summer vacation


2 days later


 All of them are free from school, summer vacation finally came. Everyone are excited and talked about where they will go and where they can have fun, but not for Jr and ren, who became gloomy and sad. It was just 2 days ago  when the school closed the gate for students and it was also the same number of days that they haven't seen each other.


Jin and V, Jr with aron, suga and j-hope, with the two girl friends of them yoonmi and Jessie were all in the arcade, enjoying their first stroll in their summer vacation.


Jin didn't had his peace of mind from two days ago until the present time because taehyung hadn't given him that peace of mind. Due to the talk that day, that v had heard something about secret and from that day on, since Jin didn't gave him an answer other than nothing, taehyung have always pester him all day long just to make his boyfriend speak about that secret.


  "Yahhhh tell me what is that secret!!! All of you are talking about it so that means you all know that secret,  but why not me?! Jin!!! tell me!!! V was shaking his boyfriend in the arm and jin is keeping the temptation to tell him and controlling his feelings to not feel guilty..


  "V please, just forget that,,it's just about suga having crush on someone,,that's all... please.. jin pleaded and lied..


  "me? Crush? Yahhh!!! Suga heard it and try to rebuke..


  "I'm sorry but he's pestering me.. jin said, pretend and wink at his friend.. 


  "ahhh yeah,, suga frowned and just shook his head..


  "I don't believe that,,suga always gets a girl whenever he wants, that's impossible to keep a secret about him having a crush on someone,,,your lies won't work for me,,if you said that it's j-hope then maybe I can believe you 100 percent,,but suga? Not even a 0.00000001 percent, that's impossible,,so now tell me the truth...  V refused to believe it and keeps on pestering his boyfriend....


  "just believe it okay.. jin  holds his boyfriend's hand and stopped him from shaking him but V didn't stopped.. 


Jr was bored though he was talking to his lover on the phone and he thought to join V on pestering the brother when the blonde hung up for a while.


  "hyung,,do something...he said..both jin and V stopped..


  "what something? Jin asked..


  "I want to see Ren,,you are the only one who can help me please?..Jr begged..


  "Jr how can I help you?..jin raise a brow..


  "with him.. ..Jr pointed at V..


  "him? You're asking me to help you then you're pointing at taehyung... Jr.. what you wish is know that ren can't just go around without his bodyguards.. Jin sighed, feeling sorry for his brother..


  "V is close to the director,..jr begun making quote on it with his fingers...the director is close to ren,,maybe he can help ren to go..,or you can just talk to the director directly,,hyung,,if you can't then I will, I'll use that secr~~... Jr said with threatening but didn't continue when he saw taehyung looking so confuse..


  "yahhh kim jonghyun!, I will not play unfair,,that's too much,,,,Jin refused..


  "again!! What do you both talking about?..V stomp his feet and walked out..


  "that's your problem,,,Jr uttered when jin looked at him sharply..and leave his brother behind..


  "haiiiisssst,,,why my life became complicated!!! He shouted and almost all the people around look at his direction and his friends were open mouth staring at him..




  "choi minki,, you're on the phone since morning.. have your lunch, I'm going to a meeting now.. park chanyeol opened his brother's room to check.


  "can't you knock? Ren hissed after cutting the phone call..


  "why?,,you're doing something that I am not allowed to see? Chanyeol replied sarcastically.. 


  "tsshhhhh,,,you should go now..  I'll just go down when I feel like I want to eat..I'll just sleep.. ren said and covered himself into the blanket again..haissttt why is it so boring~~~ he mumbled.. 


Chanyeol heaved a sigh and closed the door again leaving his brother alone. He wants to let him go outside to meet some friends, But because of the past mistakes of the blonde and the over curfew, he was controlled on letting him go out again.


He proceeded to baekhyun's room and the boy is still sleeping silently. He stepped closer and shook him lightly. The shorter boy shifted and quickly sat up after he check the time on his phone. It is already 10 in the morning.


  "I over slept.. baekhyun mumbled under his husky voice.


  "it's okay,,there's no school..chanyeol reminded him, standing with his both hands on his pockets..


  "you're going to work? I thought you want to take ren for shopping.. .baekhyun said..


  "I had an urgent call from the office,,he knows already..just take him out..don't let him go alone.. chanyeol told..


  "okay..baekhyun response, chanyeol then left..


Baekhyun quickly got up and took his shower. He  went to the blonde and inform him about them going out without his brother.


  "he told you right? To bring me out? Gosh,,I feel like I'm still a kindergarten..he promised me to make this day free so we can go out but he suddenly changed his mind... ren sulk..


  "that's why I'm here to fulfill what he can't do for you. baekhyun pat the boy on top of his head..


  "again, fulfill it,,sometimes I'm wondering, what is your position in this house really, you follow everything he tells you, taking care of me, defending me from him, are you slave, a nanny, a lawyer or what.. haisst, I just wish you're my real brother and not lowered his head with a pout..


  ''no, you became my brother, that's all..baekhyun pat the boy on the head and gestured him to take  a shower..


  "but what if you'll meet your brother again,,,I'm sure you'll leave looked up to the older and said all of a sudden..


  "That won't happen.. Baekhyun assured him but he paused and eyes'd you know i have a brother? he asked in surprise.. 


  "hyung,,I know it already,,Taehyung.. .he is your brother..why were you keeping it to us? Ren announced..


  "how~~how did you~~~ baekhyun stuttered and was taken aback..


  "jin hyung told,,actually i heard him, we heard him, accidentally when he was telling his friend suga, he looks so problematic,,,but don't worry,,it's only us, the four of us, jin hyung, jr, suga and me,,,V doesn't know yet, and jin hyung told us that it was a secret..hyung why? Don't you want to tell us? Don't you have plan to tell chanyeol hyung?


  "ren,,don't tell your brother yet,,in the right time,,I will tell him..but for now,,please keep it..the older pleaded..


Ren noticed the older's wet eyes, sincerity, pleading eyes. Maybe there are reasons behind that truth, he thought. He smiled at the older and just nod.


They went out and proceeded to where they usually shopped. Ren chose this place knowing that his boyfriend is here too playing at one corner of the mall, he was looking around, roaming his eyes around and trying to spot where his boyfriend at after sending him a message saying that he is at the same place.


Few minutes later the group of Jr approach towards them. Baekhyun was just wow and he was deceived by the blonde. He heaved a deep sigh and just laughed a small. You know that they are here? Said by him.


  "hyung,,sorry, but please let's stay with them,,only one hour,,that'll be fine for me.. Ren pouted..


  "one hour,,after I talked to Jin ssi, we will go then.. baekhyun said and agree while looking at jin seriously..


  'hyung,,why do you want to talk to jin? V interrupted after going to the director's right side and hold the arm..


  "ahm nothing,,don't worry,,I just need to talk about jr and ren,,,baekhyun said but of course that was just a lie.


Baekhyun signaled the other and jin followed behind him and sited at the nearer tables and chairs. Silence at first but jin didn't let that silence waste the time.


 " what do you want to talk? Jr and ren? What about them? Jin started..


  "no,,its about V,,the one I told you that suppose to be a secret,,how come ren, jr, and suga knows about it? They heard it according to ren.. he interrogated..


  "no need to worry they won't tell anyone..I assure you that..,, jin assured..


  "just make it sure they won't leak the information,,and one more thing,,,watch V carefully,,someone is spying and watching over him.. The director warned..


  "you are supposedly taking care of him the moment you asked me to let you stay beside him..and now,,what was that spy for?


  "I don't know too..


  "huhhh,,you don't know huh,,but anyway, don't worry,,I always check him.. just be sure that nothing bad will happen to him,,if it happens, I told you already, even if you are the director, I won't step back and I'll do my part and I'm sure you won't like it...


Their talk is done and time to go back with the rest, but when he calls the blonde, he wasn't there anymore.


  "where is ren? Baekhyun asked..


Everyone shrugged their shoulders and just go back with their businesses. He looked at Jin again but the man just return a look towards him. He didn't ask again. He sited and waited for the blonde to come back. Feeling worried and all, after an hour, he parted from his chair and stood up, making phone calls to the blonde but no answer. 


Jin also started to call his brother but it was just the same, no answer. Everyone was looking at the director and waiting for the call to be answered but there was no answer.


The director thought, he went to the paging booth and told the lady attendant to announce the name choi minki, the lady immediately did her job. In no seconds the mall was filled with the name choi minki.




The younger couple left their group to have their sole moment. They walk and walk, it took an hour before Jr comes up with an idea.


  "Yahhhh we should go back there now.. Ren uttered and became worried..


  "it will take few more minutes okay,,I missed you and I don't want to waste this time, we won't know when will we able to see each other again.,,Jr said while dragging his boyfriend towards outside.


  "Jr, we'll be dead if baekhyun hyung will find out that we're missing.. Ren cried..


  "who's more important,,me or that hyung of yours? Jr stopped from walking and questioned.. 


  "Jr.. baekhyun hyung is a help of me,, don't make me choose..and he'll be a help to us.. And you forgot already? He's holding our secret.. Ren unclasped his hand from his lover's hand.


  "baby we're not going anywhere..we will just go to the car.. Jr said and cup the blonde's face.


*paging Choi Minki ssi..please proceed to the information booth. Calling out Ren ssi...


They both gasped. Ren felt his knees being weak as they heard that announce. They stayed for a bit, ren sitting on the floor while Jr squat down and lift up his lover.


  "I told you.. ren muttered under his breath..


  "let's go,,he can wait...jr replied and run with the blonde dragged by him..


Ren had no choice so he just follows behind until they reach the parking space and hopped inside the car. Both were gasping for air. They looked at each other and laughed. Jr pulled the blonde into a deep kiss and hug him tight.


  "baekhyun hyung will get mad at me and to uttered in between their lips..


  "at least we had some time together alone..Jr said and smiled hugging him more tight.


They spend more time, talking some random things like what if's of their relationship. Not noticing the time.



Chanyeol decided to meet his friends after his meeting. And have some coffee bonding at a shopping mall where luhan had put up his franchise apparel business. They were having their coffee when they heard an announcement. 


*paging Choi Minki ssi..please proceed to the information booth. Calling out Ren ssi.. 


  "choi minki? Is it ren? Luhan talked..


  "maybe..  sehun commented while looking at chanyeol who was sipping his coffee..


  "maybe it's just the same name.. kyungsoo interrupted, and elbowed his boyfriend..


  "what? Kai mouthed to his boyfriend..


  "do something..kyungsoo mouthed back.. .


Chanyeol didn't talk and his friends couldn't do anything. They can sense it already, when chanyeol kept quiet, there's something playing in mind. He took out his phone from his pocket and instantly dialed the first name on his emergency list.


  "where are you? He asked as soon as the call was answered..


Chanyeol stood up after ending the call. Kai and their friends just followed behind and was alarmed to what will happen later on.


  "hey,,don't rush,,,kai said..everyone just look at each other. Their friend look so calm and there's no trace of anger on his face but his steps is doubled compared to their steps.


  "where is he? Chanyeol asked baekhyun the moment they reach the information booth.


  "chanyeol..I just loose sight of him,, and he's with his friend,,maybe they are just buying something,,what are you doing here?,,,baekhyun tries to explain, a bit surprise since he's not expecting his man to the place..


  "I told you to take him out, I don't remember that I told you to let him be with someone else aside from you..chanyeol spoke and scolded him..


  "I'm sorry..don't worry I'll find him myself.. baekhyun apologize and said, he felt embarrassed again because of the people around and to the friends for being scolded publicly, turning his back and walked.


Chanyeol shut his eyes, realizing what he had done again. He grab the man's arm and pulled him back slowly. I'll go with you, he said. And signaled his friends to search around.


  "how long he'd been gone already? Chanyeol asked calmly this time.


  "3 hours already.. baekhyun answered while still trying to contact ren.. He didn't get an answer again.


  "who's with him? The taller asked..


  "his friend.. Baekhyun answered..


  "Hyung!!! A voice called..


Baekhyun widened his eyes when he heard Taehyung's voice. He looked up to the man beside him and turn to his brother.


  "found them? V asked..chanyeol was looking..


  "not yet.. we'll find them..baekhyun replied with worries..


  "kim taehyung? Chanyeol stared at the boy as he mumbled mentally and look at baekhyun after.


Baekhyun's chest was drumming, remembering the files and photo of V on chanyeol's office. Worried that chanyeol might notice the boy on the picture.


  "I'll call you when I get home,,go home now.. .baekhyun said with low volume, he look at jin giving him get-v-away-from-here look.. Jin might understood and quickly told his boyfriend and others to go.


Chanyeol didn't ask, it is clear as the water, that the boy he was spying is really close to the director. And by them both standing together, he notice the similarity of the two and the feeling that both have the string connecting them.


Everyone was searching, while on the other hand, ren and jr woke up from their nap and notice the time. They both shifted and quickly hopped outside the car. They both run inside the mall. Walking happily while ren was holding tight to his boyfriend's arm and jr is trying to kiss the blonde.


  "Choi Minki!!! A strict bigger and louder voice calls that jolted them both..


The younger couple was shocked and both parted as they saw the tall man standing 10 steps away from them.


Chanyeol himself was surprised from what he saw. His brother flirting publicly to a guy.


  "minki, go to the car now, we will go home now. Baekhyun sped up to reach the blonde before chanyeol, avoiding any chaos that might happen between the siblings..


  "Jr!!! jin who was rushing to go suddenly saw him and ren, he called running towards them...


  "Jin,,,take Jr out of here... baekhyun told in a very low tone..


  "I don't want to go home...hyung I'm sorry but what you saw is the real me.. Ren said and begun to shed tears..


  "Jr let's go..Jin talked and tried to drag his brother away..


  "no!! i don't want to leave ren here..I am part of this..Jr refused and holds his boyfriend... 


Chanyeol remained on his spot, controlling his self to not create any scandal especially the issue is complicated.


  "ren,,please let's go..baekhyun begged..


  "hyung no!!!// ren rejected again..


  "Go to the car now...Chanyeol finally talked..


Ren didn't follow and remain close to his lover while Jin can't do something to persuade his brother to go.


Chanyeol moved and forced the two to be parted. Jr fell on aron's arms when chanyeol took ren forcefully and he was pushed away.


  "ren!!! Jr shouted..


  "Kim Jonghyun ssi please not now...baekhyun said and follow the two..


  "!...what the hell....Jr stomp his feet and ruffled his hair exasperatedly..


  "where did you go? this won't happen if you both stayed with us.. Jin scolded..


  "we were just in the car and we fell asleep..  jr answered with annoyance..


Meanwhile, ren was dragged. Chanyeol is mad. Baekhyun is trying to calm him. While kai and kyungsoo are following behind trying to beg to their friend to stay calm and helping out the younger.


  "chanyeol please,,you're hurting ren..baekhyun talked...


  "Yeol please people are looking... kyungsoo said..


 Chanyeol didn't listen, he pushed his brother in his car and drove. While baekhyun went to his car with kai and kyungsoo. Everyone was tense and are worried about ren and chanyeol.


All the maids disappeared from the living room when they saw how angry their master is and their young master is crying. Baekhyun went to chanyeol while kai and kyungsoo able to get ren from him.


  "I didn't raise you to be a public kissing and flirting?? With that guy?!!! Huhh!!! What if medias will notice you and knew that you are my brother... Chanyeol yelled., he able to let his anger out that was hold a while ago.


  "hyung, I love him.. ren cried, the only words he could say..


  "love? Are you insane? You are already From now on, you can't see him again understand!!! Do you get me?! Chanyeol keeps on yelling..


  "chanyeol, stop it,,it's not good for you to be mad... baekhyun interrupted..


  "hyung I really love him..I can't live if you will take me away from him.. ren knelt down and beg..


  "stop your craziness for goodness sake,, and stop seeing him.. from now on you will have an additional bodyguards, if you won't follow me then I have no choice I'll make sure that he can't enter the school again....chanyeol announced..


  "chanyeol!! Baekhyun called out..


  "I'm not done with you yet ren, go to your room now!..he commanded.. And you, I thought I can trust you,,but you tolerate them? I told you to look after him but you just let him have a boyfriend? He turn to the short guy and grab his collar..


 "Yeok,,what are you doing? Kai and kyungsoo take the two away from each other.


  "you think I didn't warn them? You think I tolerate them? You think I didn't tried to threatened them and try to break them and stop their relationship? I did chanyeol I did!. They just didn't listen to me..baekhyun spoke, holding in his sobs and tears while answering back..


  "then how come they are together? How come you are with them? How come they still have relationship?.. If you are doing your job well~~ chanyeol shouted but was cut..


  "I'm doing my very best chanyeol,,I did my job.. I always do what you command me,,everything you want me to do.. baekhyun shouted back and freed himself from kyungsoo's hold..


  "if you did your best!,,,if you did your very best!.. I gave you that position for you to~~~chanyeol was cut..


  "for me to be a spy to ren? Baekhyun continued it..


  "I trusted you! Chanyeol said with disappointment written all over his face..


  "no,,you don't trust me,,you didn't! don't trust never did trust me, you never did trust anyone because for you I am just someone who you can command anytime, someone that you can play with anytime you want, and someone who you think a slave,,


  "oh come on baekhyun...


  "no chanyeol..all my life since I came here, I always taught myself to not lose the barrier between us but I failed, that I am just your employee and you are my boss.. I did everything but you never acknowledge my effort, you blame me every time things gone wrong, you blame people whenever things are not going well along with your satisfaction..


  "baekhyun we are talking about ren here and not you!..


  "owh,of course,,it's ren and not me but this involves me because you are blaming me because ren had a boyfriend.. and you're saying that it is my fault!! Baekhyun screamed..


  "let's stop this..go to your room.. chanyeol closed his eyes and massage his temple..


  "now you're neglecting me..once and for all chanyeol, why don't you try to listen to never listen..baekhyun said and gone in front of him..


Kai and kyungoo went to their friend and tried to give comfort. After a pat on his shoulder, they left.


Chanyeol felt distressed. He was surprised when he saw his brother kissing a guy publicly which he didn't expected it to happen. Feeling restless in mind when baekhyun added to the situation. The unexpected burst out of the man and the unexpected truth about his brother's orientation makes his mind full of mess and thinking.




 The next day Ren was in his room still, crying out loud while hugging his pillow. Lazing himself to get up since he is not in the mood to go outside his room. Browsing his phone when Jr sent a morning message to him.  A message to cheer his boyfriend. He smiled and wiped off his tears and hit the reply button.


Chanyeol is in the living room, already 9 in the morning but no one hasn't come out yet from their rooms. Rethinking the chaos from yesterday. Thinking much about baekhyun who blurted out some confrontations.


Baekhyun was standing on his veranda, glancing once in a while to the other veranda on his left side. Sighing deeply whenever he recalls everything that had happen. Squeezing his eyes and leaning his back on the glass door.


Chanyeol came in baekhyun's room and saw him looking up to the bright sky. Baekhyun snapped out and quickly notice the man who entered. He went in and let the taller to come closer.


  "why you didn't take your breakfast? Chanyeol asked standing in front of him.. 


  "I'm not hungry... baek replied nonchalantly..


  "if you're still mad at me because of yesterday.... .chanyeol tried to explain,


  "no need to explain,,you don't have to explain,,,I'm just,,just no one.baekhyun cut him and said..


  "baek... .chanyeol whispered and cup him on the cheeks. He stared at him and felt this urge again. He planted a soft kiss to him but baekhyun just froze there. He stopped and saw him with that eyes squeezing them.


  "I'm sorry,,baekhyun opened his eyes and apologize..I'm not in the mood..he uttered lowly..


Chanyeol didn't insist. He gave him a hug and a kiss on the top of the head. Shall we go to a vacation? With mom and ren, he asked.


Baekhyun just forced a smile, that's good for you to have some time for ren, he said and parted.


  "for both of us.. Chanyeol mumbled and leave the room..


Baekhyun heard the last words, he smiled, somehow feeling so important whenever chanyeol planned something and says it's for both of them. But everything seems illusion every time his man act cold in front of him.




Jr his stereo louder and filled the whole room with soundly music early in the morning. It was 8 am when he sent a message to the boyfriend, thinking twice and thinking what if's at the moment, that what if ren's phone is confiscated, what if ren is not allowed to use phone, what if his message will just trash down or what if it was read by his boyfriend's brother. Taking the risk, he sent it bravely and waited for a minute and good thing he received a reply from his boyfriend with the signature that  is known only for both of them written at the very end of the message.


The stereo volume was down until it became quiet. Unnoticing, jin came in and was the one who turn the room into silence . He looked at his brother with a raise brow. Jin walked closer to him.


  "abeoji wants to talk to you...the older told him..


  "why? The younger asked..


  "how would I know? He just told me to take you...jin said..


They both looked at each other.


  "why are you looking at me like that? Jr crumpled his brows and asked..


  "Jr.. jin called but stopped..nothing, just that abeoji seems mad.. he continue and left..


Jr rolled his eyes and exited his room. He met his father on the living. As soon as he step foot in front of his father who was waiting for him, he received a hard slap on the face that leaves a red mark on it .


  "abeoji!! Jin exclaimed and quickly stood between them pushing his father slowly away from his brother..


  "tell me what's the meaning of this? Abeoji showed the phone playing a video taken with him and ren being scolded by someone.


  "abeoji.. Jr widened his eyes and looked away.. 


  "is he your boyfriend? Do you have a special relationship to him?! Abeoji asked...


  "I'm sorry,,he's my boyfriend.. jr lowered his head.. 


  "at first, it's your brother,, and now,,you? What's happening to both of you? Abeoji yelled..


  "you accepted jin hyung,,,can't you accept mine? I love him,,I don't want to marry that girl, I don't love her, I love ren and only him.. Jr cried..


  "no Jr no..from now on, I don't want you to meet him again.. Abeoji announced...


  "abeoji,,,Jr mumbled..


  "you are grounded until the school starts again,,,your phone will be confiscated and you can't use any phone in this house,,give me your phone! Abeoji said....and you jin,,,I told you to watch over your brother and not to tolerate him... abeoji shifted to the older and scolded him...


Jr threw his phone on the couch and race towards his room. Jin followed him and hesitated to go inside since he knew that because of him, because he chose V against the girl he was supposed to be marrying too, Jr had been suffering because he's the one taking the responsibility of the traditional arrange marriage.


  "why you can be happy with V and I can't? I want to be happy like you, this is me,,all I want is ren..hyung tell me why? Jr crying out..


  "I'm sorry,,it's all because of me.. jin apologize, feeling guilty over and over again..


  "ren,,,ren! Hyung, ren is waiting for my call,, lend me your phone..Jr hold his brother's shoulder and shaking them when he remembered..


  "Jr..  abeoji confiscated my phone too, so that I can't lend you.. Jin announced...but I'm not grounded, I can go out,,I'll inform ren when I meet  V tomorrow..I promise,,,he added to cheer his brother...


  "what will happen to us now? His brother knows it already and abeoji.. wait... who sent him the video? Did you? Suga? V? Jr thought and assumed& 


  "are you insane? How would they know abeoji's number..that's impossible.. Jin said..Both are thinking about the video, and it is obviously taken closer to them.


-------------------------------------------------------------busy lately.. taking 13hrs duty on work makes me feel exhausted...can't you comment down? Shall i continue this? I know this story is boring coz i put a lot of emotional and drama on every scenes keke lol this is a drama of course...thanks for reading anyway...

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