Chapter 27

Love over Love?

Jeongyeon was finally allowed to enter school now. She was excited. Not because of entering the school or she misses her school but because of the person she was going to meet now. Yes, the girl for whom she has fallen really hard. She never thought it was going to be Nayeon. Neither her friends also. After meeting Nayeon she was like shouting and screaming like crazy over the phone in her room. Even the neighbors also know now. As she enters her school as usual students were shocked. She was coming after a week so obviously it made them curious. Jeongyeon was looking extra fresh today. As she proceeds towards her locker, she noticed her. Its not like that it was her first time watching her but damn she has never seen her this beautiful in her school dress. Nayeon was talking to Mina. They both were busy in their own talk. They didn’t even notice Jeongyeon was already in front of them smiling like crazy while looking at Nayeon.

“Hi!” Jeongyeon said still looking at Nayeon smiling widely.

“Hey” Nayeon replied while smiling but she was kinda shy also.

“Hello there. I am also here!” Mina said while waving her hand in front of Jeongyeon.

“Oh, hi Mina” Jeongyeon replied shamelessly.

“Oh gosh, she is already whipped for you Nayeon. I will be going. See you at lunch” Mina chuckled as she went to her class. Jeongyeon was going to cut her but Mina was already gone.

“We have same class by the way. Shall we?” Jeongyeon said with a big smile while asking for her hand dramatically.

“Easy there” Nayeon chuckled at the actions of Jeongyeon.

“Why?” Jeongyeon was confused.

“Don’t you have to meet my uncle first?” Nayeon asked

“Oh, yes, I have to face him again” Jeongyeon smiley face now was all worried.

“Don’t worry, he will not kill you. Meet you in class” Nayeon laughed as pushes Jeongyeon to go to the office. 

Jeongyeon somehow mustered her courage to knock on the door.

“Come in” she heard from inside.

As she walks in, she saw Nayeon’s uncle sitting on his chair signing some papers.

“Oh, you are back” her uncle said without any expressions.

Jeongyeon kept silent while giving a smile.

“You see I heard a lot of our teachers asking for reducing the days for you. Seems like you were a good student. Especially our coach. But a punishment is a punishment. Hopefully this whole week must have given you enough time to think. Better not to try it again. Am I clear” her uncle said with a dead serious tone. Jeongyeon just gulped at how Nayeon’s uncle could be scary sometimes. He was scarier than their previous meeting.

“Y…Yes Sir” Jeongyeon said.

“Alright go now and meet coach for sure. He has lots of things to say I guess” her uncle said going back to signing his papers.

As Jeongyeon was near the door. “And yes, keep your distance from Nayeon. I don’t want to see her cry again.” Her uncle said. This time he was looking more scarier. Jeongyeon was frozen at her place for a moment. Just then a teacher entered making Jeongyeon to comeback in reality.

“Wow man, it’s been only one night! We even started dating properly and I am warned already” Jeongyeon murmured while going to her class. She was dead for sure if her uncle sees her with Nayeon in school. She knows that for sure. As she enters her class, she saw a seat beside Nayeon was empty. She sat beside her.

“How did it go?” Nayeon asked as she felt someone beside her. She lifts her head from her phone just to meet a pouted Jeongyeon.

“Your uncle has already banned me to be with you” Jeongyeon said still pouting.

Nayeon listened what she said but she was focused on something else. It was seeing Jeongyeon pouting. She has never seen her this cute. She just laughs at her.

“Yahh you are laughing here. I almost peed in his office” Jeongyeon said because Nayeon was taking it casual.

“It’s okay” Nayeon chuckled.

“What okay? I will be not able to spend time with you.” Jeongyeon said. Nayeon could sense she was serious this time. Nayeon then turned herself to Jeongyeon who was already in her direction. They were now face to face. Although they were not that much close still Jeongyeon literally skipped her heartbeat for a second. Nayeon was directly looking in her eyes. Nayeon didn’t even knew her small gestures were making Jeongyeon crazy.

“You know it will be fun to sneak out in school. Moreover, we have enough time after school” Nayeon smirked as she turns her direction towards the blackboard now. She might have collected all her guts to say that line but she was blushing really hard. But Jeongyeon was unable to see it as their teacher entered at the right time.

“After school….” Jeongyeon thought while grinning and facing her seat.

It was lunch time. Jeongyeon didn’t wait for Nayeon after class as she knew her uncle will be roaming at that time. It was obviously Momo who was already sitting in the cafeteria.

“Hey Mo” Jeongyeon said as she sits beside her.

“Hey Jeong. Where is your dream girl?” Momo smirked when she saw her alone

“Shut up” Jeongyeon replied while stuffing her face with the fries.

“And she is not my dream girl anymore” Jeongyeon added while grinning.

“Ohhhh already whipped” Momo chuckled.

“Hey you losers” Jihyo said as she places her bag down to sit.

“You are the only loser now Jihyo” Jeongyeon smirked.

“Get laid man” Momo laughed. Jeongyeon and Momo was laughing as Jihyo could only frown on the statement. It was true everyone was getting in relationship. Jihyo was now the only single. But to her help Mina arrived just in the time. Chaeyoung was also with her but she sits beside Jeongyeon waiting for Mina to sit with her. But Mina chooses to sit beside Jihyo.

“Why ~~~ sit beside me” Chaeyoung whined like a baby.

“Sorry Chae, Jihyo needs me in between these newly formed couples” Mina chuckled.

Everyone was busy in laughing but Jeongyeon was in her own world watching the door continuously waiting for that particular person.

“Wow man I still don’t believe it. We never expected this right. Yoo Jeongyeon and Im Nayeon” Chaeyoung said sarcastically while poking Jeongyeon.

“Actually, me too” Jeongyeon said so seriously that everyone started laughing. Just then Nayeon texted Mina.

Jeongyeon POV

“I guess she won’t be able to come. She has her music practice.” Mina said.

I checked my phone but there was no text or call. Why she texted Mina and not me? I was sulking unconsciously. Should I call her? Or text her? It might look clingy right? Maybe she will be free after school. I will talk then.

We all chatted for a bit and then proceeded to our respective classes.

It was end of our all classes. I was waiting for Nayeon near her locker. Its been 15 minutes and she is still not here. Is she that busy? I checked in the music room. There she is. She was practicing, I guess. I was about to enter but I saw her uncle standing beside her. I quickly took my steps backwards. I guess he was there to check Nayeon. Oh, right she has her competition in few weeks. Her uncle is literally way too much strict. I guess I will meet her tomorrow.

As I was going through the hallway, I saw my coach. Oh , Nayeon’s uncle asked me this morning to meet him. I totally forgot about that. Guess my whole day went in dreaming about Nayeon.

“There you are” my coach said.

I just nodded.

“How was you vacations” He asked while smiling. I know it was a sarcasm. I just stood there while hanging my head low.


“You know Jeongyeon I am trying to gather all the best opportunities for you. And here you are destroying all of them” He was now damn serious.

“I am sorry sir. I will be careful next time” I said. I didn’t had guts to look him in eyes.

“See I know you are a potential student, so I will not give up on you. Rest today as much as you can. Because from tomorrow onwards you will be going on my special schedule” my coach said while smirking. I know this smile. This is not good man.

“Tomorrow 5am. Meet me at stadium” He said as he leaves.

man I respect him a lot but I know his special schedule will be like hell. As I was leaving, I decided to drop a message in Nayeon’s locker. After that I left for my dorm.

Nayeon POV

“Nayeon you sing beautiful but you have to work harder. This time the competition is good. I will ask the music teacher to teach you how to sing there. Now go home take some rest.” My uncle said as he leaves the music room.

Its always been like this. I was not allowed to sing in my own voice. I was always asked to change the pitch according to the song. I seriously hate it. Music is a way for me to express my feelings. But this school and competition has been killing my passion. And my uncle he doesn’t know a about music. I don’t know why he is the one to judge me. Well I can’t do anything. This competition is just like another pressure for me. And I am tired as hell. As I open my locker, I saw a note.

I waited for you       ” ( with a heart)

Oh, Jeongyeon! this competition how can I forget her. My mind is occupied by so many things that I even forget that I am in a relationship now. And even its our first day. I quickly took my phone and called her. But she didn’t pick it. I tried three times and no response. Is she angry? I don’t think so. I will meet her in the morning then, the first thing to do. I mentally noted it. I called my driver to pick me up.





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