another story of SS501made by your dear authornim areuYS501kyuie

a hyunsaeng story

starring our alien and otter

i had watch some movies lately about vampires and i was inspired to make one.

i'm not good in writing stories with immortals but i completed this Two chaptered story.

credit goes to the animes ive watch, for giving me inspiration to make one, don't worry it is different from those plots i had watch. just thanking them for making me imagine abot this story.


NOte: no intention on copying other stories, if theres a story that goes the same in this site it was a pure coincidence. no copyright infringement. character are not mine.

inform me if you want to take out my story.





Two different world,

two different life,

an immortal one

and a mortal one,

Hyun belongs to the family of fangs

Saeng belongs to the family of guns

Hyun had thirst in blood

Saeng had taste the blood

love grows as their blood connects to each other

A love story starts at the month of cherry blossoms,

the season where they both met and become one.

A Pure blood vampire

A Pure blood hunter

Once tied together

they will never parted.

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