K-Pop Mpreg Moments

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This whole story will be a collection of mpreg drabbles, written by me! This will not follow just one couple, but many in the kpop world. It will not follow them throughout the whole pregnancy either because then I won't have time to fit in the other couples. Just snippets that I write and think are cute. As you can see, fluff is my specialty. 

I just love mpreg and find it rather interesting, so I'll give more to those who feel the same way. I understand that there are those who don't like the idea of male pregnancy, but, oh well. You can't win them all, right? 


If you want a specific couple/pairing, just ask me in the comments and I will give you a great chapter! I promise! Also, if you want a specific person pregnant, mention that, too. Be patient as you wait for your pairing because there are so many lined up to do. 


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Momolove91 0 points #1
Can you do SJ yesung x eunhyuk mpreg (eunhyuk the pregnant one) or BTOB hyunsik x eunkwang (eunkwang the pregnant one) or CROSS GENE takuya x seyoung (seyoung pregnant) or all the pairing...hehe...I just love this pairing...sorry for my crazy request...
annethundr05 #2
Chapter 72: I'm not as familiar with SVT as some other groups, but I will admit Jeonghannie and the China line have my heart (Jun/Minghao). Now moving on Mingyu and Wonwoo are so adorable. They are going to be great parents, & that baby is going to be so spoiled. I'm all uwu. And good luck on finals darling, you can do it. Fighting!!!!
257 streak #3
Chapter 72: I don't know the members of SVT well, but this is cute
annethundr05 #4
Chapter 71: Omg, I've never read a reversed JohnTae. It's always Taeyongie who is pregnant. But this is awesome. I love how Johnny goes through the motions and his feelings, and yet The can read him, doesn't judge him just let's him know he cares. They are going to be great parents. Buty friend felt like that , she was like gym warrior, but the she got pregnant. She still excercised but she couldn't do all the extra stuff. So I can understand where Johnny is coming from . You translated his fears so well, and now I'm all soft. Kudos my dear.
257 streak #5
Chapter 71: Ma gawd, Taeyong is gonna be a great appa :)
Chapter 71: Aweeee that was cute
257 streak #7
Chapter 70: Baekhyunnie is gonna a great mum :D
[deleted] #8
taejihan #9
Chapter 70: adorable sebaek during a zombie apocalypse
taejihan #10
Chapter 70: sebaek is that couple, they’re so cuteeeee