Chapter 29

Love over Love?

“I know. I will be careful about that” Jeongyeon said while smiling.

“By the way when is your competition?” Jeongyeon asked. She suddenly remembers that Nayeon has been busy this whole week.

“Ahh that, this Saturday” Nayeon replied while sighing.

“You must be tired from all the practice right” Jeongyeon pouted.

“Since when did you started pouting this much” Nayeon laughed. It was cute to see Jeongyeon like this.

“Why? Why can’t I pout?” Jeongyeon asked.

“Well, I only heard the YOO JEONGYEON the captain of basket ball team always being charming and charismatic. Being cute is something surprising.” Nayeon laughed.

“Well I also heard the IM NAYEON the most beautiful girl on our campus being bossy and y. I didn’t know you have a heart” Jeongyeon smirked.

“Well I only show my true self to only who deserves” Nayeon replied.

“Well am I on the list?” Jeongyeon smirked while waiting for the answer.

“Ahh…… I don’t know. May be or may be not.” Nayeon said while distracting herself on her phone. But Jeongyeon didn’t know that Nayeon was actually smirking. She was just teasing her. But she didn’t know Jeongyeon was thinking something else. Jeongyeon thought she still have to proof Nayeon that she could take care of her well.  

“Well I am enough confident that I will be on that list soon” Jeongyeon said.

“Wow, we will see then” Nayeon replied.

“Shall we go?” Jeongyeon suddenly stands while grabbing her bag.

“Where?” Nayeon was confused.

“To the cafeteria. I am hungry” Jeongyeon said while rubbing her tummy.

“But you said you weren’t feeling hungry just a while ago” Nayeon frowned.

“Well I just want to clear our misunderstanding first” Jeongyeon replied.

“You go, I still have to practice here” Nayeon said while taking some sheets out for her rehearsal.

“Alright, don’t stress yourself.” Jeongyeon smiled as she leaves her girlfriend in the music room.

As she walks herself to cafeteria, she founds Momo and others on their usual table. As she reaches to the table, she was about to open but sense some tension. Well Sana was there. Seems like they were talking about her.

Jihyo POV

Now that Momo has told the whole story, I don’t know whom to blame. To be honest Sana’s story is ed up. Everyone was silent when Jeongyeon came. I glared her not to make any lame jokes at this time. Seems like she understood me. She just quietly sits beside Momo while snatching her lunch. Ahg! These kids.

Well the atmosphere was really awkward. Better to make it right.

“Sana its okay. We understand. Apart from Nayeon we all still are your friends. So, don’t worry. Just figure something out to patch up with Nayeon.” I said.

“And don’t worry, Nayeon might be rude but she still has a heart. I am sure she will understand you. I will help you if you want to.” Mina continued.

“No thank you Mina, I will figure it out myself. At last it’s my fault.” Sana replied while giving a weak smile.

“Oh, come on Sana, now cheer up. All support you.” Momo said while munching on her food. She was upset and frustrated while seeing Sana not being in her normal mood.

“Alright” Sana chuckled because pouting Momo was the cutest thing in the world and no one can ignore that fact.

“By the way do you know guys we will be having our biggest event in few days” I smirked. Well our school must be focused on studies, sports or music but they do take care of their students.

“No way! I am excited” Chaeyoung jumped at her seat while being excited.

“Wait what it is?” Mina was confused.

“Well….. our school …… “ Momo who has filled said.

“Momo first eat” I glared her

“Well see our school conducts treasure hunt every year. Every year student can participate in it. So basically, we have to form a group of 4 people or less but not more than 4 for the participation. The treasure hunt is conducted in school itself. But the most exciting thing is this treasure hunt is conducted for a full day. In night you will be provided sleeping bags if you want to rest but who rest when you can have fun in school at night. Technically the event starts in afternoon and ends next afternoon. Our school actually pays outsiders to make this game tricky. So, first round will be solving riddles which eliminates most of the groups then comes the fun part. Games! We will play against our opponents. At last whomever wins gets a big treasure. And I am not bluffing previous year the winner group got a VIP ticket for Twice concert. Rest will be informed soon.” I explained. 

“What kind of games?” Sana asked. Seems like she is interested. Well good to know.

“Games changes every year. They might look easy but they are difficult to play like in running man show” Jeongyeon answered this time.

“You know we were second previous year” Momo answered.

“Yeah because Jennie’s team cheated” Chaeyoung frowned.

“Yes, and I will not let it happen again” Jeongyeon said with full confidence in her voice.

“Wow its really interesting. We will participate for sure” Mina exclaimed while looking at Sana.

“Yes, it will be fun” Chaeyoung smiled at her girlfriend.

Then we all suddenly realized. Well usually our team would be me, Jeongyeon, Momo and Chaeyoung but now some have girlfriends duh! Its obvious that Chaeyoung want Mina in same team, same with Jeongyeon for Nayeon. And Momo obviously want Sana to be with her. But now Nayeon doesn’t want Sana to be with her. Moreover, we can have only 5 people in team and all are getting excited to participate now. Damn! It’s now complicated.

Everyone was silent, don’t know what to say. , I don’t know how this will turn out.

Jeongyeon POV

Okay now . Who will be in my team? We all together are 8. That means we have to form two team no matter what. As soon as I realized I thought of leaving the scene.

“I will be going first. I just remember I have to meet coach” I lied. As soon as I went outside the cafeteria, I called Nayeon.

Jeongyeon: Hey Nayeon.

Nayeon: yea?

Jeongyeon: Will you join me for the treasure hunt this year?

Nayeon: Jeongyeon, you know I have a lot of pressure this year. That stupid music competition then studies. I don’t know.

Jeongyeon(whining): Come on, lets participate together

Nayeon: I can’t Jeong. Please understand me.

Nayeon’s soft voice just didn’t allowed me to force her. Moreover, she was right she was having too much pressure right now. I should understand that.

Jeongyeon: Alright then.

Nayeon: Thank you Jeong. I have to go. Let’s talk in night okay?

Jeongyeon: Ok.

Now Whom should I choose in my team. I will be definitely going with Chaeyoung. Her stamina is as good as mine. We need strength after all for the games. And for brains no one can be good as Jihyo. Well We don’t need Momo. Well no offence I love her from the bottom of my heart but seriously she is no use. And well Chaeyoung will be taking Mina along. So, I guess it’s perfect. But damn leaving Momo and Sana would be rude.

What should I do?

Well this is just a game right. They should not take this seriously. I will text them now.

Jihyo: Lets be in same team. Me, Chaeng and you.

Chaeyoung: Lets be in same team. Me and Jihyo and You. If you wanna take Mina your wish.

Chaeyoung POV

As Jeongyeon left us, I also decided to go my class. The atmosphere was already awkward.

“I will also go. Mina lets go, our class will start soon” I said as I grab Mina’s hand and pulled her to leave.

As we reached our class, we sat at our respective seats.

“Chaeng” Mina called me.

“Yes?” I asked.

“What about team?” She asked.

“I don’t know Mina. I hope it doesn’t break our friendship” I said. I was confused because dividing team was a big challenge for us.

“We will be together?” She asked.

“Yes of course Mina. I don’t know about others but we will be in same team” I replied while holding her hand.

“So, let’s make our own team” she suggested.

“Okay so you, me and who?” I asked

“You know I have a person name in my head but I am not sure you will like it or not” Mina hesitantly answered. I didn’t have any idea whom she was talking about.

“I believe you, just say the name” I gave her assurance that I will be fine.

“Nayeon” She replied. Okay maybe it was not fine.

“Wait listen to me before you say anything” She interrupted me.

“She is smart enough to solve any riddles. She will be great help Chaeyoung” She continued.

“Plus, Chaeng she is my best friend, I obviously want her” She added lastly. Well there is no damage in taking Nayeon right? I don’t have any grudges against her and now she and Jeongyeon are also in relation so I could try to bond with her.

“Okay as your wish” I replied after some moments while smiling. Moreover, who cares I will get a whole day with Mina. Even one night with her. Okay I should stop here.

Just then I received a text. It was from Momo.

Momo: Hey Chaeng lets make our team. Jeongyeon would be probably with Nayeon. And Sana will be with me no matter what. So how about you, me, Sana and Mina?

Just then I received another text from Jeongyeon.

Jeongyeon: Lets be in same team. Me and Jihyo and You. If you wanna take Mina your wish.

Okay I was already sensing this mess. what should we do now.



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