Chapter eleven

The Grenhil Pack
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Chapter eleven: Who are you?


Jihoon had been enjoying his time alone in the forest, trailing behind Soonyoung and Wonwoo unnoticed, making good use of Azurs ability to walk silently. The sun was shining brightly this morning, reflecting on the small droplets of water on the grass and the bright green leaves of the old giants surrounding him on all sides after yesterday’s short rain shower. The forest was bustling with different noises, birds were trying to find mates, battling each other for the most beautiful song. Flowers in a different array of colours were growing towards the rays of sunlight that managed to reach the surface. Bees humming busily from one flower to another. Without thinking Jihoon found himself humming along to the songs of the birds, influenced by the spring fever that was surrounding him. Closing his eyes he let Azur lead the way feeling blessed and happy to spend his time in peace for once, totally forgetting the mission he had given himself for a short while.

That was until Azur suddenly halted and scraped the floor with his hoof, while neighing softly in alarm, interrupting Jihoons dreams of peace and quiet. He instantly shot up and scanned his surroundings and in front of him saw two dark brown eyes staring down in his own. For once unsure of how to handle the situation Jihoon let go of his reigns in the surprise. The person in front of him started moving backwards slowly but surely. Regaining his senses Jihoon sat up again, “Sorry for startling you! I didn’t mean to, I am on my way to Strenyard to meet some of my family.”

At the mention of the town the person in front of him showed a sign of recognition on his face, which vanished quickly to be replaced by a stone cold expression of distrust. Swinging his legs over the saddle Jihoon jumped of Azur onto the ground, his small stature seemed to instantly calm the person in front of him. Being completely honest to himself Jihoon knew that his small frame posed little threat to most people. Which was one of the first mistakes that people made when judging him. Still it was disappointing that people only saw his small frame and instantly thought of him as weak.

“I don’t want to harm you,” Jihoon continued talking to the person in front of him, who still hadn’t dropped his guard. “My name is Woozi.” Using his favourite alter ego once again he tried to gain the trust of the other person. “Why are you traveling alone omega?” The tall cold looking omega in front off him continued his silence.


Wonwoo had seen the person in front of him approaching slowly on the tall brown horse, he had been riding with his eyes closed, bobbing his head to the sides while humming softly with a pleasant sound. The person had obviously been startled when the horse suddenly stopped and had looked at Wonwoo with confusion in his eyes, as if he didn’t know what was happening around him, his black hair rustling in the wind.

However the person had quickly recovered and started talking to him from high up on the back of his horse. The moment the person had jumped of the horse Wonwoo had been surprised at the size of the small beta standing in front of him. How could a young boy like him be traveling alone in this dangerous forest? His frame was small and although he was certainly muscular, Wonwoo wasn’t sure if the boy could defend himself from attackers. He was pushing his hair back with one hand, trying to get it out of his eyes. His round innocent face showed a serious expression while looking at Wonwoo. Somewhere in the distance Wonwoo could hear the strangers voice telling him that he wouldn’t harm him, not that Wonwoo gave the person much chance of hurting him. Even without any combat training Wonwoo thought he would be able to beat the smaller.

When the smaller finally asked why he was traveling alone Wonwoo became aware of Soonyoungs absence, the alpha had left him behind to do some scouting in the area and search for fresh meat to supplement their simple dinner of dried fruits and the simple wheat flat bread that Wonwoo made them.

Woozi had been staring at him while he remained silent, staying right where he was. With a last calculating glance over at Wonwoo, Woozi turned around slightly puffing his cheeks in annoyance at the continuing quietness surrounding the both of them. Rustling in his saddlebags Woozi took out three apples, stuffing one of them in his own mouth and handing the one of the remaining two apples to his horse after removing the bit from it’s mouth. Mumbling with the apple in his mouth Woozi slowly moved over towards Wonwoo with the apple stretched out in front of him, offering the food to the omega. The small boyish man facial expression questioning and unsure of himself. Still a bit hesitant Wonwoo reached out his hand to accept the apple from the stranger in front of him, unsure why he didn’t distrust Woozi more. When his hands folded around the apple Woozi’s face lit up in a wide smile, that turned his eyes into small crescents and made him look even more youthful.

After Wonwoo accepted the apple Woozi turned around and walked back to his horse, only to return soon after with a blanket in his hands. Starting to happily hum again the small beta unfolded the blanket and spread it out on the ground near a large tree. Apple still in his mouth he sat down with his back resting comfortably against the oak tree behind him. Wonwoo found himself shaking his head as he slowly sat down next to the smaller. Quietly munching on their apples both man sat side by side for some time until Wonwoo noticed the head of the other slowly falling down towards his shoulder as the boy had closed his eyes and was drifting into a deep slumber with a content smile gracing his facial features. It took Wonwoo only a few more minutes to completely let go of his own guard as he himself made himself more comfortable and slowly fell lost his consciousness as sleep took over.




The scent was the first thing that Soonyoung noticed when he approached the site where he had previously left Wonwoo. A faint flowery fragrance had mingled in with Wonwoos own distinct scent that Soonyoung would recognize anywhere. Approaching slowly he saw Wonwoo leaning against a tree, eyes closed, sleeping peacefully. His muscles relaxed when he saw no other persons around his best friend and he decided to let the omega sleep some more while he started a fire. The sound of footsteps approaching made him turn

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