Baekhyun and ren exited the school before lunch since chanyeol  informed them that he will be late for an hour. Both are not talking, both are thinking. The car filled with sighs.

Baekhyun thinking about what happen the last night and ren thinking about what happen in the morning. Both sighing deeply together.

They both reach the shopping mall and waited at the coffee shop near the entrance. It was almost 15 minutes pass from the actual meeting time.

Baekhyun stood up as soon as he saw the tall guy who was looking at his wrist watch.

  "sorry I'm late,,the tall guy uttered and peck the top head of the blonde who was still sitting lifeless on the metal chair.

  "we're waiting here for almost 20 minutes.. ren whined..

  "why so whiny,,I'm here already,,what happen to you? You're not in the mood?.. chanyeol bent down and pat the younger's forehead..

  "I'm fine.. ren frowned

  "hungry? Did you take your lunch? We can eat first.. chanyeol suggested..

  "we already had it..baekhyun answered..

  "hyung, since you're late,,buy me everything I want even if it will emptied your bank stood up and rolled his eyes with a frown.

  "okay..'re so ugly today.. chanyeol pinch his younger brother's cheek and made them reddish..

Baekhyun just made a small smile and stare at the tall guy, he's being too strict to his brother but yet sometimes a sweet one, and for him, the tall guy is just rough and cold.

They started to go around and choose some clothes.  Ren pick almost all the clothes that fits him. Baekhyun slowly browsing every stand.

  "why aren't you picking something?, chanyeol went to him and said..

  "ahmm,, I haven't wore some of the clothes that you gave me when I came back.. Baekhyun uttered shyly..

  "miss, can you give me this one? Chanyeol talked to the sales lady when they reach the accessories, picking a wrist watch.

Chanyeol took baekhyun's wrist and inserted an expensive watch to it. Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication with an 18 karat gold crafted to some parts.

Baekhyun gaze up to the tall guy and didn''t utter any word but inside his mind, random things formed. Why is he doing this to me? Why he always decide on his own? Why he never asked me if I like it or not?. Those were some questions that he wanted to spit out, he wants to say he can't accept it, he wants to say, he doesn't need it, he wants to say that he needs him not any expensive things in the world. But he can't convey them, because he knows, refusing means disobeying him, and he doesn't want him to get mad at all. He looked away while chanyeol took it out from the wrist and put back the old one.

Chanyeol look at the shorter boy while putting down his hand. He notice him of course. He wants to ask him why? He wants to say, what happen? He wants to know whether he likes the watch or not. But his pride is controlling his whole self, his ego. He squeeze the shorter boy's hand and pulled him lightly to face him.

  "wrap it up,, chanyeol told the lady and release the hand. He took the small paper bag and gave it to him.

Baekhyun blew some air to release the tightness in his chest and just chuckled as he look down to the paper bag.

  "ren are you done? Chanyeol shouted to the blonde who still fitting some hoodies.

  "ye..almost.. ren shouted back and told the lady to wrap everything he chose..

  "you're not planning to buy the whole store right? Chanyeol said and click his tongue.

  "of course not..just 5 pairs and 5 hoodies.. Ren sat on the couch and check his phone.. You're not buying anything hyung?,,he asked baekhyun after.

  "already have..baekhyun forced a smile and showed the small bag..

  "only that?,,if I were you,,buy all you want.. ren  said and goes back with his phone....

  "I don't need much... I still have more clothes.. baekhyun replied and glance to the tall guy.

Chanyeol paid and baekhyun went closer to the counter to take the bags.

  "it's okay, I'll take them.. chanyeol coldly told the shorter one and carried all the bags himself..

Ren still thinking about Jonghyun. He didn't take it seriously right? He mumbled while keeping on checking his phone.

They stroll around and ren keeps on buying things. Somehow it helps himself to forget about his arguments against his boyfriend.


As the plan for arcade after school, Jr with his friends met at the school main lobby.

Jin immediately notice the bandage on his boyfriend's wrist. Yahh what happen to that? He asked as he carefully lift the hand with bandage.

  "ahhh I slipped this morning while rushing to my class,, I bumped~~~~ V frowned..

  "bumped? who? Where? Jin questioned, as usual like a worried and exaggerated boyfriend..

  "to the director,, it's my fault actually,, im too embarrassed, and he took me to the clinic himself... V his inside cheeks..

  "so what's the doctor says? is it serious? Jin sighed..

  "no..just a minor one and in 3 days it'll be fine..don't worry okay, you're being frantic again.. V said..

They went to the said plan without ren, Jr being upset again. They decided to meet up with their two friends in the nearest girl's school and pick them.

They were walking inside the super mall when they decided to buy something first before going to the arcade when he saw a blonde approaching towards them. He continue to walk and planned to hide but ren is already looking on their direction. The girl's arm clung unto his arm but he didn't manage to push the girl, he actually forgot it.

Meanwhile, ren, who was walking with his brother immediately notice aron who was walking on the front but busy talking with the girl and he saw his boyfriend walking with the other girl closer to him.

Aron finally notice the director and they all stopped from walking to greet. He also notice the blonde's facial reaction and so knew why it look pissed, he glance at his best friend and the other friend is clinging unto him. He shut his eyes.

  "are they students from our school? Chanyeol asked.

  "yes..they are, maybe they are just having fun..baekhyun answered..

  "I, are they your classmates? He turn to the blonde.

  "no..just school answered while glaring sharply to the girl standing beside his lover. Everyone became silent.

  "taehyung ssi,, how's your wrist? Baekyun asked breaking the silence as he saw the blonde stabbing a knife to the other student.

  "ahh's alright sir.. taehyung answered..

  "hyung let's go..I'm hungry already.. the blonde spoke and hold tightly to his brother's arm, shaking..

  "are you alright?, what happen? You're shaking..chanyeol assessed his younger brother's face..

  "de. Of course I'm fine,,I am just hungry..let's go eat huh? Ren looked up with pleaded eyes. Like he wants to run away already.

They left as V received a pat on the head from the director.

  "he's good to you.. jin observed..

  "yes, I don't know why but I feel glad when he talk to me.

  "!!! Ahhhh..Jr stomped his feet when ren is far from them.

  "eo! Wae? The girl jumped and wonder.

  "Jr...  I think you need to explain to him.. aron pat his best friend's shoulder..

  "ahhh, we haven't talk properly about the things happened this going crazy hyung~~~ Jr ruffled his hair and face palmed himself.

  "why? Whose him? the girl asked..

  "that blonde is Jr's secret boyfriend and I think he misunderstood your closeness to him.. aron explain

  "really..aren't they the owner of your school..I heard the tall one asked a while ago..the girl assumed..I didn't know he's jr's boyfriend,,in fairness, he's pretty..the girl continued..

  "yep they are..,, ahh and that blonde is the most prettiest in the school..aigoo both girls and boys are dreaming for him..jr is just so lucky to be cosen but~~~tsk, tsk, tsk.. aron said shaking his head while seeing his friend in frustration.

  "I'm sorry,,,the girl apologize sincerely like she really did something wrong..

  "forget's not your fault,,we already had an argument this morning, he's breaking up with me actually, no he broke up with me.. It's his fault, he broke up with me, what to worry?..Jr gritted..

  "aigoo. Don't say anything if you don't mean it. Aron slap the best friend on the arm.

They walk few, and since Jr is not in the mood already, they decided to gone home early.


Taehyung run excitedly inside the kitchen as soon as he smelled the fragrance of foods when he got home with his boyfriend Jin. Jin followed him and greeted the older who is cooking.

  "good evening uncle saeng..jin uttered with a nervous smile..

  " feel nervous, aren't you? The older asked..

Jin made a sheepish smile and a scratch on his head. V wrap his arms around his appa's waist and kissed him on the cheek.

  "okay fine..I will not make your dear boyfriend uncomfortable.. the older said sensing the meaning of the kiss his son gave him.

  "thanks..V winked at the older,, what time hyun joong appa will go home? Is he going to join us?, the son pouts..

  "he'll be home after an hour, just take your rest first in your room I will call you when we will have the dinner already..the older replied.

Teahyung held his boyfriend's hand and led him to his room.

  "no making out!!!!! The older shouted jokingly..

  "Appa!!!!!!!! V shouted back that makes him and his appa laughed together..

Jin laid at the bed. do they know that we're doing something in your room whenever I'm here? He joked asking..

  "of course not! V exclaimed..

  "maybe they hear us, jin stuck his tongue.

  "haissttt.. of course not..V hissed and rolled his eyes..

  "then can we? Jin winked and pulled his boyfriend down to the bed..

  "no!!! let me go,,,, hyun joong appa will come home soon and they will gonna call us.. taehyung struggled from his boyfriend's grip..

  "we will be done by that time,,jin finally towered him..

  "silly...V made a small laugh.

  "it's better to be silly than not tasting you.. .jin laughed and immediately pushed the other's shirt up revealing the bare stomach. and started  to give him butterfly kisses on it.

 " jin! taehyung groaned as he felt the other his skin.

 " just stay still,,jin said and continued..

  "you'll leave a mark,, don't you ever leave some hickies...V warned him and closed his eyes biting his bottom lip..

  "ooppsss,,sorry,,,Jin naughtily apologize when he look up to the other smiling..

  "yahhh!!, I told you~~~~ V cried when he saw two kiss marks on his left ribs but was unable to finish..

Jin sealed him with his lips, they won't be seen okay, im not an idiot, he whispered and kiss him once again. 

But it wasn't their day, a knock came and young saeng appa is calling behind the door.

  "we're coming,,,V shouted and push the boyfriend on the side and leave the bed.

Jin pouted and just follow behind, heading to the dining. Jin greeted the already sited head of the family, hyun joong appa, taehyung called and went to him and gave him a peck on the cheek and sited beside jin.

Since jin is not new to the house, both of V's parents can talk to him comfortably and jin can talk to them too without hesitation, but felt a little nervous since now that he is not the usual friend of the family's son but a boyfriend already. And the first day they told the parents about their relationship, both of the parents talked to him seriously about their son. The parents know the hardships on being with the same relationship as they both experienced it long time ago, and they never wish their son to experience the hardships they had before.

But since young saeng appa had partnership with Jin's father and besides a best friend to his father, it didn't had any barrier for them to not to be accepted. At first, jin  s father is against it but after all of the crying and explanations, he understood it. Though his father never wished his sons to be in this kind of relationship, with jin's insisting pleading to the father, they were allowed and acknowledge already.

A night is over and both of them parted. Jin got home and V had a great time watching movie with his parents after.


Jr flopped down to his bed and dialed his phone, he waited but there is no answer yet. He assume that the blonde is still with his brother. Until he fell asleep.

On the other hand at exactly 8 in the evening, ren and his brother reached home. He quickly run upstairs to his room and checked his phone again since it was vibrating a while ago. Guessing it right, it was from his boyfriend. He decided to ring it back but no one is answering. He sent a couple of messages and no replies.

The blonde assume that it was really over for not getting a reply. He thought the scene at the mall, his boyfriend with a girl. Is he his fiance? He mumbled and pursed his lips. Are we really over now? He whispered to the small teddy bear that Jr gave him.

  "is it really my fault? He mumbled again. He somewhat felt guilty and regretful but whenever he imagine him being with the girl he can't accept it and he was feeling annoyed.


Chanyeol was drinking whisky in his office, can't fall asleep again, he was actually thinking random things about baekhyun, the facial expression and those cold eyes that turns teary the last night, the pleasured baekhyun whenever they make out. Confused, does baekhyun really follows whatever he do and say because of his debt. Will he leave after the boy completed and paid everything?. Few questions yet unanswered. Simple questions that can be asked but then no one care to uttered. They both assume things, they both guessing an answers, they both observing each other, that's how their relationship works, no asking of other's opinions.

Bekhyun came in after a knock. He didn't look at him straightly at first but after few seconds he did met the taller one's eyes

  "I didn't able to say thank you a while ago... the shorter boy started..

  "that's all? Chanyeol response and continue to drink..

  "de..baek simple reply.

  "okay,,you can go now if that's all you want to still have work tomorrow.. the taller said and emptied his glass..

Baekhyun came closer when chanyeol poured some whisky on his glass again. He grab the glass from the taller's hand and put the cork of the bottle, taking it out of his reach. He cared about him of course, he knows his health and it wasn't that good because of too much stress. Only him can do this, only him can prevent chanyeol from drinking because no one dares to stop the him.

  "baekhyun give me that..chanyeol of course didn't liked it.

  "im sorry chanyeol.. If you don't want me to tell your doctor about your habit in drinking, you just stop it..baek said without looking at him.

Chanyeol shut his mouth, he pulled the other into his embrace and hugged him tight.

They don't talk about their likes or dislikes, they never talk if someone is getting upset or not. Only their gestures and look in the eyes are the ones telling if the other is angry, upset, or something is bothering them.

  "chanyeol~ baek muttered when he received a tight hug..

  "just let me, until I fall asleep, chanyeol whispered and both of them collapsed on the long sofa near them. Chanyeol laying his back while baek on top of him.

No one talked, baek felt the warm breath of the other that blew in his neck, he's not moving, he can't even pull himself as he was getting a more tighter grip whenever he attempt to push up.

Until chanyeol fell asleep. He pulled slightly until their nose just brushed together. He touch his lips to his, lightly and a slight nibbled on it, the asleep one didn't move still. He hugged him back tight, burying his face to the chest. the first time he able to hug him like this. He close his eyes too, imagining how sweet they are always, like this one, imagining how calm they are at night, he imagined how gentle this man is to him, but it was just an imaginations because that would never happen. He fell into his slumber while dreaming things.

Chanyeol snapped out and felt numb. He felt a hand gripped on his sleeve and realize their position. He ruffled his hair as he remembered how they were into this position, face palming himself, he delicately move the other and switch position, he lay him properly and he stretch his neck and limbs. He stare closely at the sleeping short guy and seen him for the first time how peaceful he was when sleeping. By caressing the soft cheek, he left a peck on the lips. He stood up and carried the boy in bridal style without making him awake. He landed him on the bed cautiously.

  "chanyeol~~ baek sleep talk..

Chanyeol was surprised hearing his name from the boy  s lips while sleeping. He smiled a bit and thought maybe he was dreaming about him. But, is it a bad dream? A good dream? He thought while staring at him. He was about to leave when baek uttered once more.

  "why~~? Why~~ why can't you~~ baek whimper and a crystal fell from his closed eyes.

  "what did he say? What do you want to say? Chanyeol murmured as he didn't understand or didn't heard the last word.

The man left and let the other continue to sleep after he wiped the tear. Maybe he was dreaming a bad one, he's dreaming that he's hurting him. He assumed.


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