Confession. What is confession? According to the dictionary, it is an open acknowledgement of feelings, a profession of emotion or beliefs such as love, loyalty and faith. It is true and we all know that. It is supposedly been done from the start and not at the end. How could you start if you will confess at the end?


 What if the one you love will soon to tie a knot to someone else without letting him know what you feel for him? What if the one you secretly love is waiting for you to say how you feel? It is too late to confess, it is too late for both of you to start over, what will you do if you found that he also has a secret feelings for you? But everything is LATE?






Sitting beside the groom as the best man, enduring the sadness in your heart, holding back the tears that threatens to comes out while listening to your love one saying I DO, not to you, but to someone else. Hearing the words of vows and promises for their marriage as you remember how you both made your own promises to each other the other day. Watching him taking the hand of the woman and slipping a wedding ring as you hold your hand and feel the ring that was slip to you the night before his wedding. Skipping a beat while gazing up to him kissing the woman beside him. It hurts the way you witness everything and the only thing you can do is to say “How I wish I was her” and regret that you told him your feelings the day before his wedding.


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