how they started 2: vjin


They grew up together and attended the same school. But jin had to go to college. He succeeded in entering the famous elite school Geum University.  He's 3 years older than taehyung so he needs to be separated. Tae is jin brother's classmate, actually. 

They both built the friendship since they were young, become brothers and being good friends who were there in times of happiness, sadness, troubles and problems. Jin felt something strange already but he thought that it is just a mere brotherhood thing. Taehyung being the one needed to be protected all the time felt the urge to be with jin almost everyday. Missing him always, especially when they need to go to different school. But they ignored it. 

Jin always wonder his feelings towards taehyung, but because of friendship, he didn't mind it. One day, when both attending different school, as jin needed to go to university and taehyung need to wait for him to finish his high school, Jin started to worry, he started to feel empty and jealous, because taehyung became closer to his some classmates, . Taehyung had someone else now aside from him. Taehyung enjoys other's company now. Taehyung is happy talking with others already, that makes jin always think and become selfish and wanted taehyung to be his. 

Jin begun to question the closeness of the friend to others. Taehyung on the other hand always notice his best friend not in the mood, he's too whiny lately and always gets into trouble. 

Until one day taehyung confronted him and asked but jin made his confession and made that chance to tell him why he is too protective to him. V didn't listen at first, he just laugh at it and ignore it and call it childish even though what his feelings for him is the same as his. Jin insisted it, he tells V everyday how much he loves him until he told him that he needs a response, he needs an answer, that he loves him that much. 

V was speechless for the second time. One day Jin went to V's school with his bruises on the face. As their daily routine, jin always go to V's school after class. But after the confession had made. They didn't able to meet often. Jin won't pick teahyung from school not more than twice a week. 

"the hell are you doing jin!!! For goodness sake stop going into fights and~~ tae yelled.. 

"I just need to divert myself into something. I can't forget you, I mean I just don't want to see you getting along with others, can't you really love me more than what we are now?, you already know my feelings V. I don't want to ruin our years of friendship but I can't keep it anymore..jin asked and confessed again.

Tae thought this time, jin second serious confession, he is not against same relationship since his own adoptive parents are like that, but he never imagined himself being in the same relationship as his parents. He thought about it and it gave a little gap between their friendship. It lessen their talk, it lessen their bonding in which tae can't accept. He was thinking carefully to whether give it a try or not. 

Jin was hopeless, days had past and still V haven't given him an answer and didn't talked much lately, until V came to him voluntarily and just gave a smile to him. 

It was winter that time, V is in  the elite school rubbing both his hands to ease the coldness, the day of the entrance exam, it's time for him to enter university. He was waiting outside jin's classroom after he took the entrance exam. They haven't talk lately in which V found it unnecessary for  best friends and he was bothered by it. Somehow afraid of their situation for not talking comfortably anymore. 

Jin furrowed his brows when he saw him. V came closer to him and gave him a  hug. Jin was confuse though he wanted this, he always want his bestfriend to hug him like this. Still he can't figured out why he was acting this strange and why he waited outside despite the coldness of winter. 

"how's the exam? Where is jonghyun? Jin asked nonchalantly.. 

"im sorry, jin I want to give you the answer now?

"de? Jin tried to break the hug..

V didn't allow him, he hugged him tightly instead, I love you too. He whispered childishly. 

 "mwo? Jin had manage to part and face him, surprisingly.. 

 "hey jin what's that? Your boyfriend? Suga, his classmate came and tease..and left quickly.. 

  "you didn't heard me? I won't repeat it again. .Taehyung, due to embarrassment, he turn his back and walked away.. 

  "wait..okay I understand.. jin grab him back and cup the face between his cold mean yes? He smiled widely.. 

Taehyung nodded. Jin peck him on the lips and he gave him a hug after. Happy, the warm feeling inside his heart melted the ice that makes them cold. 

  "yaaahhhh, do it again and I'll run away from you.. tae wiped his lips and push him while looking around checking the surrounding if there were gossips but luckily there is none, seems this school is nice and freedom is here.

  "wae..I am just happy,, can't I? you're not just my best friend anymore, but a boyfriend now. you're mine now... jin said with a wide smile..and soon we will be going to the same got the exam right? he added.. 

  "aigoo..mine your face.. tae nudged him on the chest and grimace. 

  "so when will I can get the first bed? Jin naughty idea came up and winked at him.. 

  "Haiisssstttt!!! This monster,,,I just gave the answer today and you're thinking about it already! Tae gritted his teeth.. 

  "wae..we always sleep together before.. jin pouted and sulk.. 

  "that's before, no malice at all, but now,,don't think that I will allow you to sleep with me,, haisstt with that dirty mind,,andwae!!!!! Neverrr!!! Tae stomp his feet and walked away.. 

  "Yaaahhhhh!!! Where are you going? Wait for me until the class will end!!! Let's go home together okay!!!! Jin shouted while V is still walking away.. 

Tae escaped and jin didn't follow him since his next class will start. He smiled hearing his now boyfriend shouting non stop. Finally his heart feel so breathing widely and able to say yes to jin which he wanted to do from the start. 

  "hey! Jr..where have you been? how's your entrance exam? V saw jonghyun wondering around the campus with aron, aron is the same year as jin but he's  a friend of jr instead. 

  "it's good, maybe I'll pass.. How about you, you disappeared after the exam? Hmm, you search for hyung isnt't it? Aigoo...Jr replied.. 

  "it's fine too,, hopefully I'll pass it..  owh hi aron hyung..  V crumpled his nose and smiled at the older.. 

  "And,,yeah I saw a blonde, she's pretty.. Jonghyun giggles.. 

  "it's HE!!!,,that blonde is a boy..aron corrected..

  "blonde? I saw one too, he's in the same room with me, he's a new student too maybe.. 

  "okay, fine,,but isnt't he is too beautiful to be a boy? I must find out.. Jonghyun daydreamed.. 

  "he's attending school in here too, he just need to get the entrance exam for college,, for formalities,,they own this school actually.. aron says while shrugging his shoulders. 

  "owner? Are you sure?, but anyways. I must know him.. jr bit his lower lip.. 

  "aigoo! aigoo..just do what you want, but don't ever bother me when you start to get schooling in here. I don't want to be in trouble,, he always have his bodyguards,,,but well lately I don't see his tails anymore.. aron said..I'm gonna tell your brother, remember, he's my classmate..okay? he warned..

  "tskkk..Jr click his tongue. 

  "anyway..where you two going now?,,aron hyung aren't you have class?, you skip previous class aren't you? Jin hyung is in your next class already..V interrupted.. 

  "ahhh yeah,,I must go now.. just roam around first. high school building is over there.. who can tell, you might see that blonde again..aron said and pointed the way towards the other side of the school and run to catch up with his next class.. 

  "yahhh don't tell me you're going there? Let's go have some snacks,,im hungry..V talked but jr already walked the path where aron pointed..

  "just go first,,see you later if you don't want to go there..  jr said and left...  

  "Aigoo, desperate? Tshhh,,,what will I do now? There is still an hour before his class end.. V mumbled. 

He roam the school to find the canteen, his mouth left in awe while looking up and around the luxurious place he found. 

  "it's the school canteen..a boy came and interrupted V's dream.

  "ehhh???? V jumped a little and turn to the boy.. 

  "Hi? Jung hoseok,,call me j-hope..the boy introduced.. 

  "hi! v response awkwardly.. 

  "you're an examiner? J-hope questioned.. 

  ahmm yeah,,I'm just looking for food while waiting for my friend to end his class..V said.. 

  "I see.. ahmm want to go inside? Don't worry, students here are nice, they are friendly, aside from the blonde one, ren,,j-hope said in low volume.. 

  "the blonde? Wae?.. V asked with a raise brow.. 

  "ahm,,I don't know,,he's not that friendly, he's too silent, but he has his friends of course. Ahhh maybe he's the same year as you.. his family owns this school.. His friends says that he's nice and good to be with but I don't know why other students are afraid to come closer to him..he is the school crush even boys do..j-hope continued telling stories which taehyung found it interesting since jr mentioned about the blonde he likes.. 

Hours passed and V enjoyed talking to the new friend and even forgot about jin who he became his boyfriend an hour ago. 

  "hey!!! What are you doing here? Jin came and asked immediately.. 

  "eating, don't you see?,,v answered with a click in his tongue,.. 

  "eating with someone el~~ jin tilted his head and paused when he saw the other boy. .j-hope? He mentioned.. 

  "hi!! You know each other? The boy stood up from his seat and asked.. 

  " boyfriend.. jin spat out.

  "bo~~boyfriend? That fast? Haiisttt! j-hope frowned. 

  "fast? Hey,,we knew each other long time ago,,we're best of friends before we became lovers.. jin gasped..

  "became lovers an hour ago.. v nonchalantly said while shooting a sharp glare to his boyfriend.. 

  "an hour ago! you mean,,,haistttt so I  m late! j-hope exclaimed.. 

  "late? Jin questioned with wide eyes..? Jin made a fist.. 

  "Yahhh kim seok jin!! .v shouted.. 

  "aehhhhh,,, forget it.. Im going,,,j-hope scratch his head and left the two.. 

  "what does he mean? jin mumbled..

  "maybe he wants to court me, he likes me maybe.. v shrugged and laughed.. 

  "mwo!!! Jin shouted..

  "im just kidding,,let's go home.. jr is busy haunting the pretty boy he spotted in this school.. v said and emptied the remaining liquid on his glass..

  "what? Jin questioned.. 

  "nothing! let's go..V steps foreword and jin run to him.. 

Their relationship as lovers started that day, started with jealousy and it remains like that, jin being over protective to his boyfriend, and V being careless mingling with others makes his boyfriend burned into jealousy in which he just always laughed because he found it childish and something that won't take seriously. Because if they will argue about little things, it will just become a ruin to their long relationship as best friends that turns into a special relationship. 

  "hey.I'll go home early today,,my parents called me and told me to go home early,,were having dinner. Want to join us? V said and asked. 

  "can I? it's your family dinner.. jin pouted.. 

  "When did you started to think that way? You always barge in 

our house to eat..they are already used to it. V grinned. 

  "eo,,did I? jin shrugged his shoulders. 

  "aigoo.. I'll call appa that you will come...V shook his head.. 

  "never mind..maybe they want to be with you...I'll just go home too.. 

  "are you sure? V raise a brow.. 

  "let's go.. jin nodded and pinch him on the nose. 

Jin grabbed the boyfriend's hand and both walked hand in hand. While tae stare at his boyfriend while they both walked and chuckled... 

It was already years ago when jin supposedly having an engagement but with the love for taehyung, he refused to it, instead he fought for it to his father though he himself not sure about V's response. He felt happy when v finally gave in to him, the fight over his father for his love is worthy now. He won it.

Two hearts beating with the same rhythm and beat but they concerned at the friendship at first. Their hearts didn't able to keep what they felt inside and they finally burst what's inside. This is the both of them. Confused but then they both realize how important each other to them. And their love to each other found the way to start a special relationship. 

Jin had to tell his parents about his relationship to the same gender and it wasn't approved easily. He fought for it though he felt guilty for his brother. His responsibilities as the eldest son will definitely transferred to his younger brother. But what mattered to him is to have tae. 

At the mid of summer, jin and tae finally got jin's father's blessings for their relationship since jin's father is a friend of Tae's young saeng appa.  And as for V's side, It wasn't that hard because his parents are like them. 

They weren't sure, yes, but what matters the most are their feelings, the present, their happiness, as long as they knew that love exist within them both. And most important one is they tried.


Oops sorry, actually dont know much about the story of this two now, coz i ship them 2 years ago,,im not sure bout lately who were the bts couple, so let it be,,,

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