believe or disbelief


The morning comes, baekhyun came to school, immediately looking for the boy, taehyung when he bump unto Jin, their heads knock together and both flinch.

  "good morning sir.. Jin greeted politely but was stabbing a sharp knife to the face.

  " are Kim Seok Jin? The director muttered..

  "yes sir.. Kim Taehyung's boyfriend..Jin said.

  "I know..baekhyun made a small smile to him,,he turn around to go..

  "sir, wait.. jin hold a fist and called confidently..

  "what is it? Baekhyun asked back..

  "can I ask you this, of all the students, you only talk to Taehyung and being nice to him. I never seen you talk to other students the way you talk to him..are you interested in him? Jin spat out.

  "why do you think so? I'm talking to you right now..baekhyun sarcastically answered back..

  "sir, I know I am disrespecting you, please don't try to flirt with my boyfriend anymore..jin warned him..

  "tssskkk,,so you're getting jealous, just like your boyfriend told me..baekhyun chuckled and said..

  "mwo? Even if you are the director in this school, you will not get him from me., jin told.

  "Look,, i'm not interested with your boyfriend intimately because he,, he is m~~~~, the director said but was stopped from continuing when suddenly someone is rushing towards them..

  "Jin!!! Sir? Taehyung came..

  "don't talk to my boyfriend again sir if not about school.... Jin warned him again..

  "jin, what are you doing?..taehyung questioned holding his boyfriend in the arm.

  "you should know what I am doing..I'm just telling him that he can't use his position to steal you from me..jin said angrily..

  "what the hell you were talking about? And who's stealing? Are you gone crazy? Taehyung bit his lower lip, feeling embarrass to the director in front of them.

  "don't tell me, you like him too? Jin questioned all of a sudden..

  "let's go.. V whispered to his boyfriend..I'm sorry's not that you're involve with this,,,he added facing and bowing to the school director..

  "no!! he should know..he should..Jin wiggled his arm to free from V's grasp..

  "for goodness sake jin!!! Stop it,,you don't know how embarrassing you are right now.. raise his voice..

  "it's okay,,I think you two must talk...  go to your classes now. The director says and left..

  "you're crazy Jin,, you are,,why the hell you're being damn jealous over the school director,,he has nothing to do with us..he won't steal me from you,,he won't..why don't you believe on what I say,,,! V yell and left his boyfriend stomping his feet..

Jin stomp his feet too and ruffled his hair. Maybe he overly reacted or he was just being frantic whenever he saw his boyfriend and the director being close to each other.


Ren was with his friends, planning on how to attend the car racing after school. Until they had decided something that will definitely work out.

  "hi hyung! ren said after dialing the phone.

  "what is it? What happen? The man behind the call response with such a worried tone...

  "hyung..ahmm, minhyun invites me to his friend's birthday party after school.. can I go? ren hesitantly said..

  "minhyun? Only minhyun? What about baekho? His hyung asked..

  "baekho has a date this afternoon so i am the only one could do it.. ren replied, a little nervous because he had to lie just to be with his boyfriend..

  "hi hyung it's me, minhyun,,can you let him.. Please?,,I just need someone to be with me,,please? I promise I will take him home by 8,,please please..minhyun begged for it..


  "hmm no driver and bodyguard?,,I'll take care of him hyung promise..

  "okay,,be sure to take him home by extension,,I trust you minhyun,,the man said and hang the phone..

  "OMG ren,,he allowed you.. But is it okay that we lied? I'm kind of nervous whenever it involves your brother, we're done if he found out..minhyun said worriedly..

  "ahmm but what will I do..I need to catch up with Jr... I always break my promise to him in going out.. ren pouted his heart shape lips and making a pitiful face..

  "owh gosh ren don't make such a face like that..okay,,let's just be careful and be sure your hyung will not get mad if he found that I lied, understand? I'm just doing this because you requested.. And yeah I want to see Aro~~~.. minhyun said but cut and giggled..

  "aron? wait,,wait,,am I missing some important things?..are you in love with aron? You always mention him lately..Do you like him? Ren raise a brow with a smirk..

  "ahmmm,,slight? Minhyun narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips, he blushed..

  "OMG,,aron needs to know this... this is such a big news! got excited about it..

  "yahhh don't you ever ever let him know..I promise, I will never help you out again.. minhyun threatened and blushed even more..

It was 4 at noon when they all met at the parking space of the school. Ren jumped to Jr as soon as they came knowing that the director might gone already and his bodyguard and driver ha no where to be found.

  "I thought you won't able to come again..Jr commented lifting his boyfriend up the front of the car and checked around before wetting the blonde's lip into his..

  "ahemmm,,we're here..minhyun cleared his throat and reminds the lovers..

  "owh mumbled and Jr puts him down..ahmmm I'll go with Jr and ahmm.. aron hyung can you take care of minhyun? He said turning to the two who were standing in front of them.

  "Ren? Minhyun shook his head with pleading eyes..

  "it's fine right? Or you'll have someone later? Ren asked the older..

  "no it's okay,,I just have to pick up our friends,,you met them before at the mall...aron talked..

  "yeah I know them,,the two girls at the girl's high nearby right? Ren asked..

  "yep..aron nodded..

  "can I just go with you? Aron might be busy..I don't want to be a burden..minhyun frowned..

  "no,,of course you're not a burden..don't worry ill take care of him,,I know you want some privacy..aron said and held minhyun on waist as he opened the door for him..

  "okay hyung,,take care,,we'll wait you there.. Jr told and both entered the car and gone first..

  "ren!!! Haissttt really.. calling out his best friend and got no response at all, minhyun bit his nail and sigh..

  "are you afraid of me? don't worry I won't bite..aron spoke all of a sudden behind him, almost whispering...

  "ahh of course no,,I,,I'm not afraid,,of,,,of you,,minhyun response with his broken voice..

  "then shall we? Aron gave a wink and a smile..

Minhyun gets in, at the passenger seat where aron led him. Aron gets in too and drove after putting their seatbelts on. Quietness filled the car until they stopped at the front of girl's high and two beautiful ladies came in the car instantly.

  "where's Jr? the other girl asked..

  "they went there already,,he's with ren,,aron told the girls with a wink..

Minhyun was there but he was all quiet and was just listening to the conversation.

  "hmmm..minhyun hum after answering the call on his phone.

  "where are you,,have you pick them already? The voice of ren on the other line asked...

  "yeah!,,they're here already we're heading in there...minhyun talked angrily in a low tone.

  "Owh come on don't get mad okay.. ren whined..

  "ren,, you owed me,,I promise this won't happen again,,I told you earlier don't do silly things..I swear..minhyun whispered anxiously..

  "yahhh don't feel so nervous,,aron will not eat teased and laughed...


  "hahhh Jr,,wait,,I'm talking to minhyun,,owh gosh,,can't you wait a little?. Baby not moaned behind the call..

  "OMG ren..stop like that when you talk to me on the phone,!!!!,minhyun shouted a little disgusted...

  "okay fine..Jr is just too hot,,anyways.. Jr wants to talk to aron,,give the phone to him..

  "ahmmm, it's Jr..minhyun held out his phone and turn to the driver whom he found him and the other two girls at the back staring at him..he grin and handed out the phone to aron..

  "owh thanks..aron smiled and took the phone.. hey Mr. lover what do you want? 

  "We're you all worried about him..

  "I won"t bite him crazy..

  "he's in good hands,,you know me,,I know how to take care a precious one..

Aron sighed after putting down the call and gave the phone back to the boy beside him.

  "they're just worried that i'm eating you right now...aron then shrugged..

Minhyun bit his lower lip and blushed.

  "you're boyfriend? A girl spoke from the back seat..

  "owhh yeah by the way,,this is's bestfriend.. they are my childhood friends, that's yoonmi on the left side and Jessie on the right, we grew up together in L.A... he introduced both.

  "hi... the ladies greeted with a suspicious stare to minhyun.

  "hello..nice to meet you..minhyun made a greasy smile, still feeling nervous.

  "are you sure he's not your boyfriend? Oppa we haven't seen you dating seriously, just an advice,,he's cute..yoonmi commented and laughed together with jessie..

  "just shut up,,he's not my boyfriend..don't make him feel uncomfortable... if you want, confirm it to Jr later..he told the two girls with his hard pitch of his voice.. Sorry for that... he then turn to the boy..

Minhyun felt a heat in his face, he turn to other side to avoid them, seems blushing continuously after the driver turn to him with a wink just to apologize, and he never wished to be found out and revealed his red cheeks. He fan himself.  Aron  saw him and chuckled and gestured a fist to the two ladies.


Baekhyun saw taehyung walking towards the gate. Slowing the car and talk to him.

  "want to get in? he asked..

  "de?  Taehyung jumped and snap out from spacing out while walking..Jin haven't talk to him.

  "sorry I startled you,,,the school director said..

  "sorry I was just thinking of something..tae scratch his head..

  "about jin? He just need some time I think,,he'll talk to you as soon as he cooled down, why don't you get in,,almost all the students were gone..I'll drop you home,,im on the way anyway. baekhyun offered..

  ''de? Ahmmm,,V looked around...

  "come on..don't tell me you believe in what jin had told you..I will not hook on you okay,,can't I be friend with you? I'm sorry you just remind me of someone..come on get in..baekhyun told him and unlock the door. He'll be sad if the boy whom his brother reject his offer.

  "alright.. V agreed and hopped inside.

  "can we have some coffee? I just want to talk more about you,,,actually I don't want to go home that okay?

  "hmm,,yep,,it's alright sir.. Tae response..

  "just call me hyung,,baek hyung, baekhyun... he said..

  "bae~~~baek..hyun.. hyung? V suddenly felt nervous and eyes grew wide just hearing the name baekhyun, his brother popped in his mind.. 

  "why? You don't like it? The older asked..

  "ahhh no"s not that,,I just suddenly remember someone... By the way you can just call me Tae,,or V, my parents and friends call me V..

  "V? okay... but whose that someone that you remembered? Someone close to you? The older can  t stop being curious so he asked.

  "ahhh yeahh,,hmmm my brother,,his name is baekhyun so I often call him baek hyung..I wonder where he is right now,,he left me in the orphanage and didn't return to get me. I can't find him since I only know his name,,I don't even remember our surname..according to the mother in the orphanage, I only talk whenever I ask about my brother, I don't remember anything aside from the memory that I was with him..V begun to tell his past..

  "do you,,,hate him for leaving you?  Baekhyun asked while glancing to the younger using the mirror..

  "why would I,,I remember that he told me. We need to survive, I need to survive so he'll be leaving me temporarily in the orphanage. Yeahh sometimes I feel like he doesn't love me,,that I was just a burden to him,,we were too young that time,,but I was too nervous and all I want is him because I lost all the memories I have with our parents,,even my own self,,I only know my name taehyung and his name baekhyun..

  "do you miss him? The older asked as he stopped the car on the side lane. Looking to the younger whose tears are threatening to come down..

  "I miss him a lot..I want to see him again,,I want to know if he is living well like me, happy and with family that loves me so much..

  "can I be your brother for the while? 

  "really? Can you?

  "Yes.. Baekhyun nodded..

  "do you live with your family? V suddenly thought of asking it..

  "yeah I live with,,,my family.. My life is complicated and I can't tell you now..

  "I'm sorry,,I was just thinking that you might be my baekhyun hyung, but no,,it's impossible right.. v said clenching his fist and suddenly felt sad.

  "as I told you, I can be your hyung for the mean time...baek said while holding his breath, he wanted to say the reality, the truth, the real story, that he is the real brother but he's controlling himself, he wants to fix everything first, his status, his life, because he wants to show himself that he is fine and he's living well and happy before he confessed everything.

V jumped to him into a hug, happily like he found his true brother. Overwhelmed for having a brother again. This is actually what he wanted, to be close to this stranger because he somehow reminds him of his brother.

  "let's go..we're here..baekhyun said and pointed the cake shop outside..

  "wahhh,,I like cakes..we love eating cakes, I often dream of me and my brother eating cakes happily..

  " can eat all the cakes you want,,it's my treat..

  "wahhh thank you baek hyung..

V holds the older in the hand while walking towards inside, the happiness in his face is priceless. He point out the cake he wanted. Somehow feeling comfortable to each other after just a few conversations and after deciding to portray a sibling relationship between them.

They ate happily. Baekhyun smile again. Baekhyun felt happy once again, finally feeling the true baekhyun inside him. Not the serious and sad baekhyun but the cheerful and bright baekhyun.

  "hyung,,,almost all the students in the campus are scared of you..they said you are too strict and serious..

  "I have to..I'm the school director,,and that is me in front of my students... but you always made me happy.. And that makes you the exemption.

  "you look sad always..I promise, I will make my hyung happy always..but for now,,I have to settle everything between me and jin,,V said happily but became down when mentioning his boyfriend and remembering his fight against his boyfriend.

  "I think he loves you that much.. want me to talk to him? The older shrug his shoulder, offering a help.

  "ahhh no need..I can do that,,I can make him understand everything,,

  "I see,then good luck..

It's exactly 3 hours later when they decided to go home. Baekhyun, like what he offered to the younger, he dropped him home.

  "thank you hyung,,I'm happy that we become close..V said and kissed the older on the cheek..

  "no worries.. I really wanted to have a brother.. remember your promise,,you'll make hyung happy always.. 

  "de I promise,,good night..

  "good night..baekhyun waved and left a peck on the forehead..

V hopped heading to the gate when jin popped out from somewhere.

  "Jin? Why are you here? V asked in surprised..

  "why? Can't I go to my boyfriend's house..I was waiting for two hours already just to see you had a date with that freaking school director..

  "yahh I told you don't say anything bad or curse him,,baek hyung is just too nice to me..

  "what? Baek hyung?

  "yeah,,he told me that he can be my hyung,,,and he told me to tell you that you don't have to be jealous..

  "why not, knowing that you two are dating, even kissing,,,what was that for,,you kissed him?, a boyfriend full of jealous or can't help himself from feeling the jealousy over the school director yelled.

  "jin,,, on the cheek and he kissed me on my forehead,,if we are dating then he could kiss me on my lips..frustrated boyfriend and feeling tired of explaining shouted back.

  "V,,tell me,,do you love me? Or are you planning to go with him and break me up...

  "JIn,,come on,,baby I have no plan on breaking you up,,baek hyung is just a brother to me and I am just a little brother to him..don't misunderstood it..come on let's go need to calm down so you can understand me.. 

  "I don't want~~~,,I will go home.Jin refused..

  "baby,,come on,it has been a while,,I missed you,,we're arguing lately almost everyday... I missed you,,,V wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's waist and kissed his ear..I'll really look for another if you keep pushing me away..V whispered trying to seduce his boyfriend who was burning in anger.

  "just try to...V don't seduce me like this..I won't fall into your trap..

  "really but ahmm I think you're,,,V smiled while he squinted down his need ahm me?..V winked at him with a grin..

Jin face palmed himself when he knew he was caught already, rubbing his back neck and bit his bottom this the way to calm me huh? You're learning huh? Did he teach you...

  "owh stop it jin if you don't want another argument..let's go. V told and drag his boyfriend inside the house..


Aron arrived at the event and saw the lovers already at the tent. Minhyun tagging behind aron.

  ''how's my friend... ren uttered..

  "he's safe, I didn't touch him, even a single strand of his hair..aron raise his both hands..

  "what? You can have him,,,he'll love it.. ren laughed..

  "yahhh choi minki!!!! are you trying to selk ne out!, i hate you if you do!..Minhyun shouted,,didn't expect his friend to say something horrible..

  "I'm just joking,,you don't have to blush,,ren commented and cup his friend's face.

  "I'm not blushing!,, minhyun exclaimed...he sighed...."enjoy your day with your boyfriend coz I will not tolerate you next time... minhyun warned..

  "minhyun,,,sorry,,I'm just kidding,,please? Ren rub his palm in front of his face and plead with his puppy eyes..

  "you always do that,,I will tell baekho what you did to me, I will tell him you tortured me,,and you sold me to....

  "Owh come on,,baekho will get mad at me. And I didn't sold you, I just~~~

  "stop it now.. I have to go first and check yoonmi... see you later minhyun,,aron interrupted and waved to minhyun,,minhyun blushed again..

  "gosh you really like him.. ren commented again..

  "One more ren and i'll get mad really. . Minhyun rolled his eyes..

  "need my help? Jr spoke.

  "you told him? Minhyun mouthed..

  "sorry... ren mouthed back..minhyun sighed..


Chanyeol and D.o rushed to where kai and the rest at. With their other friends from china. Actually they are just kai's friends and introduce them together that's why they become a group of friends.

  "what is it now? Chanyeol asked after stepping out of his car..

  "let's watch a car race..kris wants to watch,,he's planning to race next time..kai said..

  "really? i'll pass,,just go,,I need to go home.. chanyeol announced..

  "you have too.. Come on,,just leave baekhyun alone once in a while...sehun teased..

  "it's not about him!! Chanyeol hissed..fine,,I'll go..he accepted then, he had no choice but to go or else he will be teased..

  "okay lets go..I heard,,the race is for girls today.. sehun winked.

  "aigoo..saying things in front of luhan,,chanyeol contradict him again..
  "it's alright,,he can't go anyway..all he can do is to look at them..luhan laughed..
  "You are so amazing you know!...chanyeol sighed..
They proceeded to the location, it's crowded, and too noisy. Chanyeol find it irritating but the rest are enjoying.
  "baby,,I'll just go around.. sehun told his older boyfriend..
   "you can't,,sehun,,I know you.. I know I always let you do anything you want..just spare this day,,we are with your friends, with kris and tao.. Don't make me look so dumb today..luhan hold him tight on the hand..
  "I'll just buy you a drink, promise I'll be back quickly.. sehun said and go removing the older's hand on his.
  "won't you follow him? Chanyeol ask luhan with furrowed brows..
Luhan then followed the boyfriend leaving just a small smile to chanyeol. He stopped when he saw his boyfriend talking with some girls. But he gathered all his courage to proceed.
  "what are you doing here? I told you I'll be back quickly... sehun muttered in a very low tone.. 
  "how can I believe you?,,you're flirting with~~~luhan tries to confront but he was cut..
  "is he your friend? A gorgeous lady in skirt asked..want to join us?
  "sorry,,but yeah he's my friend,,,sehun replied and paused and glance at his lover..
Luhan looked up to his young boyfriend, he sighed and looked away.  
 "excuse me, sehun i'll just wait you there,,,he then said interrupting the two..
  "and he's my boyfriend,,the one I told you a while ago...and we're with our friends,... sehun announced when luhan turned around and is about to go, luhan was surprised and was pinned on his spot ...."sorry we have to go before he gets jealous,,he added pulling him back with him,, almost wanted to laugh when he saw his boyfriend's facial reaction....
  "wow,,I thought you're just joking when you said you can't go with us and you're with your boyfriend.. the girl tilted his head and made a distance ..
  "sorry,,but as you see I'm not joking..sehun said and smiled at his boyfriend after locking eyes to him, holding tight on the waist..
"okay,,the girls raise their both hands and left...
"what do you want, since you are here already..sehun asked as if nothing happen..
Luhan left in awe,,didn't expect his boyfriend to refuse and reject the hot girls in front of him. And is it right,,sehun did say that he was with his boyfriend before I showed up? Luhan then asked mentally.
  "let's go..close your mouth, a fly could go inside..sehun murmured picking the snacks he bought and zip the older's lips with his lips while holding the two bottles of water in his hands and the chips.
  "Yahh people scattered around, aren't you embarrass kissing a guy?..luhan looked around, some were already looking at them..
  "No..i don't know them anyway, and you are gorgeous, and,, you are my boyfriend...sehun stated and kissed him once again..
  "tskkk... silly..luhan mumbled with a smile..
  "You really don't trust me right?
  ''I don' could I if you never proved anything that I can trust you?..
  "I know..sehun sighed.
  "but I love you, and you know that, I just hope that you do too, and I hope I am not wrong that you do love me too..
  "then trust me if you love me..sehun said and lean down to him..
  "it's crowded here, sehun..luhan looked around again and people are looking still at them..
Sehun lean down more to his lover, ignoring the words and other people and kissed him on the lips for the third time for 60 seconds long. Luhan lowered his head for few seconds after, he looked up to him again and tiptoed to kiss him on the cheeks.
  "thank you for choosing me against those girls..luhan muttered with a happy face..
  "of course I will choose you, you are my boyfriend.. are you that happy? so you're expecting me to choose them?
  "of course i'm happy..well i thought you'll deny me...
"you make me happy,,you didn't cheat on me for the first time..
  "yahhhh it's not the first time,,even though I flirt with girls, I never laid them in bed..sehun said..both paused....well maybe before but it's just a few times. sehun counted when luhan raise a brow..
  "aigoo,,just don't mention it,, you're just trying to ruin my mood..luhan rolled his eyes..
Sehun stepped closer while luhan stepped backward. And sehun stole another kiss on him. I love you..I may have lots of girls out there, but you are the only man in my life,,and you'll be the only one in my heart..I love you, I'm sincere..he whispered.
  "enough okay..tsshhhh,,luhan wrinkled his nose and pinch his younger lover on the nose..feeling happy from what his lover told him. He felt happy that sehun says the three magic words, he left blushing..
  "Yahh wait for me...sehun called..
The race started. Jr hugged his boyfriend from the back while minhyun froze and became a statue in front of aron.
  ",,Jr..look at them..I remember when you first kidnapped me just to say you love me,,we were like them..I'm gonna watch squealed looking at the two..
  "you're so silly today..Jr replied poking his boyfriend's cheek and hugged him tight again..
  "are you nervous? You look so uneasy whenever im around you.. I want to reconsider what ren had said,,that you will love it if I take you.. Aron whispered to minhyun..
  "of course  is just teasing me..! minhyun exclaimed but he was surprised when he turn his head sideways, aron's lips landed on his cheek. He turned back to the front again.
  "then you don't really like me? What if I want to date you,,will you allow me? Aron whispered again..
  "gosh,,don"t make jokes,,, don't believe on what ren was saying..he's just definitely teasing me.. 
  "I'm being serious.. it's not's not that I'm taking what ren had said,,it's my own feelings?
Minhyun froze, aron stayed still waiting for the other's reaction. People around were screaming, jumping and chanting, but they both froze and can't react.
  "i'll think about it first...minhyun said..
"i'm looking forward..aron smiled and silence between follows again..
  "what happen to them? Ren whispered to his boyfriend after they screamed for the win.
  "ahmm guys,,are you alright? Jr and ren waved their hands to their friends to snap them out..
  "Owh,,ahmm yeah,,I,,huhhhh I was just thinking about something,,ahmmm maybe yeahh I still need to think more,,I'm sorry,,I'll wait at the car..minhyun stuttered and tremble and run.
  "what happen? Ren asked aron..
  "I.. I don't know..ahmmm,,I think we need to go...I'll just tell the girls to wait them at the car.. aron sped up away from the two to avoid any interrogations..
  "that's strange,,what happen to them?..let's go.. Jr raise a brow while looking at the back of his best friend..
  "ren? Chanyeol mumbled..
  "who? Kyungsoo asked and followed where the friend is looking..
  "that's ren right? He confirmed..
  "ahm I think so..but who was that boy with him? Kyungsoo asked again..
  "I don't know.. chanyeol replied and walked fast to the direction where he found his brother..
  "ren!!! chanyeol calls..
  "hyung what are you doing here? Ren widened his eyes in shock seeing his brother in this kind of place. Unexpected since he knows that his brother hates this noisy crowd.
  "where's minhyun?
  "he's pointed where minhyun at..
  "hyung!!! Minhyun run with a shock face too..
  "are they your friends? Chanyeol pointed everyone..
  "chanyeol,,he's with his friends..just talk to him when he's at home.. kyungsoo whispered to him..
  "both of you get in my car.. chanyeol strictly told the two..
  "but hyung.. ren tried to rebut.
  "the party is's already almost 7 in the evening and you still here, where is the party? Chanyeol interrogated calmly..
  "haisstttt!! .ren sulk and went to his brother's car with minhyun..
Ren looked outside the car to have a glance to his boyfriend but his brother is also making a glimpse  afar to the boyfriend looking suspiciously.
Jr who was then with the two girls hopped in their own cars after Jr purposely hugged yoonmi and gave her a peck on the cheek sweetly..
  "what the mumbled..
Just then he received a message from him. Saying,,  don't get jealous,,your brother is looking at me, I had to pretend..don't worry yoonmi knows it already, she just get along with it.
Heaving a deep sigh after glancing at his brother, he sent a reply saying how sorry he was for what happen.
Ren is still upset for what his hyung had done in front of their friends, sulking still as soon as they got home after dropping minhyun at home.
  "Ren come back here,,I'm not done with you yet!!! Chanyeol yell at the younger..
The blonde breathed heavily and had face his brother looking upset. 
"hyung why you have to embarrassed me in front of my friends?,,he talked..
  "I didn't embarrassed you..besides,,why did you lie to me? The older asked..
  "why?,,if I tell you the truth, will you allow me to go? Hyung,,I'm not a grade school student anymore,,,I want to enjoy my  days!!! Ren cried..
  "you know that I can't just let you go with some people, you know why i'm doing this to you,,,,it's for your own sake!!! Chanyeol raise a voice..
  "I can take care of myself now!!! I'm not a 7 year old boy who can just follow anyone who will talk to me.. . Ren cried.
  "stop it,,don't make any excuses,,,from now on,,wherever you go, school, party, shopping, all your bodyguards will stick onto you understand?! No complains, no excuses!! chanyeol yell again..
  "You're treating me like a kid always!!! And I hate it!!! Ren burst in cry..
  "because I have the reason ren,,,!!! Chanyeol said..
  "reason? Reason what? what kind of reason? That I might be kidnap again? Ren was shaking and still crying..
  "ren,is that what you learn from your friends? To talk back like this? Chanyeol  furrowed his brows grabbing the blonde's elbow..
  "you're hurting me,,,ren flinched..
  "chanyeol,, what are you doing? Baekhyun came and saw the two arguing about  something..
Chanyeol shut his eyes and release his brother. Baekhyun pushed the man on the chest lightly. 
  "go to your room,,,baekhyun told the blonde. Ren given the chance, had run.
  "ren! Choi minki! Chanyeol calls shouting..
  "I'll go..baekhyun told, chanyeol ruffled his hair.
Baekhyun knock on ren's door and soon entered when the blonde opens it slowly.  He went to the side of the bed when the younger run to his bed after he opens the door and buried the face on the pillow.
  "what happen? Baekhyun then asked.
  "ask him..why is he doing this to me? I am a grown up already, i'm not a little kid cried again..
  "ren,,just tell me what is it? Why is your brother that angry with you?
  "he's treating me like a small kid,,he embarrassed me in front of my friends,,ren said and sat up.. 
  "and why did he done that? Your brother wouldn't do anything unless you did something that he didn't like.. Baekhyun pulled the boy  and fixed the hair..
  "I lied,,ren toned down..but if I tell him the truth then he won't allow me,,,I told him that  minhyun invited me to go to a birthday party..
  "but the truth we just watch a car race since one of my friend had a race,,,just so happen that my brother and his friends were there too..
  "chanyeol went there?
  "yep..I'm not expecting him to be there,,,,
  "ren,,whose fault it is then?...  the older sigh..
  "it's,,,,mine,,,but he doesn't need to yell at me in front of my friends..
  "he's just worried at you,,,you know that he's afraid to loose you like what happen back then.. You know that right?
  "I know but~~~ ren answered and sigh..,,what will I do?
  "say sorry to him..
  "but hyung~~~
  "cut the but's, if you don't want to have more bodyguards, you need to follow him, whatever he tells you,,soon you'll get married and I'm sure, your  brother will let you go and by then you'll be free to do anything you want,,,
  "but I don't want to marry,,,ren mumbled..
  "ren, tell me,,, is it because of him?..
  "you know who I am talking about, whose JR in you? Kim Jonghyun, Son of the  owner of KKJ Ent?..
  "de? Ren widened his eyes, surprised and can't even answer.
  "okay,,go to sleep, you don't have to answer me, but I want to know the answer the next time I ask you the same question, or else I'll find it myself.. the older warned.. don't forget to wash and go to your brother to say sorry.. baekhyun smiled at him and pat him on the top of the head and left.
Meanwhile, chanyeol was waiting outside when baekhyun came out from ren's room.
  "how is he? Chanyeol asked worriedly..
  "he's fine,,no need to worry..baekhyun looked up and look at him in the're worried that much? He added..
  "he's my brother of course  I do..  chanyeol looked away..
  "I see..he felt suffocated already I think.. baekhyun commented& 
  "I know..chanyeol replied..
  "did you mention to him about his meeting to  haera?
  "I haven't..
  "just tell him tomorrow.. they'll be expecting you both at dinner.. good night..
  "wait! Chanyeol grab baekhyun's hand..
Baekhyun looked up to the man and it took few seconds before chanyeol lean in to him and kissed him. Baek didn't refuse, instead, he  placed his hands on chanyeol's back, pressing his chest to him and responded into the kiss.
Somehow or more often, chanyeol felt thankful that baekhyun is there with him and for his brother, he's portraying the bridge between them, serve as the bridge for the two to settle everything. And he's appreciating everything that this short guy is doing for this household, he's a big help for him to manage and take care of the brother when he can't, he's a substitute in taking care of his sick mother when he is unable to do. But he never showed to the other man that he was glad that he had him.
Chanyeol carried him through his room and puts him down to the bed, kissing him passionately, and cuddled him the whole night.
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