Chanyeol came home 15 minutes before seven in the evening. He went straight to his room and threw his exhausted body on the bed, massaging his temple. A knock came and he stare at the door with annoyance.

  "I'm not eating okay..I'm tired...he said in a higher volume..

Baekhyun came in though he didn'  t had the permission to come in. He had been coming in and out of this room so what if he just opened the door and comes in.

  "I didn't called you, why are you here? chanyeol questioned with coldness in his tone while continuing in massaging his temple..

Baekhyun bravely came closer to the man and sat on the bed, putting the head of the man on his lap.

  "baekhyun, just go to your room.. chanyeol commanded, but the other didn't even bother to pull out himself out of the bed..

  "I had a friend in america and taught me how to do massage therapy.  I thought I can use it when I come back here.. baekhyun softly  uttered without any expression on his face while looking down to the man.

  "you did extra curricular activities in there? Chanyeol sat up and said, becoming more annoyed..

  "because I thought of you. Because I know you always had headaches, migraine, you're always stressed, I just want to help, it's not extra curricular activity, I asked him to teach me at weekends..  baekhyun was controlling his cries. He always felt ache whenever chanyeol don't appreciate what he was doing. Chanyeol never appreciate things that didn't goes under his command and rules.

  "did I asked you for that? I want you to focused on your training in there and without my knowing, you're doing anything else? a friend?, did you tried to flirt with anyone else on my back? Huh?~~~chanyeol shouted while clipping the boy's cheeks with his right hand tightly that make the boy flinch..

  "chanyeol, I had good credentials, I proved it to you, I followed everything you wished for, I had passed everything with your expectations. I did this extra lesson for you! Coz I am always worried about you.,,I want to do good thing in place of the time you saved me from those gangsters. I want to help you just until I have paid everything I owed from you!! Just until I have to leave this house!! I never thought of flirting to anyone because I know you won  t want it!!! Baekhyun cried and shouted after shoving that hand from his cheeks..the first time he burst into tears in front of chanyeol.

Chanyeol was surprised from the sudden burst of the other. Seeing him crying for the first time, and hearing him shouted back for the first time with that shaky sobbing tone.

  "I'm sorry..I didn't mean to yell at you back, take your rest,, sorry for barging your room without your consent, I  m sorry...  baekhyun bit his lower lip and hold back his tears when he realize what he had done to his master.

He walked in race exiting the room. He slide down the wall after closing the door behind and hug his knees when he reach the floor. He didn't mean to cry in front of him. But he didn't able to stop his tears and hold the pain inside him, he was always in pain but he never had in mind to confront and shouted out his painful feelings. He wiped his face and cleaned it. He stood up and went back to his room. He crawled to his bed and covered his whole body with his blanket. He just want to help. He never know how he can help, he does't know how to help him.

The next morning, he wakes up with the man at the end of his bed, he flinch a little and opened his eyes widely. He took his phone and check out the time. Immediately pulling out his self out of the bed.

  "I'm sorry I slept.. he muttered with his husky tone..I'll, I'll take the shower and go to work..he said avoiding the man's gaze,,actually hiding his swollen eyes due to crying much the night.

  "it's okay..chanyeol grasped the boy's hand and pulled him down to his lap and wrapped his long limbs around him, sniffing the morning scent of the boy. 

  "chan~~ baekhyun hold tight on his pajama but was cut with his talk.

   "I missed you, we didn't able to do it last night..chanyeol whispered while taking the actions at the back of baekhyun and keep him on both hands..

Baekhyun bit his lower lip, somehow, he wants to hear something from chanyeol, he wants to hear that he  s sorry for last night, somehow he wants to hear the word I love you at the end of I'm sorry. But who is he to expect those apologetic words and that word love from a cold guy like him. With their not so clear relationship, he never heard the tall one saying something sweeter like I love you, never in their entire lustful relationship.

  ''let's take a round..chanyeol whispered and laid him back to the bed.

Chanyeol did it as if nothing had happened last night. Baekhyun just accepted it as an order. Who would dare to refuse to this pleasure given by this gorgeous man. Every breath that touches his bare skin coming from him is already heaven, warm, that gives him an electric shock that runs all the way to his spine. 

Chanyeol took the final kiss on baekhyun's thin lips. Soft yet there's something missing.

The short boy stare to him, he wants to cup the face but something is stopping his both hands that on his side to move, he looked away, still being upset about last night.

  "I'll reserve a table for us, bring minki to you this afternoon, tell him to take an absence this afternoon, I'll wait at the restaurant and we'll go shopping after we have lunch together& chanyeol uttered..

  "de..I'll tell him..baekhyun simple reply while looking away.,,,a bribery in exchange from last night arguments. He assumed as he thought.

Chanyeol left after putting back his clothes. Baekhyun buried his face to the sheet that had left a scent from chanyeol.


Taehyung and jin were flirting at the hallway while waiting for the bell to ring and go to their classrooms.

  "yahh stop tickling me?!!! V shouted while running away from his boyfriend..

  "okay okay..come back here!!! Jin agreed while laughing..taehyung came back beside jin.

  "do you need to do this cheesy actions in front of us? j-hope spoke while giving a sharp glare to the two..

  "you're just jealous j-hope..because you will never get V from me..jin sarcastically speaks..

  "haisstttt,,j-hope gestured to hit jin..

  "aigoo..stop it..suga interrupted and slap the annoyed friend on the arm..yahhh jin, you know that j-hope is hoping for v,,stop acting in front of him.suga added.

  "Kim teahyung, break up with jin and come to me okay?..j-hope knelt down and hug V's thigh, pretending a cry..

  "yahhh let go of him!!! jin desperately unclasp the hand of j-hope from V's thigh.

  "aigoo..a childish boyfriend and a childish admirer..can't you find a manly and grown up one? Why don't you try....  me?! Suga suddenly talked and adding his volume for the two to hear while taehyung is just smiling, enjoying the childish act of the two and laughing out with suga's sudden joke.. 

  "yaaahhhhh!!!!! Jin and j-hope turn to suga and shouted in unison..

  "I told you~~~ suga laugh hiding behind V..

V laughed followed by suga. stop it now okay! V frowned. And smack the two on the head..

The bell rang and all students started to scatter and run to their classrooms.

  "see you later after class, young saeng appa will cook, he wants me to bring you home& V inform him..

  "okay,,fetch you at your room..take care.. go, you'll be late..jin said and peck his boyfriend  s lips.

  "de... V bit his lip and left running..

On his way to his classroom which is a floor away. He didn't notice his direction, he bumped suddenly to someone when he's doing a turn. He fell on the floor and winced a little. He lift up his head and saw the man standing in front looking down to him.

  "I'm sorry sir.. I was just in a hurry..V apologized quickly when he saw the director..

  "why aren't you in the class yet? The bell already rang.. The young director asked..

  "I know sir..I'm sorry.. V tried his strength to get up but he frowned when he felt a pain on his wrist when he pressed it to the floor as a support to get up..

  "are you alright? Baekhyun bent down and check the student's hand..

  "ahhh! V exclaimed and shut his eyes in pain..

  "I'll take you to the clinic..baekhyun suddenly showed up a panic face..

  "it's okay sir, no need, I'll just go to the clinic myself...V refused, feeling awkward actually since the person offering a help is the school director.

  "suho,,tell his teacher that he is in the clinic, and tell the teacher what happen..baekhyun instructed the secretary..

  "but sir.. What about the meeting to the principal?,, suho remind him..

  "call him after and tell him the reason, tell him that I will meet him after an hour& baekhyun added.

  "yes sir..suho obeyed and left..

  "but sir,,it's okay,,,you're busy and you don't have to do this, it's my fault..V talked again but he was like talking to a wood, still on the floor..

  "come on...baekhyun lift the student up and held him heading to the clinic while holding the student's injured hand.

V didn't speak again, since the director is determined to help a student like him. His cold eyes, cold expression, is opposite to this man's action right now. Remembering his brother again, how his brother panicked every time he got wounds and been hurt.

  "don't look at me like that..baekhyun spoke..

  "I'm sorry,, I just remember someone& V told.

Baekhyun's turn to look at the boy but he didn't say anything. He didn't told him that he actually reminds him of his little brother.

  "yes sir, may I help you..the assistant nurse approach..

  "this boy seems got sprained on his wrist.. baekhyun nonchalantly spoke..

  "ahh yes sir,,thank you,, we will take care of him from here.. The assistant nurse said..

  "I can wait for the result right?.. Baekhyun asked.

  "yes sir but if there's a serious fraction on his wrist it will take long. We will conduct an x-ray to it first..  the nurse said..

  "no problem..baekhyun sited on the chair near the bed.

V's jaw dropped and remain speechless, how could the school director will care to student like him personally.

Few minutes later the doctor showed the x-ray. And there's nothing serious on it. It was just  mild sprain cause by the sudden fall and accidentally flip the hand.

  "we just need to put bandages, so the ligaments connecting on his wrist will not move and will stay on the place and I will also give him the medicines he needs to relieve pains. So no need to worry, in 3 days or a week, it will be fine..the doctor said..

  "I see, okay do whatever it best..baekhyun told..

  "sir..we have to go..the principal is waiting already..suho came in after a knock..

  "I'll go now,, you can just rest here, the doctor will call your teacher&  baekhyun told again..

  "yes sir..thank you..V bowed until the director disappeared..


At break time, Jr run to ren's building to meet him. Excited and happy to inform him about the plan to go out arcading with his friends.

  "hi baby,, jr whispered when he saw his cute boyfriend in front of the classroom with baekho and minhyun.

  "yahhh..I told you not to call me that outside,,,they might hear you, ren made a face while saying..

  "aigoo..don't worry no one heard it,, minhyun spoke shaking his head& 

  "see? Jr smiled and put a hand around him.

  "haissttt!  follow me! ren shove the hand and walk, jr followed behind and scratch his head..

Ren pulled the boyfriend inside the comfort room after checking inside if there are other students or none..there are some but they left immediately.

  "10 minutes,, ren uttered and pushed his boyfriend inside one of the cubicle and lock it.

  "why are you so looking hot babe,, jr his lips to wet and caressed his lover's waist while being pushed by the blonde.

  "do it or we might lose the 10 minutes,, ren smirked seductively and quickly the upper clothes.

Jr kissed the blonde hungrily. We're going to arcade after class..I want you to come..he uttered in between his kisses..

  "I can't. baekhyun hyung phoned me a while ago. My brother wants to go shopping with us,, ren stopped and told..

  "again..when will you get a good time that match mine?..jr unclasped his hold to the blonde and ruffled his hair. Feeling annoyed.

  "baby..I already informed you, that this is going to be tough for both of  us..promise I will go with you next lift the lover's face and peck him on the nose..

  "ren,,we haven't been going out since the school started. We always meet 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and the longer is one hour if we had the lucky chance,,  hiding everywhere, making out everywhere, on the car, on the classroom, on the comfort room or to where we assured that we are safe,,,ren, I want to be decent and do it properly, on bed, eating on restaurant, dating properly,, jr face palm himself..

  "jr, you know we can't do that for now. You know how strict my brother to me, you know that I am watched. I'm trying to adjust myself.. Do you think I want this situation? Do you think it's fun for me having inside the car, the bathroom, the classroom? Jr no!!! raise his voice.. And whose talking, jr, you told me you're not allowed to have relationship,,we are both have duties to fulfill.!. The blonde sited on the bowl raising his voice.

  "don't raise your voice on me!!! Jr yell.

  "then don't yell on me!!! Ren yell back and became teary and exited the cubicle.

  "don't turn your back on me and don't leave when we argue, I hate that behavior..face me! Jr shouted.

Ren faced his boyfriend with his tears. and so what do you want me to do? Continue to argue with you? The blonde sobs..

  "and don't cry when we argue. I hate weak people.. jr said ruffling his hair again..

  "and so you hate me because I  m weak? Because I'm crying? Ren cried more..

  "stop crying for goodness sake..fine,,let's forget about this argument. I'm sorry,,I didn't mean to yell at you.. Jr sighed and said. 

  "No Jr. sorry for being a weakling,,jr, we never had enough time to be together and I wanted every minute to be precious and meaningful for both of us and I want to create memories even if it's just few minutes, whether it is on the bathroom, classroom, dark places, narrow places..but if we just argue like this, let's break up. The blonde said with shaky tone.

  "what? Don't be too childish ren, I said sorry..and never say such thing like break up when we argue!..jr yell again..

  "stop yelling at me!!! Ren screamed..

  "I'm sorry,,just take back your words,,we can't break up like this,,jr punch the wall.

Ren turn his back and didn't talked.

  "okay fine!! We're done? That's your idea not mine. don't blame me for anything!.. jr shouted. 

The bell rang and ren had the chance to run while wiping his tears and go to his classroom but his friends saw his swollen eyes and pull him back outside..

  "hey what happen to you? Where's Jr? baekho and minhyun asked..

  "I told him that we're cried on baekho's chest..

Jonghyun stop in front of them and just look at ren with an annoyed face, ren replied with a fierce stare at him and return to baekho's embrace.

  "students! aren't you coming in the class? The teacher calls.

Ren looked at his boyfriend again and gets inside the classroom without taking back his words.

  "talk to him again tomorrow,,tomorrow he'll be fine, I assure you.. minhyun said and pat the boy's shoulder.

  "he said it..he broke up with me,,,jonghyun still mad in his tone.

  "just talk when both of you are not angry anymore,,okay?,,he's just mad,,he said that out of anger.minhyun tried to convince their best friend's boyfriend.

  "whatever..jonghyun raise both of his hands and left..

Jonghyun let out a deep sigh while walking. Maybe minhyun is right, ren will be fine the next day, that's ren, he could get mad now and the next day he'll totally be fine. But he was feeling angry too for hearing those break up words. He attend the next class and just spacing out.


Chanyeol was sitting in his chair, suddenly reminiscing the first time he met baekhyun. How he got a spell and became interested to that eyeliner boy. He played with the pen with his finger and sigh repeatedly. It has been almost 4 years since they shared nights but he never say anything like I love you to the boy. He himself is confused about what he really feels about that boy.

  "sir, d.o barge in without knocking that makes the boss jumped in surprise..


  "Yahhh!!! This big eyed owl,,don't you know how to knock?! Chanyeol shouted..

  "oopppsss sorry,,I just got excited, kyungsoo made a greasy smile and scratch his head..

  "what do you want? Chanyeol asked calmly remembering the advice of his doctor..avoid shouting.

  "sehun made a phone call, they told me to meet them at the coffee shop nearby and bring you there too, luhan hyung came from china.. kyungsoo announced& 

  "and so? Luhan hyung came, then why we need to go there? I'm a busy person and ~~~~ chanyeol refused..

  "he wants to make a business deal to you regarding our boutique business..according to sehun, he wants to franchise one. I think he's planning to stay here in korea for good..d.o said in details..

  "really? He's really crazy isnt't he? He knows that sehun only wants his money, why he's acting like he does't know? Chanyeol chuckled..

  "it's not our business anymore whether he stick with sehun for long or not even if he knew that sehun is cheating on him, at least luhan hyung knows that sehun can't live without him, unlike others, they were living together but they don't know what they really want to do about their relationship,,,kyungsoo response..

  "haissstttt! chanyeol hissed and gestured a fist to the small one..

  "sh~shall we go now? They are waiting for us already, and besides, you don't have any schedule today because you cancelled them all for your lunch with ren and your ahmmm lo~~lov~~~ kyungsoo stuttered and hesitate to continue when he saw his boss stabbing a glare of knife to him.. ~~and mr. byun I mean..he ended..

  "okay prepare the car.. chanyeol commanded and grab his suit from the stand.

@ the coffee shop

  "hey! .I thought you won't make it,,since you're having a date with your baekhyun this lunch,,kai pat the seat beside him as he winked at d.o..

  "Do Kyungsoo!! Chanyeol shouted and look down to the big eyed boy..

  "boss, your heart,,doctor's advice.. .kyungsoo covered himself with his both hands..

Kai laughed and pull down the small boy beside him, sehun just smirked, luhan made a sweet smile. Chanyeol gasp for air and calmed himself. He sited beside luhan.

  "we're taking the order, sehun volunteered and the rest follows, leaving the two..

  "how's business? Luhan talked first..

  "it's good..but is it true that you want to franchise a boutique?..chanyeol replied and asked..

  ''yep..I'm planning to stay here for good..with sehun of course..luhan crumpled his nose and smile,,

  "luhan..I know I don  t have the right to tell this but..why do you want to stay with sehun? You know he's cheating and he's a brat...?chanyeol spoke with disapointment.. Sehun is my friend so we know what he was doing behind you..and I don't want to tolerate any of it...

  "because I love him..I know he loves me too, though yeah,,we both know that money matters for both of us but I don't mind, I planned to stay here to watch him myself,,at least I can monitor him.. Luhan said..

  "how'd you know that you love him if all he knows to do is cheating on you? Chanyeol smirked..

  "Chanyeol if you love a person, you will only see the perfect side of him and you ignore the imperfect one, you'll know it when you live together and if you are really inlove with that person..luhan uttered with a slight smirk, he's actually pointing it out about the tall guy.

  "'s your choice...chanyeol look at sehun who was in the counter waving. Luhan waved back with a smile, the tall guy shook his head.

They enjoyed their few hours chatting and discussion about business, somehow envying how sweet sehun to luhan despite the fact that they all know that sehun is still going out with some girls. Love, that was luhan had mentioned, it's a matter of love for the boy who is cheating. How luhan just ignore sehun being a cheater, while he, after knowing that baekhyun had mingled with others back in america, he was angry about it.


Love couldn't be better if you dont accept the person's imperfections,,, a relationship wouldn't be healthy if there's no argument but too much of arguments is also's normal to have it sonetimes to balance everything...

Good day,, thankyu for the new subby...


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