K-Pop Mpreg Moments

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This whole story will be a collection of mpreg drabbles, written by me! This will not follow just one couple, but many in the kpop world. It will not follow them throughout the whole pregnancy either because then I won't have time to fit in the other couples. Just snippets that I write and think are cute. As you can see, fluff is my specialty. 

I just love mpreg and find it rather interesting, so I'll give more to those who feel the same way. I understand that there are those who don't like the idea of male pregnancy, but, oh well. You can't win them all, right? 


If you want a specific couple/pairing, just ask me in the comments and I will give you a great chapter! I promise! Also, if you want a specific person pregnant, mention that, too. Be patient as you wait for your pairing because there are so many lined up to do. 

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24 streak #1
I'm sorry authornim, can you write more woogyu? I kind a missing them. Thank you
210 streak #2
Chapter 52: I perfer JiKook too, but VMin are cute too, lol. This was cute. You had me rolling when they were yelling at each other, those were good points, guys, lol.
aanyaa #3
Chapter 50: I miss kris and yixing too. Thanks for writing
Chapter 50: Authornim. Can we have sequel or the continuation for this? I love yixing and yifan. But if you want it, if not it is your choice. Thank you.
taejihan #5
Chapter 19: b1a4 couple aaaa, author, can we have a sequel of this?
210 streak #6
Chapter 49: Haven't read anything with Jonghyun in a while, I wasn't ready, so I put this one off. But now I am, JongTae was one of first ships I shipped, and I love them so much. This was so cute, just how I love my JongTae!! Thank you for writing this couple :)
Hanisya #7
Chapter 45: I'm sorry I'm a lil bit biased that I only read my fav idols only ^^" but this chap is too sad and it reminds me about my mom who probably faced the same thing :")
Chapter 49: I would like if you write a Woogyu story with alpha and omega plot with Woogyu being the Omega and Sunggyu being the Alpha...
I hope you will write it^^
210 streak #9
Chapter 48: Poor Jonghyun. I understand how he feels, well, not really becasue I've never been pregnant, but the need to sleep but can't and it's frustrating. I've been up all night due to a stomach ache and cried becasue all I wanted to do was sleep.
aanyaa #10
Chapter 48: You have me wanting to listen to cnblue now. I really liked this. Poor Jonghyun though.