how they started 3: jren


Ren the prettiest boy in the campus, everyone's crush and dream, by heart or by popularity. Nice pair of eyes even if they look cold, tall nose, heart shape lips that everyone's gossip whenever he passed by a corridor, a blonde hair that stands out in the campus, the only student who can have died hair into white, exception. There are some who attempt to get the blonde's eyes. Girls who just wish and dream and boys who are willing to compete in prize of him. But no one got the winner place because no one ever had a response from him. He's friendly for those who wish to be friends to him without any intention aside from friendship, other than that? Just keep your distance or you might receive the thing that you never wish to have, to be kicked out from this prestigious school. 

He hates people being around him since the day he was kidnapped by someone close to him and to his brother. One of their butler. He has friends of course, his best friends. 

Its almost the end of the school year and he needed to take the entrance exam to enter college. Though he needn't had to take it since he belongs to the family who owns the school, he has to do it, for formalities. He took it and joined other students who came to the same school and other schools. 

He spotted someone staring at him after the examination 15 minutes ago while he's having a chat with his bestfriends who took the exam too. 

  "who's that? He asked his friends.. 

  "from other school maybe..wae? Got an admirer again? I envy you,,minhyun, one of his friends commented as he hugged him and pretend to kiss him..

  "haisstttt! ren hissed and covered his friend's mouth..

  "hey!! Let's go! another guy shouted calling them..baekho, the matured guy who protects his two pretty friends. 

Meanwhile, Kim Jong hyun who entered Meum University and taken the entrance examination with taehyung had spotted a blonde hair after the exam. Instantly had an eye of him, actually confused whether the one he saw is a guy or a girl though the clothes will fit in for a girl too. A knee level short jumper and his blonde hair tied in a bun. He was staring but he was caught by the blonde. He looked away and saving by the bell, his friend aron came.

  "hyung who was that? Jr mouth pointed to the blonde..

  "who? The blonde? Aron asked..jr quickly nodded.. 

  "do you know her? Jr asked again...

  "jr,,he's not a girl..HE okay HE,,a boy..let's go..aron corrected him and walked.. 

He didn't had an answer, he knows aron will not give him the answer. They met V and had a little chat. 

  "hey! Jr..where have you been? how's your entrance exam? V came and approach the two..

  "it's good, maybe I'll pass.. How about you, you disappeared after the exam? Hmm, you search for hyung isnt't it? Aigoo.. .Jr replied.. 

  "it's fine too,, hopefully I'll pass it...  owh hi aron hyung!  V crumpled his nose and smiled at the older.. 

  "And,,yeah I saw a blonde, she's pretty.. Jonghyun giggles.. 

  "it's HE!!!,,that blonde is a boy..aron corrected again... 

  "blonde? I saw one too, he's in the same room with me, he's a new student too maybe..I think aron hyung is right,,he's a boy.. 

  "okay, fine,,but isnt't he is too beautiful to be a boy? I must find out.. Jonghyun daydreamed..

  "he's attending school in here too, he just need to get the entrance exam for college,, for formality,, they are the owner of this school... aron says while shrugging his shoulders. 

  "owner? Are you sure?, but anyways. I must know him... jr bit his lower lip.. 

  "aigoo! aigoo..just do what you want, but don't ever bother me when you start to get schooling in here..I'm gonna tell your brother, remember, he's my classmate..okay? Aron warned..

  "tskkk..Jr click his tongue. 

  "anyway..where you two going now?,,aron hyung don't you have class?, you skip previous class aren't you? Jin hyung is in your next class already..V interrupted again.. 

"Ah yeah,,I must go now.. just roam around first. high school building is over there! who can tell, you might see that blonde again..aron said and pointed the way towards the other side of the school and run to catch up with his next class.. 

  "yahhh don't tell me you're going there? Let's go have some snacks,,im hungry..V talked but jr already walked the direction where aron pointed.

  "just go first,,see you later if you don't want to go there... jr said and left him totally.. 

He went to see the high school building and there he saw the only blonde around giggling with friends. He paused. 

  "hi!!! Someone snap him from daydreaming.. 

  "Yahhhh minhyun!! Come back in here?!!! The blonde shouted.. 

  "don't mind him, he is just jealous./  by the way, minhyun, the boy said and introduced himself and held his hand out.. 

  "ahhh yeah,,Jong hyun,,call me JR..he introduced back and both shook hands..

  "you are the one with aron right? Minhyun asked all of a sudden.. 

  "de? Yeah wae? Jr asked in return.. 

  "yahhh!!! Come on let's go!!! Ren came to them and pull his friend.. 

  "owhh,,by the friend.. Ren..he's gorgeous right.. he said and whispered the last phrase... Owh ren meet jr,,he'll be a student here at college..right? He added.. 

  "Hi!! Jr waved and gave a small smile.. 

  " replied and pulled minhyun away.. 

  "ren? Jr mumbled and turn around..he left with a smile. 

He was walking heading to the exit since the classes are almost reaching the end. But while he was walking he felt a hand grabbed his fist and was dragged in an empty room. He was surprised when he saw who was it. The door was shut close and both stood face to face. 

  "you're stalking me right? ren smirked.. 

  "tsshhh..that's a random word to describe me.. well yes,,I came there to find you.. You seems so interesting..jr said with a in his lips. 

  ".. I hate people stalking me okay so stop it.. ren said in almost commanding tone. 

  "What if I say no, I like you,,so can I get your number? Maybe we can now know each other.. Jr confidently say while showing up his phone with the blonde's photo as the wall paper.. 

  "what? How come you have my photo? Ren exclaimed and tried to snatch the phone..

  "simple, I shot it secretly.. So number? Jr smiled.. 

  "You are too confident huh.. I never gave out my number to anyone and what makes you so sure that I will give it to you? ren chuckled.. 

  "because I'm good looking, hot, and someone you can enjoy in the bed.. jr said as he put his one hand on his pocket.. 

  "I like your attitude huh..nice.. cool, maybe you always do that to anyone you wished to have in bed with you..well not me,,,get lost,, and delete that picture of me~!!!! ren yelled.. 

  "no, how could I erase the picture of my future lover.. jr pouts and kissed the screen./

  "!! It's all yours,,,ren hissed and pushed the boy and left

  "I have ways to get it,,wait for it,,we'll meet again..I promise.. jr shouted and smiled. The first time he did it to someone he likes. 

  "go to hell!!! Ren shouted back raising his middle finger.. 

  "with you then!!! Ahhh no let's go to bed instead hotter than your hell!! .jr shouted and chuckled when he finally notice his naughtiness..


Few days later: weekends 

  "hyung~ let's eat outside.. ren came to his brother's room and hugged him from the back, whining.. 

  "I have meeting today wait for me until I get home..chanyeol his brother replied while fixing his tie.. 

  "what time? He asked, give me that,,,,he went in front and helped his hyung to fix the tie.. 

  "I don't know..jut stay home,,don't go outside, just call your friends if you are bored..  chanyeol instructed.

  "when did we last had a breakfast, a lunch, or a dinner's already a decade ago hyung!!! Ren pouts and continue whining..

 "but I'm busy,,I'm sorry okay,,we'll do it next time promise.. chanyeol cup the younger's face and said.. 

  "forget it..I won't do it shove his brother's hands away from his milky white face and slammed the door..

  "yaahhhh choi minki!!!!! Chanyeol shouted. 

Ren went back to his room and continue on sulking. His phone beeps and he immediately grab it and opened the inbox when he saw an unfamiliar number. 

Received: *hi. it's me, I told you I will have it. Can you go out? Meet me at the arcade near your school .the message said.. 

  "who is this? Ren mumbled and typed a response.. 

Reply: *who are you? Why would I meet you? 

Received: *Jr. I'll wait at lunch.. 

Ren didn't replied again. That ,,he mumbled. He threw his phone and proceeded to the living room and switch on the TV. His brother came and stood in front of him. 

  "go away, im watching~~~ he said but not looking up to his hyung..

  "okay,,we'll have a dinner. I'll tell your bodyguard to take you at dinner.. So just wait until I give you a message.. Okay? Chanyeol said. He bent down when ren is not still in the mood. 

  "if you have no time for me then don't push it.. I don't want to be a ruin to your busy schedule.. ren sulk still..if baekhyun hyung is here, im sure we will have meals together..he added and shot  sharp glare to his brother. 

  "look at me..I promise, a dinner will do and baek is coming home next school year.. Chanyeol announced and cup the blonde's face and peck him on the nose.. 

  "I'll tell him that you are not giving me enough time../ just threatened, he had been close to baek since the day he met him in the house though he knows that the boy is just a follower of his hyung, he always tell him if his hyung refused to have bonding with him. In which any case, in what words will the two brothers had talked, chanyeol the next day will grant his wish. 

  "fine! im going! chanyeol sighed. 

  "you'll be late,, I'm sorry I just want to be with you even if it's just once a week, I am always with my driver, bodyguards and maids.. ren calmed down and pouted.. 

  "aigoo.. Wait for my call..chanyeol repeated and kept going. 


Jr on the other hand, is excited even if he is not sure if the blonde will meet him or not at the place he instructed. 

Choosing clothes to wear and keeps on checking the time. 10 am, he took the shower and dressed up with his skinny jeans and shirt. He run on the stairs and quickly told the guard to open the gate. Hopping at his blue race car and sped up. 

He reach the said meeting place 5 minutes before lunch. He sent a message again to ren. 

Sent: *I'm here already, see you in 5 minutes. 

Received: *I said I'm not going. 

Reply: *then wait for me there! 

Received: *yaaahhhh, fine,,just wait! 

Reply: *good.. 

15 minutes later: 

Ren immediately saw the guy, Jr. he rushed to him and instantly gave a punch on the chest. 

  "hey hey~~ jr laughed.. 

  Why are you doing this to me.? ? Who are you? Im not interested in you? You get it?! Ren yell..

  "because im interested IN YOU get it too? Jr response with a chuckle.. 

  "what? Crazy.. So. I'm here.. What do you want? Ren asked and sigh..

  "a bed? jr said and laughed.. 

  ",,go to gave a punch again to the boy. 

  "you stop hitting me or you'll receive a kiss.. jr warned.. 

  " what now? I have dinner date tonight!  ren said.. 

  "a date? Girlfriend? Boyfriend? Jr raise a brow..

  "my brother,,idiot! ren hissed...

  "go with me.. jr told and grab the blonde's hand..

  "don't touch me, where are we going? I can't leave my car and my driver..Ren pulled out.. 

  "somewhere..don't worry..just 4 hours and I'll get you back in here before it gets dark..jr assured..

  "young master~~~ the driver run to them.. 

  "don't worry I'll be back in time, just don't tell my brother,, 

  "but~~the driver scratch his head.. 

  "I wait for me here and he'll take me back here..if I didn't then report to the police.. ren reassured.. 

The driver didn't able to say anything again and the two hopped in jr's car. 

  "seatbelt please.. jr reminded. Ren shot a glare and buckled his seatbelt. 

They reach a place where cars are spread everywhere. Pretty and and y girls.

  "what is this place? Ren questioned.

"my friend will race today..I think you know him.. Jr said and lee him to one of the booth..

  "hey!! Jr,, I thought you can't come..aron approach him.. 

  "that's impossible,..owh by the way.. You know him right? Jr replied and pointed to the blonde who seems no interest on what is happening around him...

  "how~~~ wait..why he is with you? You two are dating already? Aron made a surprise face and reaction.. 

  "NO!!! ren exclaimed. 

  "oopppss sorry!  aron toned down...

  "soon we will.. jr confidently muttered..

  "in your dreams, you just forced me to come with you..he threatened me..  Ren rolled his eyes.. 

  "tskkk.. .I think,, you better give in,,jr won't stop until you start dating him and just say yes..aron smiled..

  "tssshhhh.. This ..if he just approached me well then maybe I can, but no,,he's just the same as others.. ren smirked and turn around..

  "'re here? A petite girl came and jumped to jr..

  "owh hi! yeah of course hyung will race.. jr replied and tried to push him lightly..

  "aigoo..what a grinned and walked away.. 

  "hi miss!! A boy came to ren and smiled..

  "im not MISS okay..get lost! ren widened his eyes and take another direction.. 

  "yahhh y..I don't care if you're not a miss,, come and be my date.. the boy grab him on the waist.. 

  "tsskkkk. Why there's so much in this world. he uttered..

  "excuse me..I think it's time to let go of that boy since he's actually with me..jr came to rescue and held him on the waist..

The boy left. Ren rolled his eyes, he felt nervous actually, good thing jr came to rescue but of course he didn't show to jr how much he was relieved saving him from that guy. He pushed him and fixed his clothes. Jr chuckled and look at the blonde from head to toe assessing if he was hurt or not. 

  "stop it.. I'm fine if that's what you want to know..go back to your es, I can handle myself from here. Ren told.. 

  "handle yourself? Your face..and they are not my es. Stay beside me so no one will try to harm you..jr uttered and grab him on the hand.

They both went back to the booth and waits for the race where aron already on the racing field.

People on the booth were squeezing in excitement as soon as the race started.

  "come in front of me..jr told the blonde and placed him in front of him.

Ren didn't manage to refuse when he was dragged in front. Jr's hands on the shoulder and kept him safe. He squinted his eyes and looked sideways. He smiled and bit his lips. Beside the rough behavior he saw from this guy, he saw his other side, protective, sweet, and gentle somehow.

The race is soon over and aron is on the lead. All shouted when aron won the race. Accidentally he lift the blonde's both hand  and swing it to the air until they both faced each other and hugged him.

Ren was shocked. He gulped but he didn't parted. They both notice their position and found their chest no distance. They look at each other. He formed a sheepish smile to jr.

Jr was shocked too. Didn't planned it, didn't plan to hug him but he did, and he didn't expect him to stay still. Seconds passed and both their eyes are sparkling closely to each other. 

  "I love you..jr uttered with their face inches away.. 

Jr lean closer and about to kiss him but he was stopped when ren suddenly shut his eyes and zip his heart shape lips. Seconds later ren opened his eyes and soften but it's all the same position, pair of eyes inches away from his eyes. Jr lean closer again until their nose brushed. Lips slightly touch, ren froze until he felt a lips pressing his. 

  "I~~I think we have to driver already texted me and my brother informed him already about our dinner.. Ren stuttered and pulled out all of a sudden and starts to feel hot, he fan himself and told the boy again to go.

  "okay..I'll just tell aron hyung,,jr suddenly felt awkward and nervous. He walked through aron and told about their leaving  and attend the blonde again.

They became silent while walking and until they reach the car, but the silence continued inside the car and no one talked while on their way back to where they met.

  "ahm im sorry..back there..I didn't mean to kiss you..I was just~~~~ jr broke the silence.. 

  "it's okay,,no need to mention it.. ren replied and cut the other, embarrassed to hear it verbally, he bit his lips and turn to look outside..

Silence follows once again until they reach their destination, both exited, and ren's driver rush to him. Its already almost 6 and his brother already texted 30 minutes ago.

  "young master,, your brother phoned me already..we have to go.. The driver said.

  "it's okay,,I sent a message already that we will be late... ren replied to calm the driver who looks so worried..

  "take care..jr waved to him and smiled.

  "ajjussi, let's go.. ren just glance at him and immediately turn to his driver.. 

Ren left without any word or response, riding his car makes it too quiet. He suddenly remember the kiss. He touch his lips with his fingers, he curved his heart shape lips and found himself giggling. He took his phone from his pocket and checked the previous messages of JR. his mind was battling whether to send a message or not, he realize that he act rude towards jr. After minutes of making decision. He didn't able to type a message when the car stopped. 

  "young master we're here.. the driver said.. 

He quickly put back his phone to his pocket ad exited the car. Proceeded to attend his brother who was waiting for almost an hour already. 

  "hyung.. he run to his hyung happily.. 

  "where have you been?, I told you not to go out without bodyguards .chanyeol reminded him again for a millionth times. 

  "hyung, it's fine I'm here, safe,,let's just eat.. I just roam around okay,,come on,,,I didn't go anywhere..can we eat? Im hungry pouts and whined. 

  "aigoo..chanyeol sigh and called the waiter for their food. 


Jr reach home, walking around the house while checking his phone. Shall I send him a message? A question that he has in mind since the moment he reach home. Until now, he haven't decided yet whether to send him a message or not or just call him. 

9  pm. He received a message, and like a bullet, he quickly opened it and read. 

Received: *I reach home safe, if ever you're wondering. 

Reply: *can I call? 

He's waiting for a reply, but his phone kept silent, no reply at all. After 30 minutes his phone beeps and he rushed to open it, excitedly. 

Received: *why? 

Reply: *I don't know, I just want to hear you. 

Received: *why? 

  "why so many why? Jr mumbled when he decided to just hit the call button. 


Ren finally home with his brother, had a great dinner with him finally after decade. He flop down his bed and stare at his phone. He decided to send a message and shrug it off after. He took his shower and soak his body on the tub. After 30 minutes he rinse himself and went back to bed. He got a reply and he response with only *why.. 

  "want to hear me? He mumbled and sent why again. There's no reply again but a call came..

  "why are you calling? I didn't say you can.. he answered while drying his hair.

  "I said I want to hear you..jr, whose on the other line replied.

  "look, what happen this afternoon is just nothing, and our meeting today is the last.. so I'll hang up.. ren told..

  "wait!  don't hang up..please.. jr begged..

  "I'm about to sleep.. ren said, he felt a sincerity towards this guy.. what do you want to talk? He asked..

  "anything..jr replied.. 

  "if you call someone, you should have something to don't know that? Ren talked with a scolding tone..

  "yes, but,,I don't know..ahmmm seriously.. Do you have a girlfriend?



  "none..a fiance.. ren spat out.. 

  "mwo? You're getting married? I wonder how that girl looks like, you're the prettiest in your school that I ever seen so far.. jr laughed.. 

  "not funny,,ren  hissed..

  "okay I'm sorry..,, I have an range marriage too, but I haven't met her, I'm not agree with it but I can't say to my parents that i'm against about it.. Jr begun.. 

  "then why you want me..we both can't be in a suddenly toned down.. 

  "because I told myself the first time I saw you that I like you.. I love you..jr confessed.. 

  "I have to hang up.. I need to sleep.. ren changed the topic.. 

  "wait..tell me if you don't like me..then I'll stop.. jr asked..he waited for the answer, a minute of silence until the call was cut.

  "Hello? Ren talked again..but he can't hear anything.. haissttt.. Jinjja!!! Why now? He cried and rushed to his drawer to get his charger.. 

Meanwhile, jr shut his eyes, when the call was ended by the other party, thinking that maybe he was rushing things between them. He regretted for telling or asking him his chance but few minutes later of scolding himself, his phone vibrated. 

  "it's not that I hate you.. Actually,,, I like you I think..thanks for the call, good night..the message said, from ren. 

  "jr wiggled but was confused at first, he celebrated by himself when he realize the message. 

They started to talk to phone the whole day and night and see each other every weekend. Their closeness had build up and their relationship being comfortable to each other had grown for few weeks until ren decided to end it and move to the next level. 

  "jr..ahmm I think we should stop~~~ ren muttered while both of them were on jr's car. 

  "mwo? Wait..what did I do again? Jr was shocked and feel nervous.. 

  "I mean,,jr, you showed me everything.. ren bit his lower lip and paused.. 

  "ren, you can't do this to me~~ jr faced the blonde but his eyes just widened.. 

Ren pressed his lips to jr, that makes the boy froze. I love you too..I can't stand to be friends.. I want you to have me... ren announced.. 

Jr had nothing to say, he can't explain how happy he is that moment. He cupped the blonde's face and kissed him, hug him and kissed him again. 

A riskier relationship for them both, but they don't mind it. They love each other. They want each other, and that was mattered for them. 

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Hyung- older brother, that's what a younger boy calls an older boy, if they are close or friends.. this does not apply to strangers..
Ajjussi- an older man
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