When We Lie

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We have physical reactions when we lie. Our heart skips three beats. One from guilt. One from fear. And one from held breath, waiting to see if someone will catch us.

I was told to lie when there are people watching me. I was told to lie in front of the watchful eyes of those who pry in our lives. But why do I only lie now when it’s just you and me? My heart beats perfectly well when I’m supposed to act, but my heart skipped those three beats when we don’t need to pretend anymore.

I think I believe that I love you.


Hi! I’m back with another WheeSun fic. Please be good to me! Before starting the story, I wanted you to know a few things first:

1. English is not my first language. I apologize in advance for the errors in grammar and spelling. 

2. I'm familiar with Korea's honorifics but I'm still not confident in using them. I'm using the common formalities (like miss or mister, etc).

3. This will be my third attempt in writing fluff. Whether this is going to be really fluff or not, I don’t know. I don’t know where this goes again, but we’ll see.

4. The quotation I wrote in the description about the three skipped heartbeats was from one of the books I’ve read, which is from the Keeper of the Lost Cities series by Shannon Messenger. I did not own that. All credits given to the rightful owner.

5. Any names, places, and stories similar to this or to the things mentioned in the fic are purely COINCIDENTAL. Everything is just the product of my imagination and is purely a work of FICTION.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the story! Thank you! 


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A Prologue, 20 chapters, 3-part Interlude and an Epilogue!

- RedSparrow


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skyexiris #1
I am reading this for the third time. ♥️♥️
wi__in #2
Chapter 7: My favourite chapter ♥️♥️ Nakatatak sa puso, utak at balunbalunan ko mga ganap dito hahaha. Reason why I re read this fic kasi biglang sulpot sa isip ko yung pictorial scene nila 🤭
wi__in #3
rereading this masterpiece again
aprilyathi #4
Chapter 1: Here we go again 2024, miss your story.. after reading all this 2021 before😭😭😭 hihihi
Chapter 7: missing wheesun moments so im herre again 🤩🤣
Chapter 1: yes im actually here again idk how many times i've reread this but this still the best wheesun written au for me 🤧
Chapter 25: another well written story. thank you for your work ☺️
Nonhye #8
1 of my fav! Cannot count how many time i repeat.. every 2 month rereading..😅🤭🤭🤭
Thank u RedSparrow!!
soaleiousav #9
Chapter 25: s2 s2
tobecontinued00 #10
Rereading this