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The perfect couple. That's what they were. Before they broke up because of a misunderstanding. Both Sana and Momo got hurt in the process and drifted apart. The misunderstanding ruined both their lives in different ways. 

After having met with an accident, Sana finds herself paralyzed while her doctor happens to be her ex - Hirai Momo. What will happen to them when they cross paths again after 4 years?


A SaMo story..

Disclaimer: This will be a fast paced story and might be confusing at certain points.. xD




The cover is from Kurogane Art Studio! Do check it out! 

Kurogane Art Studio

Hey guys! Hope you like this new story of mine! It's another SaMo fic! My updates may be super slow or I might even pause writing this story cuz I am going to have to focus on my work for the next few months.. Kindly bear with me :))
I'll do my best to update whenever I find time ^-^


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moonxrss #1
Chapter 17: update pleaseeee😿
YoonYeon9 #2
Chapter 16: Will this story be ever updated??
Chapter 15: hi! any update?
Chapter 15: Some Samo moments please...i am cravinggggggggg
Chapter 15: Thank you! I enjoyed the chapter sooo much
Now mina will help them to discover who is trying to harm sana chan, i am curious tooo

Ps.thanks god the chap hasn't disappeared XD
Chapter 14: I got an update notif, but i see nothing
Chapter 14: But why drugging sana? I don't understand their intention...and momo is clever too cuz she knows that everything might be screwed to her if anuthing happens to her patient..they need to be cautious...why drugging sana?! Ayyy this story is so thrilling i love it
Chapter 13: U know what i am curious most about it most is sana's gf she is so supecious ...and momo is trying so hard to be as nice as possible with sana although what happened...i pity momo the most cuz she had to face everything by herself
Chapter 12: I got a notif of an update but there is no updatr TT