Ren was walking after class heading to their secret place to meet his boyfriend but he was caught and was trapped fron Jr's fiance. Blabbering things that he finds it nonsense.

  "ahm,,are you looking for Jr? ren asked just to stop the girl from talking too much..

  "yeah,,did you see him???

  "I think he left?... he pursed his lips and glance at the door few steps away from them..

  "can you tell him, that I need to talk to him..tell him it's.. .owh I haven't introduce myself right? It's fionna..your name is ren right?..

  "yes..I'll just tell him..I have to go.. ren said and waved his hand..

  "okay thanks..bye.. the girl left..

Ren sigh and waited for the girl to disappear before he enter the music hall.

Jr was peeping outside and found his boyfriend talking with his fiance. Good thing it took only few minutes and ren entered, he pulled him quickly when the door was opened and revealed his gorgeous boyfriend. Pressing him on the cold wall and planted a soft kiss to him.

  "your fiance wants to talk to told while Jr is already drown with his boyfriend's fragrance.

  "I don't want to talk to her..he said while leaving butterfly kisses to the blonde's stomach...

Jr is about to open the blonde's uniform when his phone rang. It's from the girl. But he just ignore it when he saw who was calling.

  "your phone is ringing.. .ren said..

   "I know,,,just don't mind it... Jr replied..

   "what if it's really important,,just answer it suggested..

Jr stopped on what he was doing and ruffled his hair, frustrated. He didn't answer the call, he just turn the phone off and went back to his boyfriend.

  " called again and stopped him..

  "what!,,ren we don't have much time,,why do you care for others instead of us?.. I don't care if it's important or not... you are more important, our time is more important to me! Jr got irritated..

  "are you mad? Ren pouted..

  "I'm not.. let's just go home... Jr stood straight and put back the button of his uniform..

  "so you are mad?

  "I said I'm not... okay?,,let's go,,we don't have time already... Jr raise his voice.. I'm sorry..he apologize quickly and toned down. 

Ren fixed his uniform and left, leaving his boyfriend behind. Jr bit his lip hard and stomp his feet.


V was waiting at the parking lot in front of his boyfriend's car while poking his cheeks with his two index fingers when baekhyun  is heading on his direction. He looked around first before he gave a sweet smile to the older, making sure that there are no other students looking at them. 

Baekhyun was careful and observant to others while coming to the younger that he spotted, he was looking for him actually. He smiled too when he saw him smiling at him.

  "hyung!!! V called in just low volume, excited..

  "waiting for jin? The older asked..

  "de.. going home? The younger asked back..

  "ne.. but I was looking for you.. The older said..


  "I have something for you.. The director held up a plastic bag and gave it to him.. 

  "what is this? The younger took it and immediately check the content inside..

Baekhyun pat the boy on the head, feeling happy seeing the happiness on the boy's face, the excitement, the image of a little kid who received a gift from his brother.

   "thank you..V mouthed..

  "you're welcome.. baek mouthed back,,,I have to go, he said..

  "de..I'll just wait for jin,,I'll eat them later.. V response and waved to the older..

Jin finally came and smiled sheepishly to his boyfriend when he notice the director entering the car. He kissed his boyfriend and noticed the plastic bag that his boyfriend is holding but he didn't asked, they both entered the car and put their seatbelts, v is still focused on the plastic material he was holding.

V took out the two cups of ice cream and offered the other to his boyfriend. Jin gaze at his boyfriend and sigh.

  "baek hyung gave it to me.. V said while staring at his boyfriend too..

  "are you that happy whenever you see him or whenever he's doing something for you? Jin asked with a serious face. 

  "de..v nodded without hesitation and opened the cup for his lover.. are you mad? He asked..

  "I'm not..jin sigh..

  "but you're not happy that I'm mingling around you hate him that much?..V pouted and straightened up himself and face the front..

  "I don't know until when  I endure this or keep it to myself but I think I don't have the right to forbid you from seeing him..jin uttered..

  "keep what? That you're hurting or you're jealous whenever I'm around him? V asked, confused..

  " de,, my jealousy,,,hayyyy,,I want you to be happy so yeah,you're allowed to see him whenever you want..just tell me beforehand every time you're meeting him.. Jin just sigh and sigh again for the nth time..

  "thanks,,I love you..V hugged his lover, thankful that finally his boyfriend seems to understood..

  "aigoo,,I love you too that's why I'm doing this crazy thing.. jin muttered and rub his boyfriend's arm that was wrapped on his neck.


Baekhyun knock on chanyeol's office when he came home after asking the maid whether the master is home already or not and the maid says yes. As soon as the door was opened, a man came out from inside. He followed a look to him. With a suspicious mind, he turn to chanyeol after.

Chanyeol didn't let him in, instead he came out too and just walk out. Baekhyun followed him.

   "who was that? Baek asked..

  "just someone,,chanyeol answered nonchalantly..

  "I think I saw him at school, in front of the school gate the other day.. baekhyun told..

  "really? Are you sure? There are lots of faces who looks the same,,,chanyeol raise his brow..

  "I'm sure,,the school guard told me that he once ask about me? I'm not sure but something like that... baek assured it.

  "okay,,he is....I put him to follow ren,, so I will know~~~ chanyeol tries to explain but was cut.

   "to follow ren? Or to stalk me? Chanyeol.. .baek cut him and there's this instinct and there's this suspicious look towards the man..

  "it's,,for ren,,,not you,,are you suspecting me? Chanyeol crumpled his brows..

  "I'm sorry.. baek apologize though he does not believe him, he can sense that something is going wrong about the man. He left and headed to his room.


Week had passed, months had passed through their daily routines, school days was way calm for them until the end of it, their relationships are going well, confusing, and safe. 

Jin always understood V, he had no choice but he learned to accept everything. He never stopped his boyfriend in meeting the school director, but whenever he see him happy around him, he felt guilty for keeping the secret and lies of the director towards V, for not telling him the truth, for making him believe that the director is just a representative, a substitute to the brother that was not found yet, though the truth, the director is his boyfriend's real brother and not just a substitute. He had to shut his mouth about the real fact.

And V became more attached to the director, and became used to call him hyung, not knowing that he is his real brother. The brother that he was looking for many years, the brother that he long to be with. Somehow, he forgot about his brother whenever he's with him, because the care of a real brother, the love that he received from his brother when they were little ones is the same as the care and love that he was receiving from the director and it is way too much to have from someone who he just met and offered to be a brother for the meantime. Wishing that his brother is like the director he has now.

Jr and ren continued with the hide and seek relationship. Continue on keeping their relationship. Meeting secretly and satisfying their selves in just few minutes chance that they have got. Though the director knows about it already, it was remained kept, they haven't been revealed to the family, which is not good to be found. And because of it, they always had hardships, they always had fight over their time, over their going out together plus the fiance who added to their problems. They sneak out of school once in a while just to have time for themselves and to enjoy a more than an hour of being together. A few hours savoring the precious time they have. And because of these, they learned how to be careful and how to take care everything when they are almost been caught.

Jr often been bothered by his fiance who was attending on the same school. But the girl never mind about ren. She often asked why they were too close to each other but Jr always had an answer that the girl could believe. Ren already told the girl about his identity as the brother of school's owner, good thing the girl just shrug it off, shrugging all the rumors that she had on his first day and felt sorry for calling the blonde a flirty which is he found not true though yes ren is popular to every girls and boys out there but she never saw him flirting to them. Even though sometimes she felt like there's something between the two, she always been told by Jr that ren is just a close friend.

Chanyeol was more cold and behind baekhyun, he continue to have spy for him, follow him whenever he's out of the mansion. His demands was increased, he often asked the other to sleep with him almost every night, he always check his whereabouts like a possessive partner. He slowly notice himself being too afraid that one day baekhyun will leave him and that's the reason why he was doing everything to know the other's steps. He knew about baekhyun's brother and he's doing everything to keep the man beside him even though things are unnecessary and unforgivable in the future. What matters the most for him is that, he will able to stick the director beside him.

While Baekhyun for no specific reason he became more careful specially when he wants to treat his brother out. He never asked again whenever he sees the man he saw before, coming in and out from chanyeol's office. Because he doesn't want to create any arguments in which he will just hurt himself. His feelings for him is already uncontrollable despite every suspicions creating by his mind, his desire to be with him became deeper and more deeper as day and night passes. Admitting the fact that he's also afraid that one day, they will need to be parted as the contract of them will end. He falls in love deeply to him but he was hurting continuously by the man.

As promised, V introduce the director to his parents and he was welcomed to them. They let their kid to mingle with him especially that their son seems happy. Much happier for how many years that he was with them. But there's this one thing that they are bothered of, the name baekhyun.

Baekhyun felt happy being with his brother though everything on the eyes of V, are just pretensions, fake and he is just a great substitute. He accept that fact, besides, it is for the sake of them both. It is for his brother's sake. They go out oftentimes, they go out to have bonding together. And for not knowing, everything was spied.


One day when baekhyun was delivering his year end reports to the man about the school, he saw chanyeol talking to the same man on the living room. Not asking anything, he bowed to greet that man and just proceeded to the office without chanyeol and decided to just put the documents there. Not wanting to interrupt any transactions or any conversations to the man.

But the moment he came near the table, a file caught his attention that was slip half on a yellow envelope. He slid out more to check and he found a photo on the very top of it. It was V's photo when he checked and some profile and information about the boy when he took out fully from the envelope. Behind that profile, are reports about an orphanage and lists of names, the same list he had before.

Scanning them and looking for a name taehyung, he didn't found any though the list is the same as his. And there includes more reports about Kim taehyung and the story behind that name, the past and the present in the following pages. The reports dated a couple of months ago, and some are monthly reports about the boy up to the present. A collection of accurate information as he read some.

He felt weak on his knees, he assume, chanyeol knows already about his brother even before, but he never get any information from him. Chanyeol kept it to him, he was disappointed. He exited the room, trembling knees, tightened chest and controlled tears. He closed the door behind. 

  "are you alright? Chanyeol spoke when he saw the man almost falling..

Baekhyun raise up his head and stared to the man. He didn't  able to control and his drop of tear fell from his small eyes.

  "what happen?,,chanyeol furrowed his eyes when asking, holding the other on the waist to support him and had no choice but to carry him when the man collapsed in his embrace.

  "put me down.. baekhyun said with his shaky voice..

   "I'll take you to your room.. chanyeol then said back and took him to the room.. 

Baekhyun turn his back as soon as he was placed on his bed.

Chanyeol lean down, suddenly felt nervous and worried. Baekhyun on the other hand notice him, worrying, another rare moment of him, he didn't had the courage to confront him or ask him about those files he found.

   "do you want me to take you to the hospital? Chanyeol asked calmly while brushing the hair..

  "no..I'm sorry for worrying you, I just felt dizzy a while ago, I was just tired maybe.. Baekhyun lied..

  "are you sure?,,I'll tell the maid  to get you your food..chanyeol said..

   "chanyeol....baekhyun called, he paused,,,what am I to you? He asked controlling his sobs, holding back his cries, though it hurts, he doesn't want to show the disappointment, he never expect a lot from chanyeol but what he found is different from their other issues....

Chanyeol didn't answer, he lean down to him and just peck him on the lips. Without words spoken or answer that uttered back, he walked towards the door..

  "I love you..baekhyun shouted.. today is the day when we started this crazy relationship, I'm sure you don't remember it, because you don't care, the day when you made me so dumb, my fourth year sharing beds and nights with you, my fourth year of being confused on what really we are, four years chanyeol, four years that we never say I love you to each other, we act like couple but we are not sure on what we are,'s already four years when I thought I am crazy because I am falling in love with a man..chanyeol I have loved you since that night.  baekhyun confessed, screaming.. 

   "you have to rest... just wait for the maid to bring your dinner.. chanyeol had response..

   "I don't need any dinner, or lunch or anything.. chanyeol I need your answer, don't make me confuse,,,,baek said crying..

Chanyeol exited the room and went straight to his room after informing the maid for baekhyun's dinner. He flop down on his bed and remember the night that baekhyun had mentioned. Yes, this is the day, the same date when he and baekhyun shared the first night together..



Chanyeol admit to himself that he was attracted to the man since the very first time that they encountered each other. He felt curious to the man that's why he offered him a helped from the gangsters. He didn't know that they will reach the point that he will be more serious to his feelings.

Nevertheless, that feelings was kept to himself and didn't planned to confessed, one day, he was tired from work and baekhyun was then already his driver. He didn't plan to do it but he suddenly felt like checking the driver to the room. He watch him sleeping while holding a glass of whisky.

Baekhyun stir on his bed and saw the man, he was surprised, he sat up but he didn't talked. Like eyes were communicating as they both locked them together, no one bothers to speak even a single word.

Chanyeol puts down the glass and crawled on the bed. Surprisingly, baekhyun didn't moved, he assume, it was alright. He laid back the boy and planted the first kiss, baekhyun remained silent and unmoved. Chanyeol continued savoring each and every corner of the boy. Few minutes later baekhyun wrapped his arms around his waist and begun to response and leave some moans. It became a great night and it became passionate for both of them.



Chanyeol shook his head. Baekhyun is right, they never say I love you to each other, he thought. He never say how important he was to him, how precious he was to his life and how thankful that he remained to his side. 

Now that he knows that his attraction to the other was converted into a deep feelings, he's more afraid to shout it out, because he knows that their relationship being together has a contract and it will end in the near future. 

He felt glad that baekhyun has the same feelings for him but until when, now that he knows about his lost brother, and now that he found him just closer to him, the brother was a threat.

Thinking of the brother, he suddenly got up and remembered that he left his collection of files about him on his table in the office.


Jin was talking to his friend Suga, confessing to him the secret that he held inside him for a couple of months. Telling him everything from the time he was told by the director up to the time he was enduring the guiltiness he has. Suga is maybe a naughty and talkative person but he is jin's colleague since they started studying in the same school, and he's trusting him, trustworthy enough to keep a secret..

  "What? Yaahhh,,don't make a can director byun be his brother? Suga exclaimed..

  "yahhh,,,quiet,,,be careful.. jin shhh the friend.. 

  "but I can't believe it... look,,I never thought that V's brother is way older than him.. Suga commented..

   "who is old? Director byun is just the same age as us..I heard that he took a special class and training overseas that's why he's in that position, other than that information, his identity is remain mysterious.. jin replied.. 

  "are you sure? Suga confirmed.. 

  "yes,,,he already explain it to me, also the story of his before he left V and it is match on the story of V... Jin assured...

  "why don't you just tell him? Suga suggested.

  "tssss,,Mr. Byun doesn't want me to tell him and besides I am thinking about Jr, Mr. byun knows about him and ren, those trouble maker didn't able to be careful. Maybe the reason why he didn't revealed it is because I am holding a secret too about him..

  "so,,that means there is a deep reason why he doesn't want you to tell V about it, right? Because he is just being careful for not revealing everything about jr and ren& 

  "yep,,he said that he doesn't want to make V worried about him if he found out what kind of life he has right now. I don't know what he was talking about that time,, he also mentioned that it's for the sake of V to keep it a secret first.. 

  "you know what? You need a tow truck so you can move on, you can't move because you're carrying a heavy metal on your back. You are thinking about V and that director plus you are worrying about your brother and ren, what else, aren't you thinking about J-hope being a great admirer and suitor of V? suga laughed..

  "J-hope is just a suitor and I trust V, he will never like a guy like j-hope..I assure you that..

  "okay,,as you said.. Suga shrugged..

  "it's tiring already,,I can't just ruin the happiness of V being with his brother,,I just can't think what will happen if V will found out that his real brother is Director Byun.. jin wiggled..

  "mwo? What did you say? Someone spoke behind them and they were both panic and doesn't know what to say.

All remained stunned and no one among them able to speak or render a question. Suga scratch his head while jin bit his bottom lip and trying to dig the deepest part of his brain to find the right words to deny or explain, while the others who just arrived are waiting for the explanations.


Jr is done with his clearance and decided to help his boyfriend to make it done quickly. The school year is finally end but it was a start of their dilemma again, they will begin to have worries on how they will manage to meet again.

Summer vacation, that all students are waiting to come but for both of them, it is the worst moment of their life, that is because it was hard for them to see each other. Not for Jr but for ren. Jr has freedom to go out but ren has none. 

  "hi,,,two of you.. jr's girl approach the two of them..

   " greeted back..

  "you are not done yet? Jr asked with crumpled brows..

  "not yet,,if you just helping me out then I'm sure I'll be doing it fast,, The girl said and rolled her eyes..

   "Jr, I'm going,,if you want to help her then go, I'll just meet minhyun and baekho.. ren uttered.. .

  "of course I'll help~~~...Jr paused and turn to the girl for 5 seconds then turn to ren again~~~~ you..he smiled finger pointing to ren, i'll go with you,,,jr addef and ignore the girl..

  "you can have him..Ren faced the girl and told..

   "oppa let's go..the girl whined..

  "I'm sorry, but I offered a help to him first,,you can do it by yourself,,fighting.. Jr said and drag the blonde away from her.

They both laugh while walking in like marathon. They quickly finished their task and decided to find some of their friends. Then finally saw Jr's brother talking with the friend. As they both get nearer, they somehow hear the talk. They both look at each other while slowly heading towards them and continuously hearing exactly what topic was. 

  "What did exactly we've heard? What did you say? JR widened his eyes as well as ren and asked..

The two seems surprised and didn't know what to answer. Both seems to be panic and it was obvious that they are talking in secret. 

  "we're asking what do you mean by what you have mentioned? Jr asked again..

  "about....what? Jin tried to deny it or trying to be innocent.. 

  "that, V's brother is Director Byun? Ren pointed out..

   " was just some,,,I mean you just heard it wrong,,what I mean is~~~..Jin doesn't know how to explain, and he can't concentrate in choosing the right words to reverse his phrase about the what he just revealed..

  "hyung,,you can't lie, you don't know how to lie,,you are caught already,,why did you say that? Jr said..

  'Is it true? That baekhyun hyung is V's brother? He has a brother.. Ren commented.. he didn't told us about it... does my brother know it? he murmur...

  "okay fine,,,what you heard is right...jin admitted.

  "yaaahhh you'll be in trouble,,,suga interrupted.. 

  "they heard it,,,and besides,,,I have no choice anymore... jin face palmed himself and pulled his hair..

  "waahhh this is so surprising,,so that is the reason why baekhyun hyung is too close to him.. we thought, he likes kim taehyung.. ren commented again excitedly.. 

  "but wait,,this is a secret,,don't ever let anyone knows about this.. now that you both know,, you must help me with this.. this can't be reveal because if this will come out, you are both done too..jin warned..

  "us? Jr asked confuse..

  "remember,,the day when he talked to you and I came,,that was the day when I knew that he is v's brother, he told me about everything and I think, the reason why both of you were free to see each other still and able to continue, its because he knew that I am Jr's brother. He's thinking maybe that if he reveals your relationship, there is a possibility that I will reveal his secret.. do you both understand? So cooperate, shut your mouth and keep this a secret.. jin explains and heaved a deep sigh..

  "okay,,we understand it,,it's a secret but isn't this a lie? What about V? he'll get mad if we all keep it to him,,what about his feelings?..Jr and ren swore by raising their right hands but they thought what will happen if V will find out everything..

  "I don't know,,I don't want to meddle between them, it's their personal issue, I don't know what will be taehyung's reaction about this but I can see how serious and sincere Mr. Byun about this secret..  jin said..

  "isn't it better if V will know about this now? I'm sure he'll love to know everything? Just like baekhyun hyung, lately he's too excited going to school and he often have an outdoor meeting with someone,,,ren talked but suddenly paused.. wait,,you mean it's V? the one baekhyun hyung always meet outside and the reason why he's so excited going to school? I thought he's dating someone else... OMG, I'm being suspicious and malicious,, I thought he's cheating on my brother..he continued..

  "wait,,Mr. Byun is your brother's lover? Jin and suga asked and jaw dropped..

  "oopppsss..actually,,I can't understand what kind of relationship they have, yes they sleep on one room but they always talk seriously and both are cold blooded man,,they don't smile to each other, they don't hug, you know that,,they also talked like a boss and subordinate,,I never seen them holding hands though sometimes I spotted them kissing.. ren scratch his head and sited on the flower box behind him, slipping his tongue carelessly..

  "so,,Mr.Byun is living in with you? He lives at your house? Jin asked to confirm..

  "yes,,wait,,does everyone doesn't know that? Is that supposedly a secret? He's living with us for years but he left overseas to study and he just came back to take over the position in this school.. Ren bit his nails..

  " one knows his background, and this is the first time we knew about maybe I know now what he meant when he told me about his status in life.. but wait,,is he not living well? Because he said that he doesn't want to make his brother to feel worried if he knew about how he lives..jin somehow made a conclusion or assumptions and became more curious...

  "of course he's living well..we treat him like a real family,,my mom treat him like her own child,,and my brother, he's giving him everything, he has his own bedroom, sleeping in a soft wide bed, he can do whatever he wants to do at home, everything he has right now is because of my brother..and hello I don't see him as a stranger or just a friend, I consider him as my real brother,,,ren pouted, explaining the director's way of living with them..

  "but why he doesn't want to tell to his brother about his situation if he lives well? Suga doubted..

  "I don't shrugged..

  "okay... for the meantime,,please help me with this,,lets keep it a secret.. and ren please don't tell your brother about this yet, we're all over and done if this secret will come out.. jin make the rest to swear and promise again which they all did..

  "what secret is that? And what was that brother thing? V appeared all of a sudden behind them.


Chanyeol sigh in relief when he found the collected reports still on the table, properly slid inside the envelope. He kept them again on his drawer. He decided to check the guy after few hours. He saw the guy sleeping soundly but the food on the side table remain untouched.

He walked closer to the bed and sited beside him. Ruffling the hair and caress the cheek with his back hand. He lean down and kissed him on the forehead.

  "I love you too, but I have to do this, I can't tell you how much I am afraid to lose you. I know one day you will choose to leave me and live with your brother, but I can't just let you go that's why I'm doing this..I'm sorry, even your brother can't be a reason for you to leave me,,and no one will be, no one..  he whispered and kissed him on the lips. 

He left, leaving a small box on the side. This was supposedly given earlier but they were gone into a confrontation and he didn't able to handed it to him. He may not know how to response to whatever questions and suspicions or any assumptions from him, he knows to himself that he loves him too. He was just afraid, scared to admit it knowing that future comes and the boy will leave him.

Baekhyun woke up few minutes later and saw the small box placed on his side. he opened it and just sigh. A ring, he was about to throw it but he was stopped, instead, he hold it tight. 

Was this a gift? he didn't actually forgot that special day? the question is, was this ring a gift for their special day? or it was just a coincidence that chanyeol thought of giving him a present? several questions while staring at the ring.

He heaved a deep breath and slowly wear it in his ring finger.



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