The Grenhil Pack

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Omegaverse story with the Seventeen members. The story takes place in an alternative world, everyone can change from a human form to a wolf from. The story does not take place in a modern society.  Fantasy lovers welcome !

The Grenhil pack has lived in isolation for many years and plans to keep it that way.The Vanghgard pack with their leader Soonyoung are determined to find their missing pack members that went missing while hunting in a forest. The Strenyard pack has been at peace and tries to trade with many others. 

The times are however slowly changing as one pack is shaking up the 'peaceful' world. 


Book 1 is finshed ;)

Book 2 is ongoing but I'm slow as hell sorry



Prologue: Not today

He always knew that he was lucky having been born in the Grenhil pack and at this moment he realised it once again. Taking in the beautiful surroundings he stood at the top of a cliff, tall mountains graced the horizon, their white tops glistening in a soft orange hue due to the morning sun. Beneath him he saw a little stream finding its way throughout the rough terrain, it’s edge graced with beautiful spring flowers. His eyes followed the water downhill until it disappeared behind a rock formation. He knew what was behind that, a little village with wooden cottages, situated at the edge of a small lake. In the middle of the village would be a slightly bigger round hut, the meeting hall. The village itself was full of trees, covering almost every empty spot except for the marketplace in front of the meeting hall. The trees helped to keep their home hidden from the observant eyes of other people. A bit farther down into a nearby valley would be their farmlands, right now the fields looked a bit empty except for the grass and the first crops that were starting to show. In a few months’ time they would  have fresh fruits and vegetables again. 

A sudden noise caught his attention, he was not here to enjoy the view. Turning his eyes away from the view he started making his way back into the forest, careful with his steps as to not make a noise. His ears were focussed, trying to pick up any sound that was not natural to the forest. For a few seconds he couldn't hear anything except for the stream below him that rustled downhill. He started to fear that his cover was blown, maybe he needed to move and make his way out of here before he was discovered. Then he heard it! Footsteps. They still seemed far enough and he hoped that the other person had not heard him approaching. He kneeled down and that is when the smell hit him. It was not your average person approaching, it smelled like an alpha and from the scent that lingered in the air he could tell that it was probably a confident one at that. The alpha was in strange lands and did nothing to supress his scent whatsover. No he was deliberatly doing the exact opposite. 

As the footsteps were coming closer and the scent of the alpha grew even stronger, he scanned his surroundings again. Judging from the footsteps he had heard the other person was not in his wolf-form. Good he thought, fighting in human-form had always been his specialty. It was time to make a decision, and he moved to a nearby tree with a few quick steps, jumping up and raising himself onto the lowest branch of the tree. His body was used to climbing, every muscle trained, and so he climbed further with a few skilful movements. Once he reached the highest branches he settled down in a comfortable position and let his eyes roam across his surroundings. From his high-up position he saw the alpha crouching in the grass right below his own position.

A smirk graced his features as he muttered a soft “Gotcha!”  

He brought his hands up to his mouth and made a very high pitched whistle that sounded like the call of a firecrest.  After that he continued watching the man below, who still unsuspecting of the situation he was currently in. Suddenly he heard another whistle that was repeated from different sides, surrounding him with the noise. They were almost in position. He repeated the soft whistle and suddenly the answering whistle came from multiple directions. It was time.

This place should be kept a secret, this was their land, kept hidden between the wide forests, undiscovered on the maps of the rest of the world. Their ancestors had chosen well when they decided to settle on edge of the lake. The place was hard to find, but it was even harder to leave the place once you find it. No one will be able to discover their safe haven and tell the world about it. No one will threaten their clan today and for sure not this alpha.




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