A story of Love in certain Relationship. A story on how I adore, cherish, and love U.

After writing stories about how relationship works, I came up with this plot. This contains probably three love stories that evolves around the siblings that have been separated due to a murder to the parents. A brother who left a brother, a brother who long for a brother, a brother that await  s a brother. They were separated by fate, and they will meet by fate.



Park household:

Park chanyeol  born in 1992, first son to the first husband

Choi minki known as ren born in 1995, first son  to the second husband


Kim household:

Kim Seok Jin born in 1992, first son of Kim Kyu Jong, the owner of KKJ Ent.

Kim Jonghyun was born in 1995, second son, and the one entitled for giving the next heir.


Byun baekhyun - born in 1992, a free lancer singer who performs in different clubs and restaurants. Living alone since his parents was killed in a murder and after leaving his younger brother at an orphanage. At the age of 9. 

Kim taehyung - born in 1995 and stay at the orphanage at the age of 6 with an unknown background, he was adopted at the age of 7 by a singer composer couple.


Special cameos of:

Exo HunHan, kaisoo plus members participations. 

Nu  est minron and baekho as bestfriends

Bts members as friends and classmates

Yoonmi and Jessie (fiction characters)

fionna (jr's fiance) and haera (ren's fiance)


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NOTE: names are not mine, plot and story itself are mine, any similarities to other stories you know is just pure coincidence, please do not take out without permission.

Poster credit to: kukunoona



Adore, cherish, are synonyms in meaning with love. This three resulting two persons in a relationship  and deep affection. 

Having a deep and warm feelings about one self and others.

Having involve in happiness and responsibilities.

That  s how love can be define, it can grow, can build, but some cannot. 

A connection between two people.

It involves equal respect to each other and it is a mutual give and take.

How can a relationship be characterized?

It can be at worst, reciprocal, can be acknowledge or it cannot, or it can be by power.

Agatha Christie, who echoes Anais Nin above her biography, said that love is a form of curious, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them. (CR: stated at What is Love? Famous definitions from 200 years of literary history by Maria Popova).


If love had different faces and definitions, RELATIONSHIP has it too. This contains three, usually two but a third one was added (my own idea to include in my point of view). 

Horizontal Relationship are co-equal in terms of power like friendship. Equally respected, reciprocal give and take relationship.

Vertical Relationship that characterized by one person having more power or expertise than the other and has the powerful manipulation over the other.

The third one that I added is Forbidden Relationship or what we usually consider as the FORBIDDEN LOVE, which is the worst kind of relationship where it was prohibited or it is not acknowledge.

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