrapped Mikey from the carseat while the young man was giggling at his Auntie Hyejin. She carefully lifted him up and carried him out of the car. "Oh… you have a kiss mark? Who's the lucky girl, Mikey?"

"His Mommy" I responded, smiling at Hyejin showering Mikey's other cheek with kisses.

I got out of the car as well and went to the passenger seat while Hyejin is busy showering my son with her love. I grabbed my bag and Mikey's baby bag before I closed the door and locked the car. I turned my attention to Hyejin and Mikey again, laughing at how Mikey's face slowly contorted from irritation.

"You removed your nails" I stated rather than asking her.

"I almost punctured his eye yesterday. It gave me a heart attack." She gave Mikey one last kiss on his temple while my son went back to talking to his bumblebee. "I don't want to injure your heir"

"This entire empire is for him but if he doesn't want it..."

"You'd still give it to him?" Hyejin suggested, raising an eyebrow questioningly.

I shrugged, vaguely answering her question.

She just laughed at me and passed Mikey to me before grabbing my bags. "I'm scared for your life, Mikey. Your life is real scawy" she whispered teasingly, making me frown at her.

"Mike bee!" my son responded, showing his bumblebee to his Auntie Jinnie.

Hyejin and I laughed at him. I kissed his cheek and Hyejin ruined his perfectly combed hair as she ruffled it. Thankfully, she fixed it and recovered its previous state.

"Mikey has nothing to be afraid of. My love is such a strong man. Right, baby?"


I showered his cheeks with kisses as I giggled at him. He giggled with me and bounced up and down in my arms as we headed to the entrance. He really doesn't care about his Mommy's business empire right now nor any career path that people expected from him, knowing that he's Kim Yongsun and Jung Wheein's son. He's still his Mommy and Mom's baby boy and will forever be his Mommy and Mom's baby boy.

I pulled out the handkerchief I placed in my pocket and used that to wipe the spit all over Mikey's face when he played Superman with his bumblebee. He kissed his bumblebee and let me kiss it before he supplied a kiss to me when I requested it from him.

"Mommy..." he whined and wiggled his legs while pointing down. "Mommy, Mommy"

"What's wrong?" Hyejin asked from behind me while I bent down and let Mikey stand beside me.

"He just wants to walk on his own." I held his hand while he waved his bumblebee around.

Hyejin and I walked slower to match his pace. Hyejin was right behind him while I was still holding his hand. Both of our attention were to him while smiles danced on our faces.

"Good morning, Mrs. Kim, Miss Ahn" the guard greeted us.

"Mike bee!" Mikey screamed at the top of his lungs as he showed off his bumblebee to the guard.

We all laughed at him while the guard saluted at him, playing with him, and said, "Good morning too, sir"

He walked to the guard and did his own version of a salute where he would just stomp his feet and raise his hand. He raised his bumblebee up to the guard and said, "Kiss… kiss"

"That's not the kind of commands your Mommy expects from you, Mikey" Hyejin teasingly whispered as she laughed at him.

I bent down and kissed his bumblebee for him before the guard could even do it. I directed him to the entrance and walked inside the building. "Let's go. We'll be late for work if we ask everyone to kiss your bumblebee, love"

Every employee that we crossed paths with would greet me and Hyejin before greeting Mikey. My son would then show off his bumblebee and ask all of them to kiss it. I had told my employees not to kiss his toys because it would take a long time to get to my office. I would be the one kissing his toys instead. He'd be sad if no one would love his toys. He wouldn't cry but he'd pout so hard while his shoulders droop. Just like her Mom.

This has become our morning routine. Whether it'd be a bumblebee, a stuffed toy or a biscuit, he'd ask everyone to love his toys or he'd share his food with them. He's charismatic and everyone loves him. No one could resist my son, especially with his chubby cheeks and his right-cheek dimple that he got from his Mom.

"Time to work, Mikey!" I said as we stepped inside my office.

There's a huge table for me and a smaller table made of plastic for Mikey. I have a rolling chair while Mikey has his plastic chair. I have a desktop computer with two monitors and Mikey has a toy version of a computer too. He has crayons and papers and a tiny briefcase while I have my pen, piles of papers that must be reviewed and signed, and my bag. There's also a crib, a changing table, and a huge plastic container that houses all the toys we brought from the house right behind me. My office has become Mikey's nursery room as well for the entire week that Wheein's away.

On my first day, I only have the crib and the changing table. He loves to do whatever I was doing and wants to have his own office equipment like I do, so I bought it without any hesitation because it kept him occupied. He's been saying help several times like him sitting on his chair and drawing and playing would actually help me with my work. Hyejin even accidentally sent Mikey's drawings to our financial department one time because Mikey would also give her papers just like what his Mommy was doing.

He sleeps when he wants to. He eats when he wants to. I carry him if he wants to be carried. He sits on my lap and I would hold him to me. He wants to play with me and we'll play together. He doesn't whine or cry a lot but just what Wheein said, he demands attention and asks several questions even when he can't phrase it with words. I learned that the best way to deal with it is to give him my attention, although divided because I still have to work. If it's too much already, I'd ask Pa's help and he always loves to watch over his grandson even if it meant abandoning the work my company hired him for. Mikey even sits with me during conference meetings and his aunts from the other divisions, whenever I have meetings with them, would be distracted. Really distracted. I couldn't blame them. Our son is a handsome young man and extremely distracting with his giggles.

I let Mikey sit on his chair before I went behind my desk. I grabbed my bags from Hyejin before I my computer and sat on my chair.

"You have an eight-fifteen meeting with the marketing department together with Miss Moon later, Miss Kim"

I raised my hand up and waved it at her as I said, "Yong. Call me Yong. I've said this to you multiple times already, Hyejin"

She only laughed at that and whispered under her breath, "Just like Wheein." She cleared and proceeded to run me through my schedule. "You'll be meeting with the European Division later at three. I cleared the rest of your day for Mikey and so you have time reviewing reports for the second half of the year"

I smiled and nodded at her. "Thank you. Mikey and I will be with you in a few minutes"

"I see you're training him at an early age"

I glanced at Mikey and smiled at him playing with his computer, his bumblebee sitting on his table by his crayons. "It'd be amazing to see him sitting on this chair years from now but I don't want to dictate his life." I faced Hyejin again and said, "Maybe he'd like to be an artist like his Mom too"

"He already knows how to draw abstracts. He'd be a great artist"

I shook my head and turned my attention to my computer, snickering at what she said. "Wheein's been boasting that our son's going to be the next Picasso. Let's not fuel that more"

I saw Hyejin bowing at me from the corner of my eye as she said, "I'll wait for you outside, Miss Kim"

I rolled my eyes at the formalities, hearing Hyejin laugh. I did a quick run through of the presentation later, hearing Hyejin's heels fading thumps on the thick carpet in my office. Then I heard Mikey whine from his seat, trying to get attention to him.

I instantly looked away from my computer to go to him. Hyejin has stopped walking as well and turned to look at Mikey. I walked towards Mikey and saw him looking at Hyejin while raising a piece of paper to her. I stood by his side while Hyejin walked closer to him.

"I forgot. I'm not just your EA anymore. I'm this guy's assistant too" Hyejin whispered under her breath as she grabbed the paper Mikey handed to him. She leaned down a little and smiled at Mikey. "Anything else, sir?"

Mikey giggled, bouncing up and down on his seat.

"He loves to play this game" I said, brushing back Mikey's hair and smiling at my son's excitement.

"He loves to mock his Mommy." Hyejin bowed deeply at Mikey, playing along with him and making Mikey laugh louder as he playfully smacked his hands on the table. "On it, sir. You have a meeting at eight-fifteen with your Mommy, okay?"

Mikey shrieked loudly, loving how Hyejin would always play along with him despite giving her a more difficult time at work.

I bent down and held his shirt, fearing that he might fall down from laughing and bouncing so hard. "Say thank you, Mikey"

Mommy's words fell on deaf ears when Mikey continued to laugh. Hyejin brushed it off and said goodbye to Mikey before exiting my office.

I kissed his cheek and made sure he's sitting steadily before I went back to my table. I resumed running through the report, my eyes scanning the monitor and my ears listening to Mikey's activities on his table. Once done, I grabbed my phone from my bag and pocketed it before hiding my bag in my drawer. I brought out a milk bottle from Mikey's baby bag and checked if I still had my handkerchief with me.

My phone suddenly buzzed from my pocket, which brought a smile to my face, knowing that it's from Wheein. I walked towards Mikey as I brought my phone out and opened Wheein's text.


From: Mrs. Kim
Awwweee… that bow tie fits him so well. Our baby boy so cute. Be a good boy to your Mommy, Mikey.
I miss you both. I'll see you soon, baby. I'll see you soon, Mikey. I love you two! *kisses for Mrs. Kim* Kiss Mikey for me!


To: Mrs. Kim
Come home soon. We miss you. We love you too! He's such a good boy so don't worry too much. Enjoy your stay there, okay?
I love you always! *lots of kisses for my lovely wife*


I pocketed my phone and walked towards Mikey, who went back to playing with his bumblebee. I bent down and kissed him for his Mom. I carried his briefcase with his crayons and sketch pad before I lifted him up in my arms. "Let's go, Mikey. We still have a meeting"

"Mee… ing?" he asked, raising his eyebrows at me and blinking his eyes innocently.

"Yeah… Auntie Jinnie is there—"


"Yes!" I nodded, pushing the door open with my hand that's holding his milk bottle and briefcase. "Auntie Byul too"



In a flash, my son was snatched from my arms by none other than the annoying Moon Byulyi. She's really not that annoying but it's annoying how she'd easily steal Mikey from my arms. She would always catch me off guard and lift Mikey off my arms.

She started throwing him up and catching him, and went on and on that gave me a heart attack. Mikey's laughing so hard that it encouraged her to do it several times.

I would kill this Moon heir if there's a tiny scratch on my son.

"Stop that!" I shouted, wanting to interfere but afraid that my intervention would cause harm to Mikey.

"How's our good boy? Who's our good boy? Mikey's a good boy" Byul said to Mikey while still throwing him up in the air.

"Mikey!" my son shouted and giggled louder while I groaned from nervousness as I held a hand to my chest.

This encouraged Byul to throw Mikey even higher and throw him several more times.

"That's enough" I heard Hyejin whisper over Byul and Mikey's laughter.

Byul instantly stopped and just held Mikey in her arms while Mikey giggled. I think he planned to giggle nonstop.

"Sorry" Byul whispered before clearing and passing Mikey back to me.

I held my son close to me and rubbed our cheeks together, releasing a heavy sigh to calm myself down. I kissed his cheeks a lot and buried my nose on his hair, closing my eyes to reassure myself that he's safe.

"You just gave Yong a heart attack," Hyejin softly said. Calmly said.

Byul cleared again and said in a shaking voice, "Sorry." She cleared louder, seemingly having a hard time at it. "I just missed the guy. It's been so long since I've seen him. Sorry"

I opened my eyes and stopped myself from smirking when I saw Hyejin glaring at Byul and Byul nervously stealing glances of Hyejin. She pouted at Hyejin while Hyejin's glare never faltered. Not one bit. Byul frowned at her before she turned to bow at me.


I bit my bottom lip and hid my face on Mikey's tummy to stop myself from laughing. Someone's being scolded…

There's only one person that would rattle Byul down to her very core and that's Hyejin. Hyejin could make Byul's spoiled into a sorry . I don't think Hyejin realizes how much power she has over my friend and my friend here would never admit to herself that she has grown feelings towards my EA. Wheein and I, we both just wanted them to figure things out by themselves because they would definitely deny it if we said it right on their faces. We don't know when these two started, but we're certain things are progressing naturally.

I glanced at them again and saw Byul frowning at Hyejin while Hyejin went to grab her laptop and several papers on her desk. Byul immediately went to help her and carried all of Hyejin's things. Hyejin threw her a questioning look but Byul plainly ignored her and walked ahead of us.

For someone who doesn't know all three of us, they will never think that Hyejin is my EA or that Byul is a president of a multinational company even with her usual three-piece suit. With how Byul and Hyejin acted, one might think that Hyejin is the president, Byul is the EA, and I'm just a babysitter because of how tired and exhausted I already looked.

"Let's go" Byul said, hearing a heavy sigh from Hyejin behind me.

I let her walk first before I followed them out of my office to the conference room. Thankfully, Mikey didn't request to be thrown some more and just played with his bumblebee. He just let me kiss his bumblebee again before he kissed me. Such a sweet boy.

"Mommy… go?" Mikey suddenly asked.

"Go?" I furrowed my eyebrows while the gears in my head worked double time to figure out what he meant. "Go? Where we're going now?" I asked him.

"Go… Mommy go… Mike… go"

"Yes. We're going to the conference room. We'll be having a meeting there, love." I glanced at him and saw him blinking his eyes at me. "Is that your question? Did Mommy answer your question?"

He blinked some more and stared at me for a few moments, his bottom lip butting out, tempting to be kissed. He looked down at his bumblebee before he glanced forward to where we're heading.

I smiled and kissed the back of his head, inhaling his addicting baby scent. "Are you nervous, Mikey? You've attended meetings with Mommy before. Just be you and all will be well. Everyone loves Mommy's Mikey. Don't be scared." I turned him around so we could see each other's faces. "Are you scared?"

He pointed down and wiggled his feet. "Mommy..."

"Oh, you just want to walk?" I bent down and let him stand up on his own. "Why didn't you tell Mommy right away?"

I fixed his shirt and his bow tie before I held his hand. We walked slowly towards the conference room. I smiled down at Mikey and struggled to take more photos of him with one hand holding Mikey's hand and bottle, and the other hand holding my phone and his briefcase. I'll be sending these to Wheein later at night just like I promised.

Hyejin held the door open for me and Mikey as we got inside the conference room. Byul placed Hyejin's things before she went to sit at the very end of the table, on my chair's right side. Hyejin went to sit on the other side of my chair and set up her things.

I glanced down at Mikey and patted my lap before I asked him, "Do you want to sit on Mommy's lap?"

"Mommy?" he asked and I nodded at him. "Yes" he whispered softly.

I lifted him up and sat on my chair, Byul helping me, before I sat Mikey on my lap. I placed his briefcase in front of him and then opened it, pulling out his crayons and sketch pad to keep him distracted. I looked at everyone in the room that's waiting for us, addressing them as I said, "Please don't mind my son. We'll try not to be too distracting. Let's finish this as fast as we can as well so he won't be irritated"

"Yes, mam" they all responded.

"Thank you." I nodded at the head of the marketing department and said, "Let's proceed"

The meeting went on smoothly. Mikey was busy  drawing and playing with his bumblebee, occasionally talking to it or to me, Byul and Hyejin. He wasn't bothered at the person talking in front of us. Just looked at them once before going back to his own world. I would also occasionally bend down to press a kiss on his head or kiss his bumblebee or praise his drawing.

On the part where the marketing department was presenting their proposals, Mikey suddenly sat up and looked at the employee that was presenting as if he was listening to them. I kissed the top of his head and smiled at him before I focused my attention on the one presenting in front.

"For the next half of the year, the marketing department plans to—"

"No!" Mikey suddenly shouted.

I could hear Hyejin and Byul laughing on either side of me while Mr. Gok, the one currently presenting, looked so troubled whether he would continue or not. I smiled and looked down at Mikey, who's still staring at Mr. Gok in front of us.

I pushed his sketch pad to the side and his crayons and bumblebee before I lifted him up and sat him on the table, facing me. I raised my eyebrows at him, a smile slowly lifting my lips. "No?" I asked him.

He shook his head, his body swaying sideways from his forceful movement. "No," he said once again, a little calmer this time. He met my smile with a cheeky one with his dimple, teasing his Mommy.

"Why no?"

"No..." he mumbled before he started giggling, his shoulders shaking.

"You have to have a reason for disagreeing, love. You can't just say no for no reason at all." I booped our noses together, giggling with him now while he cupped my cheeks. "What are you saying no for? Hmm… Mikey?"

"No..." he mumbled before he giggled more.

I kissed his forehead and his cheeks. I wrapped my arms around him and rolled my chair closer to the table while he decided to play with my hair. "Why no, Mikey?"

"Training him at an early age, I see" Byul said beside me, chuckling at me and Mikey playing with each other. "The Kim heir says no. I believe your proposal is rejected" Byul teasingly said, addressing Mr. Gok.


"That's not true" I inserted. "I was just talking to my son"

"Training him" Byul corrected, raising her eyebrows at me. "Start young, they said"

"He's not necessarily my successor. Well… technically yes but he doesn't have to." I sat Mikey back on my lap again and gave him his bumblebee to keep him occupied. Then I grabbed his sketch pad and showed Byul his drawing. "You know he's already good at drawing"

"They call it abstract," Hyejin inserted, laughing softly while ruffling Mikey's hair. "His Mom is good with abstracts. What did Wheein say? He could be the next Picasso?" Hyejin asked, leaning forward to kiss Mikey's head.

I raised an eyebrow when Byul frowned the slightest before she looked away when she heard Hyejin say Wheein's name. I noticed every miniscule reaction from her at that moment because I never took my eyes away from her, especially when Hyejin joined in our conversation. I already knew where she's going with it.

We all know Hyejin liked Wheein for a long time but since she knew about me and Wheein, she's cool with us. She's not even bitter at all and had no ill intentions towards me. And we're good friends with Hyejin too. She's not affected by my relationship with Wheein at all. That's not the case with Byul though. Byul's spoiled became a sorry once again. She gulped really hard before she looked at Mikey and smiled at him distracting herself.

I mentally scoffed at her before I looked at my son again and kissed his head. "That's right. Our Mikey can be whatever he wants to be"

"Kiss… Mommy kiss." He raised his bumblebee close to my face. I kissed it before he raised his lips to me, wanting to be kissed as well. I kissed his pouting lips several times until he started giggling.

"He giggles just like his Mom" Hyejin whispered, which I know was just a casual comment and didn't imply anything else.

That's not the case again for Byul.

Byul cleared rather loudly before she said, "Shall we continue?"

"Yes. Proceed." I glanced at Mr. Gok who looked so relieved and said, "I apologize for the interruptions"



Wheein's POV


I glanced at my rear view mirror to look at my refle

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