introduction part 3: jren


Choi minki, known as ren,  brother of the owner of the school he was in. Second son of the Park household, and choi household now, after the first husband of their mother, which is Mr.Park, died and got married to Mr. Choi, which is ren's father, who died also due to illness. 


He grew prettier than any other boys and girls out there. A fragile one, a precious to his brother. A spoiled brat who can do anything he wished for, he can get whatever he needs to. Only one thing he can't do, he can't go outside without bodyguards or a driver. He never wished to be the heir and he never wished to take over what was given to his brother. Though his brother always tells him that he needs to get into business and one day will come that he will manage some of the businesses, still he didn't take it into mind. Because his life is indebted from his brother, if not because of his brother, maybe he's not experiencing the life he has now, luxury, material things that cost a life, and a love from a family. 


His brother was alarmed, but he was never been forced to do things that he dislike. He is interested in fashion and so his brother gets into tge fashion industry for him. But he is still young for taking it over. All he want to do right now is to go to school and live like a normal person, no bodyguards, no maids, or anyone tailing behind him. He pleaded to his brother to keep those people away from him, and so he was granted for one condition, he will be sent to school with the driver, waited outside by the driver, go home with the driver. He was kidnapped once, so his brother is just worried for him. 


"boo!!! A boy came behind him. He jumped and hold his chest. 


" idiot,, are you trying to kill me? Ren hissed and slap the boy in the arm.. 


Kim Jonghyun, known as Jr, is the second son of Mr. & Mrs. Kim. He was sent to Ggeum university to study business management to take over their logistics business and other businesses. His life is already written in the water, his future and what he will do to his future. His marriage is already decided after his brother confessed about the relationship to taehyung. Not until he met his pretty boyfriend. And now he's willing to take the risk just like what his brother did for the relationship to the same gender. 


"hi baby! he waved to the boyfriend, looking around before he drag him on the vacant room.. 


"yahhh!! Yah yah! What are you doing? Ren knock the boy on the arm,, worrying that they will be found out by other students, well not necessary to be worried, they are worried to be found out by their family, they are both spied for sure. They assume.


"no one is here.,,don't worry,,I missed you,,,jr said ing the first 3 buttons of his boyfriend's uniform.. 


"yahhh stop struggled from his boyfriend's naughtiness while giggling.


"5 minutes..jr winked and nuzzled the blonde's neck.. 


"aww! yahhh..okay fine. 10 minutes,,ren said, and bit his lover's bottom lip.. 


But before jr could eat him up, the bell rang, sign that the class will start soon. Both gasp for air, jr rested his face to ren's chest.


"eotteokke! what do we do? let's just sneak out after said.


"promise? could you able to do that?,, jr click his tongue and put back the button of his lover's uniform. While stealing another kiss on the lips. 


"I will, I missed you has been a week since we last had made out and im ing craving for's all my brother's fault. He never let me go said blaming his brother.. 


"why don't we just tell them about us! I will tell my father about this..jr thought and suggested.. 


"yahhh are you out of your mind? Do you want them to freak out..I'm engage and you're engage too..the hell was that..I don't want to marry that make up girl..ahhh just thinking about her,,,how could a girl wear a thick make complained.


"it has been months since we play hide and seek,,us being the one hiding! jr ruffled his lover's hair..if I was just confident like my brother, i will tell them about us,,, he added.


"ahh by the way, we must be extra careful.. My brother's lover, baekhyun hyung will be the new director here in this school. He'll start today I think... ren informed his boyfriend.. 


"really..yahhh they are lovers? As you told me,,that man is just working to your brother due to debt" jr raise a brow.. 


"yes,,well I think they are lovers, I don't ask them but the way they talk and holds each other sometimes, and they sleep together in one room, so that's obvious" ren announced and fix his bangs.. Anyway,,let's go, we'll be late at the flag ceremony, and I'm sure,,later I will be called by him" he added and shrugged.. 


"okay,,bye" jr peck the blonde on the lips and both exited the empty room, heading to the oval separately. Ren had to walk while jr need to run so that they won't able to arrive to the oval at the same time. 


They started their relationship not long time ago, and their relationship is not as open as the others. They need to keep it from everyone due to some flaws on their status. They both know that they are entitled to marry a girl, for the sake of their status in life. They need to pursue and continue the generations of their family. Ren's brother has no plan of marrying since he became the head of the family, and so he is the only son who can fulfill it. Jr is the chosen one after his brother revealed and fought for his relationship to the boyfriend, and him who have no confident and enough courage, he has to accept his fate. 


Both have duties in life, but both loves each other and they will do anything to keep their love to one another. They are willing to wait and they are willing to fight. Not now but in the future when everything gets in their way. 


They can do whatever they want to do, yes, but there is one thing that they can't do by their own, and that is to love and announce the real them.



It took me too long for the part 3...just imagine ren's blonde hair ok because his blonde hair suits in his character here..hope many will subscribe here too...thankyu...

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