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I took advantage of Wheein being busy in her office to talk to the master of this house. Her cat, Ggomo. Wheein said she might be in there for a long time and requested that she wouldn’t be disturbed. And I understand even though I only wish to be in the arms of my girlfriend. It’s work. It’s her passion. I respect that.

I tiptoed to the couch to not frighten Ggomo. He’s currently washing himself while comfortably lying on the cushion dedicated for him on the couch. And then I lied down on the carpeted floor right beside the couch.

I learned that animals don't like eye contact. They are also intimidated at anything larger than them. And that a quiet approach is best if I’m trying to earn the animal’s trust.

This cat is really cuddly but not to me. Not yet. I made it a personal mission to earn his trust.

I didn’t talk at first. I’d sometimes glance at him before giving him time to get used to my presence. He only spared me a glance when I suddenly lied down in front of him before he continued giving himself a bath.

When I felt like it’s the right time, I took a deep breath and said, “Ggomo-yah… How’s your day?” I made sure to say it in a gentle voice so he wouldn’t be scared. “Do you want cuddles? I can give you cuddles too”

The whole time I was talking, I was only staring at the ceiling. And so I glanced at Ggomo if I got any reaction from him. I found him staring at me. And in fairness to Wheein, she got a really cute cat.

I rolled on my side and pouted at him. “You know your Mommy loves me. She said it many times”

His ears perked towards my direction, telling me that he’s listening.

“I also love your Mommy. You know what that means?” I asked and smiled when I got a response from him. “I’m going to be here for the rest of your life”

He started his paw, showing his disinterest.

“Don’t you think we should get along? Hmm… Ggomo? We can share your Mommy’s cuddles. You can also cuddle with me if you like.” I frowned at Ggomo when I got no response. “You make your Mommy happy, you know? And so I want to take care of you too so your Mommy won’t be sad. Can you accept me in your life too? I can be your second Mommy and I heard that having two mommies is better than one”

He eyed me again. He has the same stare as Wheein. Similar in terms of intensity. And maybe he’s taking his time arranging his thoughts like Wheein too.

I opened my arms and motioned for him to come to me. “Come here. You want some cuddles?”

Suddenly, he jumped off the couch and landed beside me. He dropped his body on the floor and rolled over to show his belly. And I know that as a sign of trust so I was pretty excited.

“Do you want some pets?”

I tentatively touched his belly. He seemed to like it so I gently petted him until he pushed his head towards my hand. I wasn’t able to resist anymore since Ggomo is such a huge ball of fluff. I picked him up and cuddled with him, giving him lots of kisses.

“Love you…” I was smiling to myself as I cradled the cat in my arms.

“This is how it feels, huh?”

I grinned at Wheein, who I didn’t realize was already watching by her office door. “I think he finally adopted me as his second Mommy”

Wheein pushed herself off the doorframe and walked towards us. On the backseat of the couch, she leaned her arms as she looked over at me and his cat. There’s a fond smile on her face and got bigger the closer she was to me. Her eyes sparkled in delight too. I think she’s totally enjoying this.

She suddenly giggled.

She’s really enjoying this.

“I heard your conversation with him”

I hid my smile on Ggomo’s fur, hoping to cover my blush too. “And?”

She shook her head, laughing some more. “I think it’s adorable. Anyways…” She walked around the couch and crouched down beside me. “Don’t you have a press conference to prepare for?”

The idea of parting with my newfound friend makes me pout so I shook my head no to Wheein. “I can still spend more time with him. I mean, we just got close. Let me take advantage of that”

“Honey…” she whispered gently and it was just a simple endearment but I already melted. She laughed at my squeal but still grabbed Ggomo from me so I hugged the cat closer. “I promised your manager you will be ready before your hair and makeup team arrives. You only have half an hour now”

“But we just got close…”

“You will be here for the rest of his life, won’t you?” she asked while I slowly let go of her cat, albeit not wanting to. “Thank you. Now, shower.” She carried Ggomo with one arm before offering her hand to me. “Up, up”

I sighed heavily as I let her pull me up. I never left without dropping Ggomo a kiss. I have to let him know my affections for him now that we just got along. He has to know I am a worthy second Mommy.

“You’ll be with me at the presscon, right?”

Her lips unconsciously pout. That only comes out when she’s asked to do something she doesn’t like but doesn't know how to say no.

“You’ll just be with me. You won’t be in the cameras. I’ll be less nervous if I know you’re there. I promise you don’t have to show yourself. Please…”


I grinned at her, making her smile back. “Thank you.” I left to go to the bathroom but rushed back to her to give her a quick kiss. “Love ya” I whispered, winking at her before running back to go to the bathroom.

She was astounded but later on, I could hear her giggles following me to our bedroom.

Today’s the press conference for my new upcoming musical. It’s my first project here in Korea. When Wheein and I got together, we spent the majority of our first two years away from each other. Wheein had been flying from Korea to London to be with me. And then the tour happened and she still followed me around to watch most of my shows. And she always showed up with flowers.

I thought we could make it work. We did make it work, being apart, but I just miss her too much. The calls, video calls, and even her constant visit is not enough. After I got a project for a Korean musical, I jumped at the opportunity.

I temporarily left West End to stay at home. Stay with Wheein. I plan to get back but not now.

After I was done with all the preparations, it was time to go to the conference. Wheein also dressed up, not the kind of dress up I did, and made sure that she left enough food for Ggomo. I went with my manager’s car while she drove right behind us. She said she’ll be at the audience along with the media.

After the red carpet, it was straight to the dressing room. There will be a short performance so I have to change into my costume. Couches were spread on the stage for the actors to sit on for the press showcase.

Me and a senior musical actress, Ok Joohyun, sat on the middle couch. I forgot that there are more than one actor who’ll play the lead roles here in Korea, unlike in West End that there is an understudy. And that understudy only comes in when the main actor is unfortunately unavailable.

“My question is for Miss Kim. Good evening, Miss Kim”

“Hello” I answered with a smile.

“You have performed shows at the West End and all over the world. Are there no projects left there anymore that’s why you came back here?”

Oh… wow. This one’s rude. And at West End, I never got a rude comment or question. Critics? That’s a different story but this guy is way too straightforward.

“Ironically, no. It was my choice to accept a project here, after all, this is my hometown. And I’m very honored that Director Im personally reached out to me for this project.”

Joohyun subtly touched knees with me, silently consoling me. I gave her a grateful smile once the next question was directed to someone else.

“There will be more” she whispered while I tipped my chin in a small nod.

I was already given a heads up on the general mood of today’s press showcase. I have already told the management I’m going to answer honestly. That was the condition I gave Director Im when she offered this project to me.

They are with me. Even the actors offered their support too.

“My question is for Miss Kim,” another reporter said.

“Good evening” I said over the microphone.

I was anticipating another rude comment or question but the questions for me that followed were decent. Changsub, the actor who played the male lead role, lightened the mood by cracking jokes here and there.

So when the first guy who asked me, the rude one, came back, I was rather having a good time so his question didn’t faze me at all.

“There are pictures of you and the Art Director and President of Wind Flower circulating around”

“Oh, you mean, Wheein?”

“Miss Jung… Yes”

I smiled teasingly just to irk him. “Do we look pretty in the pictures? I hope we do”

Joohyun and Changsub on either side of me giggled, making me smile even more.

The media guy, however, looks unaffected. I just wanted to irk him so I remained smiling.

“Is it true then, Miss Kim?”

“What about?” I asked, blinking my eyes innocently.

From the crowd, I could see Wheein moving out of the crowd. She’ll be hiding backstage. She knows what to do since I told her about this. It will also help her avoid the crowd if they figured it was her.

“That you are in a relationship with Miss Jung?”

“Oh, why? Are you interested in her?” I asked, making him flustered.

Joohyun elbowed me while trying to quiet her laugh.

He vigorously shook his head, panicking as if he’s the one being confronted. “No, Miss Kim”

I smirked and threw a wink at him. “Or maybe you’re interested in me?”

Changsub, Joohyun, and the rest of my co-actors weren’t able to stop themselves from laughing. Some of the audience joined as well, turning the guy in a bright shade of red.

“No, Miss Kim. Of course not”

“Didn’t I pass as your ideal type, sir?” I frowned at him and channeled my most forlorn face I could muster. “That hurts my pride”

Changsub suddenly grabbed the microphone from me and said, “Maybe I’m his ideal type. Am I right, sir?”

He was even more red and stuttered to reply to Changsub's question. Everyone in the building erupted in loud laughter. But he was very persistent.

“Miss Kim?”

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