Another Day at the Office

Behind the Mask
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Momo's POV:

"The cops are sitting doing nothing again!" I said rubbing my forehead. There was another unfortunate incident in the area and the cops did nothing! Nothing while people got hurt and scarred. The gangs were very deadly in this city. No one wanted to stand up to them. 

"Momo, as much as I want to go slap them senseless you know the rules." Jeongyeon said while looking at the various files on the table. "Jeong, I can't leave them. I am going in tonight." I tell her and crack my neck to get rid of the discomfort as I ended up sleeping on the table in a very uncomfortable position. She rolled her eyes and continued working. I huffed and left the room. Aishh that girl got on my nerves. I was walking down the stairs when an idea hit me. I ran over to my office ignoring Jeong who was sitting on my chair and yanked the book that was the opening to our secret lair. "Yaa! What are you doing?" Jeong yelled as I went inside. I went into the training room and changed into my workout clothes. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and started hitting the punching bag. I kept hitting the bag until my knuckles were sore and bleeding. I practiced my kicks and flips and went over to the simulator. I turned it on to the highest difficulty and began dodging, ducking, side stepping, flipping, rolling and all the moves I had to use to miss getting hit. After 10 minutes the machine suddenly turned off. I was annoyed! I  turned around to find my father and Jeong behind me. "Why?!..." I start  "We have a plan since you said you want to go in" Jeong cuts me off. I was shocked, just a few minutes ago she'd told me to give up and let the police handle it and now? "But.. But you" I stammered and mentally cursed myself for letting my anger get hold of me and not allow me to speak without stuttering.  "Momo, you have been training for 6 hours without a break now! You need to seriously take care of yourself. What you did today is unacceptable! Ugh you crazy woman" Jeong yelled at me shaking my shoulders. "huh" I said and turned to my dad who had been quiet this whole time. I looked at my dad and he finally spoke "Momo, I trained you to fight the bad guys, yes. But I agree with Jeongyeon. This is not the accepted behavior! And it is harmful! What were you thinking? Punching the bag without wrapping your hands? You punched that bag for 5 hours! 5 hours Momo! And look at your hands! They are bleeding! You didn't even notice that, What is happening to you lately?! Why are you losing your temper so much?" He screamed at her while Jeong returned with a first aid box and cleaned her hands and bound them in bandages. 

I'd had enough from the two of them, though they did have a point when they said don't hurt yourself cuz sure enough my hands were throbbing and this meant I couldn't go do what I wanted to do tonight that is finding those rascals who beat those poor children and left them on the streets to rot. If only I had reached 15 minutes before.. I would have been able to stop them. uh well, they weren't kids.. they seemed to be around my age so I guess I shouldn't call them

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