Chapter 25

Love over Love?

Chaeyoung was calling Mina continuously but her call was getting rejected every time. Seems like she is way too much angry this time. After getting rejected many times Chaeyoung decided to give some space to Mina. She decided to went to a café.

“Hey what are you doing here?” the guy asked.

“Why can’t I visit my brother” Chaeyoung side eyed as she took her wallet out.

“Alright shortie, you look wasted” her brother chuckled.

“And don’t pay just order, Same order?” her brother asked.

“Yes” Chaeyoung smiled.

As his brother went inside to give the order, the smile on her face got fade. She knew how much efforts and how many part-time jobs his brother is doing just to keep her family financially stable. It hurts her. After her father was gone everything has changed just in a couple of years. They were like the happiest family. She knew she has to do better in her studies so she can also support her family. Its been few months since her mother got a heart attack. Till now her condition was getting better but the doctors forced them to be under their eyes. Luckily Chaeyoung’s one relative was one of the doctors that’s why they didn’t had to pay that much for the stay but still medicines were quite expensive for both of them.

Just when Chaeyoung was in her thoughts her brother interrupted her while handing her the coffee and a bag.

“To the earth champ” her brother chuckled. Chaeyoung didn’t replied, she just smiled at him.

“oh, and wait I will be late to home. So better eat the dinner and sleep early, you have your school tomorrow” her brother said when Chaeyoung was ready to leave.

She just nodded as she knew he lied to her. It would be another part time job, she knew.

But she didn’t know someone was watching her the whole time.

Just when Chaeyoung exited the café she got a call from Mina. She quickly picks the phone.

“Hello Mina?” Chaeyoung said.

“…….” No reply from her.

“Mina I am sorry, lets talk in evening please. I will explain you everything.” Chaeyoung pleaded.

“Why can’t we talk now?” Mina coldly replied.

“Ahh I… I am at home; I have few errands to make for my mom. But I promise I will be there in evening” Chaeyoung said nervously.

Just then call was ended. Chaeyoung sighed while looking at her phone. She then reached a near by bus stop and entered the coming bus.

As she steps out her bus, she walks few distance until she reaches her destination. She enters the hospital while walking to a specific room.

She sits beside her. Slowly she caresses her cheek then her hair.

“Mom?” Chaeyoung said slowly. Her mother wakes up from the smooth touches on her face.   

“Oh Chaeyoungahh” her mother smiled as she tries to sit back.

“I brought you breakfast” Chaeyoung smiled as she places her mother’s favorite donuts and a lemon tea on the table beside her bed.

“Aigoo you never forgot to show up on Sunday” her mother smiled as she cups her daughter’s cheek.

They both chatted for a moment while having the breakfast. Both loved to spend this time, it was their Sunday time. As Chaeyoung can’t meet her mother on weeks days so she always brings her mother favorite breakfast to spend some quality time.

“Now go, I know you must have not done your homework. Go and do it” Her mother chuckled.

“Wae~~~ I don’t wanna leave so early” Chaeyoung whined.

“I know dear and I am okay. I am getting better each day. So better do your homework daily cause I will be home soon to torture you” her mother said while laughing.

“Mom please don’t say torture” Chaeyoung pouted. She then takes her mother’s hands and kisses both of them.

Finally, Chaeyoung somehow parted from her mother after few couple of minutes. As she proceeds to the bus stop to go home, she heard someone calling her name. She turned her direction to the person to see who he or she was.

“MINA!” Chaeyoung exclaimed.


“Just tell me you ” Jeongyeon said as she throws another pillow to her face.

“I am telling you seriously, ask Dubu” Momo said as she was defending herself with her hands.

“OH WOW, DUBU? Gosh a lot happened yesterday” Jeongyeon said as she fake attempt to vomit on the short name for her friend.

“She is telling truth Jeong” Dhayun said as she sips her own made lemon juice.

“Oh, you will obviously take her side” Jeongyeon scoffed.

“Come on Jeong, aren’t you happy? Finally, I like someone” Dhayun said shyly after having an eye contact with Momo.

Jeongyeon sighed. After all who is she to judge. Dhayun can date anyone. She should be happy for her.

“You better treat her right” Jeongyeon glared Momo as she speaks.

“You are saying like I have dated a lot of people” Momo scoffed.

“Ahhhh I am sorry, it’s so sudden and my head is hurting” Jeongyeon sighed while sitting on the couch.

“Why you are jealous because I got the girl before you” Momo wiggles her eyebrows trying to .

Jeongyeon first look at her for a couple of seconds and finally confessing.

“YES! How can you get someone in just one night?” Jeongyeon frowned. Momo and Dhayun just laughed at her friend.

“By the way have you tried her calling?” Momo asked.

“Yes, a couple of times. But it is switched off” Jeongyeon sighed again.

“You idiot, you confessed to… to her” Jihyo walked weakly from the bathroom and falls on the floor. Momo and Dhayun quickly walked to support her. They brought her to the couch. Whereas Jeongyeon was frozen at her place.

“What the I said” Jeongyeon asked worriedly as she shakes Jihyo. But seems like she again passed out.

“ man” Jeongyeon cursed as Jihyo didn’t replied.

“You guys seriously didn’t remember anything?” Jeongyeon then asked Momo and Dhayun.

“We told you, we were already busy with each other” Momo said and then smirked when she saw Dhayun going all shy.

“ man, I already made her uncomfortable with the kiss now this confession, she will not talk to me again obviously.” Jeongyeon said while frowning.


“Why didn’t you told me about this before” Mina said worriedly.

“After my father died, I don’t actually share my feelings. Its waste no one can understand your pain until unless they go through that” Chaeyoung said as her eyes were filling with tears but she was controlling it well.

“Chaeyoung?” Mina said as she holds her hand.

“Am I special to you?” Mina asked seriously.

“Yes Mina, what kind of question is it?” Chaeyoung frowned as a tear skips her eyes.

“So please, next time tell me everything. Maybe I won’t be able to solve your problem but I want to be at least beside you in your bad times” Mina said as she wipes the latter’s tears. After that she places a sweet kiss on Chaeyoung’s lips which eventually made her to stop crying. Chaeyoung just nodded.

“By the way how come you found me?” Chaeyoung asked as she was still confused.

“Actually, I was already inside the café when you arrived there. Then I decided to call you as it was my fault also yesterday. I sometimes become sensitive over small topics when I am drunk. “Mina chuckled.

“So, when you said you were at home that really pissed me. So, I decided to follow you. That’s how I found about the hospital. And then I am sorry but I heard the whole conversation of you and your mom as the door was slightly opened and I was sitting just outside waiting for you. I was just curious who she was.” Mina continued as she rubs Chaeyoung’s hand to calm her down.

“Its okay. I should have told you before” Chaeyoung said while holding her hand more tightly.

“And yeah I am sorry about yesterday” Chaeyoung said while looking at her nervously.

“There is no need, you can have a past. I was just over reacting. I guess I will not drink again with you” Mina chuckled.

“No but you need to know.” Chaeyoung said.

Flashback to previous night

All were pretty much drunk now. But Nayeon and Mina were still conscious as they were playing the game smartly. Jeongyeon was already on another level as she lost many times so she was drunk badly. But still decided to continue the game.

“Okay Chaeyoung truth or d…dare?” Jeongyeon smirked.

“Truth. I will take truth” Chaeyoung yelled. Oh! wait Chaeyoung was also kinda pretty much drunk.

“Tell them how was the kiss with Somiiiiii” Jeongyeon was smirking more widely now.

Mina was still conscious. When she heard the question, she was continuously staring at Chaeyoung waiting for her answer. Chaeyoung never told her about any other girl or any kiss apart from her. Whereas Chaeyoung was lost in her thoughts trying to remember the scene again while pouting her lips. Mina’s anger was getting up eventually by the time.

“Oh, she was beautiful and….” Chaeyoung said while smiling lost in her own world.

“And???” Jeongyeon nudges her to speak. Everyone was nervously looking at Mina. She was by the time full red. Her jealousy was visible on her face.

“It was my first so yeah it was …. Magical” Chaeyoung smiled while remembering the scene.

Just then Mina got from her place and when outside the room.

“What… where are you going baby?” Chaeyoung said as she falls on the floor. She was now completely wasted.

“You are such an idiot Jeong” Nayeon said as she follows her friend.

Chaeyoung PVO

Somehow, I managed to open my eyes. I was on the floor. No one was there. I finally managed to stand up with the help of the couch when I saw Momo and Dhayun sleeping in each other arms. Wow What was that. I scratched my head and just when I realized what big mistake I had made during the game. I quickly took my phone out calling a particular person.

“Please pick Mina!!” I said nervously biting my nails.

“Please please” but no response. She didn’t answer any calls. I tried texting but it was 3 am in morning. Did she already was at her home? Where else she would have gone? Is she super mad? All thoughts were running in my mind as tears started to fall out. I didn’t know she would get angry on this topic. I should have told her before. It must be embarrassing even in front of everyone. man.


She went outside the room if somehow Mina can be found. But no luck. Chaeyoung went inside without taking her shoes she throws herself to Jeongyeon’s bed. As she cried few hours she went to her deep sleep.

End Of flashback

“Somi was just my friend. She was with me since my childhood. To be honest she helped me a lot when my dad died. So, she was my close friend. We eventually got closer. And we kissed at a party even were in relationship for few months until her father got transferred. We lost all contacts. She didn’t even contact me back. I am completely over her now” Chaeyoung said as she intertwines her finger with Mina’s.

“Its okay Chaeyoung I trust you” Mina smiled as she allowed to intertwine her fingers.


“Try one more time” Momo said as she was cleaning the apartment. Apparently, she was the one who vomited. So, it was her responsibility to clean it.

“okay” Jeongyeon replied as she tries one more time.

“Oh, its ringing” Jeongyeon suddenly got excited.

“But wait. What the I will say” Jeongyeon said as soon as her excitement turns into nervousness.

“Hello Jeongyeon?” Nayeon said from the other side.

“……” Jeongyeon didn’t knew what to say.

“You Idiot!!! Say something” Nayeon shouted.

“H... Hey” Jeongyeon chuckled nervously. It was obvious.

“You are a complete . Meet me right now at this café” Nayeon said as she hangs her phone

“ I am in trouble” Jeongyeon said while turning to Momo and Dhayun

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