Chapter 7

Love over Love?

Apart from Nayeon and Jeongyeon every one was getting along very well. It was the 6th day and everyone was eating lunch together but still no sign of Nayeon and Jeongyeon. Both were avoiding the lunch. Jeongyeon mostly make excuse of her practice and Nayeon make about her music classes.

“Nayeon do you have any past with Jeongyeon” Mina finally asked while they both were in the school bathroom.

“Its just complicated Mina” Nayeon answered while looking at Mina and again turned herself to the mirror.

“Nayeonnn!!, you share everything with me, just tell me” Mina said while grabbing Nayeon’s hand and turning to her direction.

Nayeon was still unsure about this. Then she took a deep breath and asked Mina to her music room where nobody is allowed except the music club members. Nayeon spitted everything related to the matter. Mina was now understanding the current situation.

“Oh…… that’s why she hates you.” Mina exclaimed.

“But you know it was not my fault” Nayeon said bluntly.

“But I heard that she is coming back.” Nayeon added in a worried voice.

“We will do something about that but you know how close I am to Momo. Just for me give them a try. At least they will also get to know really YOU!” Mina while requesting.

“I am already trying my best, it was her who left the lunch that day, don’t blame me.” Nayeon firing back.

“Ok Ok I will ask Momo to handle Jeongyeon. I really want all us to be together” Mina while pouting.


Chaeyoung arrived at her class and was shocked to see Mina. Mina noticed that Chaeyoung was approaching her.

“You are also in the same class?” Chaeyoung being shocked.

“Yes, I guess!” Mina while chuckling.

Seeing Mina laughing Chaeyoung was feeling an earthquake in her stomach. She somehow placed herself beside Mina.

“So, how’s Korea till now?” Chaeyoung initiated the conversation.

“Its good but I haven’t gone out that much.” Mina answered while noticing Chaeyoung.

“Oh, Why??” Chaeyoung asked.

“Oh, wait let me guess, Momo must be too much busy in eating that she doesn’t have time for you.” Chaeyoung added while laughing.

“You are somewhere near to the answer.” Mina while showing her gummy smile.

“I am free today after school. Would you like to go out? I know a very nice café.” Chaeyoung asked while blushing.

“Oh, definitely.” Mina answered quickly while being excited. Seems like she got what she wanted. At first Mina decided to skip her German classes because she already is a multilingual. But after she saw Chaeyoung a day before attending it and confirming with Jihyo, she decided to attend them. That’s why she arrived early today. Seems like everything was going according to her plan.


“Just talk to her please” Mina while begging Momo.

“Ahh its really hard to talk to Jeongyeon. After everything happened even I would not to talk to Nayeon.” Momo side-eyeing Mina.

“Why you guys hate her so much. Trust me she is a really nice person.” Mina firing back.

“How are you so sure?” Momo asked while looking at Mina.

And they talked about it like for an hour on phone. Momo giving assurance to Mina while hanging the phone. It was their lunch time and Jeongyeon was missing again. But Nayeon was there this time. Momo was approaching to their table until she saw Jeongyeon didn’t showed up. She changed her direction to the games room while sighing. She has to keep her promise with Mina. Meanwhile Nayeon was trying very hard to make Chaeyoung like her. But due to her past issues she was not really digging that much. Mina was getting upset as Chaeyoung was ignoring Nayeon. Mina can see how Nayeon was going far just for her. But Jihyo was there to save the conversation.




“Yaah Yoo Jeongyeon what the are you doing here!!” Momo shouted while approaching to the girl who was eating an apple.

“What?” Jeongyeon looked up at Momo.

“Why are you ignoring us. Why you are not coming to cafeteria” Momo still pissed over her.

“You know Momo” Jeongyeon said. Momo knew she has to handle this in a smart way. She placed herself beside Jeongyeon who was sitting on the floor.

“See You know Mina & Sana is my childhood friend and both of them are really nice. Don’t ignore them” Momo said calmly.

“I am not ignoring them Momo, you also know. I just don’t want to see IM NAYEON” Jeongyeon answered while side-eyeing Momo.

“I know but Mina and Sana both are hurt like its their fault. Sana thinks you don’t like her” Momo while placing her hand on her shoulder.

“WHY SANA THINKS THAT???? I REALLY LIKE HER” Jeongyeon got furious while answering. Just then Momo sensed something.

“YOU LIKE SANA???” Momo while being shocked.

“AHH its not like that….” Jeongyeon while breaking her eye contact with Momo. Momo could she how Jeongyeon ’cheeks were turning red all of a sudden. She knew for sure now.

“ you like her” Momo while laughing.

Jeongyeon didn’t spoke this time. She agreed to Momo while blushing because she was eventually going to tell her.

“Please help me” Jeongyeon while begging to Momo. Momo who was still in shock got a perfect opportunity.

“Fine, come to lunch with us every day and act normal to Nayeon.” Momo spurted while grabbing her own arms.

“Why this has to do with Nayeon!!” Jeongyeon while whining.

“Because Mina is ing trying to hold our group. Past is past Jeongyeon just move on. Moreover, now you have a chance with Sana so just focus on that.” Momo said. After listening Momo, Jeongyeon was in deep thought about what to do. It was really hard for her.

“And……. I will talk to Sana…… about you.” Momo added while giving a smirk.

“Ahhhhhh…… Ohk I am in. I will join you guys tomorrow.” Jeongyeon finally decided.

“Yes, Mission accomplished.” Momo while giving her fist in air. And then taking her phone out to text mina about her accomplishment.


The lunch was over. As everyone was proceeding to their class Nayeon approached to Sana while being nervous.

“hey Sana!!” Nayeon said.

“Yes Nayeon?” Sana while turning her back to Nayeon.

“Ahhh… are you free today. I was thinking to go out somewhere?? If you want!!” Nayeon asked finally.

Suddenly Sana was revoked to a flashback.

“Seriously??” Sana was shocked with the sudden news.

“Yes. And I am telling you straight cause if you don’t have feelings for her then stop being so close to her or else, she will get hurt. Already she has a lot in her past.” Mina replied with being protective.

“No, I mean she is really beautiful. I thought she wants to be just friend” Sana still shocked.

“Ah yeah obviously Mina, who would reject such offer I mean” Sana while chuckling.

“HEY! This isn’t an offer. She is was friend please show some respect” Mina while side-eyeing Sana.

“Ok I’m Sorry. I will think about it.” Sana being afraid by Mina’s aggression towards her. Sana was in doubt to go for it or not because she just wants someone for a rebound. She already suffered too much because of her Ex. So, she was in dilemma.

After coming back to reality. “Yeah sure Nayeon.” Sana while looking at Nayeon.

“Oh great, there is fancy restaurant that is my all time favorite. Let’s go there.” Nayeon while showing off her bunny smile. Sana has never seen her that smile. But seems like Sana was still unsure about this.





I know the story is slow but I promise you upcoming chapters will be with new secrets and new characters. And may be with some actions :-P . Thanks for reading

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