Chapter three

The Grenhil Pack
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Chapter three: The warrior packs head alpha

It was apparently market day in Strenyard, something he had not anticipated when coming to the town. It was bustling with activity and noise, but he had to admit that it seemed like a nice town to live. The marketplace was a sight to see on it’s own, graced with trees and flower patches along the side of the road. The wooden houses were all decorated with paintings of beautiful flowers. The little windows were actually made of glass that was coloured in in different shades. Something that Soonyoung had rarely seen before. It was said to be one of Strenyards specialties, the glass industry was famous all over the eastern continent. A few houses had iron decorations in different shapes and sizes, the one that stood out to him was the inn at the other side of the town square. The inn had a beautiful iron pattern displayed above the entrance that resembled the town square itself. Truly a masterpiece. Next to the inn he saw a tall man that looked in his own direction, making him a little uncomfortable.

It was indeed a very wealthy town and somehow Soonyoung had the feeling that he wouldn’t have won a fight with the head alpha, without even seeing the damned guy. He was happy that he had chosen to try and get on the alphas good side instead. Sunken deep in his own thoughts he looked at the sky that was starting to change into a dark blue hue, stars slowly getting visible as the moon starting to creeping up behind the houses. While he was contemplating about how to propose his deal to the head alpha, he failed to notice some guards slowly encircling their group and by the time he noticed they were already surrounded. Soonyoung suddenly felt the presence of another alpha staring him down.

“Please be so kind to drop you weapons,” it was the guy he had seen staring at him before from the other side of the marketplace, “I would hate it if I had to spill blood on such a nice day.” Despite the jolly tone the guy had used, Soonyoung knew that it wasn't an empty threat. A bit further at the back a beta was lurking, nunchaku s nonchalantly in his hands, despite his skinny stature Soonyoung decided that the nunchaku man might be the most dangerous of his opponents. The way he was now gripping his nunchaku implied to Soonyoung that he had to move quickly otherwise a fight would ensue. Seeing that Soonyoung wanted to offer a trade to the head alpha getting into a fight with guards was probablynot  a good way to start a conversation. While he was debating about taking a fight the tall alpha in front of him had also started moving and taking on a pose in which his hands had easier access to the sword on his back.

The fighting stance of the man looked impressive and Soonyoung wondered if the alpha would offer him a good fight. Even though he was sure that in the end he would be victorious in a one on one fight, a scan of his surroundings thought him that his group was clearly out numbered. Maybe he should have brought more than just five people when visiting this town. Lifting up his hands, he shrugged his shoulders. “Of course, how can we decline if  you are asking us so politely, how could I do anything else than to comply with your kind request.” His honey coated voice would send shivers down the spines of most guards, for some reason it was sinister rather that friendly, but the tall alpha just gave him a weird look and signalled him to drop his weapons.

“Don’t try any tricks, I am not in the mood to fight you. Weapons in the bag.” Waving with his finger towards one of the other guards who stepped forward holding a huge bag. With a heavy, and very dramatic sigh, Soonyoung took off his weapons and dropped them into the opened bag, his group members quickly followed his example.  After checking if all the weapons were gone the tall man signalled Soonyoung and his group to follow. “Seungcheol has been waiting to for you. Let’s go.”


The man brought them to a formal looking stone building, he went inside leaving the rest of the guards with Soonyoung and his pack members. Soonyoung whistled in appreciation of the architecture in front of him. He looked up and admired the handiwork of several stone statutes that decorated the exterior of the building. The stones in the entrance had different markings etched into them, most likely the clan symbols of the Strenyard pack, a lion with its claws stretching towards the side of the door as if it wanted to claw itself in the wooden doorframe. The symbol was repeated in the light blue surface of the door. The skinny lo

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