Clouded by the idea of revenge

Behind the Mask
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Jeongyeon's POV:

"Help me get this woman up please" Jennie; Emerald said to me as she went to one side of Momo and pulled her up onto her feet.

"I'm fine Jen.. I can manage" Momo slurred as she tried to open her eyes

"Why'd you come here you Mo?"

"I'll forever be the bad guy Jennie. It doesn't matter anymore.  Why do I even try?" she continued

"Heck. Mo, you're not giving up like this. The hell I'm letting you to."

"I'm not dying am I?" Momo asked, giving us a bloody grin.

"You better not. We need to finish what you started."

"I know"

"Okay, they're round the corner. Come on! Let's go."

I dumbly followed Jennie as she dragged a slow Momo behind her. I made note of a few eyes watching us from the dark, but paid them no heed as we ran up. I silently hoped they too would pay us no heed as we went out.

We successfully made it outside just as a donut van pulled up before us. The door swung open and a woman jumped out swearing at the state Momo was in.

Just as they got out the door we'd come out of opened, and two guys glared at us. I widened my eyes and got ready to fight when the woman who'd just come out beat me to it by flicking a hand. A knife flew in the air lodging itself in his thigh. He yelled and fell onto the ground in pain.

"You missed" I heard Momo wheeze as she was ushered into the van. Jennie flicked her finger beckoning me to join them. I followed them in while the other woman finished the other guy.

"You could stay out there you know?" Jennie said to me with a raised eyebrow

"Like hell I would" I snorted as a guy began to fuss over Momo and cleaned up her wounds and inspected her hand.

"What'd she do this time huh?" he hissed

"She fought some underworld prick and beat his "

"At least, she beat him," the woman replied as she entered the van and closed the door behind her.

"Hey Jeongyeon" she said to me and I opened my mouth in shock

"Don't worry, Momo has told us all about you"

"She's part of an agency?" I asked

"Course she is! Tsk.... Remember the agency you tried to raid the other day but got tricked?"

"That was our agency." she continued

"And you are?" I asked frowning

"Lisa. Nice to meet you" she replied with a smirk.

"Lili, don't bug her." Jennie called from where she was helping the man stop Momo's bleeding.

"Yeah, we should probably talk about how the two of you lied to us instead. Irene's mad." Lisa scoffed.

"Fair enough" Jennie said calmly

"Oh my god. You're part of Irene's group?"

"Took you long enough dummy" Lisa mumbled peeping out of the window.

"Okay, this should hold." the man said, suddenly wiping his forehead.

"Thanks Jin" Jennie said and he nodded.

"She should be up in a couple minutes. I didn't give her a strong dose to knock her out long anyways. Besides, I know Irene wants her awake." he replied

"Honestly, it doesn't matter since Momo takes care of most of the crap anyways" Lisa said with a shrug

"Irene's still the boss, Momo shouldn't have done it" Jin contradicted and I dumbly listened to their conversation wondering where I'd gotten myself.


Momo's POV:

I opened my eyes just as the van rolled to a stop. I hissed at the pain the movement brought to me. I blinked just as Jin's face came into my line of vision.

"She's awake" he announced and I was pulled up into a much better position where I could see things much better. I squinted at my blood stained clothes a

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