a crazy love

Baekhyun’s excitement to fetch his brother and go to school together was changed into a nervousness when he was forbid to go out.
“just open the gate! Baekhyun raise a voice..
“I’m sorry sir,,we will loose our job if we will let you go out…the guard apologize..
He bit his lip and start to panic. He dialed his man’s number but it was just ringing.
He dialed V’s number and good thing he answered it quickly.
“hey V..I can’t come to fetch you and can’t you not go to school? Just don’t go to school…he said..
“but why? Where are you?..the younger on the other line asked…
“just somewhere,,just stay home for today…baek told, he can’t tell him why,, he can’t warn him why because he’s not sure yet why chanyeol grounded him to go out.
“jin is here,,I’ll just go with him,, I’ll wait for you at school I have something to tell you…V said and hang the phone.
He dialed chanyeol’s number again and this time it was answered.
“tell me you’re going to work… He instantly talked..
“from now on, I’m going to be your substitute in the school as the school director… chanyeol replied…
“why are you doing this? What are you planning?! Baekhyun gritted..
“just stay home for few days, I will send D.O later to teach you what to say at the conference…
“conference? What conference?
“me and mom already decided to give you a position in the company, you are no longer a school director,, you’re going to be the future vice CEO of the company.. And D.O will come to tell you some briefing, he will guide you, you already know the nature of the business and it’s now the time for you to apply it…I didn’t inform you earlier since you’re sleeping..chanyeol continue to talk..
“tell the guard to let me go out,,, why you have to ban me going out? He asked..
“I have to go,,ren will be late,,,chanyeol just said..
“chanyeol, chanyeol,,, chanyeol!!!! He shouted but the call was ended… damn you chanyeol, why are you doing this to me?!!! He screamed, hitting the steering wheel..he has no choice but to go back to the garage and park his car.
Chanyeol cut the call before baekhyun will talk back, of course he knows that baekhyun will refuse into it, it was the last night when he talk to his mom about giving a position to baekhyun in the company, their plan to give the Vice CEO to him, he thought of giving it now before baekhyun could leave him. His mom agreed because she doesn’t know what’s going on between her son and to the poor boy. She trust the ability of baekhyun that’s why she doesn’t need to think twice and besides, she treat baekhyun as her own son.
“Aren’t you too much? You’re locking him at home,,,it’s normal if you lock me at home because I’m your brother but him,,baekhyun hyung is not even our blood, we don’t have the right to forbid him to see his brother….Ren who was sitting on the passenger seat bravely gave his thought..
“don’t mind my problem to baekhyun, mind your own problem and I want you to end your relationship to that kim Jonghyun or else you won’t like what will I going to do…chanyeol said and threatened the young boy..
“you’re good at threatening, you’re good at making people suffer but you’re not good on studying what’s best for all the people moving around you!,,you treat us like robots,, your heart is hard as a stone,,, ren told…
“just do what I told you,, as older than you, I am responsible of you…I promised your father to take care of you and make sure to have a better future and marry a good girl and that’s what I’m doing so just follow my rules,,
“you are so heartless, do you know how long did they waited for this day? The day that they will meet again and now you’re trying to separate them again? We’re talking about baekhyun hyung here and so don’t drag my case, I know I am your brother and you’re my older brother, I did what you want, a better life? Not every man needs a woman to share their life, not every marriage turns out good or happy, and I don‘t need a woman,,just like you, I don‘t need that girl, all I need is the man you forbid me to meet… I don’t know you anymore!…you are not the brother I have..you’re different from chanyeol hyung I have before…you’re getting worst,,
Chanyeol stopped the car.. Stepping on the break all of a sudden and grab his brother‘s collar but he end up hugging him. I‘m sorry, he murmured and tightened his hug to him. Hate me if you want, hate me, I‘m just afraid. Afraid to break my promise to your father and to mom…
“im sure father will understand, you raise me well it’s just that I like someone else and I want to do whatever I think will make me happy,,,
“you can be happy with your wife as you both grow old…
“no,,I won’t, I’m telling you I only need Jr…
“you’re insane if you think your life will just evolve around him!…
“then you are crazy too because you think that baekhyun hyung can stay with you for a lifetime!..,which is impossible!…
“stop it now….calmly, chanyeol pulled out and face the steering wheel again..
“if you will just treating him well, I assure you, he won’t leave you because he loves you more than you love him, if he wants to leave you, he already did long time ago, he’s capable of paying his debt ,you know it, but he never did because he wants to stay with you, don’t you see that? You are just being too possessive, to him and to me..ren said.. It’s just you hyung,,,it’s you because you don’t want others to be happy!,,he added, a little frustrated because he doesn’t know what to explain just to persuade his brother..
“don’t teach me,,I know what I’m doing…he drove again, ignoring what the younger had explain..
Silence followed, Ren looked outside the car when he didn’t able to convince his brother with his words.
They entered the school and Ren exited the car, sighing, still hoping that his words will make him change his mind. While he was walking, he check his phone for possible update and news about his boyfriend when he received one from him. He’s a bit excited so he opened it quickly.
A day ago (same day when V found out about baekhyun’s secret)
Jr finally came back to korea, he actually doesn’t have any idea what will happen, all he think was that he wants to see ren even if it’s at risk. He agreed to the condition of his parents so he can go back to school.
*(a week ago…
“you can go back to korea and to your school if you will engage with fionna…Mr. Kim, his father said…
“what?,,he asked, gulping, he knows that he has no choice now..
“we will conduct the engagement before you go back to school…by then, that’s the only time you can resume to your studies…father explains…
“but….jr tried to refuse…
“no but’s, If you disagree then we have no choice but to withdraw your enrollment in that university…father threatened him…
“okay fine,,,I will,,Jr clench his teeth…he has to agree or else he can’t see ren anymore….)*
“Jr, you‘re back? At exactly 6 pm, jin came home and was surprised when he saw his brother at home….
“hyung…Jr run to his shocked brother and drag him inside his room…
“what are you doing here? Were you with father and mom?..jin asked..
“yes..jr simple answer
“how come,,wait,,why did they~~~~confused jin face palm himself
“I agreed to the engagement so I can go back to school…. The younger told
“what? How about ren?… the elder asked again
“I can‘t see ren anymore if I didn‘t accept this…they will withdraw me from school and I will not have the chance to meet him… the younger explain
“when is the engagement?.. jin questioned
“tomorrow so I can resume my study the next day.. Jr answered
“mwo?! Why so fast?…Jin exclaimed
“anyway,,how was he? Jr asked after sighing.
“actually,,everything was complicated, many things happen here, not only to ren and you, also to V and baekhyun..I don‘t know,,I‘m going crazy thinking about you and ren and now thinking about V and that director.. Ren is still grounded, he‘s always guarded, are you planning to meet him?.. Jin shut his eyes remembering all the stress he has.
“yes..is he using his phone?…
“yes..just be careful when you meet him..tell him to be careful too,,it‘s too risky bro,,I‘m sorry I can‘t help,,V can‘t help you too…I think something happen this morning, V didn’t go to school and baekhyun didn’t even go down to check… JIn warned his brother.
“I know…thanks..sorry i stress you a lot... Jr felt really sorry for his brother.
“by the way,,be careful to your girl, fionna, she‘s working out at your back,, I heard her before, she was talking on the phone about a video, I‘m not sure but I have the feeling that she‘s the one who sent the video to father..The older told to warn him..
“mwo? Are you sure?…
“I said I‘m not sure..I‘ve seen the video too when I borrowed father‘s phone but I didn‘t able to check the number…
“she‘ll be dead if I prove it was her…
“got to go…I need to call V…he said because he didn’t able to find his boyfriend in the school…
The next day. He sent a message to his boyfriend, informing him that he’s back and will resume to school the next day, telling him to wait at their secret place.
A simple preparation of their engagement, both family members and some close friends only. It was just a simple ceremony. He was there and both of them pay respect to the elders by bowing to them. Jr looked unhappy but everyone just ignore it since they assume it was because they are still too young and not used to this kind of event.
“thanks for coming oppa, I thought you will not come….the girl said happily...
“are you that happy? So are you happy that you succeed to your plan? I know, you know about me and ren…
“you can’t be together oppa…
“well yes, we know that but you think we can be together?,,we can live together and get married but I will never be with you..your smart enough to know what I mean…jr whispered.
The girl clench her teeth but still able to smile with the family. Jr remains the same, his physical presence maybe there but his mind is not around. He was praying to all saints and goddesses that this engagement will be over soon.
V was told by his parents that they will be attending Jr’s engagement ceremony that gives a shock to him. He haven’t talked to his boyfriend so he had no news about Jr yet, he became busy thinking about his issue to his brother and didn’t able to think about others, also his boyfriend. Feeling guilty, he phoned his man and asked, and he confirmed the news he received from his parents.
After talking to his boyfriend, chatting about Jr’s sudden engagement ceremony, they cut. They talked few minutes but seems what they talked about didn’t absorbed by his brain and didn’t able to process by his mind. He sighed.
He was waiting, as his baekhyun hyung told him, he will drop by and pick him up to go to school together. After their arguments yesterday, he realize that he gave his brother a hard time. He felt happy and relieved when his parent gave him a counseling and decided to give his brother a chance.
Waiting for about 20 minutes already, his phone rang and received the call coming from his brother..
“hey V..I can’t come to fetch you and can you not go to school? Just don’t go to school…from the other line, his brother said...
“but why? Where are you?..he asked…
“just somewhere,,just stay home for today…baek response,
“jin is here,,I’ll just go with him,, I’ll wait for you at school I have something to tell you…he said and hang the phone immediately, of course he lied. He was disappointed that his brother can’t come.
Not thinking much about the request of the older, he took a taxi and go to school alone. There he saw Ren and remembered about Jr’s engagement ceremony.
“does he knows it? He mumbled..
Then he saw the Chairman, Mr. Park driving the car where ren is riding. Recalling the request of his brother..
“…can you not go to school?,,,it keeps repeating in mind and trying to analyze.
“why is he here? He mumbled again..he suddenly felt uneasy. The tone of his brother seems in panic a while ago. He shut his eyes and hit his forehead..
He went straight to the canteen to take his breakfast since he didn’t able to eat at home while dialing his brother’s number. He got no response already.
He met ren and the blonde sited in front of him. Ren told his bodyguard to go and have some coffee first. Of course he just want to have a private talk with V. but before they had talked, some gossips already spread inside the canteen. They were curious so they followed where the gossip came from. A huge TV in the canteen showed Jr sitting beside a girl.
Ren gulped and his knees felt so weak. He listen and watch carefully until the short glimpse of the ceremony ended. He race.
V was left astounded, though he was informed earlier, he just realize it now. He followed him.
Minhyun and baekho also heard about the news, they assume, ren will see it too. They search the campus to find their friend. They saw him running, they rush heading to their friend. As they catch him, they asked, but ren was crying already. Coming behind was V.
“he saw? Minhyun asked V..
“yes..V mouthed.
“aigoo..I’m sure Jr can explain it….minhyun pat his friend’s head…
“he sent me a message and told me that he’s back and told me to wait for him tomorrow…then what is that engagement for?, why he told me to wait? to break me up and tell me that he’s getting married soon? What the hell..he’s gone for a long time, we didn’t met for a long time. He just sent me few messages and all those messages are telling me to wait for him, now he’s back to tell me that were done?…ren yelped, gasping air to breath.
“calm down okay,, you haven’t talk to him..maybe he has the reason..minhyun said.. Baekho turned around, he hates when one of his friends is hurting or crying..
“I’m sorry,,jin told me earlier but I didn’t able to inform you quickly…V talked feeling guilty…
“V it’s not your fault…it’s Jr okay,,ren said while crying…
“just meet him tomorrow if he told you to meet…he’s the only one you can ask…V suggested..
“if ever I see him, I’ll crash him into pieces…I told you before, but you insisted to have a relationship with him..baekho said angrily…
“yahhh!!! Baekho what are you saying?..minhyun hissed…
Ren cried even more and jumped to baekho’s arms. Minhyun brush his friend’s hair and keeps telling him to calm down. V was silent the back up and down.
It was afternoon when kyungsoo visited baekhyun at home with the instruction of chanyeol.
Kyungsoo hesitantly talked to baekhyun especially when he saw the face was really down and blank…
“cha~~chanyeol told me to bring this and~~~ kyungsoo slowly talked, careful but baek cut him…
“I know,,he told me…baekhyun shut his eyes and lowered his head with his fist bald on his lap..
“are you alright? Kyungsoo asked subtly…
Baekhyun didn’t answer, instead, he pressed his temple and rub the bridge of his nose.
“I know you don’t like the idea of chanyeol, everything is a command you know it,,and I know you want to leave and be with your brother…kyungsoo swiftly mentioned…
Baekhyun raise his head giving a where-did-you-know look to the secretary. He didn’t expect it to be revealed to anyone else.
“he told us,,we are his friends, even though he’s that cold and strict, he has still his weakness and we assume he’s already in his limit…why don’t you consider the position as a vice CEO first….kyungsoo said…
“he’s treating me like a prisoner, he wants me to stay away from my own brother, he’s too selfish to think of his own only and he never consider what will I feel…baekhyun groan..
“I thought you know him well already, we always notice him spacing out, always ever since he sent you overseas until now, we always ask him why, he gave us only one answer, that he’s falling in love with you, we laughed at him coz he never confess to us like that and for the first time he didn‘t get pissed, well we’re happy for him then he told us that he feel nervous and scared,,,
“but he never showed me, I always feel like an employee to him only , he insist to lay me in bed but at the end of it,,it was like nothing for him, it felt like it‘s always a one night stand that every end of making out it is also the end of everything….
“a one night stand has no hugs and kisses at the end of the night,, kyungsoo winked…
“well, sometimes, there is no~~,,,,baekhyun stopped and bury his face with both hands…
Remembering how chanyeol kissed him every morning though it seems like no feelings at all, how the man cup his face and give him a soft peck before pulling out of the bed or before exiting his room..remembering how he received a back hug whenever the man found him looking outside the window. And lately, how chanyeol cuddled him on the bed and beg him to stay a little longer beside him.
Kyungsoo just smile, taking that silence a hint that it wasn’t just a one night stand, prove that baekhyun is just being careless to his words because he was thinking about his brother lately and forgot how much he loves chanyeol.
“you just want to leave this house and you’re attention just diverted to your brother and now you’re forgetting the positive side of your relationship to chanyeol, that’s why he is too afraid to set you free…that you will loose focus on him…kyungsoo pointed out..
“but I’m suffocated and he’s getting into my nerves, he’s doing things that I don’t like, he better strangle me on my neck than to forbid me to see my brother…I’ve waited for this, to see my brother again but he’s pushing me away from it…and lately he’s too physical, he slapped and,,and,, I don’t know him already,,,if he’s into his limit then I’m reaching my limit too…
“no, you don’t, you are still here, your limit will tell you when your heart says it’s over and you don’t need chanyeol anymore,,,that you don‘t love him anymore..,d.o shook his head..
“but it says it’s over already, all I have is anger,,,all I want now is to go and live without him, live with my brother…
“you are wrong, your anger just overlaps everything, your desire to be with your brother is eating your feelings for him, try to ask yourself, you’re forgetting the positive side and you’re over thinking the negative side…think of it baek…chanyeol loves you, I know even if he’s not saying it always..
Baekhyun thought again, is kyungsoo right again this time? Is he just ignoring chanyeol now that he found his brother? Did he forget about chanyeol already that’s why the man is eager to get his attention and doing everything to keep him beside him?
“chanyeol is just silent and rude when he talks but you know what?,,his weakness is ren, he’s afraid that one day ren will revenge and it’s almost happening now and the other one is you, he’s afraid that you’ll gonna leave him for something and it’s happening now, that’s why he’s doing such stupid things though it’s against his will just to keep you…his mind is full and he doesn’t know where to start or what to face first, ren, you, his mom, the company and their businesses, he‘s just human baek he still need strength, you are his strength when ren is not there but now you‘re leaving him, what do you think he will gonna do?. kyungsoo pointed out....
“but it’s suffocating, I can’t even breath, I don’t have my freedom, he can’t understand me, he doesn’t want to understand me in the first place…baekhyun continue with his complains..
“it’s suffocating, because you’re thinking that it was…kyungsoo blew air from his mouth,,,,we’re friends since childhood, me, kai, sehun, and him.. He’s the most delicate person among us but he’s not that heartless, in fact I work for him because he wants me to have a good income, he’s paying me a double compare to other companies, why did he do that? Because a regular salary would not be enough to support a sick mother…my mom was sick since college. Chanyeol needed to take over their businesses and he can’t focus if he’s spending school, so four of us decided to take an exam to be exempted from college, but we had to take a review class for one year, it’s too expensive so I decided to drop off the review and just take the 4 years in school, he refuse and he paid it all and I graduated together with them, then he gave me the secretarial position when he was put on the board as the president, here I am still with him and my mom is living better now…he added.
“why are you telling me that?
“because I want you to realize that chanyeol is not that bad..he’s not that heartless, he’s not that mean, he was just scared to let go of you..he can’t accept that you’re leaving him…because he planned everything already...
“kyungsoo, I never planned to leave him but what we have now is just a contract,,that as soon as I paid all my debt to him I’m gonna leave this house…our relationship is more on just a contract that he himself made and signed…
“you can pay it now,,baekhyun you are capable to pay it but you’re not doing it,,15 million? Baek your income is not just a little amount right? And chanyeol gave you an allotment every month in return for taking care of them, especially his mom,,why you didn‘t pay that? Did you ask yourself why?
Baekhyun looked up to kyungsoo then he thought, ask himself mentally why when he realize that kyungsoo is right. He has a good salary, a good source of income, he saved a lot already and chanyeol gave him extra too but he never thought of paying his debt.
“chanyeol told you that he‘s deducting your salary to an amount from your debt, he did, but I’m telling you, there’s deduction on it but you’re receiving your salary complete..you didn’t notice it because chanyeol gave you your salary directed to your account and you never talked about it.. Your contract for your debt is just a paper and it’s nothing for chanyeol.. There is no such thing as contract baek and anytime you can leave..
“but we agreed and I signed to it….
“I saw him that time, he threw it on the trash..when the day he helped you, he never think twice, we are against it but he insisted, it was the first time we saw him so eager to help a stranger….
“but why you didn’t told me before? All of you knows it and I have the confident to face all of you…baekhyun was shocked, the contract he thought an evidence for him to be jailed if ever he tries to escape is only written and was thrown away, and there’s no such thing as evidence…
“I love him,,,that’s what he told us the last night we were together…and that was also said to us when we tried to scold him for letting you stay here in this house….you love him too right? Just that you are confuse whether chanyeol loves you or not…D.o made a smile..
Baekhyun let out a heavy sigh and looked away, kyungsoo is right again, he’s just confuse on what chanyeol really feels for him.
“I’m not going to teach you all of this documents or tell you about the company because I know I am here not to teach you but to watch you if you are leaving or not. Besides there’s nothing to teach because you already know everything about their businesses..This is just an excuse of chanyeol…kyungsoo said and pat the other’s back.
Baekhyun lean his back on the sofa and roam his eyes around the living room. Every corner of the living room leaves a memory of him and chanyeol talking about business seriously. The memory on how they talk casually about the company and how their whole day passed by. The memory of him with chanyeol and ren watching movies. The lifeless tired businessman flopping on the sofa, a sleeping man waiting for him to have dinner together. He sighed repeatedly. What is he doing? What did he do to the man to make him obsessed with him, to make him feel scared like that?. Few questions constructed in his mind.
Kyungsoo is right, he’s eager to begin with his brother to the point that he’s making an excuses for him to get away from this house. But chanyeol threatened him to hurt taehyung if ever he decide to leave. Is that also just a word so that chanyeol will keep him. Or did chanyeol threatened him because the man can sense that he’s planning to live separately.
He has no plan on leaving him but whenever he think that he owes a lot of money to the one he’s living in, he finds it shameful to his brother. Kyungsoo was right, he set aside all the good deeds of chanyeol to him and let the negative side overflows his pride. Maybe a serious talk to his man is better than to say things that makes the man start to piss off. Why not talk to him without leading to an argument. Talked properly and asked the real score between them. And tell him his plans on having his brother won’t harm their relationship.
“I’m going,,,just tell chanyeol that kai called me so I didn’t even teach you.. I’ll message him…talk later okay? You can do it? Everything will be fine…chanyeol I’m sure will understand you regarding your plans for your brother..
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