Chapter 12

Love over Love?

“Dude do you know Tzuyu came back?” girl said while passing the ball.

“She hasn’t arrived yet? Right?” Jeongyeon while catching the basketball.

“She arrived today only. I saw her.” The girl replied.

“Oh” Jeongyeon said without any reaction. Guess she was already over her.


“Sana, are you? What happened?” Nayeon followed Sana to bathroom.

“Nothing N... Nayeon I am fine. I guess it’s the peas. I have allergies.” Sana while giving a fake smile.

“Ohh why didn’t you told me before. I would have reminded you” Nayeon while rubbing the back of Sana.

As Tzuyu took her lunch from the counter she started walking to the table. “Oh, please god she must be not coming to us.”  Momo murmured to herself.

“Hey Mina” Tzuyu said while looking around Mina.

“Don’t you even think about that. Just go already. Sana will never talk to you again. “Mina said coldly.

“Chill Mina. I was not looking for her. I just saw a familiar face so thought to stop by.” Tzuyu replied with a constant warmly smile.

Tzuyu left the cafeteria while dropping her lunch in the dustbin.

“Okay!! How do you know her?” Jihyo asked while widening her eyes. Momo and Chaeyoung also stopped eating while waiting for Mina’s answer.

“Wait a minute how you guys know her??” Mina questioned back.

“Because she uses to study here only. But she left our school. Its been like 2 years now.” Jihyo answered.

“Ohhh Now I get.” Mina exclaimed.

“What What?” Momo asked while raising her eyebrows.

“She left your school and joined ours in Japan.” Mina replied.

“Oh, right I heard from somewhere that she has been gone to Japan because of her family’s business.” Chaeyoung said.

“I just hope she doesn’t bump into Jeongyeon.” Momo said while being worried.

“She is over it Momo.” Jihyo while assuring her.

“Why Jeong….” Mina was about to ask but

“Wait why she was looking for Sana?” Jihyo asked instead.

“Ahh because they were in a relationship. Then I don’t something happened and they both got separated. But Tzuyu must have done something because I remembered Sana use to cry a lot before coming here. And I am definitely sure it was because of Tzuyu.” Mina answered.

“But why Jeongyeon and her shouldn’t meet each other?” Mina added after answering.

“Wait man, are you serious??” Jihyo was totally shocked. Even Momo and Chaeyoung was also aghast by the sudden information.

“Ok someone tell me this isn’t happening “Momo exclaimed.

“Hold up someone please tell me what’s happening here.” Mina was irritated.

“This isn’t good Mina” Jihyo said with a worried look on her face.


It was the last match. Jeongyeon and her team members just need one more basket to win. 16 seconds were left on the board. Jeongyeon knew, it was do or die situation. As she was being blocked by 2 opponents it was really hard to get the ball. The coach screamed at the top of his lungs to pass the ball to Jeongyeon. Jeongyeon has to get out of there in any cost. She somehow dragged herself near the 3-pointer area. As she saw the gap between the leg of one opponent, she bends herself while pushing her self between the legs of the girl who was blocking her making Jeongyeon free. The team member quickly passes the ball to Jeongyeon while blocking the opponents. As Jeongyeon felt the ball in her hands she took her famous lap shot and basket the ball through the ring. Only 3 seconds were left and they already were celebrating their victory. Everyone was super happy as the basket ball team again did it. As they were celebrating Jeongyeon immediately took out her phone and text Tzuyu about the win.

Jeongyeon: Babe, we won!!!!!!!!! I am really happy. I am sorry I was not able to give you time during these past weeks but I will make it up for you. 😊

After 5 Minutes Tzuyu replied.

Tzuyu: Jeongyeon I have something to tell you.

Jeongyeon was super excited so she called Tzuyu.

Jeongyeon: Hey babe. What is it?

Tzuyu said something but Jeongyeon was not able to hear it clearly due to the background voices. So she decided to go out.

Jeongyeon: Yeah sorry babe. Please repeat.

Tzuyu: I… I want break up.

Jeongyeon: what? (Although Jeongyeon listened it very clearly but she was not believing it)

Tzuyu: I want a break up. I am fed up from our relationship.

It was like floor was departing itself under the legs of Jeongyeon. She was frozen for that moment and her heart was beating like crazy. Her smile faded quickly replacing with tears in her eyes.

Jeongyeon: Why babe. Why all of the sudden. Tell me I will fix everything for you. Don’t do this.

Tzuyu: Sorry Jeongyeon I have already made my mind.

And Tzuyu hanged the phone making Jeongyeon totally broke. As Jeongyeon was overseas for the tournament she can’t see Tzuyu. She tried calling her like thousand time. Messaged her like million times and still no reply. After 2 days she finally arrived to Seoul. The first thing she want to do was to talk to Tzuyu. As soon as she entered school, she saw Tzuyu and Nayeon holding hands while talking. At that moment Jeongyeon felt like someone was continuously bashing her heart. Her knees were becoming weak. She was going to fall hard on the ground. But she can’t let that happen. She aggressively passed through the crowd to reach them.

“What the hell is this?” Jeongyeon said in a low tone as she doesn’t want to make a scene.

“Jeongyeon lets talk somewhere else.” Tzuyu looking around as other students were staring them.

Nayeon was confused as she thought Tzuyu and Jeongyeon were already done.

“No, this is the reason!” Jeongyeon pointing out Nayeon.

“YES, I am just fed up with you, can’t you see. I don’t love you anymore.” Tzuyu coldly spurted it out.

Jeongyeon’s eyes were filling with more tears but she can’t do anything. Everything was like falling apart for her. She has no words to say anymore. Tzuyu grabbing Nayeon’s hand left the scene. While Chaeyoung and Momo who were passing by saw Jeongyeon crying on the floor rushed to her.

“Tzuyu you said you guys were done for good.” Nayeon said seriously.

“Babe see, she is literally a freak. I told her 2 months ago but she is like psycho. She comes back again and again. She even tried to blackmail me.” Tzuyu said while showing fake tears.

Nayeon was so confused whom to believe. She never heard such rumors about Jeongyeon. Even she never heard a single bad thing about Jeongyeon. While Tzuyu started crying hard which made her soft. She believed Tzuyu at that day.

End of flashback

“So Tzuyu is a player” Mina was angry.

“Oh gosh she literally played with the most beautiful ones.” Momo exclaimed.

“That’s why Jeongyeon hated Nayeon.” Jihyo added.

“That means Tzuyu and Nayeon were over before going to Japan.” Chaeyoung while scratching her head.

“Wow that’s a lot to take on my first day” Dhayun said with an awkward smile.

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