trust or distrust


Baekhyun woke up with the ray of the sun that warming up his face. He blocked the ray with his hand and look at the empty space of the bed beside him. He checked out the time on his phone and it was already 9 in the morning. He quickly got up to rush to his room, but before he could open the door, he heard  a deep voice coming from the veranda.

  "did you tell him?

  "no he's fine...

  "but be sure you did what I told you...

  "what?!!! Why you didn't told me?!! You careless ****..

  "fine!! Just don't show up again!! i'll wire you the money after 3 days!!!

Those were the words uttered by the man he heard from the veranda. He went closer and stood at the frame of the sliding glass door. Looking at the man blankly.

Chanyeol hang the phone, face palming himself and even hitting the metal bar in front of him, ruffling his hair.

  "chanyeol..baekhyun called out nonchalantly..

  "bae~~baekhyun,,the tall man widened his eyes as soon as he turn around and saw who called.. 

  "who was that? Baekhyun asked..

  "nothing,,why are you listening to the conversation of others? Chanyeol said with a fierce eyes, trying to divert a situation.

Baekhyun didn't talk again. Chanyeol passed by him. The shorter guy just chuckled. Why am I asking? he mumbled and just decided to get out of the room. Passing by the taller guy who was putting in his suit.

Baekhyun sighed as soon as the water on his shower drop through his head. Chanyeol never say anything to him, chanyeol never trusted him, so what's the point of asking those questions, he thought.

Chanyeol on the other hand, saw the disappointed face of the shorter boy. He's not sure how far did the boy had heard the phone conversation or since when did he came and stood behind him. He was alarmed and felt nervous but he had to be cold, fierce and strong so as not to give the boy a chance to ask many more questions. He succeeded, the boy just left without questions in follows.

Baekhyun, after showering, he changed his mood, he actually forced himself to change his mood, and divert it into a happy one, not wanting to ruin his day, for being excited to see his brother again in school. Now that he confirmed it, he's planning to take care of his brother even if it's a secret. He wants to watch and see him everyday, that's enough for now while working out the money he owed a lot from the man he was living in.

He came to school with his usual strict expression on his face. Serious, cold, and sharp eyes.

  "sir~~~~ suho approach him as soon as he stepped inside the office.

  "sorry I'm late..he response and immediately get what the secretary is handing out to him.

  "there's not much work for today, if you want to rest, you can just rest sir... suho said..

  "it's okay,I'll just walk around, ahhh by the way,,please get Kim taehyung's file for me..

  "sir? Did he done something wrong?

  "ahhh no..I just want to confirm something...

  "ahhh yes sir..

  "okay..I'll just walk to the freshmen's building..just see me there..

  "yes sir...

Baekhyun then proceeded.


Jin is waiting outside his boyfriend's homeroom, feeling uneasy since tae cut the call last night without even saying good night, or didn't even sent a text message telling him what happen or as to why the call was ended. And this morning, V is not replying in any messages he sent to him.

Taehyung then happily hopped like a grasshopper while heading to his next class with his friend Joong kook. Shrugging every beep of his phone. He saw his boyfriend as soon as he reach the floor and slowly walked while staring straight to him with brows raise, looking mad at him.

  "hey, V,,jin approach him..

  "your boyfriend..just talk to him you idiot..joong kook whispered to him and went inside the room first...

  "hey!!! What happen to you? Jin asked as soon as V made his last step.

  "don't talk to me.. V rolled his eyes and starts to walk again entering his room.

  "what did I do? Jin questioned with a furrowed brows and puzzled all over his face., he blocked him from the door.

  "you know are so suspicious, malicious, and freakin'  crazy.. How could you think non sense over our school director? V pointed out with a mad tone..

  "so that's the reason? aigoo V, I just told you what I noticed and observed about him..he's young, actually he's just the same age as me.. .Jin spat out..

  "so you feel insecure? And you're not trusting me? How dare you jin. We're together since we were in primary school, and you're suspecting me with something? V burst, angry but he kept his tone down.

  "that's not it..I trust you, the thing is, I don't trust anyone flirting around you... and I hate it..Jin response..

Suddenly, in the middle of their conversation, the topic of their argument came, Mr. Byun..

  "hi Mr. Byun, how's your feeling? I think you're feeling well now? You don't look pale anymore..ah, sorry if I didn't help you out back there in Busan..appa had another schedule the night so we had to fly back to Seoul quickly.. V said, ignoring his boyfriend's sulking about his closeness to the director, he even showed to him how concerned he was to the director's health and condition.

  "it's fine,,you don't have to feel sorry... thank you..baekhyun pat the boy in the head with a smile..

  "huh..I'm going.. lets just talk after school.. Jin looking pissed, he said and left..

  "did I~~~ baekhyun bit his lower lip and narrowed his small eyes..

  "ahhh I'm sorry,,he's just like that always..he's just insecure to someone..don't mind him sir..V said frowning a little..

  "I see.. see you around..go to your class now..baekhyun said and left after..


Ren was walking with a bodyguard tagging behind him, feeling sad about having a bodyguard again. Feeling alarmed because this person might be a hindrance for him to meet Jr.

  "hey bab~~~ren,,,hi,,,Jr came to him excitedly, good thing he noticed quickly the man with uniform behind his boyfriend..

  "it"s okay... he's one of my friends.. ren quickly informed his bodyguard when he saw him coming to the boyfriend.. You can just wait for me at the car... please,,I won't sneak out,,don't worry. Besides..all the securities was informed already by baekhyun hyung, so there's no chance I can get out of this school without you beside me.. .just join my driver in the car. He added..the bodyguard bowed and granted his request..

  "wait,,what was that? Jr asked with a crumpled brows..

  "remember I told you, hyung got mad and scolded me when I came home too late,, today is the start of it, my punishment..putting another person to watch me, just be thankful, hyung just add one, baekhyun hyung refuse to give me five since it will become a fuss in school, so they gave me one..

  "what will we do now? Jr ruffled his hair..

  "we can't do anything..I'm sorry,,if I didn't insist it... ren felt guilty..

  "oppa!!!! A girl was calling and interrupted their serious conversation..

Both search around until they saw the girl..

  "what is she doing here? Ren asked with annoyance..

  "I have no idea?..jr replied in awe..

  "no idea? You should have known because she's your damn girlfriend.. ren said with his irate tone..

  "I said I don't know! and she's not my girlfriend,,,Jr click his tongue..

  "ahhh right,,not girlfriend,,just your rolled his eyes..

  "are we going to start a fight again? Jr asked..

  "no!! ren exclaimed..

  "hi,,we meet again? The girl waved to ren as soon as she came to them..

  "what are you doing here? Jr asked the girl.. 

  "I was transferred here.. well my parents did. I just knew it this morning.. your parents idea I heard...

The two look at each other. Ren made  a smirk of irritation.

  "you agreed? Jr questioned..

  "of course,,,since you are here, there's no point I could refuse,,and besides it's all settled.. I just obeyed what they told me,,you know that we can't refuse or talk back..don't worry I won't meddle in your business..just do as you wish,,and I'll do mine. The girl shrugged..

  "tssshhhh...  aigoo... ren murmured, jr just gaze at him.

  ''don't you have class, why were you wandering around at class hour..?

  "actually I am looking for someone.. Well my classmate says I need to be careful to just one person here..the girl continue to talk..

  "one person? Jr frowned..

  "yeah, I told them that my F.I.A.N.C.E is here so I was transferred, so I was told to be careful because there is this pretty one, a blonde, actually the campus crush, owner of this school,,yeah I was just curious about that flirty ..the girl stated carelessly.. who could get my fiance's attention..just curious I'm not actually worried about it coz I know we will end up into wedding whatever we do..

Jr choked and looked at ren..Ren gritted his teeth and gaze sharply to his boyfriend and gave a stab to the girls face.

  "oppa are you okay? The girl pat his fiance's back..

  ''you mean, blonde, pretty, what else, a flirty ?.. wow..that's too much.Jr shook his head controlling his laugh while eyes on the blonde in front of them..

  "yeah why..?

  "who told you that flirty thing, a girl or what? Jr asked while laughing..

  "ahmm no one, i just thought she is a because they won't warn me to be careful...the girl answered..

  "I concluded it your own,,jr emphasized..

  "owhh sorry,,you are not that one right..though your hair is blonde,,I don't think it's you..when they mean pretty, I think they are talking about a girl right?,,and besides.. ahmmm.. pretty,,,? Hmmm.. the girl commented and examined the blonde narrowing his eyes from head to toe..

  "tssshhhh.. I'm going.. see you around Kim Jonghyun-ssi.. Ren hissed and left rolling his eyes to his boyfriend..

  "Ren wait!!! I'll walk with you.. he calls..let's just talk some other time..he told the girl..

  "oppa!!!! When?The girl called whining..

  "when I'm free.. jr shouted..

  "when is it? My parents~~~~haissttttt..the girl asked again but he was left already..

Jr just raise his hand and run to his boyfriend leaving his fiance..

  "mwo..flirty !!!? Who does she think she's calling me a ,, a flirty ?I'm going to make him leave this school.. ren said angrily..

  "Easy okay.. Jr laughed..owhhh my baby is really cute when he's annoyed.. Jr is trying to provoke his boyfriend more, found it funny for him..

  "why are you laughing? It"s not funny, she calls me !! ren hit jr's chest and walked faster..

  "she doesn't know.. just dont mind her presence..okay? She will realize whom she was taking about in the future.. Jr finally talk seriously..

  "whatever! that's not the point,,she called me ,,,and you love hearing it,?,so that means you're acknowledging being a ?! ren hissed and entered his room without saying goodbye to his boyfriend just after pushing him.

Jr just leave after waving to minhyun and baekho who was then looking at them.

  "hey!! Not again..minhyun went to his friend..

  "we  re not arguing,,just that someone made my blood boils up! ren said with a sulking tone..

  "who? Baekho asked..

  "someone just called me a flirty , take note, A FLIRTY DAMN !!!! ren told angrily..

  "what? Who was that? Minhyun asked this time..

  "jr's fiance.. she's here? She transferred here..gosh of all the school why here? Ren almost shouted..

  "because Jr, her fiance is here, no question, it's obvious ren.. minhyun remind him..

  "ahhh whatever!!whatever!!! Ren growled.. .she will regret the day she entered this school and called me ..

  "does she know that it was you? Did she told you directly? Minhyun asked again..

  " says,,some of her classmates warned her about this said..

The two nodded..

  "this pretty..

The two nodded again..

  "campus crush..

  "that's right..the two agreed in unison..

  "owner of the school..

  "she's right,,,the two response again..

  "and she is curious to who this flirty of this school..

  "owhh,,ahm,,,I think she got it wrong there.. the two then sighed and consoled their friend..

  "so then why were you mad at Jr? to your dearest boyfriend..minhyun curiously asked.

  "he laughed,,he laughed at it..he was enjoying what that girl had mentioned..  he's freaking enjoying it,,,arghhhh!! ren  cried..

  "aigoo..that's all? And you were sulking like this...baekho shook his head..

  "I think Jr was just surprise,, no one had tried to talk like that about you,,just don't mind her words,,she does know nothing, and yeah about jr,, maybe he has something in mind..all you have to do now is to be careful since she is here already..minhyun advised him.

  "hmmmm,,why do we need to be like this? Why can't we tell everyone about us? His fiance is here, and I have my new bodyguard..haissstttt this is so unfair.. I hate this..

  "aigoo... the two  shook their heads when ren buried his face to his table.


Chanyeol was freakin tired after the whole busy day at his office. He call it a day and kyungsoo, his secretary decided to go home before him. He rested his mind from work and stress, shutting his eyes for about 30 minutes before he leave from his office.

Kyungsoo and kai appeared as soon as he entered his house. With furrowed brows, he pointed this two with his finger.

  "what are you two doing here? He asked..

  "ahmm we're four actually, sehun and luhan hyung is here too,,they are at the kitchen. Kai scratch his head.

  "they just told me to come straight here. Ahmm I didn't know this too..kyungsoo gulped..

  "hey!!! Sehun showed up with bottles in his hands with luhan bringing a tray of cut beef and some veggies..

  "what is this? Chanyeol crumpled his brows again..

  "time to relax,,it's been a long time dude.. kai hanged his arm to chanyeol's shoulder as he told him.

  ''come on,,this kids want it.. everything was set at the garden..let's go..luhan told and winked at the stunned friend.

Chanyeol sighed, he knows his friends, he can't refuse to their request, he can't just shoo them away since it's all prepared and done. Sehun pass all the bottles to each. He just shook his head while receiving the bottle of beer.

Few hours later baekhyun came with ren and saw everyone at the garden laughing altogether, they all drunk few bottles each. Sehun being too flirty to his lover, luhan, kai pestering kyungsoo, while chanyeol is grilling.

  "is there a party? Ren commented..

  "go to your room now, you don't have to see this.. baekhyun said..

  "hyung,,I'm old rolled his eyes and proceeded to where his hyung at..

  eo,,hi ren? You grew prettier everyday huh? Sehun complimented with a laugh..

  "you player,.. chanyeol nudged sehun..luhan just laugh..

  "hey!! Baekhyun!!! You're home too? Why don't you join us.. kai called..

  "ren go to your room now..just ask the maid for your dinner..chanyeol told his brother, they're all drunk already&  he said..

  "and you are not? Ren asked and smelled his brother....i'll take my dinner here..he added and sited beside d.o.

Baekhyun walked towards them and greeted them with a wave and a small grin and turn to chanyeol who was holding a bottle in his right hand while grilling.

Chanyeol stared back at him. Go inside first, come back after you changed.. he told...hey ren i told you to go inside...he liftup his brother and pushed lightly towards baekhyun..

"fine!!! hissed and went gets inside with baekhyun.

15 minutes later, baekhyun came back and sited in front of his partner. And everyone sited properly and stopped from flirting with their partners. Luhan opened another bottles each. Chanyeol gulped while still eyes fix towards baekhyun, who received his first bottle from luhan.

  "how's everything? Kai asked baekhyun..

  "it's all fine. Aside from some trouble makers in school.. Baekhyun answered after he gulped 1/3 of the liquid in his bottle.

  "I got a private lessons, so I don't know about students nowadays..kai said...

  "well, I took acceleration exam with them so i don't know too, that's why chanyeol offered me a higher salary for the position of secretary, a salary that other company can't offer, I'm smart you know..kyungsoo proudly said...

  "I hate school... sehun simple answer..

  "you are just lazy you know, good thing you passed the aceleration test or else you can't have the diploma..chanyeol chuckled.. you know what, your family is rich but you chose to stay away from them.. he added...

  "because I hate their rules okay..I want freedom...I hate taking rules, I hate when they told me this and that, do this and that...sehun heaved a sigh while shaking his head...

  "that's why you're pestering luhan hyung..chanyeol said again..

  "I don't.! ..sehun exclaimed

  "no? why don't you look for work and try to make living for both of you..aigoo...chanyeol hissed..

  "stop it now..that's different issue& kai meddle between the two.

Luhan hold his boyfriend, they know both of the two always quarrel about it. Sehun is just a playboy who always flirt with girls but his heart remain for his boyfriend and never changed what he feels, but his friends especially chanyeol doesn't know his real feelings because he never tells them and never showed it. Only luhan knows the real feelings of him, that's why he stick to him even though he knows what sehun is doing behind him. He was just a brat who wants something different once in a while and he allows it, because he knew at the end of the day, the younger will go home to him and he is the only person the younger could look for after all.

Luhan met sehun while he was in vacation in Korea 4 years ago. Chanyeol is against their relationship actually since sehun is a playboy and luhan seems a too kind person for sehun. Sehun run away from home that time due to family conflicts and luhan took him and help him the night over. Sehun thought he found someone to lean on for the mean time and so luhan accepted him, needing someone to be with him in staying in Korea for a while. By then, both intimately led their selves in bed and started a relationship. Sehun had no plans to be serious and so luhan didn't pass his mind that this boy could be serious in their relationship. But unfortunately, time passes, their relationship grew deeper and sehun found himself attempting suicide wenever luhan tries to cut and end their relationship. For the younger, luhan is his ultimate savior in life and the one he has fallen deeply for. Luhan often comes back to korea for sehun, if not, he sent money for him to survive. Thus he knows even sehun flirt with others, he is still the one the younger could wait for at the end. No one knows how deep their relationship was, thus no one knows how fallen deeply sehun is to the foreign boyfriend.

Everyone then left leaving the two on the garden still. Chanyeol still has the bottle in his hands and baekhyun just emptied his bottle. Baekhyun looked on the other side. Chanyeol laughed all of  sudden. Baekhyun grabbed the bottle before the partner could gulped another round.

  "you finally did it..chanyeol spoke..

 "you know your limit but you always wait for me to stop you..baekhyun said and placed the bottle in the table with force..

 "i like it when you show me your concern, at least i know i have someone taking care of me,,,chanyeol uttered in drunken voice...

Baekhyun remained silent and started to clean the mess. Picking all the bottles that scattered under the table.

  "you want to grab the bottle the moment you came right? Why you didn't do? Chanyeol asked.. 

  "I know you wont like it,,,to embarrass you in front of them..baekhyun answered without any expression.

Chanyeol grabbed him on the elbow to face him. Turn to a serious face. Why do you always concerned about my drinking habit? Are you doing this because you want to repay me? He asked with a gritted teeth..are you really concern, are you taking care of me that much?

  "yes..baekhyun answered avoiding the gaze of the other..

Chanyeol tightened his grip to him and holds him on both shoulders. He lean in and kissed him on the lips.

Baekhyun pulled out, chanyeol we're outside,,he said and pushed him, walking in race heading inside while wiping his wet lips. Chanyeol followed behind. And able to grasp him again and pinned him on the wall as they reach upstairs.

  "if you're doing this because you want to repay me, then you should repay with your body too..don't act like you don't want it, because you always do, you always like always enjoy it.. chanyeol said while kissing him on the neck..

  "chanyeol, they will see us... stop it, you're drunk.. baekhyun keeps on refusing..

Chanyeol pinned the boy's hand on top and  stare at him fiercely.

  "chanyeol~~~ baekhyun cried..

  "hyung~~~ren suddenly came out from his room..

Chanyeol release him and baekhyun went inside his room..

  "hyung,,if you want to do something, just do it privately, ren stuttered actually, being shocked to what he saw. He saw the two kissing before but not this close as few steps away from his room.

Baekhyun on the other hand gets in his room and sat on the floor near his bed, hugging his knees and cried. He wanted to have a good relationship to him, he wished to have a decent affair to him but everything turns hell whenever the man asked him a question  because he does't know what to answer, he does't know what will be the man's reaction if he tells him and confessed to him how he feels, all he knows is that he was just a slave under this man and nothing more. Whenever he was forced to be in bed, he was hurting, hurting like hell.

Chanyeol came in and saw baekhyun was crying. Feeling guilty suddenly. He always attempt to ask him what he feels, he wants to know the real score between them. Yes, at first he planned it, he planned to make him his follower and it was a successful plan, but as time passes by, he wanted to  possess him, he wanted to own him but he doesn't know how, he doesn't know how to express his feelings, he is not the type of person who says what he feels, he is not the person who show what's inside him. Whenever he asked, whenever he bring the question to start a talk, the boy always says like no, always showed that he will never fall for him, and so he thought that baekhyun only stays beside him, only to make out with him on bed, only follows everything, and only show concern because of the agreement about the debt of him towards him. How can he says I love you if the other shows a refusal before he could utter it. How can he confess if his ego stops him from doing so.

Both have no trust to each other and so they can't trust their own feelings towards another and they don't believe what their heart was telling them. Mutual feelings but neither know how to say after all.

  "why are you doing this to me? Am I this low for you to do this to me?  Baekhyun, not facing the man on the door, confronted.

Chanyeol walked closer and carried the boy bridal style. Baekhyun was refusing but the man insisted until the shorter boy ended up grasping unto the man's collar.

  ''put me down please, I want to rest..  baekhyun requested..

Chanyeol didn't nudged and listen to the boy. He exited the room and took him in his room. He landed him on the bed and ruffled the hair. Baekhyun eyes remain shut holding tight on the man's collar. Chanyeol kissed him on the lips, softly and caress the cheek. He wrap his arm around him after settling beside him.

Baekhyun still smelled the hard stink of alcohol to the man. He opens his eyes and saw the man with closed eyes too. He stayed for a while and free himself from him.

He opens the closet and grab some clothes, he heaved a sigh shakily while staring to the man sleeping deeply on the bed. He took a small wet towel and begun to wipe the man and changed his clothes. He was about to go when the man suddenly grab his hand and pull him down to him.

  "chanyeol?,,baekhyun murmured..

  "stay...i don't wany to miss you tonight, stay...the man said with close eyes...

Baekhyun soften and went to bed again. Chanyeol cuddled him for the first time while entangling their hand.


Hi..sorry it took me too long,, i needed to find my lost 3 chapters i thought im going to take this down..but luckily i found them, this fic is actually completed, it has 32 chapters..and just a bit sad theres not much reading this,, well its fine,, i dont want to throw it away anyway..
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