Baekhyun woke up the next morning. He immediately roam his eyes around when he notice he was in his own bed. Sighing, he got up and rub his face with his palms. Not wondering why he was on his own room, chanyeol took him there, it wasn't the first time anyway. Even if the tall guy is rough or tough, cold and mean sometimes, he never let him sleep just anywhere else. That's why he always feel being very secured from the moment he lives in with him.

Chanyeol is nowhere to find in the house anymore, maybe he's gone to office early, that is him, always, whenever he won't get enough sleep, he just stay up all night and go to his company early.

Baekhyun took his morning shower and dressed up. Going down to the dining room to get his breakfast. As usual, foods seems untouched though ren surely took a bite already. He ate. The maid came and handed to him the brown envelope.

  "a guy came yesterday and handed this to Mr. Park, young master gave it to me before he left to work and told me to give it you..the maid said politely..

  "a guy? He uttered furrowing his brows..

The maid left after a nod. He opened it and saw a copy of the orphanage's documents, and some documents regarding the disappearance of the said haven and a piece of paper containing numbers and a street. Cited several address of some orphanage. And the documents, as he read it, he felt weak. The orphanage is no longer existing as it was burnt and the children living in the haven, some were dead and some were distributed to various other orphanage.

He was searching for it as soon as he got a job before but he never found it again since the orphanage was abandoned already. Until he came to live with chanyeol and started to look everywhere again but chanyeol sent him overseas. By then he stopped searching for 3 years and he  is busy to get a chance to search, it was a secret from chanyeol.

He secretly hired an investigator when he came back to korea. And this is the latest update to him. It was still sealed so maybe chanyeol didn't bother to open it. He flip the pages, cuts of newspapers as a proof of the burning place and lists of dead bodies and list of alive children and where haven they are now.

He almost fell from his chair when he found his brother's name, he cried staring at the name mixed at the names under the dead ones.

On the other hand, chanyeol was spacing out, thinking about the envelopes he received from last night. He knew, baekhyun is searching for his brother, he knew it from a spy he hired to look after baekhyun. Baekhyun being busy going out almost every night was a puzzle to him, so he hired a spy to know what makes the short guy busy when he's out. That's when he knew baekhyun's secret but he never confronted him, he knows the feeling of losing a brother when ren was kidnapped.

Worries, he always feel it, worried that baek would step out from the mansion as soon as he found his brother, though he can handle him, he can command him, and he can prevent him from leaving, still he is worried, who is he to take the chance away of living with the brother.

Troubling himself last night about it and he finally decided to hand the envelope to baekhyun while he was staring closely at him, just then he gave it out to him this morning. Feeling more guilty, unhappy and unsure of what will happen next.


Awkward, both Ren and Jr are not talking.

Ren went to Jr as soon as he approach school. He stood outside the classroom. Jr came after few minutes as soon as a student handed a piece of note to him.

Jr didn't talk, instead, he lean on the door frame and just watch the boyfriend. Trembling and nervous, ren just stood there while staring at Jr, waiting for the boyfriend's explanation about the yesterday's event. Actually both of them are waiting to each other's words.

  "you're not saying anything? Class will start soon, go back to your class..Jr said after a sigh and turn his back.

  ''Jr.. yesterday? At the mall, whose able to ask, head lowered down..

  "the girl? Jr continued when the other didn' t finish the sentence.

Jr walked closer to the blonde and bent down and saw the boyfriend's eyes were close. Why would I tell you? You broke up with me yesterday, I don't think I need to answer it.. Think whatever you want..Jr smirked and turn around again..

  "Okay fine sorry...  I didn't mean it, I'm just upset,,I just said that out of anger.. I didn't mean it, I grasp Jr's uniform to stop him.

  "so? Jr response in sarcasm while lifting the boy's face..

  "de? Ren's eyes furrowed as he didn't expect Jr's response to be like that..

  "I mean why are you apologizing now? For? Jr  tilted his head and continue to be sarcastic.

Ren felt embarrassed, he look around and run.

Jr followed behind when he realized what he had done. He was actually waiting for ren to come since he can't approach him whenever he's with the driver or bodyguard. But he didn't expect his words to embarrassed his boyfriend. His words and response maybe unnecessary to the blonde, and it turns out to be rude. Seeing how ren's face became red and eyes became wet, he felt guilty out of it.

  "ren wait! Jr finally reach ren at their secret place, the theatre hall, he came in.

Ren was sitting in between the line of chairs, burying his face between his palms while crying.

  "ren, I'm sorry, I just want to play a bit..  Jr holds him on the shoulder and explains..

  "you're a damn player.. Do you know how hard for me to go to you just to say sorry? Ren uttered in between his sobs..

  "alright..that's why I am here..  I'm sorry, come on... Jr sat on the chair and sat him on his lap.

  "you already have a girlfriend, that instant, after just few hours... ren confronted..

  "she's not my girlfriend, she's a childhood friend.. I planned to introduce you to them but you didn't come with us..  she felt sorry after she knew that you're my boyfriend,,, Jr finally said.

  "really? You're not lying? Ren sniff and faced his boyfriend.

  "promise, I swear.. they are actually want to meet you, they are expecting you yesterday..Jr added and cleaned the blonde's wet face due to tears.

  "then let's meet them..Ren pursed his lips..

  "you don't believe me, are you? Jr chuckled..

  "I just want you to prove it to me.. .Ren said..

  "are you free? You can go out? Jr raise a brow..

  "let's skip class today, ren suggested..

  "what? Jr asked in disbelief..

Ren grab his boyfriend's hand without any response. They walk through the parking area and stop at Jr's car.

  "are you sure? Jr confirmed..

  "hmm.. ren simple response..

Jr opened the car and both drove outside the school, lucky them there are no guards since it's the hour of their daily inspections in every buildin

They succeeded in exiting the school and in less that an hour they stopped at a girl's high. Jr step out of the car first and went to the two girls waiting at the gate.

  "im sorry to bother you...Jr immediately apologize to the two..

  "it's okay, we have no class at the first two hours,,one of the girl replied..

  "so what was that all about in your text message? The other girl asked,, he's here? She added looking at the car that was parkwd few steps away..

  "yeah,, he insisted, he thought that you're my girlfriend.. Jr laughed while scratching his head, feeling shy of course for the misinterpretation..

Ren gets out of the car too. Jr calls him and the blonde walk slowly towards them.

  "meet ren, my boyfriend, the one I told you..Jr introduced..

  "hi.. You're the one,, yesterday? The girl said..

  "yeah,,I'm sorry for suspecting both of you being in a apologize and gave a sheepish smile..

  "no worries..actually we didn't know, I told Jr to say sorry for me but he told me that you broke up with him.. The girl response.

  "ahh,,ahmm that thing,,ahmm yeah, just an argument... and stuttered..

  "but we're fine now.. Ahmm I think we better go now,, we're late already for our first class.. Jr held ren on the waist and thank the girls for granting his wish to meet his boyfriend..

  "no, I don't want to go back,,,ren pouts.. let's go somewhere else.. he added and left jr behind..

  "aigoo, jr, I think you found someone that match you, spoiled brat, you better go now. Just take the chance, you said that you never had enough time being with him.. I think he knows what he's doing...go! The girls said and shoo him..

Jr sighed and came to see his boyfriend already on his seat belt.

  "Where do you want to go? Jr asked while starting the engine and start to drive..

  "a hotel? Ren answered..

Jr stepped on the break as soon as he heard the answer. What did you say? What are we going to do in the hotel?

  "what do you think we will do there? Stare each other the whole day? He sarcastically replied into a question..

  "ren we are in uniform... Jr pointed his uniform..

  "we will check in or not? Why don't we try it? Ren raise a voice..irate.

  "okay fine, just don't start a fight, my  goodness ren... Jr rolled his eyes and drove again..

They stopped in front of the tall building, Jr still can't understand his boyfriend's idea. It wasn't safe anyway. He cross his arms on the steering wheel and look at his pretty boyfriend who was looking up to the building and playing his fingers together.

Ren has no confidence of course, the idea just came out from his mind all of a sudden. He pursed his lips and sighed as he lowered his head.

 " you're not confident aren't you?,, I can hear your chest drumming sooo loud...  jr mock..

  "of course I am.. Park the car exclaimed..

  "okay,,as you wish sweety, ren chuckled and moved to the parking lot.

Jr exited the car while ren's feet are heavy to step out. And proceeded at the entrance, staffs instantly bowed to them.

  "wait, the reception~~ ren talked but didn't continue when a tall guy handed a card to Jr. They took the lift, Jr pressed the 5th floor and keeps smiling while watching the blonde..

  "wait!  aren't we suppose to check in first? Why we're going up to the 5th floor already? And who is that guy?  Ren asked, wondering.

Jr didn't talk back.

  "Yahh talk to me?, I'm going sulk.

The elevator opened at the 5th floor and just grab the blonde's hand. At the end of the hallway there is a room. Jr swipe his card and it opened..

  "you can't, we're here already, and besides I don't need to talk to the receptionist, they know what they need to do if they see me here. Jr said and push the boy inside and close it after he step in.

Crossing his arm, jr smirked. Ren suddenly felt shaking and look around. The room has its luxurious ambiance, from the furniture to the walls and everything.

Jr walked closer and push the blonde until they reach the bed and both fell on it. Ren was shocked, they make out several times but it seems it was his first time, maybe because of the place, too bright, wide space, soft bed and they are free without worries.

  "wait Jr!  can you tell me first.. ren covered his boyfriend's mouth..

  "after a round. Come on I know this is what you want.. Having the idea to check in a hotel, it won't mean that we will just stare to each other. You wish for this. We're free the whole day.. Jr remind him..

  "but wait... ren pushed him up again..

  "stop talking or I will leave you here...  Jr threatened and quickly his shirt.

  "argghhh, jr what the hell, we have lots of time why were you rushing? Ren face palm himself while the other is leaving warm kisses on his stomach..

  "coz im planning to take you the whole day until you feel exhausted..Jr muttered and begun to undress him.

Ren helped to remove his upper while Jr is busy on his own. This is it, the thing they wished for. They don't know what will happen next risking their relationship outside their dark secret meeting place, the place that kept everything about their relationship.


Taehyung was dreaming and woke up crying., he long for his brother's embrace, he yearn for his brother's comfort, and he wants his brother's love. He sniff and hug his pillow. He dreamt about him, crying in the corner reaching out his hand for him, while he, he was leaving him behind.

He was adopted but he always visits the orphanage, his adopted parents never refuse to take him there. He was checking if his brother had visited there too, but there is no news about him, until one day the orphanage was abandoned and had transferred to another place. And he didn't able to locate the new place, he felt sad and lose hope that he will never meet his brother again. From that day onwards, he just accepted the fact that he will never be with him again.

He received the love he wants, the embrace, but it wasn't the same as the one he long for and that he yearn for. Dreaming of him is rare, he never dream of him crying, he always dream the happy days that they spent but this one is different. Of course he wants to meet him again though he have some grudges against him..

  "baby, what's wrong? Young saeng appa came and saw him..

  "appa, I dream of my brother, he's crying. He wants to hold me, but I keep on going away from him.. Am I that bad? Is he still alive?,,V cried as he buried his wet face on his appa's lap..

  "no baby.. You're not bad..but, no one knows if he's alive or not, we cut communication to the nun in the orphanage. But who knows, he's searching for you, I'm sure, he misses you too that's why you dream of him crying. Just wait huh? Appa comforted him..

  'appa, is it possible to find where the new house of the orphanage again?..V asked..

  "ahmm baby, actually, well we are not sure but few years ago, there is an orphanage that had burnt... .young saeng appa declared..

  "mwo? Appa,,,, V was shocked and can't believe that his hope had turn back to zero.

  "but we tried to locate the nun and other staffs but we didn't able to find, we stopped searching since me and hyun joong appa is busy overseas with our shows..I'm sorry baby.. we didn't told you earlier because we're still hoping to find some news about that, hope you understand us baby.. saeng appa explains..

  "I understand,, is it really impossible? V looked at the window..

  "but we heard that some kids are scattered to other orphanage, maybe some staff are there too..appa said ruffling his baby's hair.

  "appa can we go there., we will just ask,, please,,if they don't know anything, then I will never look for my brother again.. I know I'm being unfair~~~ V stuttered, he knows that his wish is impossible, that his long for his brother would hurt his parents.

  "no baby,, no one is unfair,,you'are not,, we understand,,,actually I have a charity works in one of the orphanage in Busan, I can take you with me, it's on you want to go? Appa tries to console his son..

  "really?! V exclaimed excitedly.. I love you appa and thank you for everything..he added and jumped to hug him.

  "aigoo... okay,,I think you are fine now, you're going to be late for school and I'm sure jin is waiting for you.

  "appa~~~ V whined..

  "arrasseo... I'll wait downstairs, I'll take you to school..appa said and pat him on the top of the head..


Jin was walking when V came out from the car and walk as if he didn't notice his boyfriend, he didn't actually, since his mind is full of his dream.

  "hey! Jin run and grab him on the shoulder..

  "hmm! Hi.. V turned and saw his boyfriend with crumpled eyes.. 

  "what's wrong with you? You didn't even notice me..jin made a face..

  "I'm sorry.. I was just thinking of someone. V replied with a deep sigh..

  "someone? Jin grab his arm and went in front of him..

Taehyung was taken aback and snap out from his thinking. He blinked many times and look straight at his boyfriend's eyes. A fierce eyes and a blowing fire on the nose.


  "why do I need to tell you everything I was thinking? Who or what is that all about, it's all to me, just spare me this one, I don't want to talk about it, it's private. I don't want to drag you with it..V replied and try to pull his arm.


  "no, tell me, you're thinking who? I'm your boyfriend V, so tell me who was that...  Jin insisted with his maddest tone.


  "okay fine, my brother, I'm thinking about my brother, satisfied now?.. V freed himself from his boyfriend's grasp and walk passed him.


  "brother? V, how can you think of your brother, I thought you told me that you will not think about him again,,that's a long years V,..Jin shouted while watching the boyfriend walking away..


  "then, I can't stop thinking about him,,Taehyung shouted back.


  "V!! jin called out and the bell rang..


V run when the bell rang leaving his boyfriend behind, he's not in the mood to talk about his brother now after talking about it with his appa. He felt guilty for being too mean to his boyfriend, for ignoring him.


The day ends, jin patiently waits on the corridor until V showed.


Taehyung turn around again when he saw the figure of his boyfriend on his way.


  "yahhh!! Kim taehyung~~ jin calls and run to catch him, and he did, he grasp the hand and pull him.


  "okay I'm sorry jin but~~~ V bit his lower lip..


  "fine,,I wont ask anymore, just talk to me okay? Jin said and click his tongue after..


V smiled greasily, thank you, he uttered.

  "let's go home..jin held him on the waist while walking.

While on their way to the gate, V run to suho, the director's secretary, and approach him.

  ''Mr. kim, good noon,,, ahmm where is Mr. byun? I didn't bump unto him this day, I didn't saw him? He didn't roam around  the classrooms? V questioned..

  "ahhh,,the maid phoned me, he's sick, they said he suddenly collapsed this morning..Suho answered..

  "why?? Why he collapsed? Is he that sick seriously? V asked again, worrisome..

  "aigoo, I think no,,maybe just stress, he look so stressed this days, and worried, I don't know what's bothering him, I can't ask that.. he'll be fine tomorrow, suho commented and left..

  "what happen to him? V mumbled..

  "are you that worried to him? Jin asked..

  "I don't know, but I feel comfortable around him, when I was injured, he cared for me, like a brother.. V made a sigh..

  "maybe you just miss your brother that's why.. don't worry he  ll be alright,, Jin pat his boyfriend's back.


Chanyeol came home and proceeded to where baekhyun at. Opening the door, he saw the director back facing the door and not moving.

  "I heard you were out of your senses for about an hour this morning. You didn't go to work? Chanyeol interrogated the man on the bed..

  "I'm sorry, I tried to go but I can't focus... baekhyun answer after a deep sigh and shaky breathing.

  "is it about the envelope? Chanyeol asked again and sited beside him..

  "ahmm,, no,,I just felt really unwell this morning,,baekhyun gasp as he was controlling his sobs.

  "alright,,I'll just tell the maid to give your food here.. chanyeol told and lean down to peck the director's head.

  "chanyeol,,baekhyun calls and grab the hand. He look up and the man is looking down.

Baekhyun pull him down slowly while his tears were running down his cheeks. Their faces left inches away until baekhyun started it. He kissed him on the lips and invites the taller.

Chanyeol met baekhyun's teary eyes, they look really anxious and sad. His heart beats too fast. He responded to the invitation and kissed him entering inside until their tongue met. He wants to comfort him but he does't know how. When baekhyun kissed him, he thought that giving whatever the boy wants would help him.

It was 8 in the evening when he exited the room and leave the sleeping man. He went downstairs to grab some drinks when he notice the blonde entering slowly from the door.

  "where have you been Mr. choi minki? Chanyeol talked in his strict tone..

  "hyung,,from school of course,, sorry I didn't inform you that I will be late, and I didn't told baekhyun hyung since he's busy.. ren explains, of course he's just making an excuse.

  "busy? Baekhyun? You saw him but you didn't told him? Chanyeol commented..

  "de..I saw him while roaming around the campus.. ren answered in low shaky tone..

  "you're grounded,, I'll place back your bodyguards with you.. chanyeol became mad all of a sudden. 

  "hyung! Wae? I'm sorry, next time I'll tell baekhyun uttered confused..

  "then tell me where have you been? You didn't go to school, are you? Chanyeol questioned,, or do you want me to ask your driver? You will not have your driver anymore, your bodyguards will take you to school from tomorrow.

  "hyung!! Ren froze..

  "where did you go!! Chanyeol yell. If you were at school then you must know that baekhyun didn't go to school because he's here at home the whole day, where the hell did you go! know I've gone crazy whenever you're missing..chanyeol screamed..

  "de? Beakhyun hyung~~~ ren bit his lips and shake.

  "why?,,you can't believe that you were caught with your lies? Chanyeol said and massage his temple..

  "what happen here? Why were you screaming again? Baekhyun came in a rush and interrupted..

  "now, go to your room, NOW!! Chanyeol command the younger.

Ren headed to his room, running with tears.

The maid came with a glass of water. Baekhyun gave to the mad man.

  "what happen? Baek asked again..

  "just leave me alone. Go to your room and rest...chanyeol told calmly this time and left towards his room.


Ren called his driver beforehand actually to just wait until 4 at noon since they were doing a research. Jr and ren actually fell asleep and didn't notice the time. They shifted from the bed and rushed to wear their clothes. He immediately call the driver since his phone has more than 20 miscalls already and it's already 5:30. But on their way, the car engine stopped and they needed to call maintenance..

The driver just went home after few calls that was missed and after searching the library and the blondes classroom. He informed the maids to search the young master's room and whole house, but they didn't found him.

The head of the family came and all of them were afraid to tell about the missing  young master. Since the master look so exhausted and went straight to baekhyun's room, they didn't able to tell him until the young master came home 30 minutes pass seven and had to discuss some things to the driver.

On the other hand Jr's father was waiting too with jin on the living room, jin being scolded for not knowing where his brother is.

  "Jr.. father calls him as he step foot in the living room..

  "abeoji.. jr suddenly felt nervous seeing his brother sitting in front of their father,..

  "where did you go? Jin mouthed..

  "go to your room jin.. Father told..jr. come here..

  "abeoji.. jr uttered nervously..

  "I called the hotel to ask if you were there since you are not home early and they told me that you are there..  with someone..abeoji talked..

  "it's my classmate,, we're looking for a quiet place to do our research since the library is full, so yeah,,I thought my room in the hotel..Jr come up with the excuse, hoping that his father would buy his excuses.

  "I see..well as long as it's nothing more..this weekend you'll be meeting cancel all your schedules this weekend.. Abeoji announced..

  "de abeoji..jr simple reply, agreeing into it though he dislike it. He had no choice.

He went to his room and sigh in relief, going to the hotel is really not safe for them, but he don't regret it. He's happy and he makes ren happy too. Finally he laid the boyfriend in a decent place and in a soft bed.

  "meeting her,,he mumbled and shook that bad vibes from his mind. he wants to think of ren only..


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