Half A Year - A ChanSoo Korean Drama

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What happens when you meet someone you have explosive chemistry with, only it turns out they're the last person on earth you should be giving your heart to?



March 11, 2019

To new readers, there are KOREAN WORDS scattered all over the dialogue and text.

If you're used to stories written in English all the way through, then you will be disappointed.

I am not a native Korean speaker but including some Korean phrases (and perhaps they are not even grammatically correct or used properly due to honorifics) resonates with me.

I do include translations on the first instance they were mentioned. Translating them everytime would be overkill.

My intention is not to go for Nobel Peace Prize here, but to share romantic ChanSoo stories that I am inspired to write. And if the readers enjoy it too, that is a bonus.

Again, it's anyone's choice to continue reading. It's also the readers' discretion to comment on whatever they want, which could encourage or discourage writers like myself.

If ever you are also a writer, maybe you can empathize on how hard and how long it takes to create.and write.a story and to make it coherent and enjoyable too.  With that said, 37 chapters as of the moment are available for you to delve into, if you wish.  Much peace and love.


January 11, 2019

Hi everyone,

I'm still trying to write the next chapter of "To Love You Openly," but I was so surprised and touched by the heartwarming reception it has received so far! <3  thank you so much!  I was kind of worried about writing boy on boy love scenes (maybe I'm not ready for yet - hahaha) I hope you still stay tuned for that, though.  I'm not sure how many more chapters but it's not going to be a long one.


I can't get this Korean Drama plot out of my head, starring ChanSoo (as usual... lol).  Perhaps this is just due to me watching Korean dramas on a regular basis, so this story will probably be a running like a TV melodrama would so please bear with me.  

I am only just starting my foray into fanfiction AU so forgive me if I am not so clear on the world building.  I just know that the setting will be in the corporate world, CEOs, gambling, and the creme de la creme of the Seoul elite social circle.  There are no women in this world.  However, like in the hybrid/wolfau (correct me if I am using the terminologies wrong) there will be ALPHAs (in blue) and OMEGAs (in purple).

ALPHAs are more masculine, aggressive and considered the providers and protectors.

OMEGAs are more feminine, passive and considered the nurturers and care givers.  They can also bear children so m-preg au is a possibility here.

EXO OT12 in the house!  <3  Although not all of them are necessarily going to be partnered with each other.  The relationships will be revealed as the story progresses.




  • CHANYEOL - self-made enterpreneur, most eligible Bachelor in all of Seoul.
  • KYUNGSOO - heir to KRIS Enterprises, which owns a vast majority of South Korea's lands and businesses.
  • SEHUN - Chanyeol's best friend and lawyer.
  • LUHAN - Kyungsoo's cousin and confidante.
  • YIXING - Seoul's most sought-after wedding planner.
  • JONGIN - Chanyeol's right-hand man and Seoul's resident playboy.
  • YIFAN - Kyungsoo's father and ruthless businessman.
  • JUNMYEON - Kyungsoo's mother, loyal to family.
  • BAEKHYUN - Chanyeol's mother, patient and caring.
  • JONGDAE - Chanyeol's uncle, almost like a father to Chanyeol.
  • MINSEOK - Chanyeol's dongseang, still studying.
  • ZITAO - Kyungsoo's godfather with an evil masterplan.


That's what I have so far! ^_^ Hope that's plenty enough teaser for you!  Please subscribe and stay tuned!

(I just noticed I made EXO-CBX Chanyeol's family! hahah!  And yeah, Minseok seems like the maknae most of the time so why not make him younger than Chanyeol in this story?)  

I might be offline this weekend, though.  With that said, I'd want to wish our Squishy Penguin the happiest birthday tomorrow! 

HAPPY 27th (Korean age) BIRTHDAY, DO KYUNGSOO!!! Sarang-hae!!!  <3 <3 <3


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