Chapter 8

Love over Love?

“oh, it’s really good” Sana said while taking a sip of the coffee. Nayeon and Sana finally arrived to the café that Nayeon was mentioning earlier.

“So, what are your plans after the school?” Nayeon asked while her fingers. Nayeon must be from a rich house but when it comes to her favorite chocolate cake, she forgets every single manner that she has been taught. Nayeon was eating a chocolate cake with her hands which was in chocolate syrup. Sana was continuously looking at Nayeon thinking to herself that how cute she is.

“You are really cute” Sana chuckled while wiping her lip’s corner with a tissue. This sudden action turned Nayeon’s cheek into red.

“I still haven’t decided yet.” Sana keeping the conversation continue.

“Why? Our school will end in few months. You don’t have much time.” Nayeon being worried.

“Don’t worry I will sort out everything before leaving the campus” Sana while giving a smile.

“By the way tell me more places to hangout. This café is really awesome, I liked your taste?” Sana while changing the topic.

“Ahh…... thank you” Nayeon while blushing.

“There are many places actually. Let’s make a list for you. We will visit each one of it.” Nayeon said while giving her a bunny smile.

“Sure, I like it” Sana replied.

“oh, I just remembered it now, we will be having our science project soon. Would you like to be my partner??” Sana asked while noticing Nayeon face.

Sana doesn’t want to look like she is taking the advantage of Nayeon because she knew how brilliant Nayeon was but she really wants to pair with her. She really wants to give a try to Nayeon.

“Oh, why not, it’s perfect.” Nayeon replied quickly.

“So how about discuss our project tomorrow after school at….. your home?” Sana asked.

Nayeon was really shocked that things were escalating so fast but she was enjoying herself also.

“Ahh… Sure, lets go together after school.” Nayeon said while having butterflies in her tummy.




Chaeyoung and Mina were walking to the place where they decided in the morning. As they were walking both of them were silent. Both of them were hesitating to start the conversation. As Mina was about to initiate the conversation the restaurant arrived. Both of them went inside. Chaeyoung was too much nervous. As they arrived to an empty table, Chaeyoung being a gentle man pulled out the chair for Mina before sitting. Mina blushed at the cute action made by Chaeyoung. As Mina placed herself, she noticed there was a small stage in the corner. A guitar and a mic were also there. “Oh, people must perform here” She thought to herself.

“Hey Chaeyoung, Wow long time no see” the waiter exclaimed with the menu in his hand.

“Hey Jeff…… yeah I am busy with my school now a days” Chaeyoung while giving her nervous laughter.

“oh, it’s really good to see you man and …………she must be your……. Girl…?” waiter said.

“Friend, she is my friend. “Chaeyoung answered quickly. “Are we already looking like a couple” Mina thought to herself while blushing.

“Oh, Welcome to Pop and top Ma’am” waiter said with a big smile while handing over the menu to Mina.

“Thank you” Mina while giving her polite smile.

“What you want to eat?” Mina while looking at the Menu.

“Ahh… anything. Here everything is tasty” Chaeyoung replied while being proud.

“Ohk then I will take beans salad and a lemonade.” Mina while looking at the waiter.

“hmmm….I will take the same” Chaeyoung said while looking nervous.

“But…” as waiter was about to say something Chaeyoung quickly said “Please make it tastier” while handing the menu to waiter.

“O..Ok” Waiter went while being confused.

“So…. You must be missing your parents?” Chaeyoung initiating the conversation.

“Not that much actually” Mina chuckled.

“I just had a video call this morning so no worries” Mina while showing her gummy smile. Chaeyoung was continuously staring at Mina. She was so much mesmerized in her beauty. Her little action was making Chaeyoung’s heart beat faster. Suddenly a guy arrived to the stage and introduced himself. Everyone in the restaurant got his attention.

“Hello my name is David and today I want to perform a little song that I just wrote. As Pop and Top give this wonderful opportunity to guys like us, I am really grateful to them. This song is to Pop and Top restaurant.” The guy said while grabbing the guitar. Then he sang the whole song and everybody were moving on his rhythm. After a great applause he left the stage while biding farewell to all. Suddenly the waiter grabbed the mic.

“Today we got our old friend back after so many years. I would really like to invite Son Chaeyoung our old girl to reminisce the old memories that she left with us.”. Suddenly everybody started clapping so loud. Meanwhile Chaeyoung was getting nervous. She was nervous before just because of this. When her dad was alive, she uses to perform here and she was quite popular also. But after her father’s death she left everything and never came back to the restaurant.

“Oh my god, you can sing!!!! I really want to hear you” Mina exclaimed while being excited. Chaeyoung was getting more nervous her hands were getting sweaty. Mina observed that. After seeing Chaeyoung she held Chaeyoung’s hand and said while giving assuring smile” Come on, you can do that”. Seeing Mina’s face Chaeyoung was left with no choice. She decided to perform. She stood up whiling smiling awkwardly and went to the stage. There was a perfect silent and everybody’s ear were to the stage. She grabbed the guitar. As she touched the guitar, she felt an odd sensation in her body. She adjusted the mic to her height. First, she practiced some chords on the guitar as she has not touched the guitar in years. After she was ready, she took a deep breath and started singing. Everyone was so mesmerized in her voice. Meanwhile Mina was in shock that how beautiful Chaeyoung can sing. She was like lost in her voice. She already knew that she was liking her day by day but after listening her vocals she knew she was falling more deeper for Chaeyoung.

At last Chaeyoung finished her song. Everybody stood while clapping their hands. After ending her song, she felt an anxious feeling in her stomach. She really missed performing like this. She was really happy that she decided to perform today. After listening a lot of compliment their order arrived.

“Chaeyoung!!! You are full of surprises.” Mina while looking with her wide eyes.

“Ahh… Its not like that.” This time Chaeyoung was blushing hard.

After finishing their food, the waiter came to pick the plates. “Yahhh Chaeyoung!! You were on a roll today girl. I really missed you. Even you tasted beans today which you hated 2 years ago” waiter said while laughing. Mina was confused after listening the conversation.

“You don’t like beans?” Mina finally asked as they were walking. Chaeyoung decided to drop Mina to her house.

“ahh.. yes actually” Chaeyoung while scratching her head.

“So why did you order it? Mina who was still confused.

“I just want to try new things today.” Chaeyoung answered.

“By the why did you stopped going to that restaurant??” Mina asked as they arrived her hotel. Chaeyoung who was still astound by the beauty of the place where she lives. Then she nodded her head while looking at Mina.

“Ahhh sorry, your hotel …….it look expensive..” Chaeyoung uttered while still looking at her hotel.

“Ahh that “Mina said.

“I … I am sorry. Actually, School was getting hectic so I decided to bail it for some time but I guess I never went there.” Chaeyoung finally getting over the hotel.

“Well Mina” Chaeyoung said while looking at Mina.

“Yes?” Mina who was eager to listen Chaeyoung’s voice.

“I haven’t performed there in 2 years. I actually never even thought about performing again. But you helped me while getting on the stage so I am really thankful to you. I am really happy today that I performed. And it’s because of you.” Chaeyoung while looking straight into Mina’s eyes

Mina suddenly kissed Chaeyoung on her cheek. Both of them blushed so hard that they were not able to eye contact each other.

“Let’s meet tomorrow” Mina said while rushing inside. Her face was so red that the butler at the entrance got worried.

“Ma’am is everything alright” the butler asked.

“Oh… Yes yes I am fine” Mina said while covering her face. She rushed to her room as fast as possible.

Meanwhile Chaeyoung was dancing like crazy while going to back to her home.


“Oh, wow your home is like a palace” Sana while entering Nayeon’s house. Nayeon gave a small chuckle while seeing Sana’s excitement.

They both entered Nayeon’s room. As they have decided, Sana came to her house for their science project.

“Oh no way, your room is like a princess’s room Nayeon!!!” Sana was so much overwhelmed.

“haha Come over here let’s search for the topic for the project.” Nayeon while hitting the corner of her bed.

Sana then sat beside to Nayeon who was searching already on her laptop. But Nayeon didn’t noticed that Sana was sitting too close to her. As Nayeon’s head was low, busy in searching Sana observed her side face. All she can think was how beautiful she is. Sana was still mesmerizing her beauty until Nayeon lifted her head to ask something. Both of them stopped themselves because as they looked into each other’s eyes they noticed that the distance between their faces was too close. Nayeon’s heart beat suddenly got crazy. Her stomach was having butterfly attack again but this time it was severe. Seems like time has stopped and Nayeon was in a frozen state. Sana took the leverage of the scene and pushed her lips to Nayeon’s.

Sana got successful as Nayeon replied her back with a kiss. After few seconds they departed each other’s lips. Nayeon blushed so hard that she stood up and went outside her room while saying “ I …will.. bring something to eat “. Sana while smirking herself took the laptop and started searching for the topics.

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