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Just when a space ship roaming around beyond the Sun, a sudden force suddenly pulled it out causing it to lose its control and its pieces and parts are breaking into pieces.

There are living beings in that space ship and the captain of the ship is currently busy manipulating buttons to detach the emergency shuttles. “Everyone! To the emergency shuttle!” The captain ordered.

Everyone in that ship obeyed. Except with one. “I am going to stay here with you.” He said. The determination and courage in his eyes is pretty obvious.

“The force out there is too strong. I need to pull the lever so the emergency shuttle would detach.” The captain said indirectly telling him that he will sacrifice himself for the rest of the crew.

“No, we already lose Captain Hoseok. We can’t lose you to.” He said.

The captain looked directly at his eyes and placed his hands over his shoulders. “Taehyung, your master is ordering you to teleport in the emergency shuttle.”

An order is made for it to be followed and when Taehyung did, he met the other living beings inside the emergency shuttle and the fear on their faces could easily be seen.

Buckling his seatbelt, he’s the last living being that they are waiting and the eldest being pressed the button to communicate at the control center. “Captain, everyone is on board now.”

“Prepare to launch.” The captain said. “This is Captain RM of the rescue space ship of planet BT21. Everyone, I wish you a safe landing and I will play from the deepest of my heart for you to finally have a home.”

Pulling the lever with all his strength he pulled the lever and the emergency shuttle slowly detached from the rescue ship. It was dragged away and it enters the orbit of the sun.





Hello everyone I promise to post the next chapters as possible. It’s just that I can’t take all the criticism that are thrown to Irene right now.


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MsTaeyong 249 streak #1
Please update soon Authornim I really missed this story 😭
vreneheart #2
Chapter 29: Ilovethisfic omg
MsTaeyong 249 streak #3
Chapter 28: Finally oh my God the wait is over we got an update and I'm so happy 😭 Thank you so much Authornim I can't wait for the next update 🥺💕
MsTaeyong 249 streak #4
I'm waiting for the update!!!! Ahh the story is just too great 😭💜
vuccirene #5
Chapter 27: Can’t wait for the next update! Jungkook onto the girls!
Chapter 27: Maybe by the time the next girls have more contact with the other guys their cover will start to fade and I wonder if besides Jin and Yoongi did the guys aged? I don't remeber many about their biology and if they aged at all or if it was slower than humans or even subjeted to their will however their 3 daughters will age if they are half humas and idk yet about Chaeryeon but maybe she as well
vreneheart #7
Chapter 27: 'i fart when I'm nervous' ,lmaaaooooo I love this story
Chapter 26: oh wow for a chapter named as ANSWERS this one left me with so many more but the girls must be squealing inside just by watching them again and the fact that they managed to keep themself in check is amazing hahaha, also for the guys planet they've been missing for a year wich means it' only some months in earth time right?
Also the way those two were conceived was just WOW SCI FI to the extreme! haha I like it as well as Ryujin's more kind of "traditional" way but as always it's awesome how you create a big conflict in the story and it get's resolved all in one single chapter BUT with now the Rebels and their location exposed I imagine some new arch on the way not to forget that these robots have to show their faces eventually I am so not ready for everyone's reaction
Chapter 24: whoa!! this just took a turn! i was 😮😮 while reading! cant wait for more
Hello everyone thank you for still supporting my boring stories. Just stay tuned for the answers with your questions. ❤️